Traveling and Cloth Diapering…It can be done!

If you are going to be traveling soon and worry that you will not be able to cloth diaper, let me wipe away those doubts! I have always used cloth diapers when we traveled and I have yet to run into any problems. Here is what I do for long or short trips.

This weekend we took a “quick” trip to Houston for a wedding. We left early Saturday morning on a 6-hour trip and would turn around a mere 24 hours later to return home. Contrary to what I should have done, I waited until Saturday morning to pack. Thankfully the diapers were in the dryer…and dry *phew*…ready to be literally tossed into a bag for the trip. The only preparation I did was dry them and grab my box of cloth wipes. For the start of the trip I put Paisley in a Fanciful Fanny AI2 with an extra doubler and a pair of Sustainablebabyish karate pants (my safety net). On the trip we made 2 stops and I changed her both times.

When we are in the car, I make sure to put her in diapers that I know will hold up. I love all the diapers I have in my stash for extended periods. On the trip she wore 2 Fanciful Fannies and Berry Plush. Each time I changed her I tossed the diapers into my wetbag. Between the time of the wedding and bedtime I would change her 3 more times. So on day 1 there were 6 diaper changes and no poopies.

Sunday on the return trip I went a bit too long before I changed her diaper and it was soaked all the way through. She was wearing a Thirsties AIO w/ doubler and had it on for … a LONG time *blush*. At this point my wet bag was stuffed as far as it could be so I tossed the soaked diaper into a grocery bag I had. There was one more diaper change before we got home. That brings the total diapers on our 31hour trip to 10 diapers.

As soon as I had a chance to do laundry I dumped the bags into the washer, pulled out inserts and let it go.

Here’s a pic of my wetbag.

(here is a pic of my wetbag + extra bag)

Now this trip was very easy because it required no extra work from me. Here are a couple of concerns that can arise from a longer trip:

Not enough diapers. This isn’t as hard as you may think. If we had been staying at the hotel longer than one night I would have used their very lovely laundry room to do a load of diapers. We weren’t staying at a fancy hotel so I imagine that most hotels have washing facilities. If you are staying at someone’s house don’t be afraid to ask. Even if they are grossed out by the thought it’s not likely they will say no. Of course it is best to ask before you are there!

What do you do with poop? If I change a poopie diaper on the car ride I either wrap it up and take care of it later or if it is solid and I am actually in a bathroom (most of the time I’m changing it in the car) I will flush it. I have never had any problems with permanent staining by leaving the diaper in a bag for a few hours. I am not one to wash out a diaper in the toilet but if I was going to do laundry at someone else’s house I would do it as a courtesy to them…they may not appreciate the stray raisin left in the washing basin. Another option is to use flushable liners. This makes it easier to dispose of the waste and keeps the diapers cleaner.

My best advice is to not stress about it. Pack just like you normally would and bring along a few bags to store dirty diapers in. If you are at someone’s house with small children use this as a time to show them how simple it is to cloth diaper!!


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