Cloth Diapers Clean as a Whistle

While I was on vacation this past week I saw a video posted on Facebook that I couldn’t wait to get home and share with you!

I don’t endorse any one detergent as “the” cloth diaper detergent.  However, Kim of Rockin Green Soap is doing a fantastic job of proving the efficacy of her formula.

Check out her video comparing Rockin Green Soap to other cloth diaper clean rinse formulas.

Have you had a chance to try out Rockin Green Soap? What a blessing to us cloth diaper moms to have so many natural choices for our laundry needs! Thanks, Kim.

Rockin Green is an advertiser on All About Cloth Diapers. She did not ask me to post this video, nor did she send me reimbursement for this post.

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20 Responses to “Cloth Diapers Clean as a Whistle”

  1. Monique Says:

    If all else fails, try SoapNuts ( They have NO, NONE, 0 residue of any kind. I’ve heard good things about different kinds of detergents out there but I have found this one to be the best, all natural, straight from the tree, totally green solution for me. My diapers have never needed to be stripped, never smell at all, and have never been stained from poop or pee. My Mother-Ease diapers and AirFlow wraps look brand new still and I have used them for more than a year.


  2. Shiela Says:

    No you don’t want suds in the water! You need to rinse until the water runs clean indicating that there is nothing left in your diapers to rinse out. This demonstration shows what’s left after two rinses, not one which is what I think has people confused.


  3. Kari Says:

    I had a “discussion” last night with my husband about the stains that are left by the detergent that I am currently using. He claims that because there are stains, there is still poop left in the diapers. Will Rockin Green help with this or can anyone make a suggestion to help remove the minor stains that I cannot otherwise get rid of? I have been wanting to try Rockin Green, maybe this will be my reason… Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  4. Debbie Says:

    Hi, I switched from rockin’ green to a well known he laundry detergent (unscented). I figured that they were pretty much all the same. This switch cost my bubba a really sore, rashy bottom and residue on my diapers even after I only used a 1/4 of manufacturers recommendations and an extra rinse cycle. I am switching back to Rockin’ green, he’s starting to clear up again and I’d have to say the same for my diapers!! Rockin’ product!


  5. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    Well, I just ordered my first batch!! I’ve read really great things for awhile, and I’m looking for a new detergent. I was using Vaska for Fuzzi Bunz with a lot of success, but they’ve discontinued it until they fix some manufactuing issues. I then bought Babyganics but I have to rinse a GAZILLION times to get the soap out, just like with Allens Naturally, so I’m hoping this stuff works. I’ve used Crunchy Clean in the past and it just left build up. I’m excited to try it out!!


  6. Melissa Says:

    There are no bubbles left in the water because the soap is rinsing out mostly in the wash and with it goes the smell. When you have that much soap left in your rinse then it is not all rinsing out the first time therefor you have to waist time and energy rinsing again and again until all the soap (bubbles) is gone and you end up with build up in your diapers which we all know will cause all kinds of problems!
    Rockin Green is a really great soap and you should try it if you haven’t already. You will be glad you did. It’s rather inexpensive compared to the other “cloth diaper” soaps.


  7. BoysMommy Says:

    I watched this video on FB too. I think the washer does quite a bit more LOL!
    I love both Rockin’ Green and Crunchy Clean :)


  8. Kim Webb (Rockin' Green) Says:

    You are right guys, it is a simple demonstration but it does have a point.

    The bags in the video shows what is left over after 2 rinses.

    Most detergents don’t bother to deal with the water issues that interfere with cleaning, they just put in tons more surfactant/soap than is needed because it’s cheap. And ironically enough, you pay more for the HE detergents when all they are doing is cutting down on the amount of surfactant they use in their formulas. It cost them LESS to make a HE version than a regular version .

    Plus when you are washing clothes, soap buildup isn’t that big of an issue. If you do a load of towels with no soap, chances are you will have a washer full of suds. Towels lose absorbency over time because of detergent buildup, but most people just assume this is normal and replace towels every few years because they stop holding water.

    But washing diapers is a whole new ballgame, and buildup can really mess up your diapers. The more rinses you have to do the higher the water bill and the more wear and tear on your diapers and washer. All of the suds and such are gone from Rockin’ Green in the first rinse, because it was designed to have just enough for cloth diapers and nothing more. And then I threw in stuff that will make your diapers look better than they do with that other stuff.

    There is no smell left on your diapers, and will actually cure repelling issues. There’s another video on that too :)


  9. Anastasia Says:

    We had a sewer leakage ON LAUNDRY DAY! & then the washer died (while I was washing diapers, imagine that) ugh the mess was incredible! I already had my 1st delivery of rocking green so I waited, it was all already lost anyways so what was another day? Well the Rockin Green CLEANED the clothes even BETTER then I could ever have hoped & even SAVED stuff that’s I’d previously written into the rag pile! (now they are play clothes, lol) With the exception of the high water mark in the cellar, you can’t tell it happened & a great deal of money was NOT spent on replacing our winter wardrobe! I LOVE the stuff & the family is hooked! clothes smell clean. Maybe a little too clean….lol & the front loader LOVES the stuff too! No looking back!


  10. Heidi Says:

    love rockin green! i have tried alot of other types of detergent for my diapers and this is the only 1 that my dd does not get a rash from. Love it!


  11. Ricia (Mummatutu) Says:

    I was having a problem with my diapers. They stunk to high heavens when my dd pee’d. I was told to rinse the diapers in a few (more like 5) cycles of water HOT without any detergent. I was using a regular detergent that was natural and had nothing in it like whiteners, brighteners, and such. I thought it worked because the diapers “smelled” so pretty and clean when they came from the drier. Little did I know that pretty smell was causing me all my problems. I attempted stripping the diapers and that didn’t work until about 5 cycles later. I then received a bag of Rockin Green from a giveaway I won and started using it and OMG, they first washing I did with them came out of the drier “smelling” like NOTHING! I have not had that stinky smell since and I no longer have to rinse my diapers for 2 or 3 full wash cycles each time they are washed! Thanks Rockin Green, you are now making CDing cost effective for me!


  12. Candace Robinson Says:

    I really don’t see how this demonstration really shows us what is left, as my washer goes through a wash cycle then two or more rinse cycles on it’s own. But I do want to try Rockin’ Green just cause I’ve heard good things.


  13. Karen Says:

    I have the same question as Nicole. Is the Rockin Green diaper less soapy because the suds are still in the washcloth/diapers? How does this really prove the rinsability of the detergent?


  14. kate Says:

    I have found that there are a lot of really neat products on the market for just about everything, cloth diapering is no exception! But, as with most other things, you find in the end the simple, no frills option turns out to be the best! Charlie’s Soap is the answer, hands down. Do your diapers smells like a flower garden? No, but the flower garden is what left the residue in the first place!!
    You can buy the expensive fancy stuff and love the novelty of it, or you can get serious about cloth diapering and use what works!


  15. Rachel Says:

    I’m giving away 1 bag of your choice in scent from Rockin Green. Check it out…


  16. Sara Says:

    I agree with the first comment. There are also a lot of variables not taken into account in this very simple demonstration that would affect the results greatly. One being simply how much does each soap sud up to start with? I’ve never used Rockin Green. I can recommend Allen’s Naturally though and in 18 months I have never had any problems with it.


  17. Jane Smith Says:

    I bought this detergent before Christmas as I was having severe issues with residues. I even went as far as contacting the diaper manufacturer to help. Their response was that a residue build up over time from my previous detergent had ruined the diapers. I was told this was irreversible. With the use of Rockin Green detergent I’ve noticed my bamboo diapers are MUCH softer with less residue and some are even back to original condition. A huge difference from what I had before!


  18. Andrea Says:

    I just started to use Rockin Green and so far, so good! I really like the scents and can feel the difference in the stuffin for my HH’s and KN’s! Added bonus, helping out another Texas owned/operated business!


  19. Nicole Says:

    I don’t get it, don’t you want your water to be bubbly so that the bubbles aren’t in your diapers? If the bubbles aren’t in the water, doesn’t that mean the soap isn’t rinsing out?


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