Where To Buy Cloth Diaper Making Supplies

I recently discovered the blog of one of my readers and was excited to see that she is an EXTREMELY talented cloth diaper maker!

Because I am not a seamstress I asked her permission to reprint a recent post she wrote on where to buy cloth diaper making supplies.

Thank you ladies for all the nice comments.
We have been sewing diapers for a good few years now!Along with the diapers we also sew dresses,under things, pants for the boys and birthing mats and blankets etc.. with having 8 children now I have just enough time to get out the sewed things we needfor our family~My two older daughters have been doing more in the sewing area and are helping me out but It is still aload to get done.It feels like there is sewing to be done daily!!Another question that you asked was were do I get my supplies for diaper making..FOr snaps there are a few places you can go I own a snap press.With having that I can order what is called KAM snaps.I also have a snap press from the Very baby that takes a completly diffferent snap but they do look the same.I like the KAM snap press best.The snaps are better made and more durable.So where to get them…My #1 place to send you is to a lady named Serena.She has a yahoo group here:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/notionsupply/
and here is her Pictures of things she sells.She is selling a new thing for the snaps called snap pliers..I can not tell you how they work/I have not bought that yet..LOL
Now you also can get a KAM snap press and snaps from Wendy at the snap store.She does have more snap choices in her store:
For the Very baby store snaps and press I bought it here:http://verybaby.com/notions/professional-snap-press-and-dies
and the snaps:

Now there all MANY co-ops on Yahoo that we can enjoy LOTS of savings on sewing supplies.I belong to a LONG list of them and keep them on hand for when I am in Need of something I go through the co-ops first and seeif anyone is doing a good deal.go to Yahoo groups and in the search box type in sewing notions ~diaper notions~Diaper making supplies~ Snaps ~ etc..It should bring up LOTS of co-ops for you to thump through.Ones I use often are :








I have many more but this should get you started!Now I do get slot of my fabrics through co-ops especially bamboo and organic fabrics but sometimes I will buy knits and special fabrics from these places:






I really like going here to get our fabric for our dresses the tropical breeze and windser fabrics are WONDERFUL!No irioning ladies!!!http://www.gehmanscountryfabrics.com/store/index.php

Well I do hope that help you all

~Happy Sewing!!

If you would like to look at the beautiful cloth diapers Carri has made visit this link:



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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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13 Responses to “Where To Buy Cloth Diaper Making Supplies”

  1. linda Says:

    When our 14 year old daughter started wetting the bed 5 months ago,she wore disposable diapers and broke out in rashes from them.I then bought several packages of the gerber cloth diapers in the 24x 27 inch size aned them together in her waist size and then got several pairs of adult size rubber pants.every night now at bed time i pin a diaper on her then put a pair of the rubber pants on her over the diaper and they work good.I was the diapers and rubber pants separetly and use dreft detergant.


  2. Mardi Says:

    I am a grandma, and when I used cloth diapers for little ones, we rinsed them in the toilet and used a large clothespin with a hook-thing on it so that you could let them soak in the toilet. Anyone know the name of that item and is it still available 40 years later?!


  3. Dawn Bucholtz Says:

    There is a new place to feed your stash – Diaper Sewing Supplies http://www.diapersewingsupplies.com
    We have PUL, print PUL, snaps, size tags, elastic, FOE, and bamboo and hemp fabrics.


  4. martha Says:

    my husband and i finially baptized our 14 year old daughter on easter sunday at easter vigil.the girls at our parish wear the traditional white baby girl type poofy,mid length dresses with a bonnet,lace anklets and shoes.they wear a white cloth baptismal diaper with white rubberpants over it and an under shirt under the dresses.i made my daughters diaper out of regular baby diapers sewn together in her waist size.the diaper is pinned on with diaper pins.the rubberpants fit blousy over the diaper.for first communion the diaper and rubberpants and under shirt is worn under their communion also.


  5. Trenna Says:

    Another excellent resource is http://www.patternreview.com. It is a general sewing website, but there are some excellent forum threads about sewing cloth diapers (which also include reviews of “ready to wear” cloth diapers). In the pattern review section are reviews of some popular patterns, and in the general sewing boards there is ALWAYS somebody who will respond in about 30 minutes to your “how on earth do I accomplish this step” question.


  6. Kerrie Says:

    I keep trying to register at the WAHM mall and can’t get past the CAPTCA . No matter what I do I get the error on it. I’ve never had problems like this before, CAPTCA’s are usually pretty easy to read and appear to be that here also. Has anyone else had a hard time on this site? HELP


  7. Elissa Says:

    Thanks so much!!

    Would you reccommed going to a cloth diaper store,if there’s one near by verses buying online?
    I see that you’re in Tx, also..:)

    I’m considering combining cloth with disposable,until I can go completely to cloth (since a nice person sent us some money for a birth present for my 3mos old.).
    We’ve just found out that he’s allergic to everything except pampers…and even still he likes it better when I make make-shift cloth diapers to help air him out…and I’m slowly convincing my husband that cloth diapering would be worth a try.

    Do you have a place on your blog for any reccomened cloth diaper sites (new,used,bargin) ?


  8. Elissa Says:

    Hi, Autumn!
    I’ve just recently been researching on cloth diapering. (I’m interested in trying to cloth diaper my 3 mos. old. )

    I’m so glad to have stumbled onto your website!
    I have a question (well actually quite a few) about making/sewing your own cloth diapers.
    Does sewing your own cloth diapers out of recycled fabric/clothing work ?
    I’ve found a few websites in my searches on sewing your own cloth diapers, for cheap that have caught my eye.
    I’m looking into trying to make some diapers out of recycled clothes and fabrics. But I’d love to know if it really works.
    I’m a young first time mom,and I can’t afford to buy any cloth diapers. But if I can recycle old clothing and ect. and turn them into good cloth diapers, it’ll be affordable.
    Any Ideas ?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Elissa, the 2 things that matter most when cloth diapering is absorbency and preventing leaks. If you check out http://www.loveybums.com you might see some of her recycled tee diapers. But only the outer layer is the t-shirt. For absorbency there are many things to use but you want to go with the most absorbent and thinnest so your diaper is some-what trim. Check out my posts on Zorb (put it in the search box). Also you may just want to go with prefolds and covers to save money and time. Here is a post I wrote on cloth diapering on a budget. http://allaboutclothdiapers.com/how-to-start-cloth-diapering-on-a-budget/

      Now making recycled diaper covers out of wool sweaters is a great idea. That takes care of the leaks issue. This post http://allaboutclothdiapers.com/winter-woolies-part-2/ has info on making covers out of sweaters and also how to lanolinize the wool.


  9. Britt Says:

    Thanks Autumn!
    I am buzzing with excited anticipation of the creation of my new wool soakers to be. I saw the wool my friend is using and they are going to be soooooo nice!


  10. Britt Says:

    I have an old family friend who is super crafty who has been knitting & crocheting my baby and I sweaters, mitts, booties, hats, blankets etc and keeps offering to knit whatever we want. I just suggested diaper covers (soakers/longies) and she said “sure, just send me the pattern”. Me being a non-knitter but an appreciator of all things wool am now looking for direction. Where would I find a good free pattern to send her?


  11. Jessica Says:

    I think smell a fellow diaper sewing diva!

    I recognize all of those sites because I use them regularly haha!


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