Cutiepoops Cloth Diapers’ Monthly Giveaway

April 4, 2010

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I am honored to be the host of Cutiepoops’ monthly giveaway over the next few months! From now through July, Adrian will close her shop as she catches up on a mountain of orders. Praise the Lord for that burden!

During this time, however, since you can’t buy Cutiepoops in-stock anywhere Adrian will give one away every month until she reopens her store.

Sounds like a good plan to me!

This month up for grabs is the new one-size pocket diaper. This is the new style that will be in-stock when reopens the Summer. Cutiepoops one-size cloth diapers have a suedecloth inner and adjustable snap elastic inside the pocket. Similar (but not copyright infringement similar ;) ) to the Fuzzibunz one-size and Softbums.

The diaper for the giveaway has a tiny spot of glue on the outer tab but is otherwise in perfect new condition.

I have not had a chance to post my personal review of Cutiepoops. As a matter of fact, the day I was going to post it Adrian announced she was temporarily closing the store. Not a good time to do a review! I will post that review in a few months but in the meantime I’ll give you a hint as to whether I like them…

This picture was taken about 2 months ago and entered into a cloth diaper photo contest…he didn’t win it but he sure LOVES his Cutiepoops!

Follow these steps to enter the Cutiepoops Cloth Diaper giveaway! (separate comments for each entry)

  1. Become a fan of Cutiepoops on Facebook
  2. What is your favorite cloth diaper you’ve owned, one that would pain you to part with?
  3. Hop on over to and “Follow” her (left hand side of the page)
  4. Tweet, blog or post on a forum about this giveaway. You may tweet 1x per day for entries.
  5. Add All About Cloth Diapers button to your blog (new additions only)

Contest will end Sunday April 11, 2010.

I will be camping Wed-Sat so if you don’t see your entries approved, don’t panic :) They will be.

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208 Responses to “Cutiepoops Cloth Diapers’ Monthly Giveaway”

  1. Jen Says:

    My favorite diapers are my embroidered Green Acre Designs! No red marks on his thighs, no leaks, strong snaps, trim and CUTE!

  2. Jen Says:

    Became a FB fan of CP!

  3. Erin Says:

    We love our BGs and FB- but my favorite so far has been my cuddlebuns (only have 1 :( These cuttiepoops look so … well – CUTE!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have a Cheeky Diaper that is the cutest thing ever! I would not want to part with it and am SO glad it’s a one-size.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I love most anything One Size: BG 3.0, Tiny Tush, HH, RaR. I am starting to really like fitteds.

  6. Melissa Phinney Says:

    I follow the cutiepoops blog!

  7. Melissa Phinney Says:

    Our favorite cloth diaper we’ve owned is the BumGenius 3.0 one sized diapers!

  8. Melissa Phinney Says:

    I’m a fan of Cutiepoops on facebook!

    Melissa Phinney

  9. Ashley Bedford Says:

    My favorite cloth diaper is one of my Cutiepoops! Well, two. I won the design your dream diaper contest in the beginning of the year, so my favorite one is my Recycle print fabric Cutiepoop! My daughter and I had a blast making it, and Cutiepoops are high quality diapers.

  10. Ashley Bedford Says:

    Following Cutiepoops

  11. Ashey Bedford Says:

    Fan on Facebook

  12. Amanda Robertson Says:

    I have to say since nearly my entire stash is comprised of BG 3.0’s that I would not be able to function without them. While I love them (all 26 of them…) I see all kinds of new and improved diapers that I never had a chance to try as well as tons from WAHM’s and just wish I hadn’t splurged on so many of one kind! I’m considering investing in SOMETHING (not sure what) for overnight use. At 7 months Charlotte is now heavily wetting at night and double hemp inserts in her BG don’t seem to work nor do doubled up flip organic inserts in the flip cover. I’d LOVE to win this and give something new a try!

  13. Amanda Robertson Says:

    Following the Cutiepoops blog!

  14. amanda robertson Says:

    I’m a fan of Cutiepoops on facebook!

  15. Debbie Says:

    My favorite Diaper I have so far, I’m new to CD, is my Flip Diaper…just ordered another one.

  16. Debbie Says:

    I follow the Cutiepoops Blog via Google Friend Connect

  17. Debbie Says:

    I’m a fan of Cutiepoops Diapers on Facebook (Debbie S. G.)

  18. Karen Says:

    I pretty much only have used the fuzzibunz one size and I love them, but I always like to try out something new.

  19. Nicole Says:

    Became a fb fan! :)

  20. Nicole M. Says:

    I am a *new (since your video link/review)* HUGE fan of Rumparooz! I have been using BGOS for 2 years, but just ordered my first two RR and I find myself washing them everyday so I can put them back on my little guy! They are SO soft and the quality fabric is so impressive! I haven’t tried the Cutiepoops, but would love the chance to ;) !

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Congratulations, Nicole M. !!!! You were randomly selected by as the winner of the Cutiepoops diaper!

  21. Terra Jones Says:

    Following the Cutiepoops blog!


  22. Terra Jones Says:

    Our favorite diaper is the older style Pocket Change – the new ones just don’t compete.

  23. Terra Jones Says:

    I became a FB fan of cutiepoops!


  24. tgal Says:

    it would pain me to part with my flats. i love folding them i can fold them a different ay each time if i want to.

  25. maria leblanc Says:

    I follow

  26. maria leblanc Says:

    My favorite so far is the flip diaper system. So easy to use and you can use the staydry inserts with any cover! …I love smartipants too th0ugh so I couldnt live without BOTH!

  27. maria leblanc Says:

    im a fan of cutiepoops

  28. Heather Says:

    I’m following the Cutiepoops blog! :)

  29. Heather Says:

    I’ve tried a lot of cloth diapers, and my all all-time favorite is a prefold under a luxe baby wool cover.

  30. Asashia Says:

    cutiepoops fan on Facebook

  31. Asashia Says:

    Love, love, love, my organic Flips!

  32. Heather Says:

    I just became a Cutiepoops fan on FB! :)

  33. Michelle Says:

    Became a fan on facebook.

  34. Michelle Says:

    My one diaper I love is a Happy Heiny one with Peace sign bears on it. I like the diaper itself and my son loves the images on it.

  35. Michelle Says:

    I signed up to follow her blog.

  36. Jill Says:

    My favorite diaper is hard to say. I like mine all for different reasons, but as far as COLOR goes, it would be my sunshine yellow rumparooz. It’s very cheery and makes me SOOOO happy to see my baby with a fluffy yellow butt!

  37. Jill Says:

    I follow her blog!

  38. Jill Says:

    I became a CP facebook fan

  39. Idah Says:

    I have pretty much used Coolababy Cloth Diaper for both of my son. One size, cheap and well made. I would like to try the cutiepoops for my sons!

  40. Jaqulene Says:

    I follow Cutiepoops blog.

  41. Jaqulene Says:

    I am a facebook follower of Cutiepoops.

  42. Jaqulene Says:

    My go to diaper is the bg 3.0 due to how easy it is to get a good fit. My issues with the bg 3.0 regarding the velcro and the PRICE! I love that Cutiepoops are AFFORDABLE!

  43. Jaqulene Says:

    I am currently using a combo of prefolds, bg 3.0, fb os, and flip diapers.

  44. Jen Says:

    Fav. diaper is my BG 3.0’s!

  45. Jen Says:

    Added your button to my blog.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I just became a facebook fan!!

  47. Carol Noren Says:

    Became a fan on Facebook

  48. Carol Says:

    I could never part with…prefolds. I use them with a wool cover or as stuffing in a pocket. I like trying other diapers though and I have many in my stash but if I could only keep one style……..

  49. Kim Says:

    My favorite dipes are from cloth diaper wholesale. One size, cheap, well made, and snaps rather than aplix. Always up to try something new tho. :D

  50. Shauna H. Says:

    Posted giveaway on facebook.

  51. Shauna H. Says:

    I follow the cutiepoops blog.

  52. Shauna H. Says:

    I’d die to part with my Rumparooz and my two Cutiepoops! I got to custom design my fabric for Adrian to create diapers with for my little man. :)

  53. Shauna H. Says:

    I have been a fan of Cutiepoops on facebook for quite a while now. I love Adrian!

  54. Carrie Peterson Says:

    I became a fan of cutie poops , became a follower of her blog, and also mentioned the give away on my blog, even posted a pic of her new cutie poops! Oh, and commented above! Everytime I am asked by someone about CD I always give them this blog address as my #1 resource for all things CD!! (I know that’s not worth an entry, but thought I’d mention it anyway!!!)

    I think I did the picture wrong… try again…

  55. Rachel Says:

    I love my Thirsties!

  56. Rachel Says:

    Facebook fan

  57. Carrie Peterson Says:

    I have to say I will always love BG except for the whole velcro thing but have converted some to snaps. I don’t think I’ve ever had one leak, even overnight with a power-peer that my 2 1/2 year old is! I ordered some cutie poops just in time before she closed her orders for a while, so can’t wait to get those in the mail! So far I love the ‘in stock’ one I bought last week. It’s very well made. I make my own dipes for my kids so I know how important it is to be precise. Here’s my new little 5 week old in her cutie poops.[img][/img]

  58. Steph C Says:

    I follow cutiepoops blog (Stephie C)

  59. Steph C Says:

    SO far our fave is a fuzzibunz…we are waiting to grow into our cutiepoops still!

  60. Steph C Says:

    I am a facebook fan Stephanie Cobb

  61. Miranda Says:

    Became a fan!

  62. Miranda Says:

    My favorite cloth diaper that I’ve ever owned or that would pain me to part with… prefolds <3. They are my go to diaper during the day.

  63. Miranda Says:

    Became a fan :)

  64. carra Says:

    I love my ooga booga medium pocket cutiepoops dipe.

  65. Audrey Says:

    Follower of cutiepoops blog via gfc (_26Mama26_)

  66. Megan Says:

    We could not part with our BG AIO Organics….love them!

  67. Audrey Says:

    FB fan of cuitepoops (Audrey.Murray26)

  68. Valerie Says:

    I’m a follower of cutiepoops :)

  69. Valerie Says:

    My favorite cloth diaper is the Bumware Extreme AIO – it was so hard to find clothes that fit my very chubby daughter with a cloth diaper bum, but these are SO trim – love them!

  70. Cristina g Says:

    could use whatever I get my hands on.. pick me..

  71. Jennifer Says:

    I just subscribed to the cutiepoops blog.

  72. Isha Tan Says:

    I follow the Cutiepoops blog.

  73. Julia Says:

    I’m now following the Cutiepoops blog.

  74. Boleyn Says:

    i’m a FB fan now

  75. Julia Says:

    This is a tough question – I would have answered differently a month ago, but I recently got a Flip cover to use with my prefolds and fell in love with it. I use it as much as possible now & am awaiting the day I can purchase more.

  76. Julia Says:

    Became a fan of Cutiepoops on facebook!

  77. Boleyn Says:

    2. I love Monkey Doodlez CDs because they are so soft. The inside of them are coloured so you can’t tell if they are stained or not. Excellent quality CDs.

  78. Karen Says:

    I couldn’t live without my FLIP dipe!!!!!!! I have 2 covers and can use with prefolds, FLIP inserts, etc. They are so versatile and require less space in the diaper bag, not to mention they are pretty trim, too!

    I also love Softbums but they are a bit pricey.

  79. Karen Says:

    Following CP blog publicly.

  80. Karen Says:

    FB FAN of CutiePoops!
    Karen Bridges

  81. robynn Says:

    my favorite diaper is my kiwi pie fitted diapers. if i had to get rid of them i would cry

  82. robynn Says:

    i became a fan of Cutiepoops on Facebook

  83. Jane Smith Says:

    My favourite diaper is my OBB Very Baby bamboo fitted with a yummy unicorn embroidered on the butt. Fab.

  84. Alyssa Nelson Says:

    I follow Cutiepoops blog too!

  85. Alyssa Nelson Says:

    I LOVE my NuBunz diapers! They are my go to diaper. Especially for my petite little girl. They also work GREAT on her twin brother who is bigger and a different shape than her.

  86. Alyssa Nelson Says:

    I am a fan on Facebook of Cutiepoops Diapers! I can’t wait to get my order!

  87. Elisabeth Says:

    I love my “guess how much I love you” goodmama! It holds up all night on my little one and I like putting him into bed in a diaper that tells him how much I love him. :)

  88. Sonya Says:

    I have pretty much used Fuzzi Bunz exclusively. But…I just started using the one-size and they are definitely my favorite at the moment. I would love to give the cutiepoops a try! (Btw, what a cute name!)