Check Out This YUMMY Fluffiness!

I’ve always got my eagle eye out for a new diaper no matter what it is I’m doing.  Research, chatting with friends, playing at the mall, doesn’t matter I’m looking for the next best diaper to review.

Recently, while wasting time on Diaperswappers I saw an ad that caught that eagle eye of mine.  I clicked on the ad because of the name and the fact that I had never heard of this diaper *gasp*.

The diaper is called Ecobumz.  Ecobumz are a stuffable all-in-one diaper lined with either stay-dry fleece or Organic Bamboo Velour.  They are made in Canada by a super sweet mama who makes me laugh when I read “My little diaper company started sort of by accident.”

I assure you that nothing I’ve done on accident is this amazing!

Ecobumz will never be confused with another diaper in your stash.  Oddly enough, this happens often with my plethora of diapers.  Ecobumz have a shiny outer layer.  Not shiny, slick like Bumkins but more spacesuit-like.

I mean that in a good way.  My mom’s comment on Christmas when she saw Paisley in an Ecobumz was “Oh that is the cutest diaper!”  The shiny exterior is simply a coating that prevents any leaking or wicking.

Another immediate observation I made to my oldest daughter was that there are no laundry tabs.  After explaining to Haley why this wasn’t good I read my insert that came with the diapers and was corrected.

Ecobumz are purposely made without laundry tabs.  They are designed to be fastened backwards during washing to allow for maximum exposure.   This is actually quite a great idea that I had never considered, especially for all-in-ones.

The inside of Ecobumz is also vastly different than other diapers.  We all

know that bamboo velour is the ultimate in yummy fluffiness but the fleece she uses is equally extraordinary.  I even embarrassed my  husband by declaring that I wouldn’t mind putting my tushy in the cloud-like softness of an Ecobumz.  (okay so perhaps now I’m a little embarrassed for saying that!)

The internal soaker pad is made of raw organic cotton.  WAY more absorbent than any other cotton I’ve had experience with.  The stuffable AIO allows for you to add  extra absorbency but I have not yet had to use this option.

Ecobumz are available in 2 sizes.  8-22 lbs and 20-45 lbs.  I have one of each and was told by the WAHM that the first size would not fit Paisley but she wanted me to see it (and feel it) anyways.  Like that would stop me from squeezing Paisley into it!

The poor girl looked like she was wearing a bikini bottom but atleast it was trim!  And for the record this is the one she was wearing when my mom made her comment.

If I had to choose bamboo or fleece I’d go with bamboo because it is a natural fiber and extremely soft.   Ecobumz is a fantastic diaper that I am so honored to share with ya’ll (that’s Texan for you all ;) ).

I have no negatives to write about this diaper.  The dry time is on par with pockets and inserts because of the natural cotton soaker fibers.  I expected Ecobumz to take much longer to dry because of the thickness of the soaker.  But I am proved wrong every time I open the dryer and feel inside the pocket.

To celebrate the introduction of the new stuffable all-in-one Ecobumz they are offering a free diaper with the purchase of 6.

I encourage you to try one out soon!


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6 Responses to “Check Out This YUMMY Fluffiness!”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Isn’t that just PUL turned shiny side out?


  2. Moira Says:

    I have 2 of the bamboo ones and I love them! I’m glad that you’ve given them a thumbs up!


  3. Michelle Says:

    Cool. Very unique look to them and I love that they are Canadian made :) Thanks for sharing these Autumn!


  4. Kylie Says:

    I read a while back from a different WAHM about turning the dipes inside out when you wash them. I never use my laundering tabs anymore. It totally is the best way to wash all the ick off the dipe


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