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March 12, 2012

Cloth Diaper Extras, Reviews


There are some things that make cloth diapering easier.  You like easier, right?

Abby’s Lane is providing one reader with a Cloth Diaper Accessory Pack that includes a Sigma Diaper Sprayer, Planet Wise Wet Bag and Planet Wise Pail Liner!

If you doubt the necessity of a diaper sprayer check out my post Diaper sprayers, cloth wipes and Tide.

Listen to these reviews from actual Abby’s Lane customers:

I don’t know what we would do without our Sigma Diaper Sprayer. I was a little scared about starting our daughter on solids because of the effect it would have on her diapers, but it was such an easy transition thanks to the sprayer. One of the best parts was the great price as well; a small purchase to make cloth diapering even easier! ~Mallory

One of the best things we did when we started using cloth was purchase two Planet Wise pail liners. When it’s time to do diaper laundry, we just take it out of the pail and dump it in the washer with no mess whatsoever. I’m very thankful we have two so we can have a back-up for when the other in the laundry. ~Mallory

We love our Sigma Diaper Sprayer! We never have any leaks and we’ve installed it in two different bathrooms. I love that I dont have to figure out the variable pressure on other sprayers. I also like the sturdy design- no matter how much my toddler plays with it, I don’t have to worry about it breaking. This is a cloth diapering must have! ~Denise

We love our Planet Wise Wet bag so much, we have five! They keep our hands nice
and clean. Just unzip the full bag, and toss in the washer. Diapers agitate out
and you never have to touch them! ~Tiffany

I have used a PlanetWise pail liner for a few months, and it’s a great
produce. One thing that I like about it in particular is its slim
elastic band, which fits nicely under the diaper pail lid when the
pail is closed. When it’s time for a wash, this seal can be really
important to contain odors! It also line dries quickly and easily
after each wash. ~Susan

I’m in love with our sigma diaper sprayer! My husband was able to easily install it in less than ten minutes. It provides plenty of pressure to get all the yuckies off our diapers, yet it’s not overly powerful that our whole bathroom gets wet after using it. ~Samantha

Our large hanging planet wise wet bags are hands down the best wet bags ever made and my favorite way to store dirty diapers while they await laundry day. The zipper holds the stink in well and we have never had leaks. The added bonus is that they have a great variety of prints to choose from. ~Samantha

One thing I appreciate about the customer reviews Stephanie sent me was that they weren’t all glowing reviews. There is no product that everyone loves. Personally, I love the size and print of my Planet Wise hanging wet bag. But, the lining is a bit thin and the zipper is small and broke off.

Since moving last July I haven’t yet hooked up my diaper sprayer. Lately, I have been kicking myself for this!

In addition to the giveaway, I have a review of a Planet Wise product that Abby’s Lane provided for me to try out.  The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch and cloth wipes are a new addition to the Planet Wise family.

I opted to use the wipes pouch as a storage for disposable wipes in the car.  They have been in the car for about a month and are still moist.  If they do dry out I plan to squirt some water into the bag to moisten them up again.

I like the slim design of the pouch allowing it to fit easily into the diaper bag.

I think more than the pouch I am excited about the wipes.  Planet Wise cloth wipes are a single layer of flannel and are available in 7 different color combos to coordinate with the wipe pouches.

The wipes are easy to maneuver and clean up the area nicely.  There is just enough grab yet not too rough.  They are a little on the small side after washing and drying and they tend to stick to the cloth diapers in the dryer.

If you would like to win this awesome Accessory, follow the simple entry instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.  Contest will end at midnight on the 16th and I will email the winner Saturday morning.  Kindly respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

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241 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Accessories Giveaway from Abby’s Lane”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Organic garden is my favorite!


  2. Tiffany Moeder Says:

    Gotta go with the owls.


  3. Jessica Says:

    I like the organic lime medallions print!


  4. Sierra Says:

    I love the Aqua Swirl print!! So stylish


  5. miranda Says:

    Art Deco!


  6. carrie goad Says:

    I could really use a sprayer- not sure where I read about it, but I use the old spatula scrape off method right now (spatula dedicated solely to diaper duty mind you!:)


  7. Jenny Wisdom Says:

    orange woods


  8. Christina Says:

    Peace on earth!


  9. Rachel Says:

    I love Art Deco!!


  10. Laura B. Says:

    Peace On Earth is such a pretty print.


  11. Maureen Says:

    Love the owls!


  12. Julie B. Says:

    I like the butterflies print.


  13. Sarah E. Says:

    orange woods or owls


  14. Rachel Portuguez Sansom Says:

    My favorite is the “Art Deco” design.


  15. Morgan Says:

    I have midnight curl but also love aqua swirl!


  16. Cathart Says:

    I love my Daisy dream wet bag! It’s easy to take and love the flowers:)


  17. Maria Sanchez Says:

    I really think the Peace on Earth pouch is adorable!


  18. Liesal Says:

    I like the Lime Coco Bean print!


  19. Becca Arender Says:

    I’m loving the owl print (is this new?!) I just order a medium! I would love to try the diaper sprayer– none of my CDing friends have one, and I”m not sure I”m up for scraping solids off, or soaking in the guest bathroom toilet : )


  20. Chelsea F Says:

    Lime Somersaults is my fav (though it was very, very hard to choose!!!)


  21. Kelly Clarke Says:

    I love AbbysLane & Planetwiuse bags. I just bought the wipes bag, and would love a bigger one!!


  22. Katie Says:

    I like orange woods!


  23. Brande Says:

    Organic earth links!! Thanks for the giveaway!


  24. Melissa Mizell Says:

    My favorite is the owls! I am obsessed with this print! I hope to win since I am new to cloth diapering and have no accessories yet!!


  25. Erin Becker Says:

    There are so many gorgeous prints! I love them all but I think I would choose Orange Woods.


  26. Katie S Says:

    I love Tropical Retreat. I think it would match my baby boy’s room well.


  27. Shannon Ropp Says:

    Owls Please!! So cute.


  28. Phyllis Herbe Says:

    Owls are my fave!


  29. Sheena Says:

    Midnight Curl- I love the wipe pouch!


  30. Shakeeta W Says:

    I’m torn between Peace On Earth & Owls!


  31. Rhonda Says:

    I love the Organic Garden. I try to stay in the gender neutral zone with things so I can use them over and over then pass them along when (and if) I’m done! I seen alot that fell in that category but the Organic Garden was def my fave.


  32. Melissa Says:

    I need a diaper sprayer! My little bits is only 4 months now but she will be eating solids before I know it :)


  33. Trisha W. Says:

    Aqua Swirl is one of my favorite prints.


  34. Meredith E. Says:



  35. Ellen Says:

    Midnight curl is my favorite :)


  36. Nikole H. Says:

    I like the Chic Petunia.


  37. Jamie Says:

    Pink daisy stripe!


  38. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    Fave is the Flame.


  39. Mechele Johnson Says:

    Love the Owls!!!!


  40. Suzanne Says:

    Chic Petunia is so pretty!


  41. Leeanne Says:

    I’m willing to try cloth diapers and this contest looks like a good way to get me started!


  42. Nicole Says:

    Lime Somersaults!


  43. Christena Says:

    I like all the prints – my favorite is probably Owl :)


  44. tessa s Says:

    the owl print


  45. Kimberlie T Says:

    I like river rock!


  46. Brittany Says:

    I love Organic Lime Medallions and Chic Petunia. Both my favorites :)


  47. Becky Knepp Says:

    Love my planet wise bags! Can always use more!


  48. Haley Says:

    I love the owl print.


  49. Marilyn J. Says:

    I LOVE the owls print – it has become the thing for our little guy’s room!


  50. Kendra Says:

    I love the outer space print!


  51. Stephanie Says:

    The geometric shapes one is so cute! I love the pattern!


  52. Laura Nicholls Says:

    Orange Woods!


  53. Kelly Says:

    Whoo loves the owl bag? I do!
    Also, the twitter tweet is too long (by two letters) so i changed it to dipe instead of diaper ( I didnt want to mess with the links and such)
    Hope that’s ok :)


  54. Breezy Moyer Says:

    I like the outer space wet bag print!


  55. Jill S. Says:

    I would love to have a wet bag, pail liner or sprayer. We’ve been cloth diapering for 1 1/2 years on a budget. When out and about, we use a bread bag or grocery bag for a wet bag. We use a plastic flip-top trash can for our dirty diapers and wipe it out on cleaning day. We’ve tried using our shower wand for sraying our diapers but usually end up getting water on the floor and walls. For really nasty diapers, we take the diaper outside and give it a good scrubbing in a bucket of water. Thankfully we’ve been putting our little guy on the toilet, and we don’t have to do as much scrubbing now.


  56. Maryn Says:

    I love Lime Somersaults print! I have a small wet/dry bag from PW and was thinking about getting a bigger one to use instead of a pail. Reading that the diapers will just agitate out of it has me sold!


  57. Karen Cohen Says:

    I am not familiar with Planet Wise wet bags, but am hoping to be! I am pregnant with #4 and will be going back to cloth diapering after a 2 year hiatus. This little one will be my 3rd in cloth diapers. I have never had a sprayer, but totally think that it would help out a lot (hate the TP scrape!).


  58. Amber Lawson Says:

    We are big fans of owls in our home. LOVE the owl print!


  59. Michele Says:

    I love the owl print!!


  60. buffyisadog Says:

    Oh! I love the River Rock!


  61. Sherry Arnold Says:

    I love the Midnight curl print!!!


  62. Blake Vossekuil Says:

    I love the organic earth links!! :)


  63. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    My favorite print is Midnight Curl.


  64. debnmike m Says:

    i love the peace on earth print


  65. Jill m Says:

    Midnight Curl


  66. Benedicte Says:

    I like the piccolo dots!


  67. Megan Meredith Says:

    Peace on Earth – thanks for the giveaway!


  68. Susan Krob Says:

    I like the Blue Recycle pattern for a wet bag!


  69. Sarah J Says:

    peace on earth


  70. Lexi Conklin Says:

    Lime coca bean print!


  71. Erin Says:

    Orange woods print is so adorable!


  72. Lisa Kuhl Says:



  73. Dana Says:

    Owl print!


  74. Kelly Says:

    Just started solids, so a sprayer would be a blessing!


  75. Diana Says:

    Fiesta is my favorite print. Too bad the eipe bags don’t come in this print.


  76. LBoutell Says:

    I love the funky flowers print! We just started solids and was just telling my husband that we NEED to get a sprayer…we had to dip in the toilet the other day and that’s just not going to work! Yuck!


  77. Alex Says:

    Lime Squares!


  78. Carrie W. Says:

    I like the Lime Somersaults.


  79. Elizabeth Says:

    I would love a diaper sprayer right about now. I have an infant and a toddler keeping me busy with poop clean up :).


  80. Elizabeth D E Says:

    I like the peace on earth print


  81. Ashley Says:

    I desperately need a new wet bag! The owl print is precious


  82. Courtney Dennis Says:

    Funky flowers!


  83. Ashley Says:

    Love the organic earth links! We need a diaper sprayer sooo bad! Hope I win!! : )


  84. Sheila S Says:

    Geometric Studio is the one we own!


  85. Pamela R Says:

    I love the owls


  86. Erin Robinson Says:

    I love the Earth Links print!


  87. Erin Robinson Says:

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!


  88. Alicia Says:

    Love the Lime Somersaults print! Totally my style!


  89. Karyn Says:

    My favourite print is River Rock.


  90. NeKisha Rowe Says:

    I like the River Rock or Aqua Swirl pattern


  91. Celena Says:

    My favorite planet wise pail liner print is Hoot!


  92. Annaliza R Says:

    I like the Organic Lime Medallions.


  93. Tami Rivera Says:

    I love this blog and your giveaways! We haven’t bought a sprayer yet. We have found a trick that has kept us from buying a pail liner. We use a plastic trashbag. On diaper day, i remove the bag and place it either behind the trash can (for future use) or, if needed at the time, immediately in the trash can. This way my trashbags have led a full double life and I always have a clean diaper liner! Tada!


  94. Bonita Says:

    I love the Organic Navy Circuits. It’s so cute and so nerdy and will match almost anything!


  95. Shannon Says:

    I like all the prints.


  96. Lauren Rabb Says:

    I love sprayer and I am in need of a new wet bag


  97. melissa wetherell-moore Says:

    I love the peace on earth design


  98. Sabrina Radke Says:

    I like the organic earth links!


  99. Tiffany Rodriguez Says:

    I really would love to have a diaper sprayer. Toilet paper scraping is no fun. LOL!!



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