Cloth-eez® Prefold Cloth Diapers: Green Mountain Diapers

I have received quite a few questions on the different prefold sizes available.  My previous posts on prefolds were done before all the changes that have occured in 2009 as a result of the testing required on all products for children.

Green Mountain Diapers is my go-to place to buy prefold cloth diapers.  Instead of attempting to write an adequate description of the different sizes, I’ll let the experts speak:

These are hard-to-find, top quality, heavyweight 100 % cotton twill diapers.  These are the real thing, and so very well made.  They are far superior to the store bought kind, and will stand up to repeated washings. Don’t overlook this very economical way to diaper!  It works very well.   Consider the infant size for young babies. It’s very easy to pin these diapers on babies who don’t yet roll over.

But you don’t have to pin them.  You can just fold the diaper in thirds and place it in a wrap style cover.  The infant size can be used a doubler later on.  Use the toddler size as a nice, soft, washable, vinyl-free changing pad for a young baby.

Our prefolds “quilt up” after washing. You will not be disappointed in these wonderful, versatile diapers. Prefolds of this high quality and weave are not made in the USA anymore, therefore must be imported. There are many brands of prefolds on the market, but we feel these are the very best, with the strongest edge stitching available.

Learn how to use prefolds. Step-by-step pictures.

What is “prefolded” about “prefolds”? They have a thick center panel. Non-prefolded diapers are huge one-layer old fashioned diapers, which need to be folded many times to get them into a cover or onto a baby. We carry those below, called Flat White Diapers. These prefolds are already folded to have many layers in the center.

New 2009 sizes! If you have 2008 Cloth-eez prefold diapers make note of this change. We now have all “Indian” cotton, and no longer have prefolds from China. These are somewhat different (superior cotton) to last year’s stock. All measurements are approximate, taken at rest and can be pulled wider. There is some variation. Prefold diapers shrink differently from batch to batch and diaper to diaper. Normal variation can be up to 15%. We provide shrunk measurements for selection purposes only. The measurements are helpful, but they cannot be exact due to the nature of this wonderful and beloved fabric. This is the normal nature of this product, for all brands, from all country sources. Most sites don’t even give any shrunk measurements at all! We try to give as much correct information as we can, but please understand these are not ever going to be exact due to the nature of the prefold fabric. All of our prefold diapers except preemie are 4-8-4 ply and are high quality cotton.

Cloth-eez® Preemie size (9″x13.5″ new, 8″ x 11″ when fully shrunk. (For preemies or as doublers) 2-6-2 ply. white edges.

Cloth-eez® Newborn orange edge 11.5″ x 12″ when fully shrunk in white. Unbleached is about 1/4 inch smaller. Fits newborn to about 6 weeks or 2 months, or fits about 5-10 pounds, 4-8-4 ply. Orange edges.

Infant size in Periwinkle and green edge discontinued.

Cloth-eez® Small Yellow edge 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ long when fully shrunk. Fits 10 pounds to about 6 months old or about 15 pounds or so but this varies a lot. Fits in most size small covers. 4-8-4 ply. Yellow edges, made in Pakistan.

Cloth-eez® Medium Light Brown edge sold out. Replaced with red edge.

Cloth-eez® Medium Red edge 13″ wide x 15″ long when fully shrunk. Measurements vary somewhat, quiltiness varies somewhat. Fits in most medium covers. From about 14 pounds or so, perhaps 5 months or so and older.

Cloth-eez® Large Brown edge 14.5or 15″ wide x 17″ long when fully shrunk. Measurements vary somewhat, quiltiness varies somewhat. Fits in most size large covers and also works well for the second half of the weight range in many medium size covers, usually for babies 20 pounds and up.

Cloth-eez® Toddler size green edge 17″x23″ when new, 15.25″ wide x 20.5″ long when fully shrunk. Serged on 2 edges. For over age 18 months, or for a night diaper for over age 9 months to potty learning age. Premium 4-8-4 ply. Full size toddlers.

White Prefolds Our white prefold diapers are CHLORINE-FREE, peroxide bathed, NOT chlorine bleached. Peroxide basically the same thing as the main ingredient in OxiClean. It’s dioxin-free and acid-free, known as “natural bleaching process”. All cotton must be degummed in some manner before it can absorb. I’ll repeat, our white diapers are chlorine-free. But of course, we do recommend washing them several times before use to prepare them for use. Everything should be washed before use. They will shrink and get soft and quilty after washing.

Unbleached prefold diapers have not been de-gummed and must be washed many times in hot water to remove the natural cotton oils from them. They will not absorb until washed enough times to remove the natural cotton oils, which could be 6 cycles or more. Unbleached measurements will vary from listed measurements more than the white cotton diapers. The size and the shrinkage is more varied with the unbleached. All measurements are approximate. The white are more consistently sized, but also vary somewhat.

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19 Responses to “Cloth-eez® Prefold Cloth Diapers: Green Mountain Diapers”

  1. trzcina wodna Says:

    To Mikaelal: I think is only “Bleached”, but maybe I’am wrong :)


  2. jenn Says:

    Im looking at GMD and wanted to know the difference in the cloth ezz and the prefolds. They are both color coated the same way. Yellow, orange, etc. Is there a difference in the snaps fitted and prefolds? Thank you so much.


  3. Tiffany Says:

    I love the GMD prefolds! I’ve tried some other types of cloth diapers and my DH and I both like the GMD prefolds. We are on to the large size with a 21 lb nine month old. We do however, also have a half dozen Motherease with the stay dry liner for when we are out and about.


  4. Emily Says:

    I will be CDing my firstborn when he arrives this fall (YEAH!!!!) and I’m trying to get my stash together. For budget reasons I’ve decided to use prefolds and covers. I currently have 1 Bummis NB cover, 4 Thirsties duo wrap size 1 covers and a small wool soaker. I need to get prefolds and really want GMD but I’m not sure how many dozen to get of what size. Any help? Since this is my first I have no clue if he will be chunky, skinny, average…. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If I was on a tight budget I’d probably go with Yellows. Orange would be great for fit but baby would grow out of them quick. Maybe get 1 dozen Orange and when baby outgrows them you can just tri-fold them instead of using a snappi. Then buy a couple dozen Yellow.


  5. Linda Says:

    You could find good selection and bundle prices for Prefold Cloth Diapers at


  6. Tam Says:

    We tried a number of different types of diapers on our boy and found prefold diapers the best. They last the night with no leaks which is great. Have not tried GMD, but really should as they sound good quality.


  7. heatherlent Says:

    GMD are hands-down the BEST prefolds! LOVE them! Sized perfectly so no extra bulk.


  8. Michelle Says:

    These are tried and true with me… I live in Canada so I depend on the US Mammas who buy too many to sell them to me. They are great, never had problems with stink or leaks, can use them for repeated children. I am on the look out for the dark brown size right now. Awesome diapers!


  9. lori4476 Says:

    Autumn (or anyone else for that matter!) – do you have any suggestions/tips on CDing boys? My cousin, who is thinking of cloth diapering her son, was in town last weekend so I offered to let her use my stash to get a feel for everything involved with CD’s. She has only bought 4 diapers herself so far (2 BumGenius and 2 Fuzzi Bunz) and had no problems/leaks with those diapers. However, while she was in town and using my stash she had several leaks with BG’s (it wasn’t even overnight, these leaks were during the day). I was kind of embarrassed because I have told her numerous times how easy cloth diapering is and that I have had absolutely no problems in the 7 months that I’ve been cloth diapering my daughter (no leaks, blowouts, etc.) Any suggestions why my cousin had problems with my dipes but not the 4 in her stash? Is there a difference since she has a boy – are there any ‘tricks’ to CDing boys vs. girls? Any suggestions/tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      hey, lori! did you get my reply to your email?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Lori, I have found with boys that I have to point him down and put the doubling in the front. If he isn't pointing down then I always have leaks. Some of my hypothetical favorite diapers just don't work for Sterling because they are always wet at the legs. I am thinking this occurs because of the quick stream. The diaper may not be able to absorb fast enough. In pocket diapers have your cousin add a doubler in the front. Also, if she is using a hemp insert make sure to put a microfiber doubler on top ;) That helps a lot.


  10. sarahflukinger Says:

    I love using prefold diapers!! I've never used any of Green Mountains, but I imagine they are just wonderful!! To me, prefolds are almost easier than pockets, I guess because they really seem to get clean and don't stink as much!! Anyhow, just had to toot on my prefolds!! I found the love after almost 2 years of cding and I can't imagine not having any in my stash. And I really love the Blueberry minky wraps. They are awesome!!


  11. beehiveof8 Says:

    I use cloth prefolds from this company and LOVE them! Excellent quality.


  12. Stephanie G. Says:

    How's their shipping? On the webpage it says the in-stock dipes ship in 24 hours, does that mean you get them in less than a week? Thanks!


    • Jessica P. Says:

      The shipping was great! I normally take advantage of the “spend $[], get free shipping” offers on other sites, but unfortunately you have to pay the 6.95 for GMD’s. However, I got a shipping notice the same day, and I received my prefolds a week later. Much much quicker than the free shipping :)


  13. AmeliaB Says:

    I have only been cloth diapering for a year, and prefolds are the only thing I have used, mostly for the washing ease and economic aspect. I originally purchased prefolds and covers from another online merchant and was frustrated that they seemed so “disproportional.” Meaning, they were really long and had to be folded over in the front or back, but were not wide enough for my average baby. The prefolds from Green Mountain are wonderful! They fit inside the covers and are wide enough to pin or snappi. In fact, I just up-sized to large in the diapers and covers (Bummis) and they fit together just as wonderfully as the medium, which lasted a year for my baby, BTW. Love this company!!!


  14. Charlotte Park Says:

    I second the Green Mountain Diaper recommendation. Our 15-month old babe's bum has only been glad in these great prefolds. So simple.


  15. mikaelaL Says:

    am wondering the advantages to “Un-bleached” V.S. “Bleached”? is there one or is it just preference?


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