Bumkins Cloth Diapers: A Pleasant Surprise

Two weeks ago I opened my front door to find a big square box from Bumkins. I was so excited that it had arrived and in a fancy box! It was like Christmas!

I had agreed to give the Bumkins cloth diapering systems a try although I had made the assumption that they weren’t going to work for us.

Where did this assumption come from when I had not yet tried a Bumkins diaper? The description of 6 layers of absorbent flannel was the kicker. How in the world would 6 little layers of flannel qualify as absorbent?? Well before you think that this is a negative review let me stop you dead in your thoughts.

Once I unpacked my 3 All In Ones + doublers, 3 Bamboo fitteds + doublers, 2 Covers and a wetbag I immediately began the washer. I was impressed at the gorgeous girly prints but I wasn’t sure how the slick outer material was going to hold up to more than one pee.

The diapers finished drying at about 6pm. Even though it was close to bed time I wanted to give an AIO a try. Of course not 5 minutes after putting it on did I forget that Paisley was wearing it. Not a problem except that my husband put her to sleep in it. The one thing I told my husband was don’t let her fall asleep in this diaper. But like I said I had forgotten about it so I wasn’t stressing.

Next morning we all wake up at about 7:30. We eat breakfast, kids play, oops “honey, have you changed Paisley yet?”. No. My husband changes her and tosses the diaper in the pail. As he’s walking by he non-chalantly says “Wow that diaper didn’t even leak. Hardly even wet on the outside.” I’m thinking well of course the Windpro GAD didn’t leak (that’s what she wears to bed most nights), “what are you talking about?”

I soon discovered that Paisley had just slept through the entire night in a Bumkins AIO with no leaks. Shocked? YES! Flannel’s not supposed to be absorbent…so I thought. We haven’t used the Bumkins AIO at night again but we have used them for many an extended time during the day with zero leaks.

As far as the Bamboo fitteds + covers, I’d also give them a thumbs up. It is hard to transition back to a fitted once you have become accustomed to pockets or AIOs. However, the feel of bamboo makes that transition a bit easier. I love the trim fit of Bumkins bamboo fitteds. They are noticeably trimmer in the crotch area and the long tabs make for a very adjustable fit. The covers are fantastic. I love the prints and the ventilation system they have designed. The inside top of the cover is mesh and the outside features a flap allowing for air to circulate through the cover.

The only negatives I found were the velcro- which I love the ease of but hate that Paisley always changes her own diaper- and the bamboo fitted took a bit longer to dry around the leg elastic.

The positives on the Bumkins cloth diapering systems are astounding. One of my favorite things is that I can fit regular clothes over Paisley’s bum. The diapers are trim but the slick outer material allows for jeans to slide up easier.

Take a second to read the description from the Bumkins website:

  • Silky waterproof shell stays soft without breaking down in the wash
  • 6 Layers of absorbent 100% cotton flannel inside.
  • Designed with an airflow panel for easier laundering and quicker drying.
  • Sturdy velcro closures for a quick and adjustable fit
  • PVC, Phthalate & Vinyl Free.
  • Made in the USA.

I am so grateful that Bumkins allowed me the opportunity to try out a brand I hadn’t even considered. You can purchase a wide variety of prints directly from Bumkins online or choose from a smaller selection at a great savings at Costco.com.

A few things important things I forgot to mention:

Sizing: The Bumkins size chart states that Small is for 6-12lbs, Medium 12-22lbs, Large 22-32lbs. I knew it was highly unlikely that Paisley would wear a large despite her falling in the Large range. I am glad I went with the Mediums because they fit perfect. I can’t imagine how huge a Large would have been on her. In my opinion, the new Bumkins All In Ones run large and I would go with your child’s normal diaper size. The covers appear to run closer to the size chart. Paisley is 27lbs but I went with the medium. The Medium Bumkins cover fits over the Bumkins Bamboo fitted but not with much growing room. I am not sure that a bulkier fitted would fit with the Medium.

Dry Time: When I dry my diapers I always set it to 70 minutes. When done there are always a couple of inserts not fully dry. The All In Ones and Bamboo fitteds are the same. I then turn the dryer on for 10 more minutes and they are then dry. The Bumkins AIO has a quick dry soaker which means it is not internal but strips sewn exterior allowing the air to circulate around the soakers in the dryer. The Bumkins Bamboo fitteds does have a couple of stubborn places (around the elastic) that seem to take longer to dry. I usually just toss them on top of the dryer and leave them to dry out if I feel moisture. Overall I would say that Bumkins diapers take the same amount of time to dry as my Goodmamas or other thick fitteds.

Fit: In the bum, Bumkins diapers are fairly trim. Paisley doesn’t have the normal bubble butt when wearing a Bumkins AIO. However, the AIOs do seem to have a little extra on the sides. It’s more of the shape of the diaper than it is bulky material. The covers fit great over the fitteds. I really like the fit of the covers and plan on purchasing a few to use with the new baby.

Bumkins Bamboo Bundle

Urban Pink Bumkins All In One

Blue Paisley Bumkins Cover


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11 Responses to “Bumkins Cloth Diapers: A Pleasant Surprise”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I have not fully CDed a baby yet…BUT I am using my 20 month old at 25lbs and 32 inches as a guinea pig! My first cover was the Bumkin…why?? Because I LOVE their bibs. The material is so light weight and doesn’t allow leaks. I also have a BG AIO One-size (heard good reviews)…and it’s great (after I figured out how to get the stink out!). I have started using my Bumkin cover as a cloth training pant cover, since I have not finished researching my training pant covers. Works great, as long as the panties are all in, which is the same for prefolds anyways. Great to know that the AIOs are just as good as the covers!


  2. Heather Says:

    I have used small, medium, and now large Bumkins on my daughter, and I’ve loved them as a going-out diaper and now as a baby’s-too-squirmy-for-a-prefold diaper. I think I have the old style, and they don’t seem to run big to me. My daughter is wearing the large and she wears 18 months to 2T clothing. I love that they’re pretty trim, they don’t leak, and they dry quickly.


  3. Stacy Says:

    The reviews on Bumkins AIOs on Diaper Pin are not so good… Perhaps Bumkins has made some really great improvements? Maybe I oughta give them a try. :)


  4. Autumn Beck Says:

    This review is for Bumkins NEW design. I do not know about sizing for the old design.

    And that is why I love this blog! You get reviews on both sides. ;)


  5. Bonnie Says:

    OH yeah, and I have the bamboo bundle, and I HATE them, so does my DH. Don’t go there!


  6. Bonnie Says:

    I actually have used the Bumkins, as does my good friend, and both our 2.5 year olds are in size large, and are small for their age– 25 lb or so. They wear 2T clothes, barely. We think they run small, as the mediums barely fit them once washed and shrunk up. And I would advise using extra doublers at night/long periods of time, they really don’t work that well on their own…. but they are easy to use, dry relatively quickly, and are super cute!


  7. Autumn Beck Says:

    Heather, I would try applying Dawn directly on your bumGenius diapers. Rub it in with your thumb on the inner soaker area. Make sure to completely cover the area then RINSE, RINSE, RINSE. I have had quite a few readers with this same problem and Dawn has done the trick. LMK how it goes.


  8. Autumn Beck Says:



  9. Suzanne Says:

    I line dry my diapers so I’ve stuck to pf & pocket. How long does the AIO take to dry? How long for the bamboo fitted to dry?


  10. Heather Says:

    We love Bumkins! We have 6 of them and they have been excellent. They are a little bulky and I have a hard time fitting them over Ella’s jeans so days but I do love their absorbancy.

    I need some advice from you, we have been cloth diapering for 5 months now. Our diapers are beginning to stink. I have tried stripping them, I have tried vinegar, I have switched detergents and nothing works. I have orderd some Bac Out but it has not arrived yet. Do you have any other advice? Not all of the diapers stink, just a few of the Bum Genius AIOs. Just wondered if you had any suggestions.


  11. Michelle Says:

    So cute and they look great. I never even considered Bumkins before reading this. I do have some older, used AIOs but they never fit properly -were almost too small when we got them!


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