Case File #142: The Tale of the Missing Cloth Diaper

Has this ever happened to you? Maybe your favorite print just vanished. Perhaps it was an unidentifiable smell. Or did one just slip away and no one even noticed? It’s a cloth diaper…do you report it missing or just pray you find it before anyone else does?

Missing Diaper

None of my friends cloth diaper. Actually, I only have one friend who even has a kid in diapers. She doesn’t use cloth but seems to have more friends and family that do than anyone I have ever heard of. Our family had the pleasure of going to her son’s second birthday party last weekend. And this is where the tale of the missing diaper begins…

The party was winding down…people were starting to leave. Someone comes out onto the porch and yells, “Alright, who forgot their wetbag!?!”

Gasp! I scramble to see, is that my print?

Nope, mine is a Monkeyfoot Designs Happy Hills and that looks like maybe a Thirsties wetbag. Turns out the bag actually belonged to someone who had already left.

Some of you might be thinking, “Jeez, how could you leave that behind?” I was kind of thinking, “Oh good! Someone found it before it started to smell! I’d hate to see a wafting poo smell give cloth a bad name.” LOL.

I was also thinking, “Thank goodness I’ve never lost a dirty cloth diaper”.

But that isn’t actually the truth. I think I forgot about it because I never told anyone, not even my husband!

This is how it happened: I stay over at my parent’s house pretty often. They are just far enough away to make it more convenient to just make a trip out of it. I usually sleep on the pull-out couch in the basement. I had stayed the week before and knew I was coming back soon, so I just folded the couch and sheets right back up and went on home.

The weekend in question rolled around. We came to visit. We played and had fun the whole day. I said my goodnights and crawled off to bed. (I say crawl because it’s always later than it should be!) I fluffed my pillow, snuggled up in the covers and was all ready to drift off to sleep…until…wait…what is that??? My foot hits something…soft and sort of cold. I can’t make out what it is. It didn’t feel like a critter, so I felt safe enough to reach in.

It’s….sort of….wet. And now that I have lifted the covers I smell a faint smell (and thank you so much that it was a FAINT smell because it could have been much, much worse.)

It couldn’t be! I pull it out. And yes, there it was in all of its slightly gross (thank goodness it wasn’t poo) glory…the diaper that I had taken off of Sophia seven days before.

I probably went to get a wetbag and just forgot. All the stuff was getting thrown around as I packed, it probably just slid right under the covers.

I always say it could have been worse. And that was totally the case here. I am honestly surprised that I haven’t totally spaced and done something way worse than this with my cloth diapers yet!

Have you ever lost a cloth diaper? How did it turn out for you? Hopefully you found it before the smell gave it away!

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12 Responses to “Case File #142: The Tale of the Missing Cloth Diaper”

  1. Autumn Beck Says:

    Sadly, I leave diapers in the van often :( It’s very traumatic for my family when we get in the van to discover it.


  2. Kris Says:

    I lost my nip Bumgenius 4.0 Irwin. It’s been gone for months. Never even got to get it otb :(


  3. Brit Says:

    Ummmm…. I’m kind of embarrassed to share this but shortly after my second child was born I lost a diaper in my own house. It somehow got hidden under a towel on the bathroom floor and it WAS poopy. Well… at the time I had a newborn and a two year old so my cleaning was not really up to par. By the time I found it it was full of MAGGOTS! OMG SO SO FREAKING NASTY! That was horrifying. I couldn’t even deal with it. I think I just started crying and my dear sweet husband cleaned it up for me because I couldn’t even look at it.


  4. Gabrielle Dennison Says:

    I lost Albert when my son was 3-5 months old. He’s 11 months almost and I still haven’t found it :-\


  5. Jessica Says:

    I plan on stripping the diapers soon so hopefully that helps with any other little smells that I may have now :-)


  6. Jessica Says:

    A few months ago we had to unexpectedly leave our home. Thankfully I had just washed my diapers & they had been through a cycle in the dryer. I was worried about our laundry in the baskets, but thought nothing about the diapers being dirty because I just washed them all. a week and a half later when we actually got back into our apartment I found that there were in fact 2 dirty diapers!! I just let them soak in some warm water with some detergent. then did my normal wash cycle with just a bit more detergent then normal for each load.


  7. Monique Eckert Says:

    So which diaper was it? I’m dying to know!


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      LOL! Monique….its a size large Ragababe in the Firework print. It’s got a beautiful bum burst filled with blue and purple! I have that print in almost every size.


  8. Dawn Ace Says:

    I was recently at a friend’s house visiting, brought the wetbag in when I came home, but left it on the back of the couch while hanging up my purse, diaper bag and whatnot. Later my parents come to visit, we go out to dinner, put the baby to bed etc.etc. a couple days later I realize I cannot find that bag and diaper…I remember finding it on the couch and moving but where did I put it?! Meanwhile, a swampy smell has been pervading our car, which we attribute to a recent canoe trip. Days later I go to look for something in the car and…wetbag (and source of swamp smell) discovered. I had thrown it back in the car when we went out to dinner with the folks and COMPLETELY FORGOT! It cleaned up fine and the smell went away quickly, luckily.


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