Cloth Diapers for a Newborn

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Please note that this is an old post :)

For current newborn cloth diapering information please click the Newborn category.

The most common question I get asked is in regards to cloth diapering a newborn.

How many will I need? What size do I buy? What works best?

For a more detailed answer refer to the section on Newborns in The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers.

All systems can work for a newborn. All-In-Ones like the Thirsties Pocket AIO offer an umbilical notch in the x-small size. Thirsties also provides extra protection in the form of double gussets. This helps keep in those famous newborn poops.

Pockets seem to be a favorite with new cloth diapering parents. My friend Leslie of Leslie’s Boutique tells me that Fuzzi Bunz are and have always been the top seller in her store.

Fuzzi Bunz are a front snapping pocket diaper with a soft microfleece inner. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to ensure a great fit. I have heard many stories of moms using the same Fuzzi Bunz on multiple children of a span of years. That makes the investment truly economical!

Because of the popularity of Fuzzi Bunz, Leslie offers great starter packages that include: diapers, sprayer, Charlies Soap and a wetbag! Sweet deal!

Besides AIOs and Pockets, there are fitteds and prefolds. I prefer these systems because of the breathable natural fibers.

Prefolds are so versatile and have a long life. Prefolds can be stuffed in a pocket, snappied or pinned on, or trifolded in a cover. The cover can be made of Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), fleece or wool. Wool is a champion cover. Abby’s Lane has a great selection of covers in each of these materials.

Fitteds are my favorite choice for a newborn (or any age for that matter). I love the fabric, print, softness, and absorbency choices when choosing a fitted cloth diaper. Kissaluvs size 0 are a phenomenal newborn choice. They are on the lower price end for fitted diapers and they hold everything in – where it should be!

One-size fitteds are where I see the best deal in cloth diapering. Most One-size diapers have an approximate weight range of 8-32lbs. They offer an extra snap to snap down an umbilical notch. Although bulky on a newborn and more expensive than sized diapers, the advantage of lasting through most of your child’s diaper life makes it well worth it.

The number of diapers you need will vary depending on system you use. All-In-Ones and Pockets may be changed less by the parent because they aren’t as easy to tell if they are wet. A fitted and prefolds become wet very quickly therefore needing to be changed more often.

Approximately 10 AIOs or pockets are needed if washing daily. 12-15 fitteds and 2 dozen prefolds will get you through a day. As far as covers, with prefolds there is more of a chance the cover will be soiled so you will need more than if using fitteds. 6-8 covers for prefolds, 4-5 covers for fitteds. If you are using just wool then 2 or 3 wool pieces will suffice.

That was a quick, highly abbreviated rundown but it will get you on the right track to cloth diapering your newborn.

In March I wrote about cloth diapering a newborn as well in “How To Cloth Diaper A Newborn“.


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12 Responses to “Cloth Diapers for a Newborn”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hi Autumn, I’m in the research phase and noticed none of the Leslie’s Boutique links are working. It looks like they don’t sell some of those items anymore.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, a daunting task ahead of me…thank you for giving me a starting place :) I’ll try to update those this week.


  2. kira Says:

    Ahhhh! Here I am panicking because I packed up all of dd’s dipes in storage totes this past fall and they have been in storage since…and will be until our house is done being renovated and the new baby is ready for them. Oh I hope they aren’t a hot mess when I get to them. Is it sad that I think of them often…more so than other things that are packed and dd’s been pl’d since september. Lol


  3. aliciapez81 Says:

    Great run-down = Less overwhelming than many!


  4. LesLee Says:

    I don’t know if you have an ALDI’s grocery near you but I get my spacebags there. They have a box that has 5 bags in it for $9.99. That is the best deal I’ve seen. Thanks to everyone with storage advice!


  5. Autumn Beck Says:

    Alysha, you will certainly be in all of our prayers.


  6. Alysha Says:

    I have listed a few pieces of jewelry and a couple of baby related items. I will be listing mre everyday. Please pray for our family! My husbands mom just died. He has missed almost 2 weeks of work and we are running very short financially. I know that God is good and it will all work out, your prayers wuld be much appreciated!


  7. Alysha Says:

    Thank you for telling us about etsy! I am working on trying to get my pictures smaller as they are too large to be allowed on etsy. Feeling a little technically challenged right now!:) As for storage I would only go with spacebags esp for diapers. I have had my little boys clothes stored for about a year. I recently had a yard sale so I pulled some of them to sale. I was disappointed to see that even though they were washed and stain free when I put them in the rubbermaid tubs they came out with yellow spots on them. Areas where spit up had once been or poo poo. Imagine what dormancy will do with the organic matter in your diapers? Even though fabric has been clean and even sterilized in hot water, organic molicules have a way of hanging on. And yes exposed to air and time it will break down fabric and cause stains. The space bags will stop that process. I plan on investing in them myself. Does anyone know where to get the best price?


  8. Autumn Beck Says:

    Alysha, I am so glad to see you opened an Etsy store! Let us know when you get some products listed ;)


  9. Autumn Beck Says:

    LesLee, if I was saving diapers for a long time and I had spacebags that would be my method for storage. Not only are spacebags space saving but by removing the air it slows down any degradation that my occur…same process as food storage. I have heard stories of diapers being stored in the attic (in a bin or bag) and the elastic drying out or PUL cracking. So another reason to store them air-tight.


  10. LesLee Says:

    I have a question about diaper storage. I prefer the sized diapers as opposed to one size, although I have both. So, once a baby outgrows the small diapers they will need to be stored for two or more years (hopefully!) until we have another baby that will need that size. What is the best way to store them? I am in love with spacebags, will the air tight bag be good or should they be kept in an unused drawer (as if anyone has those!) What is the best way to store cloth diapers long term?


  11. Alysha Says:

    Thank you for this valueable information! I started cloth diaper at about 9 months on my third. I have not been able to purchase name brand so I have made my own diapers. I have started selling them and as I am clueless as for the struggles with cloth diapering in the early stages this blog was so helpful! Also the blog about the fabric was wonderful! Vital for those of us who make diapers! And thank you for the tips on crunchy clean! I am excited about trying it but also excited about the buying and selling community that I discovered along with it!!!


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