Cloth Diaper Questions: liners, daycare, rashes

Recently I’ve received some very good cloth diaper questions, questions you may have as well.  This is just a sampling of what you will find in the comments of every post.  I answer every question asked in the comments, making them as helpful as the blog post!

Please tell me your thoughts about the disposable liner inserts? Will these work on newborn BF poop? Should I use one each time? Which ones do you recommend? Thanks!

I have never used disposable liners.  I have a package of Bumkins liners that I do plan to use when Sterling gets a little bigger.  I think the idea of a liner is great.  Bumkins are really soft and not to thin.  They appear that they will hold up well when transferring the poo to the potty.

I am not a fan of swishing in the toilet (who is?!) and I don’t have a diaper sprayer so liners would be the perfect solution for me.  I wouldn’t use liners with a newborn because (and this answers the next question) I just toss newborn poo diapers straight into the pail.

When your child reaches an age where their poo is solidifying a bit and you notice a semi-consistent time they go, then I would begin using liners.  Sterling is 8 months old and he is very non-consistent and because he is still 90% breastfed his poo isn’t really solid.

If any of you have a disposable liners brand that you’d like to recommend please let us know!

Can you please explain exactly what happens when you take the soiled diaper off of:

a newborn with bf poo or pee it goes straight into the dry pail or hanging wet bag

older child with semi solid poo dunk it in the toilet, swish if necessary and put in dry pail

toddler? dunk, swish, pail

Like do you take it off then rinse them out then put in pail or have a wet pail system? What do I do for daycare? Would you recommend this to me my whole stash: Flips, Soft Bums & Grobaby, if yes how many of each should I have on hand with a newborn & to do laundry like every 2-3 days? Thanks a million!!!!

Between Flips, Soft Bums and Grobaby the system that has worked best for me is Flips.  All of them are excellent though. Soft Bums has the best fit by far. Literally, fits like a glove.  Grobaby are absorbent and natural.  Flips are trim and simple.  What I didn’t like was: the fleece on the inside of the Soft Bums cover and Grobaby’s rise was too short and their tabs started rolling.

For daycare the Soft Bums may be your best choice because of the velcro tabs.  The consensus I have seen is that the less snaps they have the more likely a daycare is to use them.  But, you should go with what you like and find a daycare that is willing to learn ;) in my opinion.

Any of these systems with a newborn will require more covers.  Their poo is going to get on the covers (but with Flips you could just rinse and let dry).  Here is my recommendation:

Flips: 10 covers and 36 inserts.~3 shells/day, when one gets poo on it rinse and let dry while using another.

Softbums and Grobaby: 15 covers and 36 inserts. Maybe Sterling was a messier pooper but he got the Soft Bums and Gro Baby shells dirty every time he pooped.  I am estimating 3 soiled covers a day + 2 interchanging covers/day.  Inserts are estimated by changing baby on average every 2 hours.

If you have a different experience please let me know in the comments! Every baby is different ;)

Hello. I am very VERY new to the CD world. I do know that I’m partial to the AI0’s and AI2’s. In my quest I have noticed 2 things….my son gets a rash from the pee touching his skin and i noticed that he has had friction blisters in his inner thighs. Can anyone offer suggestions to prevent these things?



Lisa, I am going to speculate on a few things since I don’t have all the details.  While it is possible that your son gets a rash from the pee touching him it is very possible that he is sensitive to the fabric touching his skin.  I make this assumption because of the “friction blisters” you described.

When Paisley was born I had these amazing Essential Saltes cloth diapers.  But every time I put them on her she would have a rash on her private area and “friction blisters” on her inner thighs.  After removing different diapers from her stash I realized she was extremely sensitive to suedecloth.  Bummer for me because I couldn’t use a lot of great diaper brands!

I battled the inner thigh thing for a long while.  Serged diapers irritated it so I tossed all those out but in the end I found it to be yeast related. Here is a post I wrote on battling the yeast rash.

My suggestion to you is to look at all your cloth diapers, divide them by inner material.  If they are not all the same try to notice if by not using one the rash clears up.

Here are some things to remember:

Microfleece, suedecloth and athletic wicking material will create a “stay dry” feel.  Your baby will not feel any wetness.

Bamboo, velour, organic cotton, flannel all work great but your baby will feel wet…sometimes very wet.

Detergents can build up in the cloth diapers and irritate baby’s skin, therefore causing strange rashes. Even if baby doesn’t react to clothing washed in the detergent he could still be sensitive to it when it’s used on the diapers.  Rockin Green is a great natural laundry detergent for clothes and cloth diapers.

Yeast causes rashes and will stay in the cloth diapers unless you treat them for it! Natural Disinfectants


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15 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Questions: liners, daycare, rashes”

  1. Micaela Says:

    I am having a problem with the Charlie banana liners. If my son is wet his little wink gets red and irritated. I love using cd but this is awful.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Micaela is it just one diaper or brand or are all the diapers doing that? Could be ammonia burn from them not getting all the ay clean in the wash.


  2. Bethany Says:

    Thanks for the help everyone!


  3. Virginia Says:

    Just a quick comment about the liners. I use the ImseVimse flushable liners and love them. Something they don’t tell you is that you can wash them multiple times with your diapers if your child has not had a BM with that diaper change. I normally get 3 washes out of them before they start falling apart. To me these are the most economical.


  4. Christina Says:

    Thanks Autumn! And thanks for the tip about yeast and corn starch! I didn’t know that and haven’t had that problem, but I will definately keep that in mind! ;P


  5. Sharon K. Says:

    I just wanted to add that I did have some liners (still do) I forget the brand, but I would cut them in half if too big. I never stuck with them though, as I was nervous flushing them b/c we have a septic system. I did use them when they were older almost a year, when the poop was a bit more formed. As for newborn dipes, I always liked fitteds b/c they held in poop better so the covers stayed a little neater, but lots of covers for a newborn is a great idea! I can see how daycare centers would prefer velcro and AIO diaper as opposed to lots of confusing snaps!


  6. Christina Says:

    Hi Autumn. I have a “rash related” question for you. I use fuzzi bunz exclusively on my 5 month old daughter and very rarely experience rashes. But occasionally if her poo has been sitting close to her skin for the duration of a nap, she gets a little red. Usually, airing her out a while clears it up, but on some occasion it takes a day or two to clear up. I’ve been using just plain ordinary corn starch to absorb excess moisture after a change. Is there a diaper cream/ointment that you recommect for use with fuzzi bunz that won’t wreck the diapers?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Christina, do a search for “diaper rash creams” on my blog and you’ll get a list of cloth diaper safe brands. If you ever suspect that her rash is yeast related don’t use corn starch! It will feed the yeasties.


  7. Candace Robinson Says:

    My baby is just a couple weeks older then Sterling but eats more solid food then Sterling (it sounds like) and his poo is becoming peanut buttery and nasty. I bought Imse Vimse liners cause they were the cheapest. They are too wide so I fold in half, which almost makes them too skinny. They hold his poo pretty good, but he’ll still get like ‘skidmarks’ on his diaper, like the moisture still goes through so that’s what it leaves behind.
    I find it’s kind of a pain to take the time to put it in his diaper, but I’ve been pretty happy with how it works when he does poo and its in. As soon as his poo is more solid I’ll prefer to just drop it in the toilet, I think.
    And it would not work for ebf poo imo, really at all. I never had an issue with just tossing them in the pail either without any rinse.
    I’ll add that I like my econobums, and I think they would work on a newborn but I would want to pin the prefold and would buy infant sized for sure. The cover is pretty great though! Oh, another option would be to buy preemie prefolds and trifold it, but I’m not sure how it would work. I think it would be pretty trim, but maybe not enough absorbancy. Infant sized would be too bulky trifolded, imo.
    Thanks for another great blog post! I’m off to share on facebook!
    (Trying my hardest to convince everyone to cd!)


  8. Melissa Says:

    I posted most of this on the yeast rash post, but I think it’s worth reposting here because rashes are so doggone infuriating!
    When we started CDing my daughter got a yeast rash, and I was so distraught, thinking CDing might not work for us. But, we solved the problem, so we didn’t have to give up!
    I think it flared up because I used too much detergent (even using Allen’s Naturally, if you use too much it can still irritate! You only need 1/4 to 1/2 the regular amount) on my first few washes and it wasn’t thoroughly washed out since we use pay per cycle machines without an extra rinse. Here’s what I did that got rid of the rash:
    -Washed my prefolds two times without detergent until there were no bubbles visible in the wash/rinse cycle, letting me know all the detergent residue was out
    -After every diaper change, sprayed my baby’s bottom with a solution of 10-15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed with 2 oz. distilled water and fanned it dry before putting a new diaper on. (Annoying, and took a couple of weeks for it to be totally gone, but it worked!)
    -I also started making recycled wool longies and use those at least at night and often during the day as well for more air circulation than the PUL covers I was using exclusively. I think this really helped too. See Autumn’s post on recycled wool or google “recycled wool longies” or “recycled wool diaper cover pattern” for ready made ones from WAHMs or to make your own.

    These three things in combination solved the problem and we’ve had no recurrence.

    Lisa, also, one thing that I like about prefolds is that they leave no red marks or irritation since there is no elastic, etc. I often use a fleece liner (just a cut rectangle of fleece) to wick wetness away from the bum. It might be worth it to get a dozen prefolds (right now is having an AMAZING deal on factory seconds prefolds, i love mine, they were like a dollar each) and see if you like how they work, and if the natural cotton makes a difference in his reaction. If you trifold a prefold and stick it in a wrap cover, it’s just like an AI2! You might even be able to use the covers from the AI2s you have. Then you could work up to snappi-ing/pinning under recycled wool stuff. Prefolds are easy to get clean too.

    whoa, that was long. sorry if i am over-evangelizing prefolds and wool, but i have found them to be really effective, cheap, and versatile. love them! :) my email is melissadotmerrilldotleeatgmaildotcom if anyone wants to discuss this more!


  9. Angie Says:

    I wanted to add another thing about my ammonia comments. Because the pee from the toddler converts from urea to ammonia, you aren’t going to get rid of the smell because the smell is coming from the toddler! However, soaking the diapers in hot water will prevent the diapers from clinging onto the ammonia smell. Since I have started soaking my diapers in hot water, I haven’t had the head snapping, nose hair burning ammonia smell that burns baby butts that many of us CD mothers have reported!


  10. Angie Says:

    I had the same problem with my son and suedecloth. He was getting the blisters and he was in so much pain. When I read that it was the suedecloth causing it, I went to Walmart’s fabric section and got some “end of the roll” polar fleece and cut it up into 5.5″ x 12″ pieces and use them as liners, works great, and I can use my favorite diapers and not have a problem! One tip would be to lay the baby on the diaper with the liner in it, then pull the liner tight up to the front, then fasten the diaper (because we all know how talented we are as mothers!) . My son is 20 months old and the fleece stays in place pretty good!

    Another thing I think I would like to add to this already very helpful post by Autumn would be a tip about ammonia smell. We all have read about using Dawn to strip diapers and using Bac-out, but when it comes down to it I think using less additives is the best thing, especially for build up. If I take a diaper off of my son and wreaks of ammonia I immediately take the microfiber insert out and run it under water to rinse it out. Then I let it soak in a pail of the hottest water I can draw from the bathtub faucet until the water turns cold, and then I just wring it out and toss it in with the rest of the soiled diapers. The hot water breaks down the ammonia salts, and dilutes them – and we all know dilution is the solution! One thing I find strange is that I can use the same diapers on both of my sons (the 20 month old and the two month old-thank goodness for one size diapers-I love Smartipants!) and the diapers only come off of my older son smelling of ammonia. What does that tell you about toddler pee?! I have read somewhere that when toddlers pee, the nitrogen in the urine comes out in the form of urea, and with the heat from the body it turns to ammonia. In college I had many classes where I had to know all of that chemistry stuff, and that makes total sense to me. But I also think the ammonia smell can come from build up since microfiber is so hard to get clean. Good luck everyone!


  11. BoysMommy Says:

    I love Imse Vimse liners! You can wash and reuse them if they just pee. I hang them to dry. If they poop just let it sit for awhile before you flush.
    Bummis Bio-soft liners are super soft but not reusable.


  12. amanda miller Says:

    I have used disposable liners on occasion, (mostly when traveling) and found they can be washed 2-3 times if the child just peed


  13. Casey Says:

    Our daughter is 7 months old and a big fan of the solids and breastmilk, she likes it all, so we are already using liners. We have been using Imse Vimse liners. They seem to work well, although the sizing isn’t quite right and they feel a bit rougher than I like. We use them with bumgenius 3.0 diapers that our daycare loves and has never had any problems with.


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