Cloth Diapers Dads Will Love

Where does your husband stand with cloth diapers?

I’m amazed at how different each dad is. Some hate it and will only use disposables. Others are indifferent and just put on whatever looks easiest. But, there are many that are just as committed and passionate as us moms are.

My husband is a mix of the last and the middle.  I think that’s probably where most men stand.  They want what’s easiest (and, quite frankly, so do I!) and what’s best for baby and/or wallet.

With that in mind, it’s important to have cloth diapers that aren’t overly complicated for those who aren’t as well versed in the how-tos of cloth diapering.

In our house that also includes not having diapers that stink.

What are some dad friendly cloth diapers?

My qualifications are easy to stuff (if it’s a pocket), easy to care for (no internal soaker that will get funky), easy to put on, attractive (we all care about style to some point), wide size range, diaper sprayer friendly and price.

After making the following list I realized that all are available in cute prints, velcro option, one-sized/two-sized, easy to stuff and easy to clean. That’s sticking to my qualifications!

Rumparooz: Rumparooz are my favorite pocket because they have every favorite feature all in one diaper. The “poop scoop” is a real winner with dads…no leaks = “honey, I want a whole stash of these.” I prefer the Rumparooz pocket over the Bum Genius pocket because the flap on the Bum Genius (although meant to be a helper) gets in my way and makes things messier- for me anyways :) Microchamois inner makes spraying or rinsing or plopping easy. Rumparooz review.

bumGenius 4.0

: wide pocket, easy to stuff, stretchy tabs make it easy to get a snug fit. I’m not a fan of the flap over the pocket opening. Suede cloth inner makes spraying or rinsing or plopping easy…even easier than microchamois or microfleece. Artist series prints click here. Recent Artist Series review.

Kawaii One Size: My favorite of this brand are the Snazzy Minky Velcro. The velcro is tight and the panel wide. I have a review of these on the schedule but I promise I wouldn’t include them in this list if they weren’t worthy ;) … by the time I post this I’m going to have a whole stash! I can’t stop going back to buy more.

Thirsties Duo Diaper

: Easy to stuff, no need to remove insert before washing because of the dual (sleeve) opening, awesome gussets hold messes in, absorbent microfiber/hemp insert. Tabs do get messy sooner than anyone would hope for but that’s my only complaint.

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper

: This is the only one I haven’t yet reviewed. I have one of their new prints on the way and I’ll let you know what I think then. From reviews and pictures this diaper seems like an easy cloth diaper for anyone.  I have questions about the 2 snap rise (I prefer 3 across), velcro tabs (looks flimsy and hard to grab) and whether or not when you stuff the attached insert it is stay-dry fabric against baby. Feel free to add your feedback. Prints can be seen here.

Cutiepoops: Easy to stuff. Super cute designs. Affordable.

You don’t have to get velcro diapers if you want Dad to be involved.  They’re just easier, especially if your husband has big hands making it trickier to snap 4 tiny snaps together on a wiggly baby. My husband doesn’t enjoy changing diapers but he can use any of the hundreds (okay so it just seems like I have hundreds but I really don’t) we have. Given a choice he’ll choose the one that produces the shortest pit stop time.

Also, it’s highly unlikely that my husband will remove an insert from a pocket and it’s a guarantee that he will toss the wool cover in the washer area. So, choosing diapers for him that he can’t mess up makes us all happy.

What is the go to diaper for your husband?


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59 Responses to “Cloth Diapers Dads Will Love”

  1. Natalie Salisbury Says:

    My husband loves our Ragababe AIOs. Really, he’s pretty much OK with all of my pocket, AI2 and covers, but he can’t stand the G diapers because the fasten in the back…he calls them “rear facing” LOL


  2. Helena Says:

    We both really like the Bumgenius Freetime. Flips are great too, but the easiest are the Bumgenius Freetime’s. Both are with velcro – my husband doesn’t like snaps (we did a cloth diaper rental when she was a newborn). We did find that these diapers are great from ~3 months old and up. My husband prefers disposable… but he will use cloth too. The main issue we’ve had are nightmare rashes – believe me we’ve done everything possible, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s cloth or disposable she gets terrible rashes. I wish I had been more courageous in following my instinct on infant potty training… but alas.

    We both hate pockets – they make no sense whatsoever.
    Also, I like using reusable liners to help with poo removal (especially for older babies). I haven’t had a chance to buy a kitchen sink sprayer and t line to install on the toilet valve, but hope to sometime. (A friend that cloth diapered did this and is much less expensive than a “diaper sprayer” brand.)


  3. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy Says:

    Hubs will use pretty much any diaper, he’s fine with all of them. He even does the prefold, snappi, and cover combo! Now, cloth diaper laundry – that’s an entirely different story!


  4. Lana Says:

    My husband prefers anything velcro. He can’t stand snaps. We have Kawaii HD2s and BG 3.0s in velcro which he uses exclusively. I don’t mind using our Alva 4.0s with the snaps because I don’t have to un-stuff them to wash, but I just found out that Thirsties makes a pocket with a sleeve, so I may go that route when I get little diapers if/when we have bb#2!!


  5. Kristin Says:

    We have ordered many types of diapers. At first snaps scared him away, but after ordering some with snaps and some with velcro/aplix he decided that he loved snaps. Imagine that! They just hold better. One of our faves and lesser known brands is ecoBritches. As far as I know you can only order from . But they are a bamboo blend. They fit really well and aren’t as bulky as most. You can wash them right along with the synthetic diapers.


  6. rbenson Says:

    My husband was indifferent at first but after we started to use them he learned to love them. I fact the both of us believed in them so much that we started our own cloth diaper store . We both believe strongly in protecting our family and the environment and cloth diapering is a gteat step in the right direction. If you are interseted in eco-friendly baby products please visit our site.


  7. Rozi Says:

    My husband was pretty neutral when I decided to CD our first born, when I asked him whether to CD or DD prior to baby being born he said, “Whatever you like, I’ll just follow.” and so I decided to CD after doing extensive research (read so many blogs and sites). Since I live in South East Asia all the brands you guys listed out here is pretty expensive for me and so I use a brand that was regional, a malaysian product pocket cloth diapers called Lunatots, and so far am pretty happy with that.

    When my daughter was born 5 months ago, she spent her first two months in flats with snappi during the day and pocket CD for nights. When I started work again my mother takes care of her and she prefers to use flats for baby with covers, and on weekends she’s on CDs when she’s with me.

    My husband happily use either flats with snappi and CDs, he prefers the snaps rather than the aplix for CDs, and recently I increased the CD stash from 5 to 20, with a more range of colors (they come in solid colours and I prefer them as oppose to prints), he’s particular that whatever baby wears her CD matches too because he says it’s important that baby is color coordinated! He will rinse the used diapers and takes out the inserts and rinse those as well. The only thing he doesn’t do is the laundry because I don’t trust how much of the washing powder he’ll put in the machine, and stuffing the inserts back in the pockets I do that straight away after hanging out on the line to dry in the sun, thank god for tropical weather! So far I’m loving CDing my baby.

    Baby will be starting solids soon so I don’t know if it will alter the CD experience, will removing the poo be harder? Or will the diapers be more stinkier? CDing a fully breast fed baby is easy peasy like Autumn said.

    Oh, can I was the inserts at a higher temperature? Will that be better? Currently I do all my washing at 40 degrees celcius.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Awesome husband! Poo isn’t that much harder when solids are started. In the beginning it’s still pretty mushy. Shake off what you can or wipe off. The rest will rinse off in pre-wash. Inserts can be washed in super high temps. Really as high as you can get.


  8. Kristin K. Says:

    My hubby is a big supporter of CDing, but he is definitely all about Aplix. He will use snaps, but complains about them. He basically uses whatever I have ready to go – stuffed, laid out, etc.. We use tri-folded prefolds and weehugger aplix covers during the day at home. (Just switched from Flips because of the snap issue :) Rumparoos or BGOS 3.0 at night. Getting used to the lower rise of the Rumparoos after using BG 3.0 exclusively for over a year. Hubby is definitely a aplix and pocket man. I’m floored by the reports of snappi pre-fold hubbies!


  9. Leah Says:

    Hubby’s favorite diaper by far (and mine too) is the TotsBots Easy Fits! They are ammmmazing. The velcro tabs are super secure and they have never leaked for my heavy wetting boy. The insert is easy to stuff and you never have to search through the laundry for it – it’s attached! The laundry tabs stay secure 100% of the time in the wash. Hubby wants me to order these for the rest of our stash!


  10. Lindsay Row Says:

    My hubby uses prefolds with mostly flip covers, but he’ll use whatever covers are available at the time of the change! He is awesome! Changes diapers with no problems what-so-ever and even sprays them, does loads of diapers, everything and anything……very willing guy! :o) Love him!


  11. Natalie Says:

    My hubby (and I ) LOVES the Tots Bots! No worrying about which insert to stuff the pocket with and the velcro is VERY sturdy! I think its has held up the best in all of our hook & loop closures!


  12. Rebecca Harris Says:

    My husband goes for efficiency over ease-of-use. We have FuzziBunz but he prefers fitteds + covers. We use Goodmama and Muttaqin. And we use Gen-Y covers. There’s a lot of snapping involved, but the doo and the pee stays inside!


  13. Sweetheart diapers Says:

    By far the easiest and most effective diapers that I recommend for dads are the Bum Genius diapers. They just came out with version 4.0 and I love them.


  14. Jessica Says:

    My husband doesn’t change diapers but when I fist bought several to work with he liked the Kissaluv marvels aio cause all he had to do was snap it on if there was an emergency.


  15. Melissa Huffines Says:

    I have to say…I’m disapointed in the Bummie’s Easy Fits prints :( I was so excited for them and bought one they day the came out. I instantly fell in love. It was SO soft and cute! It quickly became my go-to diaper for overnights. It really seemed to fit well and hold out all night. I promptly ordered a few more.

    Very soon after I realized the Aplix, which is very thick and sharp on the edges, was cutting into her tummy. So, I made sure to velcro them pointing downward and away from her tummy. Somehow they still manage to scrape her.

    After about a month, I am now dealing with the worst ammonia smell I’ve ever had! And only in my Easy Fits. I use RnG in all my dipe washes and don’t have problems with any of my others. I’ve stripped and stripped and I just can’t get rid of it. Also the last time I put one on her it was repelling. So…I’m a little sad that I put so much $$$ into a diaper I’m not even using anymore. They are still soft and cute, but that’s about it.


    • Raychel Says:

      I agree with the complaint about Bummies aplix. I have the SWW and the Super Bright and I actually cut my finger on the velcro with one of the wraps! I have twin boys and the bigger of the two is bothered by the velcro but the skinny one isn’t. But I switched to the thirsties covers and their velcro is much softer and just as strong. Sorry about your stink issues. I started having them with RnG too. I switched to Allens and haven’t had any more issues. Also microfiber is just yucky after a while, I just threw out some inserts. I’m going for all natural fibers from now on!


  16. Lauren Says:

    Don’t forget GroVia!


  17. Rachel W Says:

    My husband’s favorite is the 1 Tots Bots Easy Fit we have (in Cosmos print). [Just fyi: The tabs are great – they stay fastened in the wash better than any I have seen! The fabric is stay-dry against baby! And it is very absorbent! But I can’t comment on the rise adjustment because we are using it on the largest setting!] Daddy also likes our Bumgenius 3.0’s, and 3rd fave would be fuzzibunz. However, he will use anything – even a prefold and cover! I have even seen him use diaper pins on a couple of occasions, when our snappi was misplaced. I love using prefolds or fitteds, with fleece soakers…so we have quite a variety for him to choose from!

    My husband too refuses to unstuff pockets or fasten laundry tabs (drives me nuts – does he know how much more complicated he is making my laundry routine!!) and he inevitably drops the fleece soakers in the pail! But, hey, he tries. :) He has been very supportive of our switch to cloth diapers and cloth wipes! Though I do suspect it is more for saving money than environmental / health concerns, since he (jokingly?) refers to me as his “diaper crusader”!


  18. Elizabeth S Says:

    My husband is an RN. He doesn’t care which diaper he uses; according to him, anything is easier to change than a 300 pound man who can’t roll over on his own. So, we have Kawaii’s (snap and aplix), BGs (aplix), FBs, and some fitteds and covers (snaps and aplix). He just grabs whatever is on top.
    I do all stuffing. He tried to tri-fold a prefold against the seams and stuff it in a BG, but left it half hanging out. I got a call telling me he needed to know what goes in which diaper!


  19. Audrey Says:

    I made sure I had a few fitteds and a couple of AIO’s in my first stash, thinking those were what hubby would go to first. He surprised me by preferring the Indian prefolds with Thirsties covers. He was a pro at the “angel” fold. Between that fold and the gussets on the covers, I never had to change my son’s outfit due to any mess. :) The only thing we disagreed on was snaps vs. velcro. He liked the ease of velcro, but I wear a medical compression sleeve days and compression bandages at night, and they were NOT velcro friendly!


  20. Tiffany H. Says:

    I’m a first time mom that decided to cloth diaper so I’m still doing the trial and error thing. I have a very modest budget. I started out with Econobum one size covers with prefolds and that was good for a while. Now that the messes are getting bigger I’ve had to upgrade. I came across Kawaii Baby one size cover and have fell in love. First they are less expensive than Econobum covers and they are much thicker and can take those heavy hits whether day or night. The elastic around the legs is much better. I got the velcro closures and my hubs has been happily changing diapers ever since.


  21. Raychel Says:

    My hubby like prefolds best. He does a great bikini twist. But he refuses to rinse yucky ones. He just toses them in the wet bag. That’s ok though, at least he changes without being asked to. He also like Thirsties duo and fuzzibunz perfect size. What he doesn’t like is that we have so many different kinds and he doesn’t know what inserts go with what diapers. He told me just this morning that when the boys out grow the current diapers he wants the next set “standardized”, translation: get the same diapers! He likes consistancy, I prefer variety, but if getting the same thing will make him use cloth, thats what I’ll do.


  22. Christi Says:

    My husband will do pretty much any diaper we have, but if it’s a pocket, I have to stuff it for him first. Although he’s never said, I think my DreamEze AIOs and my FuzziBunz are his favorites.


  23. Rebecca Says:

    First, my husband is super supportive and on board with CD’ing, but can’t stand a snap. He just gets flustered. :) So, I bought a RagaBabe AIO to try and he’ll never go back! The velcro is incredibly high quality, as is every other part of the diaper, and they are as easy to use as disposables. In fact, he had me place another big order! He’s never encouraged me to spend more on CDs, so we’ll definitely be sticking with those from now on!


  24. Steph Says:

    Around here, DH is loving the Ragababes AIO. The first time he put one on LO, he said, “now this is more like it” with reference to the irritating snaps or the stuffing involved with our other dipes. He will now only reach for the “black stars” when he changes LO (which thankfully is ALOT of the time!) We have had absolutely NO issues with build-up or stinkies with our ragababe AIOs. I love that it’s natural bamboo vs stink holding microfiber that we’re dealing with!


  25. Adrian Post Says:

    My husband prefers it when I make him some AIO Cutiepoops! I always make pockets since they wash up better, but I’ve made a few AIO for him for when I’m out of the house and didn’t stuff anything for him. He can stuff them himself, but he just gets all confused with what insert goes with which diaper and does he need a doubler doesn’t he…. so I stuff them all and he has no problems changing anything really. He just wants me to stop making them for our kiddo now.. ha ha! One of the downfalls of being a WAHM, I want them all!


  26. Tessa Says:

    My hubby uses whatever he gets his hands on first. I do have to watch him though or he will put a cover on without a diaper inside or a pocket without an insert.
    Got to love em. ;>)


  27. Anonymous Says:

    My hubby prefers the bum genius elemental… No stuffing required!


  28. Ami @ beyondpeasandcarrots Says:

    My husband prefers the tots bots and BG organic all in ones… but so do I so it all works out :)


  29. Jenny Says:

    My husband prefers BumGenius 3.0’s because of the velcro. I like BumGenius 4.0’s with snaps. I also like Rumparooz, but I only have one because they are a little pricey. They also seem a little smaller than BumGenius. My husband refuses to use prefolds and hates to stuff so I do that in advance.


  30. Melissa Says:

    My hubby will only use aplix. He doesn’t stuff diapers, and I prefer not to unstuff, so we have Thirsties Duo Diapers, WeeHuggers and BumGenius Elementals (which only go on if I’m doing the diaper change). He does most diaper hanges when we’re both home, so I buy diapers that I know he’ll use.


  31. Tiffany Says:

    My husband likes prefolds and a cover. He doesn’t care which cover. He agrees that velcro is easier, but for longevity he prefers snaps. So, if it is an expensive diaper- snaps, if it’s on sale and pretty cheap- velcro will suffice. He has mentioned the softness of a Bugga Bugga Boutique AI2 and a Mudpie Babies. Pretty sure he just wants me to stop talking about cloth diapers though.


  32. Vicky Says:

    I think that the easiest, Daddy and babysitter friendly diaper is the Annie Marie Padorie Stay Dry AIO. Can’t get any easier than that!
    You can find more details here:


  33. Julie Says:

    My husband will use almost anything if I prepare it for him and teach him how to use it. We mostly have Happy Heiny’s and Kooshies all in ones.


  34. Shauna Hadrava Says:

    I can actually say that I think my husband is just as passionate as I am regarding our cloth. Although, he was very difficult to pursuade (we sposied our first). He argued with me about it and thougth I was crazy… that he’d rather pay more for convenience. Boy, he changed his mind fast after we started and he realized it wasn’t as bad as he imagined and we were saving money! :)

    His go to diapers are usually whatever is there, but I noticed he likes to grab our Rumparooz first. Thankfully we have 20+ of those! He also likes to grab our Cutiepoops often. We have 6 or so of them. After that, it’s just whatever is convenient. We do snaps now because DS ALWAYS removes his velcro.

    I have to give my husband props. He’s VERY attentive when it comes to our diapers. He washes the dirties immediately, he takes the inserts out of the diapers before he throws them in the pail and he never misplaces our wool. He is amazing! I work full-time outside of the house and run my own WAHM business, so it’s nice to know that when I’m not there to take care of the diapers, he’s on top of it. He even washes them when I’m not there! The only thing he doesn’t feel comfortable doing is putting them back together (stuffing, snapping, etc). So, I do that every time they’re finished washing.

    All in all, we’re a happy cloth diapering family! :)


  35. Kat Says:

    My husband (and I!) are in love with our Kawaii Minkys! He goes so far as to recommend them to anyone we find out is pregnant!


  36. Adrian Post Says:

    Thank you for the mention! I appreciate it!


  37. azm Says:

    My husband likes trifolding in a cover or a fitted in a cover, and EVERYTHING velcro. He prefers the fitteds because when there is poo, it all stays in the inner diaper and he can reuse the cover (because its too much to try to find the velcro covers he likes). I love snaps because laundry is so much easier to deal with. He always snaps things all crooked.
    I am too cheap to buy all in ones, and I cant deal with pockets (I hate putting my fingers in the dirty pockets), so he hasn’t seen how much easier they are to put on. He is super committed about the cloth diapering though, he is much more “crunchy” than I am. He helps out with the diaper laundry and sprays the poop.

    My childcare lady also prefers velcro— and I am just grateful she will cloth diaper that I give in!


  38. Erin Says:

    My husband actually prefers prefolds and Flips covers– he thinks changing a prefold folded in thirds is the easiest thing in the world. And of course, he never likes changing the poopie diapers, but who does?


  39. Katy Sullivan Says:

    I am licensed to make and sell the KCK fitted diapers which my husband loves. I have made both AIO’s and pockets for my girls and they are very easy for my husband to use. I am also working on a side snapping design that he really like to use on our youngest. The easier the better in my house.


  40. Stephanie M Says:

    Seriously, #1 Dad approved diaper at our house is the RagaBabe easy AIO. So much so that after we initially bought 3 to try my husband had me order 12 more! HE has never ever ever TOLD me to buy cloth diapers… usually it’s ” We don’t need anymore!!!!” SO, now we have 15 of the gems :)


  41. Lynn Wilson Says:

    The craziest thing for me is my hubby prefers the prefolds. It is what we primarily used in the beginning and he could fold and snappi like a pro. Fitteds confuse him sometimes because he never gets them tight enough….and tries to avoid snaps if possible.


  42. Terra Jones Says:

    My hubby actually can do prefolds WAY better than I can! He prefers an aio, but then man can work a prefold & snappi, LOL


    • Andrea T Says:

      Same here, although my hubby PREFERS a prefold and Thirsties duo wrap to a pocket diaper or AIO. His motivation for cloth diapering is environmental, and economical, and a prefold and wrap meet both those needs.


      • Carisa Says:

        Same here! We only have prefolds and Thirsty duos now because hubby didn’t like any of the other dipes we tried. We don’t snappi, though … it’s easier to just fold in thirds and lay it in the cover … super quick !


  43. Sara Betz Says:

    Bummis Easy Fits are ridiculously awesome. Even at a premium compared to, say, the Kawaii, it’s everything a cloth diaperer could want. It stuffs in a second without having to search for the insert. The same insert makes it dry SO quickly. The bamboo topper is suede cloth-free (for those with sensitivities) and absorbs so quickly. I’ve yet to have a leak in these diapers and my clients cannot stop raving them.

    BGOS 4.0 are super-simple, too. Nice price and they clean up well and dry quickly. My DH prefers velcro closures, but I like snaps for durability.

    KaWaii is the fastest-selling diaper in my store, so the mama testers have spoken!


  44. Daphne Says:

    My husband like easy to use of course! He prefers cloth but likes AI2’s the best. So I keep alot of Softbums and grobaby’s on hand for him as well as Silly Ellie WAHM dipes which I love :)


  45. Janet Says:

    My hubby will only use goodmamas. We do not own any aplix diapers at all and he refuses to use pockets – although I believe that it is the snap down rise that really bothers him with those. If he pulls to hard they unsnap and he hates that, so he loves the fold down rise of the gm’s.


  46. Carol Says:

    My hubby prefers diapers with snaps over velcro. He usually gets a Fuzzi Bunz (perfect size) or a fitted and a wool cover – he seems to get the Loveybums the most.


  47. Yara Says:

    My husband prefers the Fuzzi Bunz one size, or the Bum Genius AIO. Although I can’t get him to figure out which insert goes with which diaper (and yes, I am enough of a freak to actually care if my bg insert is in my fb diaper!) but hey, at least he doesn’t complain. And he sprays diapers. And hardly ever puts wool covers in the diaper pail… (then again, I’m not using much wool now anyway)
    AND he will even use a prefold if he has to (though he will grumble about it, to which my answer is “okay honey, I’ll go get more of the diaper you like” and then we’re both happy : )


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, totally! By whatever he likes for “him” lol


    • Rachel Says:

      I can’t stand it if my inserts are mismatched either! I always try to stuff the diapers ahead of time, so Daddy just has to stick the diaper on the baby! He finds it funny on occasions when I ask him to bring me an insert from the dryer/basket, and then I have to go back and change it! He never brings the right one! :)


  48. Kim Says:

    You should check out Ragababes!!! They have a 2-step or an AIO and I have only heard good things about them…how easy, no leaks, quick drying, great quality. I have one to try on my newborn and will be order probably at least 10 more for when the baby gets bigger. They are Aplix and no stuffing necessary (though pocket available on AIO for more absorbency).


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have used Ragababes and like them. However, they aren’t as affordable and a sewn in soaker over time will accumulate buildup.


  49. Amy Henderson Says:

    My hubby prefers BG 3.0’s…he prefers aplix over snaps, while I’m the opposite. There are some diapers we have that he won’t use (i.e. prefolds), but he uses GroBaby, Fuzzibuns, Doodle Dypes, and BG.


  50. Julie Says:

    Go-to for my husbie is the bG 3.0 – we don’t have any of the 4.0 yet, but can’t wait. Compared to some of the other brands we’ve tried, he always reaches for bumGenius. Always. (Although after reading this I really want some Rumparooz….)


  51. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    Hubby likes our Pooters Bamboo Pockets because they’re easy to stuff, have natural organic material inside, and never leak. It’s also the only one he finds the snaps easy to use with his large hands.

    For daycare though, my go-to diaper is the Bummis Tot Bots because the velcro is so great. It’s oversized – making it easy to grab and hook and doesn’t get messy or nappy even after multiple washes.


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