Not All Husbands Are Clueless About Cloth Diapers

February 26, 2009

Cloth Diapers

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No this is not an announcement that I’ve had the baby or that my husband is cloth diaper genius!

I was searching YouTube last night looking at cloth diaper videos and after about 20 I found one that made me laugh.  99% of the videos are shot by mom but this one has dad narrating.  And he’s not doing a bad job…well once he gets passed the part where he describes the cover as a “nylon-kind of-wrapping-sealing”…”diaper cover hehehe”.

Too funny!  So next time your husband tries to skip out on diaper duty – please tell me mine’s not the only one – show him this video as proof that there are dads that willingly help out and even tackle it with a teeny tiny newborn.  ;)

And because I love him, my husband has always done the first couple of days of cloth diapering our babies…after that he claims he’s paid his dues.  I’ll try and get proof of this in the next week or so :D


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13 Responses to “Not All Husbands Are Clueless About Cloth Diapers”

  1. AnastasiaDenton Says:

    AWWWE teeny weeny little red beanie baby! ok I give him an A for effort, lol! “The crying is obligatory” had me laughing! Yes they will scream no matter WHAT type you put on them, lol!


  2. senia Says:

    just a quick note on the video…the “pocket” that they were tucking the diaper into is there to block the velcro, if you put the diaper in there it will leak by letting moisture seep out through that material. the wrap is designed for you to lay the diaper inside or to cover the snappi/pinned diaper once on baby. we made the same mistake when our daughter was born and when we called to ask why it was leaking out the front, that was the answer. never had a leak since.


  3. amie Says:

    oh how cute! And new baby cry… I love it! When I started cloth on my son my hubby agreed only because I didn’t expect him to change another diaper after we started (it’s a bit over his head) but he has attempted a couple fitteds and a couple pockets (pre-stuffed :lol:).


  4. AJ Says:

    we have been doing cloth for a year (on our 16 month old) and to this day he can’t get the prefold on with the twist and a snappy.

    At least he admits it and I had to buy some more thirsties all in ones for him to use when I am not around.

    funny stuff.


  5. kira Says:

    Lol. I haven’t gotten to watch the video yet but this makes me giggle. My hubby likes cloth but doesn’t “get” all the terminology. And since I am ocd about washing and folding, he uses the ‘I don’t know” excuse for the clean up and such. We don’t use pf’s often but he uses our pockets with no problem (even the snaps!)


  6. Terra Says:

    Here, it was hubby’s idea to use cloth! I was harder to convince…but if he’s home, he’s on diaper duty and has never once complained! He gets mad if we have to use a sposie b/c the cloth is in the wash!! haha!


  7. Tanya Says:

    lol oh that was 2 funny! Thx 4 sharing :)
    I have 2 admit tho my husband is a really good cloth diaper changer!!!


  8. jlc Says:

    My husband has the prefold job down 100% and does a great job of cloth diapering. Without him they would not get washed or dried as I am a working mom. Kuddos to the dads who stay at home.


  9. Ginger Says:

    That is great! My husband has been completely involved in cloth diapering from the very beginning. I showed him what to do and after a few practice runs he did great! He changes as many diapers as I do as we have twin boys. We use GM prefolds and Thirsties covers, some BG onesize, and some Mommy’s Touch onesize. He does it all! He even sprays them down and can wash them. I am lucky to have a husband that just jumps right in. He loves them so much he even tells other people how easy they are to use. And he always makes sure they know just how much money we are saving!


  10. Heather Says:

    Too funny. I love how Mom was there to oversee the change :) My DH never did get the hang of prefolds, but he loves our FuzziBunz. Now, if I could just convince him to give me one more baby to CD….I so want to continue the addiction! LOL :)


  11. Heidi Says:

    hahaha =D Love the comment from your husband! Mine isn’t totally clueless, but he’ll only use the bumgenious. Part of the reason their genious is because they aren’t husband proof!


  12. Crystal Says:

    Haha…that’s great. :) I will definitely be showing this to my hubby. Our newborn should be here within the next few weeks and he has been pretty anxious about diapering because 1) he has never diapered a baby in his entire life and 2) he thinks my cloth looks “complicated.” Good luck with your baby by the way! May you have an easy-smeasy labor! :D


  13. Dr. Michael Beck | Chiropractic Marketing Says:

    Now now, let’s not be unfair to those husbands who try so hard to comprehend the complexity of cloth diapers.


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