Cloth diapers are the easy part of parenting

July 5, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Parenting is hard!! About the only easy part is changing the diapers.

Sure there are times when the problems get so bad (rashes, yeast, buildup, ammonia, leaks…) you want to scream.  But, at least you could opt for a disposable.

When your baby wants/needs to be held all day because of gas, teething or constipation what alternatives do we have??

One diversion that works for me is looking at too-cute-to-resist pictures.

Here’s what I looked at today…so as to prevent myself from breathing fire on my children.

Seriously, how could I be mad at this cutie? I’m no saint…gee, I’m sure I had you fooled. I can’t stand it when all 5 children are crying/talking/whining

I get frustrated, and a wee bit angry, when Camden cries inconsolably in the middle of the night when he is laying right next to me and I’m offering the breast.

Alas, this too shall pass, and he won’t be this cute little baby. Before I know it, he’ll be 7 and driving me crazy in much worse ways. (like a certain other son of mine)

If you had a bad day go look at a picture of your baby. Smile. Take a deep breath. Be grateful.


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23 Responses to “Cloth diapers are the easy part of parenting”

  1. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! It can be challenging some days and so easy to forget they are just babies, toddlers, children.


  2. Maggie Says:

    So true! Those cute little moments make the screaming and yelling bearable : )


  3. Tat Says:

    Oh, you are so right. If everything else was as easy as changing diapers! I like your approach to calming down. I’ve never thought of it before, but I can imagine how looking at pictures will work every single time ;)


  4. Manda Says:

    Love this post!


  5. Sommer Says:

    Those pictures of your kids are precious! Your 7 year old looks like a sweetie, quite like both of my children–to look at them you would never guess how ornery they can be! We have mostly good times, but when things get rough it is usually because I have lost track of time and someone is tired or hungry, which is a pretty easy fix! Once in a while one of them is inconsolable, and in that case I try to keep my cool by doing as you suggest, looking at photos of happy smiles and remembering that “this too shall pass”. Also, music is a great mood enhancer, for all of us, when we’re having a bad day. We get up and dance to silly songs and it seems to lighten the load a bit :) Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy it!


  6. Heather Novak Says:

    AMEN sister. I flirted with the idea of dumping cloth for a month to get a break…but no. NO!


  7. Jamie O'hare Says:

    I just got home from a 3 day, 900 mile trip alone with my kids (7, 6, 2, and due in 3 months). It was surprisingly good. It made me feel like all the hard work I put into training them to be helpful and patient might actually pay off ;). The only bad part of the trip was when the 6 year old passed gas and was yelling for me to open the window in rush hour Columbus traffic, causing me to miss my exit and making us take a 15 minute loop to get back on track. I thought “if I can take crazy on the road by myself and enjoy it, things are going all right!”. What we didn’t take on the road was our cloth diapers. I put the 2yo in the tub as soon as she got home, and she promptly pooped in it. DH cleaned that up and we washed her again. We put her in a pink FBOS, and she said “Oh! My fwesh pink diaper!”. She was happy!


  8. Tamara Says:

    Thanks to keepin it real, glad to know i’m not alone hehe.


  9. Linz Says:

    I took some of those pictures today. It was a remarkably good day in our house, especially considering that my 5 year old was up until 11:00pm on the 4th! I read somewhere that when kids are driving you crazy you should ask them if they’re the age they are (for my 5yo it’d be, “what are you 5?”). It’s so helpful to remind myself that she is only 5! I use it when they’re driving me crazy and it seems to help.


  10. Thyme Says:

    I always go watch my babies sleep. It helps remind me why I don’t lose my cool with them during the day. They are so sweet and innocent when they sleep. At what point does this become creepy? I guess I’ll have to look at pictures at that time ;)


  11. Eanista Says:

    Funny, I just had a similar conversation with the hubby. It seems like I am getting ready to lose my scruples when the baby (2 mos.) starts crying, then the 3 yr is crying because he has hurt his self or singing the newest church song in his little heart at the top of his lungs (who knew they could be soooo loud). And of course my 11 and 9 yr olds are arguing about nothing! I thought it was just me that that almost loses it when all the kids are making noise at the same time.
    Btw, been following for quite sometime, thanks for sharing your stories!


  12. LesLee Says:

    You are so wise! I have had the worst day! My 2nd son accidentally knocked his yogurt off the table and it splashed all over the floor. I was cleaning that up when the same son (4 years old) decided to help himself to some Sprite, which he spilled ALL OVER the kitchen floor. Then my 1st son and his faithful companion pup came in covered in sand. All while my 3rd son SCREAMED. He is just 2 months old so I’m not sure what his problem was exactly but I can tell you that his just been one of those days. I need to go look through my photobucket! Thanks for the reminder!


  13. Tracey Says:

    That makes me feel better….as I sit here feeling frazzled
    as I mentally review everything I have packed for our
    trip to Hawaii tomorrow! We are planning to CD the
    whole time!


  14. Britanie Says:

    I do the same thing when I’m getting too upset with my son. :) It really helps.


  15. Cindi Says:

    I’ll take them all. Send them on up :) You’ve not seen mischievous until they’ve spent a week with g’ma.


  16. tara Says:

    That little half smile on his tiny little face is killing me! So cute!!!


  17. Amy Lutz Says:

    Our daughter (22 months) had a terrible rash and we had to start using Triple Paste because no other cream would work. Now her diapers are really leaky (and smelly too). Is there any way to salvage our bum Genius and Happy Heiny diapers?



  18. Brittany C Says:

    Thanks! I kinda needed this today. They will only be little once (I have to remind myself of this daily). I’m gonna break out our DS’s 1st birthday pictures from this weekend!


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