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March 12, 2012

Cloth Diaper Extras, Reviews


There are some things that make cloth diapering easier.  You like easier, right?

Abby’s Lane is providing one reader with a Cloth Diaper Accessory Pack that includes a Sigma Diaper Sprayer, Planet Wise Wet Bag and Planet Wise Pail Liner!

If you doubt the necessity of a diaper sprayer check out my post Diaper sprayers, cloth wipes and Tide.

Listen to these reviews from actual Abby’s Lane customers:

I don’t know what we would do without our Sigma Diaper Sprayer. I was a little scared about starting our daughter on solids because of the effect it would have on her diapers, but it was such an easy transition thanks to the sprayer. One of the best parts was the great price as well; a small purchase to make cloth diapering even easier! ~Mallory

One of the best things we did when we started using cloth was purchase two Planet Wise pail liners. When it’s time to do diaper laundry, we just take it out of the pail and dump it in the washer with no mess whatsoever. I’m very thankful we have two so we can have a back-up for when the other in the laundry. ~Mallory

We love our Sigma Diaper Sprayer! We never have any leaks and we’ve installed it in two different bathrooms. I love that I dont have to figure out the variable pressure on other sprayers. I also like the sturdy design- no matter how much my toddler plays with it, I don’t have to worry about it breaking. This is a cloth diapering must have! ~Denise

We love our Planet Wise Wet bag so much, we have five! They keep our hands nice
and clean. Just unzip the full bag, and toss in the washer. Diapers agitate out
and you never have to touch them! ~Tiffany

I have used a PlanetWise pail liner for a few months, and it’s a great
produce. One thing that I like about it in particular is its slim
elastic band, which fits nicely under the diaper pail lid when the
pail is closed. When it’s time for a wash, this seal can be really
important to contain odors! It also line dries quickly and easily
after each wash. ~Susan

I’m in love with our sigma diaper sprayer! My husband was able to easily install it in less than ten minutes. It provides plenty of pressure to get all the yuckies off our diapers, yet it’s not overly powerful that our whole bathroom gets wet after using it. ~Samantha

Our large hanging planet wise wet bags are hands down the best wet bags ever made and my favorite way to store dirty diapers while they await laundry day. The zipper holds the stink in well and we have never had leaks. The added bonus is that they have a great variety of prints to choose from. ~Samantha

One thing I appreciate about the customer reviews Stephanie sent me was that they weren’t all glowing reviews. There is no product that everyone loves. Personally, I love the size and print of my Planet Wise hanging wet bag. But, the lining is a bit thin and the zipper is small and broke off.

Since moving last July I haven’t yet hooked up my diaper sprayer. Lately, I have been kicking myself for this!

In addition to the giveaway, I have a review of a Planet Wise product that Abby’s Lane provided for me to try out.  The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch and cloth wipes are a new addition to the Planet Wise family.

I opted to use the wipes pouch as a storage for disposable wipes in the car.  They have been in the car for about a month and are still moist.  If they do dry out I plan to squirt some water into the bag to moisten them up again.

I like the slim design of the pouch allowing it to fit easily into the diaper bag.

I think more than the pouch I am excited about the wipes.  Planet Wise cloth wipes are a single layer of flannel and are available in 7 different color combos to coordinate with the wipe pouches.

The wipes are easy to maneuver and clean up the area nicely.  There is just enough grab yet not too rough.  They are a little on the small side after washing and drying and they tend to stick to the cloth diapers in the dryer.

If you would like to win this awesome Accessory, follow the simple entry instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.  Contest will end at midnight on the 16th and I will email the winner Saturday morning.  Kindly respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

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241 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Accessories Giveaway from Abby’s Lane”

  1. Aubree Faunce Says:



  2. Lindsey Angle Says:

    I have the River Rock, and I love it!


  3. Becky Says:

    I love the Butterflies print!!


  4. Stephanie G Says:

    I like the Outer Space print.


  5. Susan D Says:

    Love “Peace on Earth”


  6. Brigitte B Says:

    My favorite is Aqua Swirl


  7. Jessica Greene Says:

    owl print is my fav!


  8. Becky Worthman Says:

    Lime Somersaults


  9. Meg s Says:

    Aqua swirls or tropical retreat


  10. Kari Says:

    I really like spring dots and aqua swirl


  11. Becca Says:

    I love the aqua swirls and midnight curls!


  12. Jennifer Says:

    Bangle Dots!


  13. Krista Says:

    I can’t get that url to work (to leave a blog comment). ??
    Anyway, I like Daisy Dream and Funky Flowers.


  14. Vanessa Coker Says:

    Lime Somersaults is my favorite print!


  15. Tara C M Says:

    I like the Art Deco print. :)


  16. bonnie rodriguez Says:



  17. Paula Says:

    I forgot to read the fine print, lol. I like the Funky Flowers print!


  18. Paula Says:

    I have been wanting a diaper sprayer, but haven’t given in and bought one yet. This would be the perfect compromise! and I love Planet Wise! I use both their wet bags and pail liner. :)


  19. Lily Ivey Says:

    I love the Chic Petunia bag.


  20. A Says:

    And my favourite print (I pressed enter too soon) is Owls.


  21. A Says:

    We love our Planet Wise stuff!


  22. Jennifer Reyer Young Says:

    I like the Spring Dot!


  23. Felicia R Says:

    I like the spring dots print!


  24. Emily D Says:

    ooohhh….. lime somersaults, lime medalions, aqua swirl… all so pretty! And I really need a new one, my applecheeks wetbag leaks if I put diapers that have been rinsed in it.


  25. Elizabeth B Says:

    I like funky flowers!


  26. Sarah Says:

    I like the spring dots best.


  27. Angelina Albright Says:

    I love the Funky Flowers Planet Wise wetbag print!!


  28. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Hmmm, it’s a tie between the Spring Dot, Geometric Studio & Bubmble Dot. Choices, choices. =)


  29. Angela Says:

    I love lime somersaults!


  30. Jess Says:

    We have the one with green and lime dots!


  31. Rebecca M. Says:

    I love the Tropical Retreat!


  32. Rebecca H Says:

    I love Planetwise….. We have the avocado pail liner, and the hanging wet bag and travel wet bag (both in the adorable owl print). Great products and super cute! Would love to have a 2nd pail liner to use when ours is in the wash on laundry day. :)


  33. Ashley Says:

    I love the Organic Kaleidoscope print of the Planet Wise wet bags, it’s soooo stinkin’ (haha) adorable!!


  34. Katherine Smith Says:

    I would love to win this … I could use a sprayer! :)


    • Katherine Smith Says:

      And I love Planet Wise bags … I have Meadow Tweets and would also like Geometric Studio and Owl!



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