Cutiepoops Cloth Diapers’ Monthly Giveaway

April 4, 2010

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I am honored to be the host of Cutiepoops’ monthly giveaway over the next few months! From now through July, Adrian will close her shop as she catches up on a mountain of orders. Praise the Lord for that burden!

During this time, however, since you can’t buy Cutiepoops in-stock anywhere Adrian will give one away every month until she reopens her store.

Sounds like a good plan to me!

This month up for grabs is the new one-size pocket diaper. This is the new style that will be in-stock when reopens the Summer. Cutiepoops one-size cloth diapers have a suedecloth inner and adjustable snap elastic inside the pocket. Similar (but not copyright infringement similar ;) ) to the Fuzzibunz one-size and Softbums.

The diaper for the giveaway has a tiny spot of glue on the outer tab but is otherwise in perfect new condition.

I have not had a chance to post my personal review of Cutiepoops. As a matter of fact, the day I was going to post it Adrian announced she was temporarily closing the store. Not a good time to do a review! I will post that review in a few months but in the meantime I’ll give you a hint as to whether I like them…

This picture was taken about 2 months ago and entered into a cloth diaper photo contest…he didn’t win it but he sure LOVES his Cutiepoops!

Follow these steps to enter the Cutiepoops Cloth Diaper giveaway! (separate comments for each entry)

  1. Become a fan of Cutiepoops on Facebook
  2. What is your favorite cloth diaper you’ve owned, one that would pain you to part with?
  3. Hop on over to and “Follow” her (left hand side of the page)
  4. Tweet, blog or post on a forum about this giveaway. You may tweet 1x per day for entries.
  5. Add All About Cloth Diapers button to your blog (new additions only)

Contest will end Sunday April 11, 2010.

I will be camping Wed-Sat so if you don’t see your entries approved, don’t panic :) They will be.

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. Autumn enjoys writing but would choose camping with her family any day!

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208 Responses to “Cutiepoops Cloth Diapers’ Monthly Giveaway”

  1. rebecca Says:

    I love Crickett’s and Softbums

  2. rebecca Says:

    I am a follower!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    I’m still really new to cloth diapers so I haven’t found the “one” I love yet.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I follow Cutiepoops Blog

  5. Tiffany Says:

    I’m a fan of Cutiepoops on Facebook

  6. Erin Says:

    Blueberry diapers, they are the only ones that work at night for my daughter.

  7. Denise Sanborn Says:

    Follower on facebook

  8. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    Joined the Cutie Poops blog.

  9. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    My favorite cloth diaper… Pooters Hemp Fitted (of course!)

  10. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    Just became a fan on facebook.

  11. Myrna Hynes Says:

    Just started following the Cutiepoops blog :)

  12. Hope Cooley Says:

    Following her blog:)

  13. Heather Says:

    I am a fan on facebook and I could not part with my Cheeky diapers. As of right now they are my fav…hoping my cutiepoops on the way will become my new favs.

  14. Nancy Says:

    I would not want to part with my prefolds and covers! I love them soo much!!!

  15. Nancy Says:

    I follow the cutiepoops blog :)

  16. Beth Says:

    i love my mother ease cloth diapers…but haven’t tried much else. Would love to try them out!

  17. tami Says:

    i love our bumgeniuses – they are the most reliable diapers we have!

  18. Jessica Millson Says:

    My favorite cloth diap is the Bum Genius 3.0…Fuzzi Bunz are a close second though!

  19. Autumn Jones Says:

    ***Also: fan on facebook

    ***AND following the blog

  20. Autumn Jones Says:

    My fav so far is Bum Genius!

  21. katie Says:

    It would pain me to part with my new Chubby Cherubs diaper. We have the ladybugs on pink one, and it is so pretty!

  22. katie Says:

    I became a fan of Cutiepoops on facebook.

  23. Cristina g Says:

    following the blog

  24. Jaime Says:

    became a FB fan

  25. Cara Says:

    I cannot live without my prefolds. Pretty much that’s all I use with a Thirsties cover. For me, they absorb the most quickly. I have terry inserts and they absorb more than prefolds but they can’t handle a lot at once. And I also love my Hemp BigWeeds.

    Just became a fan, follower, blogged it, and added link to this site. Fingers crossed ;)

  26. Erin Ellsworth Says:

    i have not yet found a cloth diaper that I could not part with. maybe this type will be it. I have tried Kushies and fuzzybunz. I have also made a few which I use with a cover.

  27. Jessica S. Says:

    I blogged about the giveaway here:
    jessy.spencer AT gmail DOT com

  28. Kathryn Stevens Says:

    Just became a fan on Facebook!

  29. Jessica S. Says:

    I don’t really have a favorite cloth diaper. With my previous, I used prefolds because they were affordable, but with my new little one due this summer, I’m hoping to branch out a bit!

  30. Jessica S. Says:

    Following Cutiopoops blog

  31. Kaylyn Buckner Says:

    I follow CutiePoops blog.

  32. Kaylyn Buckner Says:

    As of right now it’s a Monkey Snuggles Tye Dyed Fitted. I am in LOVE! It’s so soft and colors are so adorable!

  33. Kaylyn Buckner Says:

    I follow Cutiepoops on FAcebook.

    Kaylyn Buckner

  34. Becky Says:

    I absolutely love my Imse Vimse covers, and would be pained to part with them!

  35. Becky Says:

    Following Cutiepoops Blog

  36. Becky Says:

    Became a fan on FaceBook

  37. Andrea Says:

    My favorite diapers that would be very hard to part with would be: my one-size AMP pockets & my BG pockets. I also LOVE my adorable monster print RaR’s.

  38. Janey Backer Says:

    just started to follow her blog!

  39. Janey Backer Says:

    I would be very sad and miss my bumGenius diapers.

  40. Janey Backer Says:

    I just become a FB fan!

  41. Shannon Ropp Says:

    No real favorites, I guess if I had to pic it would be Bum Geniuss 3.0. But they need snaps to be perfect.

  42. Caroline Says:

    I follow CutiePoops blog.

  43. Caroline Says:

    My favorite cloth diaper so far is Rumparooz Lil’ Joey. (We’ve only dealt with the newborn stuff at this point.)

  44. Caroline Says:

    I am a fan of CutiePoops on FB!

  45. Jenifer Says:

    I am also a FB fan

  46. Jenifer Says:

    Hi, I love my BG sized and the OS but am anxiously waiting to try my ordered Cutiepoops. I am so excited about getting them. Another Oklahoma mama has had nothing but good things to say about them, she has me so hyped up about them.

  47. Lori Says:

    Love Fuzzi Bunz!

  48. Lori Says:

    I’m a fan!

  49. Ashley Says:

    5. I dont have a blog but I put the link on my myspace and Cafemom accounts :)

  50. Ashley Says:

    4. Posted on my FB notes tab and journal in Cafe mom

  51. Ashley Says:

    3. Followed :)

  52. Ashley Says:

    2. IDKwhich is my favorite cloth diaper yet, I just switched to cloth. Better late then never. I will def be using nothing but cloth diapers for all my future babies :D

  53. Ashley Says:

    It was meant to be taht I use cutiepoops!! I found the webite the lastday she was eccepting orders and I quickly placed mine lol.
    I am a FB fan (Ashley Hammock)

  54. Shannon @ Coupon Mommy of 3 Says:

    I added your button to my blog here: and it is the last one currently at the bottom.

  55. Shannon @ Coupon Mommy of 3 Says:

    I follow Cutiepoops blog.

  56. Shannon @ Coupon Mommy of 3 Says:

    Oops answered this in the other post, but I don’t have a specifc diaper I stick to, however the husband on the other hand, he loves Preston Pants Diapers and would hate not having them.

  57. Shannon @ Coupon Mommy of 3 Says:

    I am a facebook fan of Cutiepoops —-they are adorable, I would love to try these. I am a mama who doesn’t have a preferred diaper she sticks to!

  58. Emily Says:

    I usally use good old prefolds but have fallen in love with the Softbums, they are so form fitting with good absorption. I don’t know about you but it can be hard to fit some cloth diapers under jeans!

  59. Debbie Says:

    It would pain me to part from my flips and gms!

  60. Chantelle Says:

    Added All About Cloth Diaper Button to my blog. It doesn’t blink – but the link works!

  61. Chantelle Says:

    Following Cutiepoops Blog

  62. Chantelle Says:

    My favourite diaper so far would be Mums Bums AIO!

  63. Chantelle Says:

    I am a cutiepoops facebook fan!

  64. Mary M. Says:

    new follower on cutiepoop’s blog

  65. Mary M. Says:

    i’m still very new to cloth diapering, so haven’t formed strong attachments to any particular diaper yet ( :-O ) but I’d have to say Rumparooz is my favorite so far.

  66. Mary M. Says:

    new fan on facebook

  67. Melissa Says:

    new Blog Follower!

  68. Melissa Says:

    My all time favorite cloth diaper is Apple Cheeks or FB OS!

  69. Melissa Says:

    Facebook Fan!

  70. sarah davis Says:

    i do not tweet…sorry, but i wrote about the giveaway on my FB page.

  71. sarah davis Says:

    my favorite diapers are bumgenius organics and sposoeasy. TIE.

  72. sarah davis Says:

    I became a fan on FB.

  73. Jessica Says:

    I am now following Cutiepoops blog!

  74. Jessica Says:

    I have just started CDing, but my favorite so far are Fuzzibuns. This looks similar!

  75. Jessica Says:

    I became a fan of Cutiepoops on FB!

  76. Jill Says:

    I am a follower of her blog. =)

  77. Jill Says:

    Became a fan of Cutiepoops on FB!

  78. Nancy Says:

    I’m a fan on facebook

  79. Linnea Says:

    My fav. diaper right now is the Blueberry pocket minky cow print. It is so adorable on and super soft!

  80. Linnea Says:

    I’m a follower of the blog!

  81. Linnea Says:

    I’m a fb fan

  82. Julia Says:

    I have not started using cloth diapers yet. My 4th girl is due in August and this will be my first time using cloth. I don’t know my favorite yet! I want to get 1 of as many brands as I can, so I can decide which one I like best! There are so many coices out there though!

  83. Julia Says:

    I am now following the Cutiepoops blog! These new things are kind of neat! I’m learning more about the internet, just by trying to win free cloth diapers!
    Now if i could just remember the logins for all these new things!

  84. Julia Says:

    I became a fan of Cutiepoops on Facebook. That’s the extent of my web knowledge! This Twitter thing is too much! I just stay away from that. With all these giveaways using tweets, I really should check it out!

  85. Jen Says:

    Now following Cutie Poops Blog.