Cloth Wipes? Yes… You Should! Side-by-Side Comparison of 4 Brands

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If you use cloth diapers…cloth wipes are just a natural extension of that. You already have a place to throw the used ones. You already have a way to wash them. You buy these once (or you can make your own) and they can go through all your kids. Once your kids are grown, they make great washcloths or cleaning rags. What’s not to love?

You are going to be using these a lot, and not just to wipe little behinds. These are great for hands and face as well. When we have a runny nose in the house I don’t reach for a tissue; even the softest tissues can’t hold a candle to my cloth wipes! I started off with about 50 wipes when Sophia was born. Now, I probably have more like 80, but we use them for everything!

1: Thirsties Fab Wipes

These are my absolute favorite. I have been using them continually for 19 months. They have been washed at least twice a week that whole time.  I have only had to cut stings from the edges maybe twice ever. Stains come out easily. They never shrunk from washing. We have the girly assortment and the colors continue to be bright. And the best part… these are still totally soft.

Fab Wipes are 8”x8” and are two ply. One microfleece side (100% polyester) for wiping wet messes and a velour side (85% cotton and 15% polyester) for solids. Fab Wipes come in either a boy or girl assortment. These are available in many cloth diaper stores and are made in the USA. (These are on sale right now!)

2: Ragababe Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloth Wipes

These will stay buttery soft FOREVER! They can withstand years of abuse. The only reason that these aren’t my number one favorite is that I wish they were a little thicker. I know there are many who actually prefer the thinness of these wipes because it is so easy to get the little crevices clean! Personally, I like to feel a little more fabric between me and a poop! But they really do a great job at diaper clean-ups. These are also the PERFECT cloth wipe for a runny nose. They will never let you get that raw skin from blowing too much. Ragababe always mails them wrapped in a pretty ribbon. I like giving these as gifts. Even for non- cloth diapering mommas, these made amazing washcloths because they are SO soft!

Ragababe Cloth Wipes are only available from the Ragababe website. They are approximately 7.75”x7.75” and are made from a single layer of unbleached organic cotton sherpa. Available in 9 different edge colors. Made in the USA.

3: GroVia Cloth Wipes

I have about a dozen of these in my cloth wipe stash. I think they are a good buy and are reasonably priced. They do stay decently soft and don’t shrink after repeated washings. I do find that about once or twice a month I have to trim loose stings from the edge serging, but nothing major.

GroVia Cloth Wipes are 8”x8” and are made from 88% polyester and 12% cotton. They are only available in white and are made in China.

4: Prince Lionheart Warmies Reusable Cloth Wipes

These are my least favorite of any cloth wipes I have ever tried. I purchased them on Amazon even before Sophia was born. I wish I had known better. These shrunk upon washing. Also, no matter what I do, after the first wash they are never soft again. They have the texture of a terry kitchen towel. The edges also fell apart after a few months of use. I currently have these in my rag bag and use them for cleaning around the house. While not a total waste, I do not recommend these as cloth wipes for little behinds.

Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipes are 7.5” x 7.5” when new. After multiple washes mine are 6.5”x 7”. They are supposed to be machine washed and air-dried. I don’t have time for that! Made from 100% rayon from bamboo and only come in white. I felt that for the quality, the price seemed high. Finally, these are made in China.

Thirties’ website claims that the average household will spend upwards of $500 on disposable wipes from birth to potty learning. While there is obviously some expense involved in buying cloth wipes; there is still a huge savings when you use them. If you want to save even more money, you can even make your own! Keep your eyes open for a new post coming soon…how to make your OWN cloth wipes!

Do you use cloth wipes? Any favorites?

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11 Responses to “Cloth Wipes? Yes… You Should! Side-by-Side Comparison of 4 Brands”

  1. Jeaniene Says:

    The only non-homemade wipes I’ve used in the past 3 years of CDing are BumGenius. They aren’t bad and I really liked them the first 2 years…but now on baby #3 they are turning into shreds…the poor things have been through so much with 3 babies in 3 years. So…sadly one by one they are being thrown away as the holes are becoming huge. They were great while they lasted. I have just bought receiving blankets at Goodwill, washed them up really well, and then cut and sewn them into wipes…wish I’d made them bigger though!


  2. Keelie Says:

    Funny… I love my washcloth wipes. I don’t have very many as I use Buttons wipes primarily. I would like something softer but these all get the job done just fine. I do premoisten too btw


  3. Kat Says:

    Although I’m sure all these are awesome… I ended up just getting a huge pack of washcloths at Walmart and target and use those! They are all cotton and super cheap, and I figured it they work in the bath, Why not use them as wipes? I just made sure to choose a color to be “designated” as wipes, rather than be mixed in with my regular washcloths.


    • Tara Says:

      How big of a pack did you get from Wal-Mart, and do you still like them? Do you pre-moisten them and keep them in a container, or do you use a spray bottle with these? Are they soft?


  4. Joanna Says:

    I make my own. Cloth wipes are one of the easiest DIY sewing projects out there, and really cheap to make. My favorite combo is stretchy baby terry on one side, and cotton knit on the other. I also like two layer flannel, but they don’t stay as soft and pretty as the other. My knit/terry ones have been in use for 3 years and still soft and in good condition.


  5. Kelly Says:

    I have been using cloth wipes for 8 years. I’ve tried many different WAHMS along w/a few that you have done. I agree with the Prince Lionheart…did not like them. My favorites are always WAHM made. The only combo I order, now, are flannel/flannel in 8 x 8. If the flannel is of the best quality, the WAHM has a guaranteed customer for life! We use them for baby bums, snotty noses and as family cloth. This family will never be w/o them!


  6. claire Says:

    I love Bum Genius flannel wipes! they don’t stay soft but they definitely get the job done!


  7. Alicia Says:

    I have only used Osocozy flannel wipes so far and they have been fine for me, going on 5 months. They have lost some of their softness, as is expected with flannel. I haven’t had any stains or smells with them.


  8. Meaghan Says:

    I love my Prince Lionheart wipes. My have lasted 10 months so far and are great!! We got them as a gift. I think I like them the best because they stay wet better that some of the others!! I interested to try the Thirsties now!


  9. Julie B Says:

    We use ragababes wipes and love them! For me they are a great thickness. We have 3 sets that we’ve been using constantly for over 2 years now. They have held up great!


  10. Lana Says:

    Thirsties fab wipes. I’ve never tried the others, but the oft-suggested “use baby washcloths” was very disappointing – they’re flimsy and don’t wipe very well! I bought 4 packs of fab wipes and would only use the baby washcloths when I ran out of those… now that my ds is a toddler I never have to use washcloths (the 4 packages are enough), but if I ever have another babe I will be buying more of the fab wipes so I never have to use another baby washcloth again!


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