Cloth Diaper Kits Coming To JoAnns, Hancocks and Hobby Lobby!

August 18, 2011


This is really awesome! I’m pumped…and I don’t sew!

Just the fact that cloth diapers are becoming more and more accessible to EVERYONE makes me giddy!

The kits are the design of Babyville Boutique (Ellie Joos and Jean Kievlan).
**CORRECTION*** There are no kits, all of the items are sold in separate packages so the consumer can mix and match to make their diapers truly personal and unique, designed the way they want them. The diaper cuts are packaged 3 to a package in girl, boy and neutral themes and then all of the other components are sold separately for added creativity.

Earlier this month the following press release was submitted:

Babyville Boutique™, DIY Cloth Diaper Sewing Program from Prym

playful prints and coordinating notions for creative sewing

 Spartanburg, SC . . . .When many people think of cloth diapers, their thoughts return to rubber pants, diaper pails, and inconvenience!  Well, those days are long gone and now diaper-sewing consumers can sew adorable, eco-friendly diapers and coordinating baby necessities that are fun, easy, creative and economical.

Babyville Boutique™ from Prym Consumer USA is a completely coordinated program that includes PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric in 10 darling prints and 14 solid colors, in packages of 3 diaper cuts measuring 21” x 24” or by the yard, fold over elastic FOE, Plastic Snaps, Snap Pliers, Embroidered Appliques, Embroidered Labels, Colored Hook and Loop Tape (EZ Adjust Tape™) and Buttons.  All products have been thoroughly tested to ensure baby’s safety.

Two full color books, “Cloth Diapers Made Easy” Sewing Book and “Baby Essentials Made Easy” by Jean Kievlan and Ellie Joos, the program creators, complete the family of products.  In “Cloth Diapers Made Easy”, consumers will find pull-out patterns for diapers and soakers for newborn to large sizes.  “Baby Essentials Made Easy” will inspire consumers to use the PUL fabrics and accessories to make changing pads, bibs, placemats, diaper bag, toys and many more creative baby necessities.

The Babyville Boutique DIY Diaper Sewing Program arrives in most JoAnn Fabrics, all Hobby Lobby, and select Hancock Fabrics stores starting in September!

The  website and blog launches later this month to provide a dedicated space for tutorials, communicating, and sharing.  The Babyville Boutique™ Facebook page, now up and running, is alive with excitement and pictures posted by some of the creative diaper sewing testers at:

From the Babyville Boutique Facebook page:

Babyville Boutique will be in the stores by late September. You will have all the components to make precious baby things including diapers and diaper covers. Colorful hook and loop tape, snaps, buttons, PUL and more! Although we do not have kits, you can mix and match the products to make your own special design. Check back for more updates!

I’ve browsed the photo albums on their Facebook page and I’m in love with the cute prints and appliques!  I’m impressed that they aren’t just giving us the plain basics but the fun extras like labels, appliques and cute FOE!

Here are a few screenshots of the design team’s creations.  From what I can tell there will be great flexibility in the diaper styles you choose to make.


Are you excited?! I wonder what the price will be on the kits? I hope it’s super affordable because I envision these being a huge blessing to those on a tight budget.

Will you buy one?


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49 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Kits Coming To JoAnns, Hancocks and Hobby Lobby!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I do sew and I think if babyville existed two-three years ago I’d have made all of my own diapers. This is going to change the WAHM and SAHM making their own and selling their own diapers!


  2. morgan Says:

    Abso-freakin-lutely I will buy at least one. My sewing machine feels starved for attention :o). Great idea! I bet wahms will be just fine; how many of us are really going to do a whole stash, anyway? I was thinking it would be fun to make as shower gifts, regardless if the parnts are going to use cloth b/c you know they make for super cute pictures!


  3. Jamie Says:

    Just called my store and they have it in i cant waitt to go over there later.


  4. Erika Says:

    I don’t want to discredit JoAnns because I do get material from them but their PUL (the white mainly seperates and then leaks) is a waste of money I have 2 yards that are basically useless except for bibs, and they also have printed PUL but they printed it on the wrong side…. this too is only good for bibs.. I have been making my own diapers for over a year now and will only buy my PUL from a WHAM site along with the FOE. Just thought I would share my experience. I think its great for them to be offering kits but they should really make sure they are putting quality materials inside the kits to begin with.


    • Ellie Says:

      Thank you for your comments. The PUL in the Babyville Boutique program is a totally new product, not the old PUL they had with the problems you mentioned. It will be be sold in packages of 3 diaper cuts and also by the yard for big projects in cute prints and solids. All of the other components, labels, appliques, snaps, FOE etc are all sold separately for additional creativity, not in kits. We hope you will take a look when the products reach the stores soon.


    • Jess Says:

      Hello! I got to be a tester for their new materials and they are NOTHING like the old PUL. I too purchased the old solids and had them delaminate….YUCK! I have been using diapers made with the new PUL for a month now and they still look BRAND NEW. Kid you now BRAND NEW. Actually the diapers shown in this blog post were made by me :) I wash every 2 days and have been using these diapers before any of my others because (a) they are so freaking adorable! and (b) I want to see how well they wear. SO far so good! Don’t let the cruddy quality of the old PUL fool you!


      • Ellie Says:

        Hi Jess,
        Thank you for your comments. Your diapers are adorable and we are so glad you are happy with the PUL. Every effort was made to make sure that this PUL exceeded the expectations of the diaper sewing mamas.


  5. Ann Ingersoll Says:

    I am super excited about it! I already buy PUL and other fabrics from JoAnn’s but they often don’t have the ones I like and need the most (bamboo, hemp, suedecloth, microsuede). Hoping this will be an awesome alternative and I hope they are affordable for those who can’t afford $20-$30 diapers!


  6. clothdiapermomof3 Says:

    Kudos! I wish Jo-Anns had diaper making fabrics when I still had babies. My youngest is 5 now :(


  7. Jamie Richards Says:

    I was lookimg online and the pul and foe is up on their website. There is some really cute patterns. The price is not listed as per yard so not sure how much it is going to be.


    • Jen H Says:

      Went to Joann’s yesterday. Got a yard of the owl print (14.99). You can also buy the precut fabric for diapers. I think it was 14.99 for 3 cuts. The snaps are super cute in multiple colors and some have pictures engraved on them. I’m making a wetbag and will see what happens with the leftovers!


  8. Jodi Says:

    That sounds awesome!! I just started making my own diapers and covers this summer. It’s been a challenging project but it’s getting easier the more I do. I will definitely be checking JoAnn’s out for this material. I hope it’s affordable b/c all of my material that I’ve used so far has been from thrift stores and yard sales. I’ve gotten lots of wool sweaters and cut them up for the covers. Not much money put into these that I’m making so if JoAnn can compete with that, then I’m in!!!!


    • Kate Says:

      I would love anyone’s advice on a good pattern for sewing diapers and the fabrics that you have the most success with. I am considering cd for my 3rd and think a one size Aio or pocket sounds the best for me. I love the cute ones that are for sale, but $20 each does not fit in my budget. Please share your experiences. Will my homemade work as well as the more expensive brands?


      • Autumn Beck Says:

        The answer, from this non-sewer, is yes! And stay tuned…a giveaway from Babyville Boutique is coming soon!


      • Ellie Says:

        Hi Kate,
        We agree with Autumn and the many thousands of cd’ing moms who have been making cloth diapers and saving money for some time now. Take a look at the adorable Babyville products for DIY cloth diaper making and we are sure you will be hooked. When you make your diapers, remember to use a good quality polyester thread like Gutermann to avoid wicking of the moisture and be sure to put your diaper in the dryer for 20 minutes on hot to seal the holes made from sewing. Happy Sewing.


  9. abby Says:

    I think they are very cute patterns. When i started making mine (just a few months ago) i first went to joanns for my fabric. The pul was aful after 2 weeks of washing and the elastic was right there with the pul. I am sure the pul from this will be better quality. i think it would be awesome for people to be able to make and sell them. i know a lot of people do that with their diapers and think about doing it myself. i dont think this will hurt the whams too much. maybe open some more door. many people dont sew and there are many people who will still want other prints.


  10. Heather Stout-Reilly Says:

    I love this!! Yes, I will most definitely be buying these even though I don’t sew, yet. My mom sews and I have told her I’m interested in sewing my own diapers so this will be perfect. She told me she has a machine I can have to get started. I’m so SUPER EXCITED!!!


  11. Samantha Says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I was ready to pack up the baby and head to the store now to buy some!! I am way too excited about this!


  12. Yara Says:

    Of course I’ll buy some! Even if my baby is 32 months and will soon be out of diapers, I will find a baby to makes these for! (I actually had a cousin ask me to make her some diapers already; and another cousin just found out she is 7 weeks pregnant)


  13. Joanna Says:

    I have heard that WHAM buisnesses will be able to buy this stuff wholesale, and that they are not charging a licencing fee to sell from the pattern. Both benefits for the WHAM. Plus a lot of people are going to see this, want this, but not feel ready to sew a whole stash for their baby, so they will be turning to the WHAM for that. Honestly I think it is awsome! I wish I had had a book to tell me what I needed to know about sewing diapers when I started. I would have avoided a lot of mistakes!


    • Staci Says:

      that’s neat! I hadn’t heard that info. It would be a blessing if they did that. Then it truly would be a benefit to wahms. And I know that there is the possibility to be a good thing. I was just wondering if they were going to be offering a large amount of fabric choices at prices wahms can’t touch. Not all wahms make diapers, some search high and low looking for good prices on fabrics and supplies to sell to moms who make their own diapers.


  14. Lauren Says:

    What about all the WAHMs that work so hard in sewing unique diapers to sell and try to make a living???


  15. Jennfier Says:

    I don’t sew, I’ve never really really tried to. I might just give this a try if it’s affordable. I guess I would just be worried bout it falling apart from my own lack of sewing skills. We’ll see. And thanks so much posting!!


  16. lauren stair Says:

    I”m ridiculously excited!! I hope they are affordable!


  17. Cara Says:

    This is exciting. I wanted to make some bibs, changing pads and maybe even soakers but couldn’t find the cute pul for a reasonable price or some patterns at all. I don’t know if I will actually make a diaper but they are super cute.


  18. Staci Says:

    it’s definitely going to benefit those who need access to cloth and don’t have internet access. But it is a double edged sword because while may help people have local access to cloth, and it may increase demand for cloth by increasing public knowledge and acceptance, it may hurt a lot of WAHM’s who make their business of selling cloth diapering supplies. And the national benefit of being carried by chain stores makes it more available, but again it pushes wahm’s out of the market even more because they’re not able to purchase the quantities of the large chain stores. wahm’s will now have to work even harder to be set apart and offer a product new and different. :-/

    I may purchase them in a pinch, but I think I’ll stick with my wahm suppliers who have created, reinvented and carried the cloth diaper world along to what it is today. Without them, most of us wouldn’t know about cloth, let alone be able to make our own.


    • Jaimee Says:

      I’m right there with you. It will be nice to have quality stuff available locally, but I want to continue to support my fellow WAHM’s who have kept me going!


  19. REBECCA Says:

    I love this. If I’m understanding correctly, we buy pieces, so I can just get the PUL cut and the other pieces I need to make covers. I have TONS of prefolds and just need newborn covers, so this would be great. The patterns look adorable, too.


    • jamie richards Says:

      i just started making my own covers a few weks ago. I have a new baby on the way and did not want to buy more covers. Joanns already sells pul but it is white. I just pick a cute fabric and sew it all together then turn it right side out and now habe a cute abric with the pul on the i side. I have been using the chloe toes side snap pattern and i changed it to a front closure. Also i put the elastic on the inside b4 I turn it. Then i sew around the edge. They look great. I did a search online for lots of directions and patterns and then i just used them and did my own. i ended up ordering a snap pliers and snaps but you could do aplix without doing that. Look into it if yiu want to start now. I can make one in about an hour and i am not a very experienced sewer.


  20. Kelly Says:

    Actually, it says they don’t offer kits – it’s more like a Garanimals program of mix and match PUL, FOE, and Velcro/snaps. But still, so awesome!

    JoAnn already carries 1″ FOE in the elastic-by-the-yard section – it’s usually at the bottom and unopened because most people don’t know what to do with it!

    I’m thrilled, because people are always asking how they can help my sewing project, and I tell them to donate T-shirts for the absorbent part. If other items are local and affordable, I can start asking for them!


  21. julia Says:

    this is awesome! they look really cute, too. if they show up near me i will give them a shot!


  22. Ellie Says:

    Thank you Autumn for your great post about Babyville Boutique. Their is one small correction. These products are NOT in kit form. The fabric is sold in packages of 3 diaper cuts or by the yard. The other darling labels, accessories, colorful plastic snaps, pliers, and FOE are sold individually for more creative sewing opportunities. So have fun mixing and matching to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind diapers and other baby items for your precious baby. Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!!


  23. Tobborah Says:

    Oh, this is exciting news. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer and I will definitely try it out.


  24. Audrey S Says:

    I am in so much trouble…..


  25. jessie Says:

    Yep! And with a 40% off coupon at Joanns hopefully.


  26. Laurann Says:

    Thanks for posting this info. I’m way excited. My LO is starting to grow out of her current diapers, well at least the covers, so this is exciting stuff!


  27. Jessica F Says:

    I am so excited to come here and see MY diapers posted on something so exciting!!! This PUL is a DREAM to sew with and I can’t even begin to speak of all the fabulous add ons. I think I like this FOE better than the other FOE I have sewn with. And what I sewed just scratched the surface of what you can make :)


  28. Rachel Korpella Says:

    Umm…YES!!! I have been wanting to try making my own covers, but have been hesitant since I have no idea where to start. September is so far away….


  29. Heidi Shuler Says:

    um…YES!!!!! i hope they are affordable kits, but if they aren’t too, too pricey i might buy one just to try it out.


  30. sasha Says:

    super duper excited!!!!!


  31. Courtney Says:

    I am ridiculously excited that there might be FOE in stores! I don’t have single store within driving distance that has it! Now I will be able to make my own covers hopefully!


  32. Jean Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice article! Much appreciated. Will be sure to visit with you often!


  33. Amy J Says:

    I might buy it myself depending on the price and if I have a coupon … Definitely seeing it on my Christmas wishlist! :D


  34. Mandy Says:

    I’m so excited about this since I first heard the announcement on DS! What a fantastic idea!


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