Cloth Diapers and Common Sense

February 13, 2015

Cloth Diapers, How-to

I want to talk a little bit about cloth diapers and common sense today.

Let me give you a little background first. This is my story, but it could be anyone’s. I’m not sure if I even knew that modern cloth diapers existed until someone explained them to me while I was pregnant with Sophia. I immediately LOVED the idea.

I got right on Google and searched for cloth diaper info. I was immediately OVERWHELMED!

Do this, NO don’t do that, this is the best, NO it’s the worst.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

To be totally honest, when I got off the internet that first night I said to myself, “Oh HELL no!”

Shortly after that I had the opportunity to see a few cloth diapers in person and it made me realize that they were actually pretty simple. Plus, my Mom was there with me and she told me exactly what I needed to hear. She had simply said, “You got this”.

I’m here today to tell you…

YOU got this.

You’re gonna find a lot of good information on your hunt for cloth diaper answers. You’re also gonna find a lot of not good information. There’s good advice that won’t work for you. And you may give great cloth diaper advice that won’t work for someone else.

There are so many factors that are involved. Babies are all different sizes. Cloth diapers are all made a little differently. Getting cloth diapers clean depends on so much more than just detergent. Your water type, washer type and actual wash routine also play a huge part.

I’m only human, so of course I want All About Cloth Diapers to be everyone’s first and main stop on their quest for cloth diaper knowledge. ;) More importantly, I want you to love cloth diapers as much as I do. That means that your cloth diapers can’t be complicated and hard to use. I want you to find GOOD information in as many places as possible because it only makes your life easier (which makes you love your cloth diapers even more).

Merriam-Webster defines common sense as:

“sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”

So how do you know what the right answer is?

Do thorough research. This means checking out more than one reliable source. This may include manufacturers, trusted blogs or helpful Facebook groups.   Find people with similar situations to yours and ask what works best for them.  Finally, remember to think about what your own family’s wants and needs are.

You take ALL that information and use common sense and then apply it all to your own unique situation and hopefully arrive at the right answer for YOU and YOUR family. It might take some time and a little bit of trial and error. Obviously, I hope and pray that you can find answers here. But if not, I hope and pray that you easily find good, helpful information elsewhere. Try not to worry (cloth diapers aren’t made of unicorn hair and if you used common sense most mistakes CAN be fixed). Please don’t give up.



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Jenn is a WAHM to two beautiful little girls. Sophia (4.5 years old) and Norah (4 months). She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her first daughter. Now Jenn spends her time spreading the love of fluff and sharing common sense answers that help to make cloth diapers easy for everyone.

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