I feel so humbled to be able to bring all of you TRUTHFUL information for you to use in your cloth diaper journey.  As you may have noticed All About Cloth Diapers is blessed to have many advertisers.  Their ads can be seen at the top of the right sidebar.  I do not show partiality to my advertisers.

Occasionally I will be asked to review a cloth diaper in which the company will provide me with a free sample.  This DOES NOT mean that I will blog about it, however. The only reviews that make it to my blog are the ones that stand behind and I they will only contain my HONEST opinion.  There are times when I may opt to provide you with an interview or background information on a company.  This gives you the opportunity to discover a new cloth diaper without my opinion attached to it.

Giveaways are done at the request of the company and the prize is provided by them.  Occasionally, I will donate a cloth diaper or accessory just because I really like it :)

I do NOT accept payment or product in return for a positive review.  If you read a good review it’s because I actually like it.

Please remember that my blog contains only my opinions.  What works for me may be disastrous for you.

You will also find numerous links to places you can buy items I reference. Many of them are affiliate links. This simply means that if you purchase through the link you will be helping to compensate me for the time and effort I put into educating others on the benefits of cloth diapering.  Thank you!!

**Disclaimer** I cannot be held personally liable for any damage done to your cloth diapers and accessories. The advice given has been tested by myself but I encourage you to cover your bases before you implement advice, specifically washing instructions.

7 Responses to “Disclosure”

  1. Suella Says:

    Can you please explain to this grannie how the inserts are better than folding an old square nappy & inserting them into a cover?


  2. Gabrielle B Says:

    I am only 15 weeks along and have always known I would use cloth diapers. I also know that to start out they seem to be a little $$$ but in the end its well worth it. Due to the money issues of being a first time mom and with money being spend all over the place on baby I have decided to go with some ebay options online. I do however plan on buying a few different brands and types on ebay. I am very crafty myself and after I do find the perfect diaper I will then be making my own cloth diapers. I have planned on getting AI2 diapers I plan on using a insert that will be homemade and then followed by a biodegradable liner for easier cleaning. My question is I know you should never have microfiber touch babys bum because it will dry out the skin. would the biodegradable liner be good enough between the microfiber homemade insert or will I have to make my liners with a outer layer to prevent babys bum from getting chapped or dry?

    and if so what type of material should I use? Could I just use Microfleece or is that also the same as the fiber as far as drying out babys bum.


  3. Robyn Says:

    Hi Autumn, I hope you can help a newbie with 2 easy questions: 1- I have just started with softbums and have 1 cover and a few inserts (obviously not enough) and want to get a few more of the omni’s. HOW do I purchase these? I don’t even know when they will be available. I don’t want to get more of the Echo until I also try an Omni, but I am anxious to start the CD journey!

    Also, what are all the kinds of recommended CD detergents? I would love to get one local at Wholefoods to not pay shipping, but looking for a list of all that are okay to use.

    Many thanks!! Robyn


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I am not sure when the Omni diapers will be available for purchase. I’ve asked but not received an answer yet. Check out the “My Recommendations” tab for detergents.


  4. Kris Says:

    Baby number 4 is due soon and i would love to start cloth diapering this time around. I plan on buying a few different brands before deciding on one fav, I was wondering have you ever heard of the kushies ultra lite diaper. I saw it on ebay and thought I might give it a try. I was wondering if you have tried these before


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I would not go with Kushies. They leak a lot. Check out the tabs “My Recommendations” and “New to Cloth Diapering”


  5. Anne Says:

    I have committed to making cloth diapers for my future grandchild (June) and have been researching all types. Your website has provided invaluable information and I thank you for that. I purchased the one I like and will attempt to copy the style. But I am having a really hard time finding bamboo/cotton fabric in Canada. The only site I found in US does not return any of my email requests for information, so I am at a loss as how to proceed on my quest. Also, I cannot find anywhere in Canada that sells the snap press and snaps. Any information you can provide will be most appreciated.


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