Cloth Diaper Friendly Organic Jeans Review and Giveaway


Finding clothes to fit over cloth diapers can be so annoying!

When I first started cloth diapering in 2005, my 15 month old son went from wearing super trim sposies to bulky prefolds and proraps.  His clothes didn’t fit the same.

When #3 came along I had a very hard time finding clothes to fit her!  Paisley was a big baby and toddler.  She has shorter legs and her diapers always seemed way fluffier on her which made for an awkward fit for clothes.  If I bought bigger for the waist and butt they were super long.  Needless to say, she wore a lot of stretchy leggings.

Sterling is long and skinny and cloth diapers usually fit him trim (because they are set on the smallest settings even at almost 2!), therefore, finding clothes to fit him is more a problem with his build than the diapers.

It can be very frustrating to pick out the perfect outfit only to go home and try it on your child and it doesn’t fit.

One mom decided she was going to create a solution to this problem.  The solution was Green Gamboni.  The creator, Anne Loarie, lives in California with her husband and daughter.  Here is a portion of her story…

Years ago, on the beautiful Mendocino Coast of California, some good Italian folks (including members of my family) discovered a wonderful mushroom known to many as porcini (or little pigs). Thinking that the delightful mushrooms looked more like chubby legs than little pigs, they aptly coined them gamboni (big legs). I love the mushroom. I love chubby little legs. And, well, I love to say the word. Gamboni. Gamboni. Gamboni.

And like all mamas, I wanted to do what I thought was best for my brewing babe. I opted for cloth diapers. Less demanding on the environment and softer on the bum, cloth was what I wanted! Months later I discovered that there was a problem with fit. Most pants that I came across simply would not accommodate the bulk of the cloth! Frustrated, I started fantasizing about jeans- CUTE jeans- that would keep my little munchkin’s bum warm and adorable…just like she deserved.

I am now proud to offer to you exactly the jean that I tried, unsuccessfully, to find for her. I hope you like them. I would love feedback and pictures of your adorable little babes exploring the world in their very own pair of Green Gamboni!

I’ve been using Green Gamboni jeans for a few weeks now and, well, it’s actually a funny story…  Every time (seriously) that Sterling wears his Gamboni jeans he renders them unwearable either by pee, poop or an entire meal smashed to it.  I’m not sure why this happens.

But, at least I know that Green Gamboni jeans are toddler proof and can be washed a million times and still look new!

One of the things I love most about Green Gamboni jeans is the stretchiness. With 2% stretch added to the 98% organic cotton your child won’t feel restricted in their normal playtime activity.

Why don’t jeans fit over cloth diapers?

The problem with jeans you buy in the store is the rise.  Most just don’t cover the diaper, leaving half baby’s bottom showing.  Green Gamboni jeans have plenty of rise to cover the cloth diaper and sit comfortably at the waist.

It brings me extreme joy to help spread the word about businesses started by a mom trying to make a difference in the lives of others while trying to support her family.  Anne would like to bless one of my readers with a pair of Green Gamboni jeans!!

If you would like to enter follow these steps… and make sure you leave SEPARATE comments if you want more than one entry ;)

** You must be an email subscriber of All About Cloth Diapers to be qualified to win.  In the sidebar is a place where you can enter your name and email if you aren’t already a subscriber.**

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Contest will end Wednesday February 9, 2011 @ 12pm.  I will choose a winner shortly after the contest ends via random number selector.  Contest is open to US and Canada  residents.

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221 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Friendly Organic Jeans Review and Giveaway”

  1. Angela Says:

    I like how the jeans fit over the cloth diapers.

  2. Gail C Says:

    Love the look of these! New baby is due this month and I ready to pick up some cloth friendly clothes already!!

  3. Rebecca Orr Says:

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  4. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I like Green Gamboni on Facebook: Bekki Orr
    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  5. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I really like the Candy Cap jeans too. They are so cute. I really like that they are US made. Thanks for the chance! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  6. Caroline Says:

    I follow GG on twitter

  7. Caroline Says:

    I like GG on fb
    Caroline Guf

  8. Caroline Says:

    My fav. is the Candy Cap!!

  9. Rosalie Danek Says:

    I have looked at these jeans before and I love how they are made in the US, from organic materials, and the green stitching is a nice touch, don’t you think? Makes them stand out right from the start!

  10. Nicole Phillips Says:

    I learned that it’s the rise that makes regular jeans not fit well until I went to her site. I also like that the pocket flaps are sewn down so the pockets don’t get a distorted after laundering. :-)

  11. Nicole Phillips Says:

    I like green Gamboni on fb

  12. Nicole Phillips Says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  13. Marijana Long Says:

    liked Gambioni on facebook.

  14. Amanda Says:

    I liked Green Gamboni on facebook!

  15. Amanda Says:

    love the look and cut of the jeans, and excited to see a pair of jeans that fit over my daughter’s cloth diapers!

  16. Alison Says:

    I’ve been lurking for a while, but I was thinking about the Green Gamboni jeans today and how badly I want to buy some! Then I found this post. I finally subscribed, and if I don’t win I’ll take the plunge and buy some GG jeans :) Thanks for the review Autumn.


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