How To Convert Bum Genuis to Snaps

Crafty I’m not.  But, give me a big enough motivator and I’ll give it a try.

Bum Genius aplix after about a year is horrendous.  Motivation?  Yes.

If you have tons (or just one) of aplix Bum Genius cloth diapers and would like to convert them to snaps, follow these simple instructions.

(here is the original link) These are not my words but copy/pasted from a highly crafty (you have to be in my mind to jump into this project) and persistent (inserting this many pics in a post is a pain!) mama.

Time: about 30 mins, faster for subsequent dipes (because of your template)
Tools: Snap pliers or press, snap parts, pencil, ruler, 1 piece paper, stiletto/tailor’s awl (pliers come with this pointy tool), unpicking tool of choice, scissors.

Where to buy snap pliers: As far as where to buy the pliers they can be bought through the Notion Supply Coop on Yahoo Groups. The owner of the Coop is Serena.

Using an unpicker or your preferred method of unpicking, remove the aplix at the front of the diaper. Personally, I think the best way is to break a stitch every 4-5 stitches and every single stitch where it is double stitched (top left corner). It should then just come off really easily. You’ll then want to pick all the bits of loose thread off.

Next, cut the end of the tab off. This makes unpicking the tabs much easier – they will come apart. You can do a bit of manhandling here as the stretchy tabs can take more abuse (i.e. ripping the darn thing off with force, rather than carefully unpicking)

Here’s the tab, all unpicked!

Now you’re going to make a snap placement template for the front. This will make is much faster to do lots of BGs. You won’t have to measure the placement each time! So first, trace the outside edge of the front and cut it out.

Mark your snap placement. I put them every 2cm so they are quite close together for maximum adjustability. Place two snap caps on your template to check they aren’t too close!

Use your stiletto (awl) to poke holes through your template at the snap points.

Place template over the front of the diap and mark placement of snaps with a pencil.

Put your hand inside the dipe and use your stiletto to poke holes through the fron of the dipe but *not* through the inner layer! Be very careful as your stiletto is sharp and you don’t want holes in yourself!

Take your snap cap and put it up inside the dipe and push the prong out of on of the holes you made

Add the socket

Place in snap plier, making sure the cap fall into the die squarely. You’ll actually have the inner diaper fabric between the die and the cap. so your layers will go : die, PUL, cap, PUL, socket, upper part of plier. Press it hard!

Here is your nice, smooshed snap. Repeat for all of the holes on the front

Go through the same steps (template, mark, poke, press) for the tabs, making sure the cap goes *on the outside* and you use the other part of the snap (don’t know what this is called) instead of the socket

Sit back and admire your work!


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49 Responses to “How To Convert Bum Genuis to Snaps”

  1. Alison Says:

    Just want to clarify something. are you supposed to open the diaper so the snap isn’t visible at the pocket? I’m guessing no. that the back of the snap will be visible on the pocket part of the that correct? I’ve been wanting to do this does long time! My boys have small waists and the Velcro just isn’t cutting it anymore!


  2. Lori Says:

    So excited to try this. I was just dreading replacing Velcro since i don’t sew and 8mo is just starting to take off diapers. I hot velcro not snaps for fast changes when he was younger and fussy – but taking diapers off is just awful and bound to get worse. Right now he just undoes the velcro. Even if snaps take longer it seems worth it. Kamsnaps looks cool, they have engraved caps! Can’t decide on matching colors or contrast!


  3. Elena Says:

    Can anyone share what size snaps to get for the bumgenius 3.0 and 4.0?


  4. Paula Says:

    Bless You!!! I have a ton of 3.0s that I am tired of replacing the velcro and I can’t stand to throw away the diaper. My question: Where do I purchase the plastic snaps and tool? My local sewing stores only carry metal snap fasteners. Thanks so much!!!!


  5. Jen Says:

    I used the first link above to convert my BG 3.0’s and can I just tell you I have NOT looked back. I forgot to have one of the diapers converted and we don’t even bother using it anymore as my 2 year old can get it off in under a second. Incredibly worth the money. She did a really really good job. My parents actually lived about 45 minutes away from her so I just dropped them off and picked them up to save on shipping. Highly rec’d doing it.


  6. Marcy Says:

    Some of you have mentioned sending your diapers off to someone else to put the snaps on… how would I find someone to do this if I wanted to? I want to put snaps on my gDiapers, which seems to be a bit more involved than the BGs (tutorials I’ve seen require a sewing machine…) so I might prefer to have someone more experienced to do them, but don’t know how to find them…?


  7. Jen Says:

    Just trying to figure out if this is really going to be cost effective for me. I have 18 BG 3.0’s. I have no supplies to start out with. Can you give me a guestimate for how much I am talking to convert myself. Also any references for sending them out to have someone else do it for me :)
    Thanks for the great info!


  8. tia Says:

    can you do this with thirsties diapers as well? i would like to convert my aplix covers to snaps.


  9. JoAnne Says:

    Question for you on the conversion: do the holes left over from removing the Aplix seal up? And have you had leaking troubles?

    My parents JUST bought us 9 BumGenius OS pockets, and I own a snap press. I’ve been wondering if I’d prefer to have them as snap diapers from the get-go, or if I should wait and let the velcro wear out first?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have not done this conversion myself (I only have snaps). I have not heard of any leaking problems.


  10. alice Says:

    i was soooo happy to find this page! i have a 3 yr old who is daytime potty trained and a 14 mnth old still in sposies. i just converted to cloth this week and was getting frustrated. i bought some bg used at an unbelieveable price, but they were too pricey for me to stomach buying addt’l new ones. so i found a lady locally that sold me alot of her mismatched stash. they r all size large, but even though my son is over 20lbs, the are not as snug as i would like. so i got to thinking the main reason i wanted the bg was b/c of the grow w/me feature of the snaps. i am gong to buy a snap press today and give it a go! :)


  11. Lauren Nixon Says:

    Just checking this out as I was considering this… I’m not sure what to do, ’cause I LOVE the flexibility of aplix, but mine are all worn and stuff. However, I had been putting them in the dryer and just recently put up a clothes line so I can sun dry them. I have the velcro replacements for tabs, but the front/waist is looking sad too. Dunno what to do.

    @Sonya: This site I just came across has several tutorials for different types:


  12. Sonya Says:

    I got really excited when I found this tutorial because someone recently gave me 30+ BG AIO’s. They all need new velcro so I’ve been busy removing it for the last week, then it dawned on me this tutorial is for the pockets (which I have a handful of) so I’m wondering… Is there a way to use this for the AIO’s? Can I hide the snaps or will they be exposed on the inner side of the diaper?

    Love the site, great info!!! :)


    • Anonymous Says:

      contoured dipes that require covers (like kissaluvs, bamboozles, etc) all have snap fasteners, with the interior part of the snap against baby’s skin – the original snaps are simply a flat plastic plate, so there’s nothing to scratch the baby’s skin. If you wanted, maybe you could just hand sew a strip of microfleece over the line of snaps, if it really bothers you.
      I have BG pockets, as well as a bunch of AIOs, all in need of new fasteners. I’m totally going to try this – my concern is if the snaps will work when they have to go through so many layers of fabric with an AIO. Has anyone else done a snaps conversion on an AIO successfully?


  13. Carolyn H Says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just tried it out and it looks great! Now to try it on the baby… :) And hopefully, convert the rest of my 12 BGs!


  14. beth W Says:

    Just ordered myself the pliers and 200 snaps for $34.95. Awesome. I was thinking I was going to send some off to have them switched to snaps, at $3.50 per diaper. This way I can do all mine for about half what it would have cost me otherwise. My real issue with my Bg’s is that the waist velcro is really bad too, not just the tabs. While the tabs are easy to replace, the waist won’t go in the machine and has to be hand-sewn and I just don’t think it will hold up as well. My little guy is 2 and I hope he’ll be potty training soon, but if I fix these they will be good for nighttime still even if he does potty train, and I can pack them away for #5 should we have him/her! :) Otherwise I was about to start throwing them away! I am a big fan of snaps as the babes are less likely to pull them off themselves and they don’t all stick together in the wash!


  15. Lydia Says:

    This is so cool! I was so excited and happy when I found this page. I’ve been searching for a way to do snaps on my diapers myself, instead of having to send them to someone else. Plus, I don’t have the money to buy a press, nor do I have enough dipes to want to, but I can afford those pliers. I’m so thrilled now! I’m still a little new to cloth diapering and I’m thinking of attempting to convert my flip covers and inserts, so I can snap the inserts to the covers and make diaper changes a bit easier, has anyone else thought about this? Do you think it’d even be possible with the pliers? Sorry about asking questions on the blog, but I don’t know where else to put this. Thanks!!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I think it would be a great idea! The only problem is that you would have an exposed snap on the insert. Don’t think I’d like that.

      You can always ask questions here! Just add a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can :)


    • Kelly Says:

      Lydia I was thinking the same thing, not only do I want to remove the velcro (cause its a pain in the butt) and convert my all in ones from velcro to snaps (so glad I found this site) I also want to just like you maybe put snaps on the fli


      • Kellyer Says:

        sorry my daughter started grabbing my computer and submitted that comment before I finished. I also want to put snaps on the flip inserts and on the flip covers. They bunch up so much and wont stay put so she (if she goes #2) it goes all over the place and all over the cover so I can’t reuse it. I hate this. I have not tried it yet but hopefully I can find some small snaps to use so that they wont be annoying for my daughter.


    • VandeBee Says:

      I am thinking of doing the same thing too! I don’t see why it shouldn’t/wouldn’t work! GroBaby/GroVia inserts and shells have snaps on them. Maybe with metal snaps though, as they seem to lie a bit more flush with the fabric…


  16. Jan Richardson Says:

    Thanks so much!!


  17. Tara Says:

    I ordered mine from, they have pliers and snaps. just tell them I sent you.


  18. Jan Richardson Says:

    Can someone tell me where to find the plastic snaps. I’ve searched Joannes and they don’t carry any. I don’t mind ordering off line but I haven’t had much luck there either. Thanks!!


  19. Shevawn Says:

    I love this idea!! Just so everyone knows Cotton Babies the manufacturer will replace the Velcro or try to help up to a year from when you bought them (with proof)! At ten months I called and sent them in I had 15. I got all new covers back within two weeks . Great customer service! Now they are looking a bit shabby so I will keep this in mind thank you!


  20. Maria Darden Says:

    I really like this idea. My BG diapers are seriously wearing out. The velcro and tabs are worn out on a lot of them and leg elastic is strecthed out on some as well. I must say I am disappointed they didn’t hold up better, I have always washed them per instructions, and used a diaper doubler at night, which they say you can do, but which strecthed out the leg elastic. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore, and I don’t think they will last through another babe this way. However, I have 3 pockets with snaps that I like much better. They fit kind of funny, but the snaps are durable, and DS can’t take them off. I am not too crafty though, so maybe I either need to get my mom to help me convert them, or I can send them away. How do you find A WAH mom to convert them? I would love to get more use out of my BG, as I have about 18 and it is the only diaper we are using.


  21. sugrmag Says:

    Wow, wonder how much it would cost me to pay someone to convert the 18 of mine…I was about to send a couple back to be replaced.


  22. Camille Says:

    I am SO THRILLED to see this! I was just about to send my BGs back to have the Aplix replaced but this will be SO MUCH BETTER!!! Thank you for sharing your hard work! ~camille :)


  23. Kristen Says:

    I thought snaps would be the way to go with diapers but I found that there is less flexablilty in size, what your baby is between snaps. With velcro you can put it anyhwere. I find it is the hook that wears out much faster then the loop and it is so easy to sew a new tab on the way they have assembled it on the BGs. I guess if your not a sewer that would make it a bit more difficult.
    though it is nice to get the info on where to buy snap pliers. i’ve never seen pliers just a snap press and it is very pricy


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I agree with you, Kristen, that you can get a snugger fit with aplix. I actually prefer it over snaps except with my bg organics.


  24. Amanda Says:

    Okay I LOVE this idea…now maybe a stupid question…but where do you get the snaps like that!? Is there someplace I can order them online? I don’t live near any fabric stores, so this would be really helpful! THANK YOU!

    (please email me the answer…I read so many diaper blogs, I’ll probably forget to check back for the answer…until I don’t need it any more! :P THANK YOU!!!)


  25. Jill Says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! I have tons of BGs that needs some work (just the hook& loops) & this is just the best way to do it! thanks Autumn for sharing this!


  26. Heidi Says:

    This is AWESOME!! 10 minutes ago I was thinking about this very thing. These instructions even make it look easy :D



  27. Yara Says:

    gee my spelling is horrible when I type one handed, nursing, and not wearing my glasses.


  28. Yara Says:

    I was gonna do this. I really was. I got all excited since I had 2 bamboo bum genious dipes, they fell apart too quickly, and the co sent me 2 pockets to replace them. The aplix is awful.
    BUT I got tired just looking at all those pictures (so many steps!) and I’m not feeling like tackling it today.
    But I will wash the dipe & hate the tabs & be back… this much I know ; )


  29. Emily Says:

    I really, really need to do this or get it done to my BG’s, which I have had for about 15 months. The velcro looks pretty rough, but the bigger problem is that my daugter has learned to undo the velcro and take off her diaper, even under clothing! She’s a sneaky little thing and gets so proud of herself when she does it!


  30. Julie Says:

    Great idea. I’ve forgotten that you can do this. My velcro is shot too, after 8 months. And my son just figured out that he can play with the velcro. It’ll be no time before he figures out that he can take off his diaper. I’m not a fan of snaps though…i feel like it takes too long to put on the diaper. But with the velcro going…this may be a great way to revive them.


  31. kelly Says:

    I may try – the aplix is starting to look shabby after 6-7 months. I thought it was my fault.


  32. Melissa Says:

    I just sent 25 of my diapers away to have a WAH Mama convert them to snaps for me. Great results! After a year with two in cloth full time the tabs were a joke. I also notice that they seem trimmer since the conversion. Love em!


  33. Tiffani Says:

    THANK YOU! My aplix on all my BGs (mostly what I have) is shot and my hub has been growly about it, so this will solve the problem!



  34. Alison Says:

    You can buy snap pliers at for $35 comes with 200 snaps! Ships for Free. I love my pliers, very easy to use!!


  35. Liz Says:

    THANK YOU so much for posting this! I am hoping my BG’s can make it through the summer before I convert them to snaps. How much do the pliers cost? Just wondering if its really worth it, money wise…how much did it cost you (pliers and snaps?)


  36. Cinthia Says:

    I have this bookmarked from the first time I saw it on DS. I’ve been afraid to do it because I don’t want to mess it up. But seeing it again here, I think I may do it now. :)


  37. kylie Says:

    you have inspired me to try to find a snap press for cheap and do this. I am sending away one BG for conversion but maybe it is worth the $ because I can do it myself, plus then I can use it on my unpaper towels too


  38. Elizabeth Says:

    This is the best idea! I absolutely hate the tabs too!


  39. Kelly Says:

    Nice work! I was just wondering if there was a way to do something like this. My Bum Genius diapers are in great shape after a year….it is just the aplix that needs serious help. Not to mention my daughter has learned to undo the aplix. She hasn’t figured out snaps yet!


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