Do You Have The Cloth Diaper Basics Down?

June 14, 2008

Cloth Diaper Extras

Getting started with cloth diapers doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need a few very important items, in addition to cloth diapers of course.

I recommend you get a flip top trash can for a pail, pail liner and a couple of plastic baskets for storage. I purchased my Sterilite pail from Walmart for less than $10.

My pail liner is a camping bag from Walmart but it is not waterproof. It works fine for me but if you desire a dry pail you should purchase a pail liner from Leslie’s Boutique. On the Diaperswappers forum Leslie gets raves daily for her superb craftsmanship and high performance of her wetbags and pail liners. I have a wetbag from her so I know it is top-notch.

The plastic baskets/bins I use are from the Dollar General. They are so not fancy and don’t even hold all my diapers/inserts/covers/wipes. But they create a “diaper zone” for me and that is better than the pile-in-every-room I did have!

Many moms use an old dresser or cute bins in their changing table. Whatever you choose it doesn’t have to cost much or be extravagant. Keeping it simple and organized is the important point.


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9 Responses to “Do You Have The Cloth Diaper Basics Down?”

  1. Kate Says:

    I am pregnant for the first time and considering cd! I am looking for a simple break down of each style of dipers and the acessories etc needed for them… fitted/prefold/flat… as I don’t understand the lingo yet:) Ideas?


  2. Andrea Says:

    *glide not glode


  3. Andrea Says:

    I am new to the cd world, just started infact, probably would never have even considered it if a coworker of mine hadn’t done it first ( Her baby is 1 year, mine is 1 month!) I was wondering what you do with wipes; do you keep them wet some how, or wet them as you go? What do you wet them with – water or something more? Do you use wipes with pee diapers or jsut the poopy ones? What fabric do you like for wipes. I’ve been using regular baby wash clothes, but they see to sort of stick as I wipe rather than glode like to disposeable wipes.


  4. Alison Says:

    Instead of spending any money for a diaper pail I use an empty large laundry detergent bucket for storing my soiled diapers. I just leave the lid on lightly so that I don’t have to struggle getting it off everytime. In the beginning the bucket has a strong laundry detergent scent that helps keep the odors under control, once it is gone I sprinkle the bottom with borax, or baking soda. I leave the bucket on the floor in my laundry room. No liner required.


  5. AJ Says:

    I keep all my diaper supplies in a covered plastic totes (my son is allergic to our cat, who likes to sit ontop of the diapers)

    I have a Bummis wet bag on the floor for the diapers and a large wet bag for the covers that I keep seperate. I have a Whammies wet bag for the diaper bag. I do the wash every other day.

    Its been a couple of months but I think I finally got the system down.

    I dry my covers on a laundry rack either in the living room or out on the back deck if it is nice.


  6. sfisher Says:

    I spend most of my time in my living room, so my diapering products are kept in a side table that sits next to my couch. When I change my daughter, I walk the diaper to the bathroom and dump any contents that might need to be dumped, and then continue on to my laundry room where I either just put my diaper directly into my front-loader or into a vinyl Clinique bag that I got for free years ago. I wash my diapers at the end of the day after my daughter is in bed and either dry them in the dryer or line dry the next morning. With that system, I only have wet diapers sitting around for less than a day and I only have to invest in a day’s worth of diapers. But, I stay home and don’t mind doing a load of diapers every day.


  7. LesLee Says:

    I thought I’d share my storage system. We have an extra bedroom across from my laundry room that we use as a den. Under the tv we have two drawers. In the top drawer I keep all the prefolds, fitteds, and covers…anything that requires a little “work”. The bottom drawer is my husband’s. I stuff all the pockets before putting them away and all the AIOs and wipes are in that drawer. Our son is huge 14mos, 31 lbs, and 33″ tall so he outgrew the changing table and we change him on the floor. There is a bathroom right by the “den” room so I dump poo there and keep my diaper pail there too. It seems to work great for my family!


  8. Autumn Beck Says:

    Your setup sounds very convenient. Which wetbag material are you wishing for?? I had the hardest time deciding which fabric to go for!


  9. Cyndy Says:

    I have a simple system…in my laundry room. Space is limited at my house, so I put my changing pad on top of the dryer, I use a basket I had on hand for my diapers and inserts and an old wipes container for my cloth wipes, which both are on my washing machine. I have a front loader so it works out as an extra shelf and it is right at my level. If I dry the dipes in the dryer, I just pull them out and put them in the basket and I’m ready to go! I am currently using a laundry bag from walmart hanging on the door knob, that claimed to be washable and waterproof. I wash it each time I do diapers, but it does wick and a Leslie’s wetbag is on my wish list!


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