Cloth Diaper Q & A Vol 3 Which Kawaii Baby To Buy

Recently, a great string of comments occurred on the Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers Review post.  Many of you may benefit from the advice given.

Erin December 18, 2010 at 11:38 am

I am so excited about ordering these for my baby! Please help me out, though. I am BRAND new to CD. This will be my FIRST to try! DD is 8 weeks old and probably about 12 1/2 pounds now. She sleeps about 7 hours straight at night. What diaper would you recommend? Help please!

67 France December 26, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Erin, I would personally recommend you get the Heavy Duty style with the microfleece inner. It’s the easiest to use because of the velcro closures, and it doesn’t leave red marks on your baby’s legs and back (this can be a problem sometimes with other Kawaii diapers). The “luvyourbaby” website says they are out of stock at the moment, but they will be back in stock at the end of January. I have five of this style and love them – they are really high quality and NEVER leak. (I also have five Fun Print Snap Closure diapers, and they look great and never leak, but they leave red marks on my baby’s skin, so I stopped using them.)

68 Erin December 27, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Thanks, France!

69 Erin December 28, 2010 at 1:06 am

France, I am BRAND new to CD. Before I got your message, I ordered one fun print and one heavy duty ultra soft with snaps. They are both leaving red marks on my chunky 9-week-old’s legs and back. She is a very laid back baby, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her. Would it be bad to still use these diapers during the day? (I equate it to elastic marks left on me by underwear that I don’t feel but may notice when I change clothes.) Did you LO complain and that’s why you chose not to use them at all?

I also wonder if the marks won’t be a problem if she slims down once she starts crawling/walking? My 2 1/2-year-old is very slim, so perhaps I should try these on her?

I love the diapers, but I am a little disappointed in the red marks.

70 France December 28, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Same here, love the diapers, but disappointed in the red marks from my Fun Prints. No, my baby did not complain (I’m guessing LO stands for “little one”? I am not new to CD (been doing it for almost four years), but I am to chatting about it, so I still have to guess what all the abbreviations mean, lol!), and, to tell you the truth, she is wearing a Fun Print right now, since all my Heavy Duty with Velcro are in the laundry at the moment. I am planning on ordering more Heavy Duty Velcro diapers though, so I can stop using my Fun Prints altogether. I guess it’s not the end of the world if your baby does not seem in pain, but as a mom, the red marks are something I would rather avoid, you know? Anyway, if you are planning on ordering more, I would suggest the Heavy Duty with Velcro and microfleece inner (I read the ones with the microsuede inner also leave red marks), and I was thinking of trying the Bamboo Minky, which are also supposed to be great. I haven’t read one single “red mark” complaint about these so far. Also, I read you can try to stretch out the elastics by putting the diapers a few minutes in the dryer on the HOT setting, and then figuring out a way to stretch the elastics on a metal clothes hanger with clothes pins, and leaving them stretched on the hanger for a day or so, if that makes any sense, lol! Haven’t tried it yet though.

71 Erin December 28, 2010 at 4:10 pm

France, Thanks again for your help! Yes, LO means “little one”!

We got two more Kawaii in the mail yesterday–a heavy duty micro inner with velcro and an animal print nighttime diaper (gifts from my mom for Christmas!). I was disappointed when I took off the heavy duty velcro one in that it, too, left red marks.
I’m going to have to try the stretching thing. I haven’t tried the nighttime diaper yet. I had already ordered 6 more from Sweetbottoms Baby before I noticed that they all are leaving red marks. Those should be in the mail tomorrow. They were out of the minky bamboo, but that might be my best bet.

I’m wondering if my baby is just too chunky for these diapers?

Although, the diaper itself (inside and the part on her bottom and really everywhere except back and legs) seems super comfy!

72 France December 29, 2010 at 11:28 am

That’s too bad.

Does your Heavy Duty have microSUEDE or microFLEECE? I had heard of the one with microsuede leaving marks, but not the microfleece, which works great for us. When you say “I’m wondering if my baby is just too chunky for these diapers”, do you mean Kawaii diapers, or cloth diapers altogether? Because, you know, not all cloth diapers leave red marks. So far, I’ve tried several kinds, and most did not leave marks on my two chunky babies (I have a five-month old right now, and she is in the 95th percentile, so she is quite chunky!) The diapers that have left red marks are the Happy Heinys and the Kawaii Fun Prints, but I also have the following diapers, and they have NEVER left red marks: 1 Bum Genius, 3 Fuzzy Bunz Medium Perfect Size, 1 Flip System and 2 Mommy’s Touch. Most of these are much more expensive than the Kawaii, however, which is why I would like to complete my stash with more Kawaii. The Flip system is quite inexpensive though, so maybe you could try to buy just one and see if it works for you? As for me, I will try the Kawaii Minky Bamboo, and if it’s also too tight, I will complete my stash with either the Heavy Duty with fleece inner or some Flips. Let me know if the stretching thing works, if you try it! One last thing: I have a question for you: you said before that you had a “heavy duty ultra soft with snaps”, but the Heavy Duty only comes with Velcro as far as I’m concerned. Did you mean the “One Size Snap Closure – Ultra Soft Cross-Over Square Tab”? (I’m just trying to figure out which Kawaii cause red marks and which don’t!)”

Still no baby!


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30 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Q & A Vol 3 Which Kawaii Baby To Buy”

  1. Keva @mamachickx4 Says:

    I just wanted to up date that I have been loving my Kawaii Minky Bamboo Mom label dipes! Not 1 leak! Maybe because I washed them 10 times back to back (w/o any rocking green until soiled ) and yes literally 10 times, lol…they are wonderful. My baby girl is 17 months and I will happy to see her potty train but sad cause she won’t be in her kawaii’s. Anyone looking to cloth, try these, plus I love the price and totally recommend them. Also the bag of rocking green I bought in January is just now getting low. I literally use 1 tablespoon per load and I wash all her dipes at once, 12 of them every other day since I have prefolds in the mix, and they are looking good. No stink no leaks.


  2. Elizabeth E Says:

    Hi there, I know I’m a late-comer to this post, but I recently bought a Kawaii one size heavy duty diaper to try because I had heard such great things. I’ve been using babee greens one size fitted diapers with kissaluvs marvels covers and have been very happy with them, but I wanted to try something new and was looking for something a little more heavy duty for night time use with my 16 month old. I love the fit and the look and feel of the diaper, but it leaks terribly. I mean, this thing doesn’t even hold a little bit of pee! I washed it 6 times using Rockin’ Green soap. What am I doing wrong? I really want this diaper to work for us, but I don’t know what else to do!


    • Keva @mamachickx4 Says:

      7 times might not be enough washing. Id go back and wash it 10 times. (I you tube kawaii dipes and saw a review were she said was 10 times) Just a hot wash with a cold rinse. No detergent if its clean…just wash over n over till ten times then dry. That might do the trick. My 17 month old a heavy wetter. Wakes up with a full soak diaper, yet no leaks…I use just the bamboo minky with both inserts.


  3. Emily Says:

    After VERY light use and line drying only the waistband velcro on half of my heavy duty microfleece is fraying or completely pulled off making the diaper unusable. Anyone else have this problem or did I just get a bad batch? I am trying to send them to daycare for my 18m twins, but don’t think they are going to stand up. In addition I consistently have leaks out the legs on my daughter, but not my son. This seems to be more of a problem with how they fit her or how she pees more/faster than repelling etc because we use the same diapers on each of them. The diaper seems to fit her well from what I can see. It is on the shortest rise and tight around the waist and snug around the legs. We use flip snap with stay dry at home during the day without any problems and they don’t “look” to fit her as well as these. Any suggestions? I have emailed the company in hopes that they will replace/exchange the defective ones.


  4. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for your reply Autumn! What about the Kawaiis Pure & Natural (0-15month) diapers for Newborns? Those seem smaller than the OneSize ones. I do really like the Fuzzibunz & Charlie Banana but those are so expensive. Good to know about the liners- we won’t do that then. :)


  5. Lauren Says:

    Hi there- thanks for your website! I am 26wks pregnant and am hoping to try CD right away. I have no experience with CD but my mom did prefolds with covers. I work 3 days a week so I want something easier than prefolds. I have really liked watching the youtube videos on FuzziBunz- they look so easy but they’re way too expensive. I’m thinking about trying Kawaiis after reading all your great reviews. How do the One-Size Kawaiis work for newborns? Are they too bulky? We’re thinking of doing cloth diapers with disposable liners. Does anyone else use liners? How does newborn liquidy baby poop work with liners?


  6. @mamachickx4 Says:

    I’m going to be a new cloth diapering mama this month to my baby who turned 1 Jan6th. I’m totally sold on KaWaii Minky Bamboo Mom Label dipes and will be ordering 18 to go my 2 Doopsy D dipes and I have 15 prefolds with covers for good measure. Am I nervous yes, cause we cosleep….am I excited to save money and stop buying diapers and wipes, hell yeah. I watched tons of youtube vids and read lots of blog reviews about the use of the KaWaii pocket dipe and feel for the price there the one for me. I read all the comments and for the pro won.


  7. Brandie McMillan Says:

    I have been CDing for 5 months now and discovered Kawaiis 3 months ago. I bought a variety of the Kawaiis and mainly use them at night and use my Flips during the day. Recently my Kawaii’s have been leaking. I am tired of dealing with an upset wet baby in the middle of the night. My DD is 9 months now and the leaks come out of the legs and/or the top. I have tried everything from using both inserts (which makes it super bulky at the top), adjusted the rise, and making sure it is so tight around her belly and legs. I got 2 Kawaii’s used and they worked awesome for night time with one insert. I then got one pure and natural new and it worked great. I got a night time one new and it worked great. I then decide to get 5 more heavy duty ones and these leaked from the start. I thought it was because they were repelling and needed more prepping. Then all my Kawaiis (except my bamboo Kawaiis) started to leak as well. So I thought maybe they needed to be stripped. But they all still leak. So for the last couple of nights I started using my Flips with my trusty prefolds. No leaks!!! But I have a hard time with those buttons at 4am. My conclusion is that either she has become a heavier wetter and they don’t soak quick enough and/or she is starting to sleep on her side and tummy leaving gaps at the top or legs some how. I love my Kawaiis and I don’t want to give up on them. Does anyone have any advise?


  8. Alison Says:

    I have a few Kawaii’s, but there’s a small part of me that is somewhat concerned about their price point. Don’t get me wrong, cheap is great on the pocketbook. But how is it possible to have a diaper manufactured in china, shipped over to Canada or USA(probably on a boat, and shipping is costly!) sold to retailers at a price that I am sure is at least a few dollars less than the retail price, and still cover the costs of materials AND labour? Are these diapers made responsibly? How is there such a large pricepoint difference between these diapers and other brands that are manufactured in China? I have no proof or evidence, I only have speculation. I don’t mind the ‘made in china’ part, but I would definitely have a problem if these diapers were being made by people who weren’t getting paid properly. I know the term ‘slave labour’ is a little dated, but it makes you think…


    • Heather Estey Says:

      Hi Alison–I just wanted to let you know that while I dont know how they make their diapers, I made all my twin girls’ diapers from the get-go and with more “expensive” fabrics, and the cost ended up being about $2 a diaper when broken down. So I imagine if they were making large amounts of these, with the discount of the large orders of fabric, etc, they are still making quite a profit on them :). Also, there is a nice lady on etsy who makes hers and sells them fot about the same amount.


  9. Emily D Says:

    Totally not related to this post, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Monkey Doodlez 2-size fitted diapers. I found some on kijiji for a great price, but when I tried to get some info/reviews on them, the only mention I found was a posting by Monkey Doodlez back in March/10 saying that they were going to be released the next month. They are not like their other fitted diapers. Does anyone know if they are any good? I wondered if they never did get released after all??


  10. Amy Says:

    When Pampers changed to their stay dry formula for their diapers my daughter could no longer tolerate any disposibles. We tried everything so then I was so stressed when the DR said time to change to cloth! But we have been CDing for about 7 months now and I love it! My friend told me about the Kawaii diapers and I bought 12 Kawaii One Size Heavy Duty Pocket Diaper. My daughter is a little chunky at 15 months now and she has never had a red mark! I love the Kawaii and these are the only diapers I own. I have one Happy Baby Diaper in Zebra Minky that I bought off Ebay which I love too! The only complaint I have about the Kawaii diapers is not a complaint really… I hate the velcro! I think this would be true on any diaper! The Happy Baby I have is snaps and I love it! No diaper chains even with laundry tabs I have them! Probably my fault though. I love cloth diapering but hate washing everyday with the 13 I have so I just placed a new order for BambooMinky -1 Burgundy, 1 Indigo, 1 Ocean, Blue, 1 Rose, 1 Orange, Bamboo Minky Mom Label- 1 Gold Yellow, 1 Peach Red, 3 Goodnight Heavy Wetters Animal Print – 1 White, 1 Green, 1 Lilac, 2 Goodnight Heavy Wetters ,1 Yellow, 1 Apple Green, 3 Sunflower Fun Print – 1 Purple, 1 Green, 1 Yellow , 2 Fun Print- 1 Green Star, 1 Circle Dot , 2 SNAP Diaper Covers- 1 Pink, 1 Lime. All the diapers I bought are Snaps except for the Yellow and Apple Green Heavy Wetter diaper which have the square tab velcro I don’t mind trying! I love my Kawaii and I don’t forsee having any issues with the 17 new diapers and 2 new covers. I have some diapers I made for her that I plan to use the covers with. A few days after placing my order I found out I am pregnant with #3 and want to CD from the beginning to avoid allergies and because I love it! Now I am trying to figure out how to do this with a newborn!! LOL Any insight would be appreciated! I wash my Kawaii and always dry them in the dryer and they work fine and have never leaked!


  11. Thyme Says:

    I first started cloth diapering with my first daughter when she was almost two. We did sized diapers and they were awful! She wore an x large and the red marks were welts! They were chaffed too. So I stopped. With baby #2 she was 4 months when we started with her and we started with kawaii. She was on the biggest setting of the one size diaper and still getting red marks! I was afraid of chaffing and welting, so I bought a fuzzibunz. I love the adjustable leg elastics! Best thing ever, lot more expensive but to me it’s totally worth it.


  12. Lisa Says:

    After your review, I couldn’t wait to try Kawaii for my 8 month old. He is my 4th child but first CDed and I have been CDing him since he was 2 weeks old. I got 1 Minky and 1 Heavy Duty. I love the Minky….it feels so soft and the bamboo inserts are super soft and pliable. However, I must be doing something wrong because he ALWAYS leaks with the minky. It comes right out the leg despite having the rise set up and seeing no gaps. He is pretty chunky, 22 pounds, but not super super chunky. He is a heavy wetter but I do okay with my other CD (Fuzzibunz although these leak sometimes, Flip, Weehuggers, Thirsties). I have yet to find a diaper to hold him at night, cloth or disposable. We either have to change him in the middle of the night or wash the sheets and pj’s in the morning. Any advice about the Minky?


    • Kris Says:

      Lisa, I love my bamboo minky’s, but I also have a heavy wetter at bedtime. I had leaks with everything I tried and I have found if I use the 2 bamboo inserts along with a microfiber insert at night works awesome. I have been doing this for a couple weeks now with no leaks. I stuff them either in the kawaii’s or my BG4.0 and both work great. I will say that I have 1 Kawaii goodnight heavy wetter and they leave red marks and I just can’t get a good fit with them and my 14 month daughter (22 lbs.)is on the smaller side.


  13. Megan Says:

    I have the Kawaii minky bamboo diapers and love them. They do not leave marks at all. It is a little hard to get the inserts flat as they are so flexible, but once that is done, they are great. They seem so comfy too. I also have a Kawaii one size with velcro and microfleece. I am not sure if it is a heavy duty (it was a free diapers with an order), but it is a WELL MADE diaper. Neither of these types leave red marks on my two and a half year old girl with skinny legs.

    We have used BG, Happy Heiny, GroBaby, Grovia, Little Beetle, Flip, Rocky Mountain, BG Elemental. I was surprised given how inexpensive the Kawaii diapers are how well made they appear. I am sure I will eventually get rid of the microfiber insert as I prefer natural fibers, but a hemp babies insert, flip insert, or a prefold will work just fine. Rediaper is a great place to score some even more inexpensive Kawaii Bamboo diapers if they have them in-stock.

    I do have diapers that leave red marks on my little girl, but as long as the marks go away shortly after a diaper change, I don’t worry about it. She doesn’t complain about it and definitely would if it was bothering her.


  14. JoDe Says:

    I have the Minky Bamboo’s and I love them! I have never had even the slightest red marks on my boy. He isn’t chunky but he’s not skinny. The elastic on the bamboo’s seem to have more “give” which might be why I am not getting red marks. I so have other diapers that leave red marks around his legs but it doesn’t bother me too much since he seems happy and I know I’m not getting a leak out of the leg gusset. I just ordered a bunch of the one size snaps in all different types and I am excited to try them as well. I have converted a friend of mine to cloth and we put in a huge Kawaii order today, 22 diapers in total!! :) I am so glad you finally reviewed them and hopefully some people will see that they don’t have to spend $20 or more for one diaper!! Thanks Autumn!


  15. susie ;) Says:

    I know these diapers are manufactured in China, do you know anything about the conditions under which they are manufactured? Does the owner of the company actually visit the factory? Are they somehow regulated?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Susie, I don’t know. I hear that the owner is good at responding to emails promptly. If you ask and she replies feel free to pass on the info to me.


  16. JenniferB Says:

    I used to get red marks on my daughter when she was in her chunky, pre-crawling stage (with a diaper I like, the Smartipants). But then after she muscled up a bit, she stopped getting the red marks. So it is possible that it just happens with certain dipes with tight elastic when babies are chunky and squishy. I just ordered my first Kawaii, and it’s still too new to comment about. She’s only worn it once or twice. But the one I got is minky print outer. I can’t remember what’s on the inside. It’s really adorable though! My daughter calls it “baby jaguar” because it looks like Diego’s little companion. :)


  17. Tara Pirsch Says:

    The only dipes that haven’t left red marks on my DD are the fitteds (and I can’t afford to do fitteds until she is potty trained). She does not seem uncomfortable at all though. I have a long and lean 6 month old but her upper thighs are a bit thick (gonna be a softball player like her mother :-)).

    I am getting a group of moms together to do a co-op order with Kawaii after the New Year when they reopen and I plan on ordering the heavy duties this time. If you are interested in joining our co-op, just email me. We plan to place the first order before January 15.


    • kerri Says:

      If you do a co-op order is it cheaper? How does it work? I am interested just am not familiar with that….


      • Tara Pirsch Says:

        Sorry Kerri,

        I just saw your reply. Yes it is cheaper because it is a bulk order. Email me privately at taraxeno at yahoo . com.


  18. libby Says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to share I have 4 of the kawaii minky bamboo and they don’t leave any marks at all. I actually use these diapers as a soft comfy option when dd is sick :) I have used them overnight with success (dd isn’t a heavy wetter) if my regular nightime diaper is dirty.



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      None of our Kawaiis leave red marks on Sterling :) Only one diaper brand I have does :( He has skinny legs.


      • Lori Says:

        I use ony Kawaii, and I love them!! I have a very chunky legged boy, and the only ones I have gotten red marks with are the heavy duty sueded cloth inner, and the heavy wetter velcro. I use the heavy wetter snap animal print, heavy duty microfleece w/velcro, & the snazzy minky , with no problem at all. I notice with mine, after I get the diaper on snug, I run my finger around the inside of the elastic by his leg, just to adjust a little, If that makes sense? lol no problems!! Good luck!


      • Anonymous Says:

        Almost all of our diapers leave red marks on my 7 week old I have checked the fit and they definitely aren’t too tight. It doesn’t seem to bother her so should I worry about it?


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