Do You Cloth Diaper Full Time?

October 3, 2008

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diapering is definitely just another part of our life. There is no thinking about it, it just is. Kind of like wearing underwear everyday :D.

Cloth diapering is a decision we made as a family for very specific reasons. If you are cloth diapering for the novelty of it (boy is this ever the reason I buy the cute fluff!) you may feel less committed to full time.

When we decided to use cloth diapers to avoid the harmful chemicals present in disposables, it was a firm decision we believed in 100%. Therefore, when life is hectic resorting to using disposables for convenience isn’t an option. That would mean that the harmful chemicals were okay for a little while and I certainly don’t believe that.

The same goes for eating. If a family says no fast food because of their preference for highly nutritious, health building meals, would it be okay to pull through McDonalds on family car trip? No! All this does is teach our children that a decision isn’t set in stone. They are left wondering what is true all the time and what fluctuates based on schedule.

Now not everyone who cloth diapers will fit into the same group as our family. If you choose to cloth diaper for financial reasons then using the occasional disposable diaper may fit into your budget. When there is extra money your family may choose to stock up on disposables. I don’t see this as a contradiction.

However, choosing to cloth diaper for environmental reasons then tossing a disposable diaper in the garbage is a huge contradiction. Yes, a family is certainly decreasing the number of diapers in landfills by even cloth diapering part time. But, precious environmental resources were still wasted on that convenience diaper.

Here are some ways to make it easier for your family to cloth diaper full time:

1) Don’t buy disposable diapers. Up till this year I had disposables in the house. That left the temptation always there. But like the dieter wishing to lose 100lbs having a pack of Oreos in the pantry is not a good idea!

2) Have enough cloth diapers in your stash. Running out of cloth diapers for your child at the end of day leaves you no choices. Make sure you have at least a day and a half of cloth diapers available to you.

3) Do your research. Investigate the detrimental effects disposable diapers have on your baby’s health and the environment. Here is some information to get you started: Environmental Effects , Health Effects , 3 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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16 Responses to “Do You Cloth Diaper Full Time?”

  1. Omeria's Mom Says:

    Everyone I know is cloth diaper trained and I have not had any problems! At church I just bring the prefold/prorap combination all done. The sitter has a stash and I take home to wash every other day, etc. Biggest plus is that I had a wetbag custom made by and she made it large enough to hold about 12 large size diapers and I take it everywhere. People are good to use the cloth when they know what to do with it. It is like I bring my own diaper pail. Keep your kids circle close and you won’t have to train so many people. If I meet someone new I just tell them to put “everything” in the bag; baby wipes and all. The washer takes care of the mess!


  2. Omeria's Mom Says:

    Everyone I know is cloth diaper trained and I have not had any problems! At church I just bring the prefold/prorap combination all done. The sitter has a stash and I take home to wash every other day, etc. Biggest plus is that I had a wetbag custom made by and she made it large enough to hold about 12 large size diapers and I take it everywhere. People are good to use the cloth when they know what to do with it. It is like I bring my own diaper pail. Keep your kids circle close and you won’t have to train so many people. If I meet someone new I just tell them to put “everything” in the bag; baby wipes and all. The washer takes care of the mess!


  3. Sharon K. Says:

    We CD full-time. I used cloth with my 1st daughter, and now with my 2nd daughter. I am just used to it and couldn’t imagine using a “disposable” diaper. They just aren’t dependable to me, b/c cloth is what I know. I even take cloth with me on weekend trips to grandma’s house. I do it for the environmental reasons, for health reasons, and b/c they’re so darn cute!


  4. Gillian Says:

    I have been using a disposable diaper at night lately because almost every morning after wearing a cloth diaper at night, my daughter hasn’t leaked, but her diaper smells like it has sat in the pail for a week. The ammonia smell about knocks me down. During the day this never happens. I have tried giving her time to pee after her go-to-bed feeding and changing her again before putting her down, but it doesn’t help much. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?


  5. Autumn Beck Says:

    Mary, you are in my prayers during this hectic and difficult time.


  6. Mary Says:

    I CD about 50% of the time. Unfortunately I am going through a divorce and it isn’t possible (if I want to have the diapers cared for properly/to even come back)to CD when I send the baby to daddy’s. I do realize how much better it is for her but life throw you curves sometimes and you just do the best you can.


  7. Lucy Says:

    We cloth diaper just about all the time. The one exception is when we are traveling, especially flying. Both mine and my husband’s family live very far away (half-way across the country), so driving isn’t really an option. And these days you have to pay for any bags over one per person, or on some airlines you have to pay for the first checked bag. In order to bring our diapers with us it would cost $50 ($25 each way) and I just can’t justify that. Plus then we have to worry about washing them in an unknown washer with different water and what that may do to our wash routine. At home we cloth diaper full-time and I do wish there was a way we could bring them with us, but alas there isn’t, so we just environmentally friendly disposables (Natural Care).


  8. Shelby Says:

    I am also still striving to CD full time, but haven’t got there yet. When my second son was born, the plan was to never have a sposie touch his bottome, and I was so disappointed when I had to use them when his cord was getting soggy from the cloth touching it.
    We haven’t found a night time solution for us, though I admit we haven’t tried THAT hard. I’m in the process of getting some GAD Windpros and hoping those will work.
    It’s very hard to cloth my oldest. He loves his cloth diapers (and my goodness do we have a TON to choose from each change) but he’s become a super soaker with the change in season drinking TONS and TONS of water a day. While I’m all about changing the minute they’re wet, sposies can contain it long enough for me to make it to a changing room or what have you, versus my cloth will hold one pee, and when he pees again (usually minutes after the first) we’re SOL. My couch has fallen victim to the leakies. I’m working on it but I don’t beat myself up over it. Even if everyone did just 1 cloth a day, that’s a HUGE difference in what’s filling our landfill.


  9. monica Says:

    Autumn, I enjoy your blog and subscribe by email. I am passionate about cloth diapering and agree that it is better for both baby and the environment. No one could know the facts and dispute that. However, as Mom to seven, and three in diapers…two full time and one night timer, I have to balance many things. I would prefer to cloth diaper full time all the time, cook everything from scratch, make all my own clothes, and grow all of our food. What is most important to me is balance and being a joyful mother full time, all the time. I am working toward cloth full time, but also knowing the limits of what I can do and having choices is very important to me.
    Thank you for the links at the end of your post,I look forward to reading them.
    Blessings, Monica


  10. Melisa Carter Says:

    On the swim diaper thing, I just use one of my pocket dipes without a stuffer in it. My Happy Heinies are the ones I usually grab for because they are trim and seem to work well in the pool, but others are ok, as well.

    Glad you had a refreshing weekend before Baby #4 comes along! I’m just flat jealous!


  11. Cyndy Says:

    We began as part time cloth diapering, and for the last 6 months we have been full time cloth diapering. I have been excited to show my SIL and MIL how easy it could be even on the road and out and about. However, We have been dealing with a terrible open sore issue on her bottom and Friday before we left she was put once again on a topical cream and possible antibiotics that may cause loose and exploding stools. I HATED buying disposables, but the cream is awful on my cloth diapers and I knew the disposables would keep her bottom dry better, she would be more comfortable during a hot day in the sun with so many more things to be doing than getting her diaper changed. I am still committed to cloth diapering, I am glad that for certain issues and reasons I can elect to use disposables, despite all I hate about them.


  12. Autumn Beck Says:

    Leslee, when Paisley was younger I had a babysitter come over so we could attend a Bible study. My oldest daughter told me that the babysitter searched out the sposies I had then and used it instead of cloth. They’ll resort to what they know if it’s available.

    Cindi (mom), Thank you!!! I enjoyed the weekend break from dogs, dishes and laundry.

    AJ, I assure you that my post was not intended to sound judgmental. Our goal as adults should be to do what is best all the time. However, I fail miserably with this! When I used the microwave this morning for convenience it’s important for me to own up to this poor choice. Not cover it up with excuses (like I normally do) like I’m too tired or I didn’t want to dirty a pan (both of which I wanted to say to my husband when he questioned the use of the microwave :D ). Taking small steps each day to bring us closer to living 100% healthy is what I strive for. I fully support everyone’s efforts for cloth diapering and I encourage all to jump in with both feet.

    Michelle, good question. I use a tight fighting, trim AI2 by Fanciful Fanny for swim dipes. I like her shell and it was in my stash already which is why I use it. I think the key to containing runny poo is a secure fit. Diaper Change on hyena cart makes a super awesome fitting diaper. She puts elastic in the front and back and it is tight all over. They are worth trying out.


  13. Michelle Says:

    During the first few weeks we used cloth part-time because I had disposables given to me at the baby shower. Since then we have only used cloth. Wait! One exception -swim dipes. I’m not sure whether they are necessary or not, but I’m taking my daughter to the pool for the first time this weekend and I didn’t want any poopy accidents -especially since she is exclusively BF and her poop isn’t formed! I’m not convinced a dipe cover would contain the mess. What do CD mamas usually use for this purpose?


  14. Cindi Says:

    I had the blessing of spending the weekend with my grandbabies and it has been awhile since I have had full 24/7 reign over a household furnished with a 6yo princess, a 4yo prince and a 21mo still in “cloth” diapers. Throw in 2 dogs, 1 puppy and a cat! My only requests were to leave instructions for the coffe maker, tv and remote and “how to wash the cloth diapers”! Wow…I have to say it was the easiest chore I did all weekend. Throw them in the wash, rinse twice and dry! Viola!!! And….no stinky trash to take out! I even got to use the coveted “lavender scented” cloth wipes that wash up just as easy. So now I’m back home with teenagers (we have a big family) and I’m missing those moments of choosing with my grandkids “which cute diaper should we put on Paisley now?”
    Moral of this story….enjoy “every” little moment with your children and grandchildren, even the stinky diapers…it goes so fast and then they will be changing yours!LOL! =) btw…Autumn, I will be wanting cloth diapers too!


  15. AJ Says:

    Dear Autumn,
    I am a little frustrated with this post. I generally love your blog, though not tonight. I am completely committed to cloth diapering, I have to, my son is allergic to most disposables, however we do use disposables occasionally (somtimes at night; and at an occasional use with the babysitter).

    Everyone makes the decisions for their families that is right for them, and I feel like this post is a little condescending for those people that need to stray from cloth diapers occasionally for their own sanity or for whatever reasons occur.

    Generally your posts support our endeavors in cloth diapering, but not this one.


  16. LesLee Says:

    Wow! I was going to go out tomorrow to buy a bag of ‘sposies because we are going to have a sitter tomorrow night and I didn’t want her to have to “mess with cloth” I just washed the diapers today so she’ll have her pick of all the “easy” ones, I think I’ll save my money and just show her how it is done! As a side note, I haven’t bought disposables in over 6 months. Great time to post this, thanks!


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