Cloth Diapering During a Move or Not

Long time no write!

Finding time to blog during a move from Texas to California has its challenges.  Throw in a spotty internet service (on for 5 minutes off for 20) and a used up data plan and that really messes things up.

I’ve finally found a few minutes and for now the internet is up.  So here I am.

Recently I switched my stash over to AI2s.  AI2s are very convenient for travel because they take up little space and they are easy to launder.

When I change an AI2 most of the time I have just an insert to toss in the wetbag.  I can get a couple of days’ worth of changes in an XL wetbag.  AI2s are also space savers when clean.  I can toss two changes in my purse and go run errands.

I’ve used several AI2 brands over the years but currently I am only using the Ragababe 2step system.

Other brands I highly recommend are:

Peachy Baby.  Fits from newborn to toddler (I’ve used on both) and is wide enough in the crotch to add plenty of absorbency and still have a seal at the legs.  Also around the legs is a gentle serged trim.  Serging is excellent as assisting in the containment of runny newborn poo! Peachy Baby is made by the same company as AMP (Anne Marie Padorie) Diapers and is made almost entirely in Canada.

Flip.  A very simple, utility system.  The shell is PUL only so you can quickly wipe clean any messes on the cover and reuse.  Flip is a bumGenius product so you have the accessibility and guarantee that you get with an established brand.  I love the bumGenius stretchy tabs that allow for a snug waist fit.  Flip covers are my go to when camping because I can rinse easy and I don’t worry about messing them up.

Softbums.  Super awesome fit for almost any child.  The toggle adjustment system makes loosening and tightening the elastic a breeze and eliminates the bulky snaps on the front.  I love the wide Velcro tabs and the ease of diaper changes.

All of the above systems contain a simple insert or pod (Softbums) that you change out at every diaper change.  If the cover or shell gets wet simply lay it aside to dry.  If it gets soiled toss it in the diaper bag.

But, what if you won’t have access to a washing machine for several days?  Or what if you don’t have room for a bag full of dirty inserts? Or what if you just don’t want to use cloth during the move or trip?

You do have options.

One is to use disposable inserts with your AI2 shells.

Even within this option you have options. (Amazon affiliate links)

Flip Disposable Inserts. I have used Flip Disposable Inserts the most out of the following brands.  Overall, I would have to say these are the best when considering cost, SAP (gel crystals) content, environment friendliness, nightworthiness and size.  Flip can be folded over and doubled up easily in a cover.  Shifting does occur and it is annoying.  During one of our camping trips my solid nighttime set up was a Flip Disposable Insert on top of a GroVia Biosoaker.  Sold for $5.95 for 18 inserts (add-on item on Amazon, must spend at least $25 to get this price).

Charlie Banana Disposable Inserts . I have only used them once a couple of years ago. I can’t recall details but I know I wanted more. This was before they were widely available. I had forgotten about them until researching brands for this post. They sell for $15.88 for 32 inserts.

GroVia Biosoakers. Love the elastic gussets.  Sticky tab available for holding insert in place: not to be used on PUL.  Plastic backing prevents leaking onto cover.  Sold for $29.95 for 50 inserts.

gDiapers Disposable Inserts. I have not tried these so I can’t comment on the performance. Sold for $52.00 for 128 inserts.

Bumkins Disposable Inserts.  I have not tried these so I can’t comment on the performance.  Sold for $12.95 for 32 inserts.

Another route is disposable diapers.

On Amazon I found several green disposable diaper brands.  I went with Naty by Nature Babycare.  They worked fabulous for us both day and night and on infant and toddler.

I highly recommend checking out this chart on Baby Gear Lab for a comparison of different green brands.  One brand not included in the comparison but available on Amazon is Broody Chick.  Anyone tried them??

I have to admit something that bugs me to no end.  Earlier this month my husband and I were able to go away for 2 days with Finley.  I thought I took along enough inserts but I miscalculated and ran out the morning of day 2.  I needed something and Target was my only option.  I could not believe that this particular Target didn’t have any green options!  I had to buy a full package of store brand diapers.

Sure they worked well but they felt nasty!  Just cutting down on the SAP (which the green brands do) makes a huge difference.

If you are only planning on using disposable diapers on the rare occasion I say splurge and buy the more expensive green brands.



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7 Responses to “Cloth Diapering During a Move or Not”

  1. Sarah Waszmer Says:

    I will rely on our flats during our move. Hand washing is fairly easy.


  2. Valinda Says:

    My family will be moving cross-country in a few weeks and living with my in-laws for a little bit and I really want to keep up the cloth diapering. I think, from what I’m reading here and in some other posts that a wet bag is super helpful to have while on the go, in order to mask the smell over a longer period of time. What’s the best economical choice for a wet bag?


  3. Karianne Says:

    How do you deal with the bad Ragababe velcro? I chose to sell all of mine (except one) before the velcro got so bad that they were worthless (and useless) :-(


  4. Sam Says:

    Hi April,
    Do you have a favourite diaper sprayer?
    I’d like to buy one but I’m worried about the ‘off spray’ or splashing that can and apparently does occur. And I’ve heard different brands can vary greatly.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’ve only used the bumGenius diaper sprayer. This was back in 2009 so they may have changed. I liked the ability to change the flow speed and it was easy to install.


  5. Amber Says:

    I am starting to destash my other diapers as well because Rags are the only ones not leaking or leaving red marks on my baby. They are amazing! Thanks for all your blog posts I always enjoy reading them.


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