Come See All the Pretty Colors and Prints Released Recently!

Sometimes the old cloth diaper stash gets boring and you need a splash of bright fun prints to liven it up.

The newly released cloth diapers I’m going to list will certainly do just that!

TOTS BOTS EASY FIT: This cloth diaper underwent a major makeover.  The inside is now a plush minky that provides not just a comfy place for baby to sit but is also absorbent and dries quickly in the dryer or on the line.

Minky maintains its softness wash after wash.  The inner soaker is attached to the top of the pocket, it can be folded where more absorbency is needed.  Generally, girls need more absorbency in the middle, boys at the front.

The new Tot Bots Easy Fit prints are some of the cutest diaper prints I’ve seen.  I truly appreciate diaper makers digging deep into the creative pot to come up with fresh prints every year.

My favorite is Enormous Turnip seen in the big photo above.  The other prints starting with top right are: London (limited edition), Jack and the Beanstalk, Chicken Little, inside of NEW Tot Bots Easy Fit, Jubilee (limited edition), Hansel and Gretel and Three Little Pigs.

Tot Bots Easy Fit cloth diapers are available in snap and hook&loop.  It is advised (by this blogger and others) to wash diapers with colored minky inner separate the first few washes as the color will bleed.

GROVIA HYBRID & AIO: GroVia just released 4 new prints and 2 new colors.  Again, I am impressed by the uniqueness and creativity of the prints.

If you aren’t familiar with the GroVia products I’ll briefly explain.  The hybrid is available in hook and loop (shown above) or snaps.  They hybrid system can be used with Biosoakers (disposable inserts) or snap in hemp/cotton blend soakers.  The soakers are topped with staydry microfleece and backed with waterproof TPU.

The GroVia AIO is a side-snapping diaper with an organic cotton inner.

The new prints are available in all options.

FUZZI BUNZ ELITE & PERFECT SIZE: I’m a big fan of Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size cloth diapers.  They are easy to stuff and easy to snap on.  I found the Fuzzi Bunz Elite to have a narrower crotch making it harder to stuff, especially for nighttime.

The new prints are bold and funky and will certainly add some pop to your cloth diaper drawer.

The prints remind me of the art activity I did with my kids.  You have them draw a dot and draw randomly around the page without picking up the pencil.  Then you look at your design and try to find objects inadvertently drawn.  It’s an activity I enjoyed doing myself!

BABYKICKS BASIC & PREMIUM POCKET DIAPERS: I have used BabyKicks Premium Diaper before and wanted to love it SO BAD.  But, the ridiculously narrow pocket made me hate it.  I am SO EXCITED that the new version has a wider pocket!

The soft fleece around the legs is amazing on chunky thighs.  No more red marks!

Another awesome improvement is bamboo velour inner fabric.  Baby will be begging for the “soft diaper” every time.

The basic pocket diaper is simply that- basic.  Microfleece inner, front pocket, snap or velcro closure.  Velcro closure has a slightly wider pocket and size range.

BabyKicks pocket diapers are available in bright, summery, solid colors.


TOT BOTS NEW S-T-R-E-T-C-H BAMBOOZLE: What used to be available in only natural is now available in the cutest, furriest colors!  The Bamboozle is an amazingly soft cloth diaper.

The Bamboozle is made of rayon from bamboo and has a microfiber core for absorbency.  This is a fitted diaper and requires a cover.  It will take 10 washes for it to reach full absorbency!

For how-to instructions on how to use the Bamboozle fitted diaper view the video on the Bummis site.

Also recently released is the Capri Diaper Cover, which I have not tried yet :)

Did you get a chance to watch the most recent AppleCheeks reveal video? They are so FUNNY!!!! They being owners Amy and Ilana. The reveal was for the new limited edition color Purple Rain.


Really this list of new diapers could go on and on but I’m hitting a few of the majors.

I’ll end with the Peachy Green early summer collection.

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5 Responses to “Come See All the Pretty Colors and Prints Released Recently!”

  1. Bugs & Sunshine Says:

    The tie-dye one is so cute!!!


  2. Emily D Says:

    Love totsbots/bamboozle! The peachy green rainbow print is so cute!


  3. Yara Says:

    So many cute colors & prints.
    I miss cloth diapering now that my youngest is using the potty!


  4. Athena Says:

    I love the grovia velcro. Might have to pick up some new patterns for summer time t-shirt baby and for under pretty dresses.


  5. cara Says:

    Tots bots and Grovia are some of my favorites. May have to get the chicken little tots bots and the woodland grovia. I want to get some new grovia stay dry liners anyway. The flower peachy green is tempting me too but we prefer velcro to snaps.


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