Do You Line Dry Your Cloth Diapers?

October 3, 2011

Washing Cloth Diapers

I am so spoiled.

For thousands of years women hand scrubbed the laundry and hung it out to dry.

What do I with my laundry? Dump it in the washer never stopping to consider that something may need to be spot treated. Then, toss everything in the dryer rarely taking time to pull out the items that shouldn’t be dried.

Laundry has become so routine to me that I miss things I shouldn’t (like the spaghetti sauce accident on my favorite skirt) and forget to be grateful for the privilege of modern technology.

Throw a kink in my routine and I’m temporarily shut down. Two weeks ago my dryer went out. No sweat, I have an extended warranty. They come out 3 days later and fix it.

I go into hyper-drive and catch up on the massive laundry backup.

3 days later the dryer stops heating again. Grrrr.

No sweat, I have an extended warranty. Unfortunately, this time they say they need to order a part. Takes 5-7 days.

My back porch is suddenly an outdoor laundry facility.

I can’t say I’ve hated the experience. It’s peaceful hanging up clothes. However, the crunchiness leaves much to be desired of this once common chore.

Maybe it’s the south Texas heat and intense sun that hardens everything up. It is nice that everything dries in a nanosecond due to the warm breeze and dry air.

It has been interesting to see what gets crunchy and what doesn’t. Towels are horrid. Eco*Posh fitteds are a nightmare.

My soft-clothes-loving husband and son are a bit annoyed but I say toughen up (unless we’re talking underwear then I sympathize).

Thankfully, my dryer isn’t completely dead. It still blows air and turns, there’s just no heat. I am able to toss in the crunchy towels, prefolds and flats and soften them up.

If this was something I had to do for an extended period of time I would try fabric softener.

Tomorrow we leave for my mom’s house and I will happily wash and dry all my cloth diapers!

Do you line dry? What is your experience with crunchiness?

Does the weather affect it? What do your clothes smell like?



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59 Responses to “Do You Line Dry Your Cloth Diapers?”

  1. clarice a. Says:

    We have a new adopted 14 year old daughter whom we put into cloth diapers and rubberpants 24/7 just after we got her.I wash her diapers and rubberpants and then hang them on the clothes line to dry and it seems like in no time they are completely dry and fresh smelling! A few times i have left them out overnight and when i got up in the morning,a couple pair of her rubberpants were missing and we presumed they were stolen by neighbor boys.As it turned out a while later,the thief was a 15 year old neighbor girl who wanted to wear the rubberpants!


  2. Daizzee Says:

    I live in FL and the pollen is starting to come in. Should I be concerned while I am line drying my cloth diapers? My son is 7 weeks old.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I wouldn’t think it would cause any problems. When you go outside with him his immune system is challenged as well.


  3. Julie Says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, What diapers are on your line. Just curious. You need to do a stash video…..please. I love your reviews and have actually tried a few diapers I hadn’t heard of before coming to your site. I would love to see what diapers you currently use.


  4. Julie Says:

    We dry everything year round because we don’t have a dryer. To solve the crunchiness, I get my 2 yr old to soften the diapers for me by shaking/jumping.throwing them around. He loves doing it and will often “help” soften his sisters diapers. If he doesnt feel up to it, I just put them somewhere and use them as a cushion for an hour or so.


  5. Chanda Says:

    Yes I line dry and I love it. Like you I find it
    peaceful and I get the sun I need. Crunchiness is annoying when it comes to towels. Everything else is fine with exception of the cloth diapers which are stiff and they smell like the bay water..not the most fragrant. Nevertheless I enjoy the task.


  6. Beth Says:

    Just a thought for all the line-dryers out there…
    I don’t line dry, I live on a dirt road with neighbors that seem to think the speed of light is a goal to overcome, so the dust gets very bad in the summer, even with the dust abatement. And a Montana winter is not the time to start. My Great-Grandmother, greatest woman the world ever knew (5 kids, adopted a sixth, and took care of 186 foster babies) both line dried and used cloth diapers. Making her something akin to a God, in my eyes. She never had the crunchy clothes issue, or the smell: She used about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of vinegar in every load. But, maybe it wasn’t the vinegar, maybe everything she did for the good of mankind caused the good lord to give her a little break now and then. :)


    • Katie Says:

      That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile.


    • Margaret Says:

      This also made me smile. Thanks for sharing!


    • Ash Says:

      She sounds JUST like my Grandma! 6 kids, 36 grandkids and fostered in the hundreds<333 She recently passed but I use her advice daily. I have heard NOT to use Vinegar on cloth, But I am going to research it more as all my bamboo inserts are stiff as a board!! Thanks for the smile!


  7. Jeanine Says:

    We have always line (actually rack) dried all of the shells for my pocket and prefold diapers. Even in the mountains of Colorado, we can dry year-round in the house. This summer we have been sitting the rack out on our deck and since our new dryer doesn’t have a vent connected yet, for the past 2 months we have line dried all of our laundry, including the cloth wipes and liners. It takes a few hours and the organic cotton prefolds get a little stiff but I just hand stretch them a few times before putting them in the liner. We just have to make sure we leave enough dry time before we need the diapers again!


  8. Darleen Says:

    I would love to be able to line dry more often but with our months of soggy weather in the Northweset, that doesn’t happen. My inserts and prefolds usually go in the dryer, but I have never put my shells or covers in the dryer. I just lay the covers on the edges of my sons crib, they dry quickly! Going to look for a rack to put near the fireplace for this winter. Love how the sun naturally bleaches, everything was so nice these few times I got to put them out this summer.


  9. Emily Says:

    Yes, I love to line dry! That’s the only way I used to dry my dipes in the good weather months! And popping them back into the dryer for a few minutes of fluff time to soften them up was always nice. But a little hint in case your dryer isn’t working. The iron can help soften those prefolds right up! :) Not a big ironing deal….just a little touch here and there per prefold. That and banging it with a stick. ;)

    We don’t have a way to line dry right now (other than my smallish drying racks), but I intend to put up a clothes line soon! :) I miss my old clothesline at the old house!


  10. Janet Says:

    I do line dry part of the time, it depends on weather and how much time I have. I love to especially put my sheets out on the line. As for my diapers I really don’t have a crunchy problem, the prefolds do get a little crunchy but I use them as inserts in pocket diapers anyway so it doesn’t matter. The fleece is always fine. It seems to me that when I dryer dry the diapers they seem to be a little more absorbant, but that just might be me too. I also use white vinegar as my rinse (not for my diapers but for the rest of my laundry) and make my own detergent. Good luck with getting your dryer fixed.


  11. Emily D Says:

    I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t line dry! That EBF poo stains so much (especially if I let it sit for a while..) but after a bit of sun they are nice and clean. My pockets and inserts are totally fine, but my sbish fitted does get a little crunchy. I’m so set on line drying that I try to coordinate diaper laundry days with the weather forecast. Winter and spring are tough, too wet here in ON Canada, and I never really thought about hanging outside in the (long…) winter but now that I hear others who do I will have to try it!


  12. Kerrie Says:

    I am happy most of the time to line dry. We live in Italy and dryers are considered quite the luxury, sometimes wasteful. Lots of sun means sunning out diaper stains and clean, neutral scent. I enjoy the ritual and simplicity of it. It teaches our kids about patience…no ooops spilled the yogurt on my pants wash it, dry it and all set to go in a coupla hours. with the wet days things just take time! the hemp diapers are the most stubborn when it comes to stiffness, but I just scrunch and roll them in one quick motion and thats good enough, I dont worry too much about it! It’s a treat then, going to my parents in the US and drying things in the dryer, I DO love the fluffiness for a little treat. dryer balls are supposed to make a difference, anybody use them ? wool or synthetic?


    • Emily D Says:

      I use synthetic dryer balls for all my clothes, they do help but my husband still likes to throw in a bounce sheet with his sunday clothes ( he complains that his dress pants are too static-y). I’d like to try wool to compare…


  13. Joanna Says:

    I have done both. This summer, what with a long wet spring, pregnancy problems, and just barely having the energy to get keep up with laundry at all, I just haven’t. I do enjoy hanging clothes, don’t care for the bugs that tend to hide in them, love how they smell, but don’t care for the stiffness and lint that tends to gather. I certainly will hang dry in the future, but really love having the option to machine dry right now!


  14. Angela Says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with our clothes line. Once I start doing it and its done I love it. But before doing it, it just seems tiring and like too much effort. Its like working out. The thought of it makes me tired but once I am out there doing it, it feels good and is actually relaxing. I love the relaxing quietness that comes with hanging my diapers outside. The sun is an obvious plus. I only hang my pocket diapers and inserts in the sun because prefolds/fitteds get much to crunchy. If I need a stain removed I will hang my natural fiber diapers but thats the only time I do that. I would love to see your cloth diaper stash. PLEASE do a video for us. Whats the diaper in the middle (the blue green and white, I think. ) in the first photo?


  15. Anna Says:

    I know what you mean! I have a clothes line that I use only like 10% of the time (which is a shame because I really thought i would love line drying my diapers). Anything with natural fibers gets super stiff and scratchy (hemp is the WORST). My pockets with microfiber stay soft even in the sun though. P.S.—Loving your back porch. Gorgeous!


  16. Toni Says:

    We line dry, but since we live in an apartment in a seminary student housing, we use a drying rack that I put up on our porch. When the diapers are dry, I drag it back inside, let my 14 mo. old “unload” it for me, fold it up, and put it under the bed! Easy as pie! My pocket diapers do great, my Motherease, wipes, and prefolds are a little crunchy, but all the “unloading” my little one does seems to work it out pretty well! Pretty good system if you ask me…. play and work at the same time.


  17. Sherry W Says:

    I live in ON, Canada so I get to use my line less than half the year, although I dry blankets/sheets on the line in the winter. The trick I was given by my grandmother is to roughly shake (or beat) each item before putting it on the line, it softens and de-wrinkles at the same time. When our diapers started smelling a little I found sun drying them was the answer (even if it takes forever to dry). There was a few years with no dryer and honestly I would hate to go without now that I have one!


  18. Leah Says:

    OMG, your photos look so much like ones we recently took of our clothesline!Yes I line dry 99% of the time…only rain deters me. The stiffness is a tad annoying on my prefolds but the pocket inserts are shoved inside the covers anyway so it really makes no difference. I really love how the sun bleaches out any stains and line drying is the only way my Pooters fitted will dry! I am fortunate to live in the south so I hope with all of our sunny days to be able to line dry through the winter months.


  19. LesLee Says:

    I line dry whenever possible. I live in Ohio and have hung diapers out in the snow.
    After years of diapering I’ve got it just the way I want it. Every thing gets hung out except for the wipes (usually 2-3 dozen). Once I bring the diapers in from the line I toss them (minus covers, pail liner, and wetbags) in the dryer with the damp wipes. Everything comes out soft and dry. I actually put off doing diapers if the weather is bad since I couldn’t line dry. I have enough diapers to go a good week or so but I do try to wash every 3rd day.


  20. Heather Says:

    I’ve started line drying diapers as well as clothes because I don’t like having to run the dryer so often. It is a little extra work but I LOVE the fresh smell. I fluff things up in the dryer for a few minutes but this way less electricity usage than using the dryer to dry things from scratch. In the winter I’ll have to take my rack inside and dry indoors, but I still think it’s worth the extra effort.


  21. Jessie S. Says:

    I live in sunny Phoenix and line dry all my cloth diapers. The thing I’ve learned is that hard water and using too much soap definitely plays a factor in the crunchiness. Less soap or softer water really helps (we have a water softener that we have started using). The bamboo inserts get really crunch no matter what I do though.


  22. Lauriel Says:

    We line dry our diapers because it gets the stains out so nicely, even on crazy rainy days here in the Northwest. Then we toss them in the dryer, either with no heat for a few minutes to soften them or with heat if it is a rainy, cloudy day.


  23. Kathryn Says:

    Yes I line dry. I live in New Mexico so we can line dry most of the year. I love the way they smell like nothing, and the sun bleaches out any spots. Prefolds and fitted are usually very stiff so we will toss them in the drier with no heat just to work the stiffness out. All-in-ones aren’t that bad. The neighbor who is next to our line got one for her house and dries her towels outside, and the neighbor on her other side followed her.


  24. Denise Says:

    I would love to be able to line dry but I don’t have a line. I’ve thought about buying a portable drying rack but trying to get all of my diapers on one little rack doesn’t seem like it would work. I’m holding out for a line but I’m not quite sure how I’ll swing that. I have dried them on the grass in the yard a few times this summer but we really don’t have a lot of “good” days to do it (except it seems, when I’m at work).


  25. Julia Says:

    I line dry during the summer because it is the only time that is warm enough to get the diapers dry. Honestly though I wished we lived in a warmer climate where we could dry them that way all year. The sun does a great job of getting out all of the stains and the diapers just smell better compared to drying them in the dryer. Plus it is cheaper because we use the coin op. I haven’t noticed a problem with crunchiness, even on my sons clothes that go in with the diapers sometimes. They just seem to get a little stiff but nothing very noticeable. I think that line drying also helps the diapers to last longer.


  26. Rachael Says:

    I started line drying when I figured out I could save about $0.30 per load (that’s about home much it costs, depending on the cost of electricity, to send a load through the washer). I found that if I wad stuff up and straighten out a few times, the crunchiness becomes softer. And stuff that I don’t want wrinkled, I do iron (most of the time). I’ve also found that if the stuff dries really fast, such as on a hot day when the low was only 82′, stuff is very stiff. But now that the highs are in the 80’s and stuff is drying more slowly, less stiffness.

    I also lived in China for a few years, where no dryer was to be found anywhere in the city. In the winter, drying clothes was miserable and took nearly a week, and stuff turned gooy before drying. Very weird.


  27. Rebecca2 Says:

    I line dry in the cooler months. Summer here is too hot to even think about going out to hand laundry. But they do sell little indoor drying racks. I usually dry them almost to the point of being dry then toss them into the dryer for the last 5-10 minutes.


  28. Cathy Says:

    Like the other posts, I like to line dry my clothes and appreciate the bleaching effect on the diapers. I live in Golden, CO, and things don’t get too crunchy, except the towels which I always put in the dryer. I can’t stand crunchy towels! It does take more time to put everything out on the line rather than dumping it all in the dryer, but instead of getting irritated I try to enjoy the quietness and tradition of line drying. My mom puts her clothes out all winter long because even when it’s cold around here the sun still shines. I should try to do that more often this winter.


  29. Caitlin Says:

    We live in Westchester NY, just north of the city and with the wet year we’ve been having so far, it’s really limited our clothes line usage. I don’t mind my clothes being a little stiff but I can’t stand when the towels are rough, I exfoliate in the shower no need to do it again out of the shower. So I usually toss anything mummified, as I affectionally put it, into the drier for a few minutes and it breaks it up. We use a drying rack too. My BumGenius pocket diapers, I have never put in the drier, same thing goes with the inserts and any diaper cover I use. They are never crunchy in the least bit. It’s a whole other story with prefolds…they always go in the drier. They can stand up on their own after a bake in the sun. Totally not cool for the littlest tooshy in the house.


  30. julia Says:

    I love to line dry as often as possible! Unfortunately, the weather does take it’s toll. This summer was particularly humid and only got really hot for a few short weeks. With the intense humidity and slightly colder evenings, clothes that were almost dry on the line by 5pm became even more wet if they weren’t removed promptly. It has basically rained all of September, putting my line out of commission. I do have a rack set up in the basement next to my washer for the diapers, so they get hung up to dry all year round. I prefer the nice warm dryish sunny days for diapers, too….but that just isn’t reality most of the time!


  31. Tamara Sz Says:

    We have a dryer but we live in Europe where lots of people don’t have a dryer. They solve the crunchiness by ironing basically everything. It works, but oh, the time! I hate ironing!


  32. Erin Says:

    I “line” dry my diapers because we have coin laundry and it is too expensive to dry them every time. I use an octopus from Ikea to hang all my inserts on. It twirls in the wind so things dry faster and they don’t seem to be crunchy, just not quite as soft as the drier.


  33. Kari Says:

    I love to line dry. Not only does it save money, it saves your laundry too. Line drying is much better for your fabric than subjecting it to the heat of the dryer. I found a great 5 line dryer that retracts. I am able to pull it out and stretch it across the yard. Because I work, Saturdays and Sunday’s are laundry days. I love the smell and the crispness on my sheets. I also love the whitening on the diapers and inserts. It’s great because on a nice day, they dry in no time. As for the crunch, maybe try vinegar? Isn’t that supposed to help? Good luck!!!


  34. Melissa Says:

    We live in WA state and line dry all our laundry from May – Sept and we LOVE it! The only “crunchiness” issues are with towels and jeans get rather stiff which I kind of like. If I really want a soft towel, I throw it in the dryer to fluff & soften for a few minutes. LOVE the smell of the sheets and clothing.


  35. Jen Says:

    I line dry all our clothes and diapers as well. It saves us $1 each load, plus I love the way our patio smells when I walk out there and smell the laundry drying. I live in the San Diego area, so it’s pretty sunny most of the year, making drying much easier. It also gives the added bonus of sun bleaching the stains off our diapers!


  36. Genevieve Says:

    I can’t line dry (no place for the line) but I do use my drying rack in front of our back sliding glass door for all my diapers and all the inserts that have snaps! Everything else goes in the dryer because I don’t like the stiffness that happens.


  37. Jennifer Says:

    I have never really tried line-drying much of anything. I remember one time putting my karate uniform outside on a chair to dry, and it dried beautifully. Second time I tried it never dried. Had to point a fan at it overnight to finish. I live in Florida so it is constantly humid and almost always hot from March through October. November through Februrary are the few short months it’s not really hot and muggy… usually. So generally, I say it’s too humid (with too many sparratic thunderstorms) to line dry, except when it’s overly hot, then they sometimes dry. =)


  38. judi Says:

    I line dry and I get tons of crunch. I’m in the Denver area where it is pretty dry. I don’t like the crunch but it’s the only way I can afford to run my A/C in the summer. It’s either the A/C or the dryer and the A/C wins. I try to keep hanging up as long as I can into the fall and start as early as I can in the spring. If get a couple of no A/C and no dryer months then it really helps the budget!


  39. Karissa Says:

    Yes, I line dry. It is very hot and humid where I live, and they do end up a little crunchier than if they are done in the dryer, but its nothing that I worry about… he doesn’t seem to notice! I try to avoid the dryer at all costs, because it deteriorates the elastic and PUL faster and I already have enough issues with that here due to the climate, so if its raining, I will try and hang them under the house and only do inserts etc in the dryer if needed. Having said that, they all do get the occasional tumble in the dryer but its rare, because its just too expensive to run the dryer a lot with the price of electricity here! PS. I always hang my diapers horizontally over the line with the inside facing up to preserve the elastics… the way you have hung yours, the weight of the diaper stretches the elastic. (Yes.. I have a serious elastic complex!)


  40. Emilie Says:

    I line dry all our clothes (including cloth diapers), even though we own a perfectly good dryer. I have found that the more natural fibers something has, the crunchier it is, which gets a little annoying since I diaper almost exclusively with BumGenius Elementals. Basically, I just shake things out as I fold them and it helps a little with the crunchiness. The bottom line is that nothing is ever as soft as when it’s dried in the drier, but you can’t beat the fresh outdoor smell of line-dried clothes. I’ll never go back!


  41. Carol Says:

    I am a committed line dryer and I LOVE the crunchiness (especially of the towels!). I live in Wyoming and our humidity hovers at 20% much of the year and I even hang in the winter when it is freezing. On some of those days I will whirl quickly in the dryer after hanging out, but I prefer not .


  42. Bridgette Says:

    I live in Southern California and use a drying rack. My inserts do get crunchy but I don’t mind b/c at least the poop stains get bleached out by the sun :) I know they’re diapers but I like them looking white and fresh! It’s amazing how good old Mother Nature takes care of the stains. I know I’m also fortunate b/c the weather here permits line drying the majority of the time.


  43. Sara M Says:

    I would love to line dry my diapers and clothes but I live in military housing and unfortunately against the roles. Oh and between October and April it is way to cold to even attempt.


    • Melissa Says:

      I live in military housing as well, and I line dry my dipes in the garage. I either crack the door, and hang them on the rails on hangars, or hang them on hangars, and hang them on the garage door, in the sun itself. I know many people that live here on base that have lines int heir backyards. I also have a friend that has a line hung in her front yard! :) I’d laugh if they told me I couldn’t do my laundry.


  44. Britanie Myers Says:

    I line dry my diapers. I never have a problem with Crunchiness but I live in Kentucky and it is fairly humid here. It usually takes about half a day for them to dry and in the winter it is too cold. My clothes just smell clean they don’t smell like anything in particular. It may be because I always use unscented detergents because I am allergic to everything and I have really sensitive skin. I CAN”T use tide.


  45. Brandi Elam Says:

    I do not have a clothesline outside, but I hang all of my cloth diapers, and even my wipes, on a hanging rack to dry. My diapers have never been in the dryer, but I have tossed inserts in the dryer occasionally when I’m running low on diapers. I used to set my rack outside to get sun on my inserts, but the bugs have been so bad this summer that they get all over my diapers and I hate it! So I usually just air dry inside under the ceiling fan.

    The only things that get crunchy are my organic diapers. I use fleece liners for those so the crunchiness isn’t next to his bottom. For flats and prefolds, you can avoid crunchiness when drying outside by hanging them so that they hit each other when the wind blows. This achieves the same effect that the dryer gives by tossing the clothes around.


  46. Liv Brewer Says:

    I occasionally (meaning,when I have time and the weather is nice) line dry our astash of cloth diapers. The prefolds are slightly crunchy, but I usually just throw them in the dryer for a few minutes and/or rub them together to soften them up. There are probably a lot of “home remedies” for the crunchiness. But I have yet the time to do needed research. I live in GA and the weather is usually tolerable for lining. I like to line-dry as much as possible because the sun does well bleaching out our diaper. Our diapers can get pretty smelly from amonia and I’ve been testing out tricks for that as well. The line drying seems to be helping with the smell, making them pretty odorless.


  47. Liz Says:

    This made me smile! You are a riot!

    I haven’t had the privilege and opportunity to line dry my own cloth diapers. (silly apartment complex rules.) I remember when my sister was a baby, and washing her prefolds. When I was younger, we inky used the dryer in the event of a freak thunder storm on laundry day, (“freak” because if it was raining, mom was NOT doing laundry no matter what. You went commando if necessary.) Or if it was snowing. (yes, actively snowing. If it was cold… Overcast, but no snow… Clothes went on the line.) I was so, so used to chrunchy clothes that when mom started to “allow” us to use the dryer, I thought my clothes felt funny. Haha! To combat the crunchiness of the diapers, I would let them dry on the air setting with a damp wash cloth or rag for about 10-15 minutes. Worked like a charm!

    Making me miss my crunchy towels! Oh so absorbant and coils scratch your back so nicely!


  48. Kristen Deptula Says:

    I like line drying things, trouble is that from late October through early April it’s just too cold in New England! My husband loves stiff towels (not sure why) but I have a feeling he’d even be opposed to frozen ones!


  49. Mary Says:

    I live in Wisconsin, so line drying is only an option for about half of the year. I also don’t have a line, or a particularly sunny yard. So I have a portable rack that I set up in a small area where the sun does shine. I line dry all but a couple of outer shells and 7 or 8 inserts (which I machine dry because I’ll need them the next day) depending on how many are still left clean. And then when the cold months show up, I’ll machine dry all of the inserts, and set my portable drying rack up in the basement where I’ll still line dry most of the shells. But since there won’t be any sun involved, I’ll probably have to machine dry more, since they’ll take longer to dry.

    I haven’t noticed any crunchiness in my diapers. But I don’t line dry any towels or clothes because they do end up being rather stiff.


    • Emily D Says:

      When I have to dry clothes inside in the winter, I hang them near the furnace. Because it’s sucking all the moisture out of the air they end up drying pretty quickly, sometimes even faster than outside! My shells dry in about 2 hours, so I never have to put them in the dryer at all.


  50. dom Says:

    I always hang my cloth diapers to dry, actually I hang everything to dry. We live in an apartment and the apartment washer we have (hooks up directly to our bathroom sink) does a great job of getting all the excess water from our things. I hang up everything on a drying rack near my dining room fan, I sometimes turn the fan on when Im in a hurry but usually I dont. The trick to getting them not so crunchy is removing them as soon as they are dry. Ive also heard not to use fabric softner as it can make them crunchy as well, I use white vinegar in my rinse cycle. I wash early in the morning before breakfast and they are usually dry before I go to sleep. We use prefolds and wash about every third day. We even use our own homemade laundry detergent.


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