Come See My Amazing Beautiful Diaper Guardian

August 31, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Since moving to California the kids and I have been discovering the different insects, birds and trees here.

The obvious differences are the trees and birds.  But, the insects has been interesting.  In Texas, especially in the country, it seems you can’t turn around without finding a nasty bug.

Besides a very unfortunate maggot incidence (I’ll spare you the story.  You should thank me.) and the ever present annoying fly we have been happy to not see scorpions, ants, mosquitoes, etc at every step.

But, the other day I had a very frightening encounter!

Not a scary bug, actually a quite beautiful one.

However, as I went to check on some hybrid fitteds basking in the sun I did not expect to find a creature praying over them.

I screamed.

Then I ran for the phone to take a photo– because who uses cameras these days?

Isn’t he or she beautiful?

I’ve named it the Diaper Guardian.

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8 Responses to “Come See My Amazing Beautiful Diaper Guardian”

  1. Jennifer G Says:

    I am in Bandera TX, so very close to where you used to live. I love to see praying mantises, is that a word?, because I’ve heard they can take a scorpion in a fight.


  2. Kelli Darter Says:

    I have had neighbor kids knock on my door and try to sell them to me.


  3. Athena Says:

    Had a prehistoric sized one crawl out of my garage last year. Literally the size of the weed whacker reel. It was great.


  4. Jen H. Says:

    I love love love them!!! They eat bugs and so much less creepy than spiders! LOL! Wish we had more here in Kansas. It’s rare to see one. But for some reason we have a ton of skinks this year, maybe the heat? They do just as well and are just as cute!


  5. Cindi Says:

    well you know i love it. insects are the bomb! especially the ones you don’t see everyday.
    would you like for me to send you some skeeters from Texas?
    i know ya miss them!


  6. Betsy Says:

    My neighbor’s tree hangs over my clothesline a bit which bugs me but what can I do!? Well when the berries started to ripen and the birds get their hands (beaks) on them I got little purple poop marks on a couple of diapers. Oddly enough this was the first bird poop run-in and of course it had to be purple poop!!!


  7. Corinna Says:

    Watch out that you don’t get a tick stuck on your diapers. That has happened to me.


  8. Rain Says:

    Very beautiful! I love them!


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