Cloth Diaper Sales You Don’t Want To Miss!

June 27, 2008

Cloth Diaper Extras

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My favorite online boutique is having some amazing sales right now! Leslies Boutique features wetbags, cloth diapers, accessories, clothing, shoes, shopping cart covers and many more items perfect for your little one. I personally love her selection of cloth diapers and her stylish wet bags. Babylegs are a popular baby shower gift along with the very fashionable changing pads!

Leslie also offers “seconds” that come from the sampler packages. Most buyers find it difficult to see why they are listed as seconds.

Seconds: Thirsties AIO and Wetbags, 15×30 Hanging Pail (very limited quantities, may be gone when you click)

Sales: Thirsties Pocket AIO for $12.00!!

Thirsties Covers for $10.75

High Chair Covers

Super Soft Clean Shopper — this one is a big sale! $34.99 on sale for $19.99!

Squeaker Sneakers — I saw a few boy and girl styles marked down to $18.99

Clearance page

I happened upon these sales while browsing her site. I love being able to purchase new/like new items at a great price! Not only is price an incentive, but knowing I’m supporting a WAHM makes it even more enjoyable.


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4 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Sales You Don’t Want To Miss!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I forgot to say thanks for mentioning Leslie’s sale. I picked up a few things :)


  2. M@ Says:

    Here’s me reason: I bought the colored version of Kissaluv 0’s fitteds diapers to ‘encourage’ my wife to use ’em. Yes, they ended up covered by wool, but as is often the case in sales setting the initial hook was more important ;-) So I paid the buck or two extra per dipe for the colors. Never underestimate the cute factor! A lot of mama’s tie-dye their prefolds for fun.

    Fitteds and Prefolds require a cover, All-in-Ones and pockets don’t. Fitteds and Prefolds are typically cheaper, around the $1-5 range and $6-22 range (and Prefolds have lots of other uses – burp cloths, etc).

    AIO/Pockets have a waterproof non-breatheable PUL cover. You can also get PUL covers for Fitteds/Prefolds. Or you can choose wool, which is water resistant (not proof) and BREATHEABLE. My 1st diapered in ‘sposies we were always using Desitin. I can count on one hand how many times we’ve had to use Desitin on our second and she’s a year and a half, cloth diapered, wool covered. Most of the time these rashes can be attributed to when she was in a disposable from being with someone else (or teething), and the rashes cleared up -very- quickly once she was back in cloth/wool.

    Wool is like prefolds: intimidating at first, but actually quite easy. Easier in my book — PUL requires washing after each use — you wash wool when it starts to smell after being air-dried. Depending on the size of your wool stash, this can be a week and a half to two weeks, or significantly longer if you’ve a large rotation. I like wool because I’m lazy/like to do things in bulk. It’s also darn cute, looks very boutique and gives you an ‘in’ to talk to strangers about CD’ing. Of course it is also addictive and -can be- expensive, but you can also buy it used and resell it when you’re done if you take good care of it.


  3. Autumn Beck Says:

    Congratulations! Nicholette, you are light years ahead of most parents. Cloth is the healthiest choice for your baby! The difference in Pockets/AIOs and Fitteds is the presence of a waterproof barrier, usually PUL. I cover the differences in types in great detail in my book .


  4. Nicholette Tilghman Says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in just two months! We were wondering about all the pretty cloth diapers available–what’s the point if you need to cover them up with a diaper cover? What is the difference? it looks like (from what I’ve read from your site, which is GREAT by the way!) that there are fitteds that you use with covers, then pockets, then all-in-ones. How do we tell the difference?

    Thanks so much!


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