Do You Love Your Cloth Diaper Stash?

Do I love cloth diapers? I guess in that weird sort of obsessive, collective kind of way I do.

Do I mourn the day I no longer have need for cloth diapers? Heck no!

But, as long as the Lord gives me babies I’m going to make sure their hineys are nicely covered.

My friend Katie of Pickles & Paisleys posted today about her stash which I just happened to see right after taking pictures of my stash. Very odd timing.

I’m linking up over there and hope you will too!

(unused cloth diapers)

My husband wonders why I keep cloth diapers I don’t use.  Over the years I have had many opportunities to bless families in need or to raise money for adoptions or charities through donations of these “extras”.

Almost every cloth diaper you see was purchased by myself.  When I receive cloth diapers for review I donate them to those in need if they don’t make it into my rotation.

A few questions I’m sure will be asked:

How often do I wash? Every 4 or 5 days.

What do I grab first? Rumparooz.

What do I grab second? Megaroos extended tab prefolds.

What do I use for nighttime? Either a Rumparooz, Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana with 2 microfiber inserts on top of a Hemp Babies.

What pocket brands do I use? Rumparooz, Fuzzi Bunz OS, Fuzzi Bunz medium, Charlie Banana OS, Oh, Katy!, AppleCheeks, Thirsties

What is my favorite wetbag? Monkey Foot Designs. I own 5 of them! I have other brands but none are as perfect as MFD.

If stranded on a desert island what would I use?  Nothing :)

Do you want to hear a funny story???

I bought all these great flats and prefolds but the snappi doesn’t always cut it. So, I went to Diaper Junction to buy some pins. I guess I didn’t read the fine print (it’s probably not fine print) when I input 10 in the quantity box.

My thinking was pins get misplaced by me all the time so if I have 10 surely I’ll always be able to find one.

I get the package and yes there were 10…10 packages of 4!!! Now, I could put a pin in every room and dresser of the house and still have some left over. 40!

I laughed hysterically over that one. My husband, not so much.




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33 Responses to “Do You Love Your Cloth Diaper Stash?”

  1. jenn lankford Says:

    It’s funny b/c EVERY time I go out of town my husband tries to get me to “JUST” use disposables….”won’t it make it easier, he says?”! When I was headed to Colorado to visit my friend Lauren I was almost in tears (embarrassing to admit) b/c my diapers were in the dryer and and they weren’t totally dry and Erik said “JUST” use disposables. After running a few errands before leaving, funny enough, we had to come back to the house TWICE b/c I forgot things….hahaha….and I my diapers were dry by the time we came back the second time!


  2. Tarah Says:

    Hi Autumn!
    Thank you so much for giving such great insight on cloth diapering! Quick question…we are expecting our baby girl in September and I’d like to register for diapers for the baby shower. I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a baby registry site? Thank you!


    • Jenelle Says:

      Tarah- I don’t think the big box stores carry many cloth diapers. I registered online for cloth diapers, knowing that I have internet-savvy friends and family. It was well known that we were using cloth and that we were registered online for the diapers we wanted.

      We only got ONE diaper from our registry. One. So my advice is to go ahead and register, just in case people go for it, but plan on buying them yourself. You’ll probably have to.


  3. LizzieAnn Says:

    Cloth diapers are so much fun to read up on! I got obsessive when I was pregnant.

    Question: I LOVE my stash for the most part, 4.0s and rumparoos. But lately my little man has been getting super bad rashes around his his little boy junk. Not on his bum, just the front and in the folds. It gets crazy bad then dies down to two or four open sores (ouch!) and eventually goes away. We think we may have narrowed it down to his BumGenius Organics causing it, maybe rubbing or something. would that make sense, or is it likely something completely different?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      My friend’s son had the same problem with BG organics. She ended up selling them because he couldn’t wear them even for a small amount of time.


  4. Kim Says:

    Oh my gosh, yes! My hubby thinks it’s really funny how obsessed I can be at times. We have enough diapers. We really do. However, I still really enjoy buying different types to try and get overly excited for cute new ones to come in the mail. I just bought the new owl and whale prints from Blueberry and am DYING for them to come. Of course, then, the next day there were a bunch of discontinued Blueberries on babysteals, so I indulged there too. Who could resist $7 less than retail? It’s the minky that gets me – so luxurious! I have primarily bumGenius, but the Blueberries are rapidly proliferating. Then, of course, we’ve got some fitteds and prefolds too. I think this is okay. As a friend of mine said, there’s nothing wrong with taking something necessary and potentially unpleasant and making it fun!


    • Kellie Says:

      Hah! I totally do the same thing. I’ve channeled my shopping addiction into Cloth Diapering. I am constantly buying “just one more diaper!”


  5. Katariina Says:

    I LIKE my stash and fortunately I need some diapers more so hopefully I can love it soon :D I just counted mu diapers, too:
    I don’t have so fancy stash like You do but they work :)


  6. Cyndel J Says:

    I love my stash…I have 6 used (I think they are green mountain brand but the stitching is a different color surging, it is drk blue for what I believe is a regular or large size I bought them at a consignment sale with little info) prefolds,
    7 prefolds that my mom saved from CDing my brother and I,
    7 homemade (by me) regular size prefolds from old receiving blankets and scraps of flannel,
    11 no-clasp fitteds made by me,
    6 newborn prefold by the same company who made my other bought prefolds,
    14 newborn prefolds made by me (the newborns I now use as doublers),
    5 one size pockets, various brands, all bought at the local Duck Duck Goose consignment sale all were between 6-7.50, in almost new condition. I’m definitely looking again in September when they are having the next sale.
    1 green size large pocket diaper that I got for 6 dollars.
    2 flat diapers.

    Out of all of these the flats are my favorites!! I’m saving up money to buy some more flats, I’m desperate. They are my favorite night time diaper! I kite fold a flat with a newborn prefold tri-folded as a doubler with a wool cover at night it lasts for about 8 hours…my 6 week old has slept for five hours at a stretch since he was 8 days, he then wakes to nurse on both sides and is back down for another 2-4 hours. The flats with the doublers and wool have been the best thing in the world!


  7. Amanda Says:

    I love my stash of Soft Bums (little of all their inserts) and smartipants pocket diapers. I was wondering where you got your cute dipes with with owl….way to cute!


  8. Karissa Says:

    What brand are hemp babies? You should do a review on inserts :) I’m curious if other people mix and match like I do.


  9. Elizabeth Albarez Says:

    I noticed that there is no microfiber in the pictures of your inserts….including the ones that comes with the Rumparooz! I am phasing out my microfiber because of stink issues and a general dislike of something that “dies” and needs to be repurchased. Are these the reasons you aren’t using them as well? Do you have some suggestions on making the microfiber inserts last longer or to revive them?


  10. Brandi Elam Says:

    Wow, you have a lot of diapers. I am most jealous of all those wet bags! I only have one small wet bag and then a huge hanging wet bag. I need to get another to rotate for the diaper bag so I can wash my small one more often. I just posted my stash on my blog the other day at


  11. Emilee Says:

    I also am in utter amazement that you wash every 4-5 days. I’m pretty sure our whole house would stink by then. Maybe it’s bc your little one is still only bf so the dipes are much less stinky?


  12. Rachael Says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about my growing stash.

    You wash every 4 or 5 days? I wash every other day and the bag *reeks* by then (its the urine, I think). Is this just normal (they get clean in the wash, or at least I’m working on that)? Or is it that my cd just aren’t getting truly clean in the washing?

    Thanks! I’ve learned tons as I started on my cd journey — all from you!


    • Knocked Up and Nursing Says:

      Rachel, I do wash every day or every other day and my pail stinks by the 2 day! I have a 2 yo and a 6 month old in diapers. It could be toddler pee? Or just that we are saving pee soaked diapers to wash… hahaha! I’m sure you’re fine!


      • Rachael Says:

        Gosh, I have only the one 5 1/2 week old boy, and dude that pail stinks by end of day 2. Gotta be the pee soaked aspect — the bf poop just doesn’t stink that much! (can you believe we are discussing pee and poop here?)

        Good to know I’m not the only one dealing with the stinky pail at day 2.


        • Tessa Says:

          Try storing your diapers uncovered. When my husband forgets and puts the lid on the diaper pail, WHEW the smell knocks me out.


          • Jennifer Says:

            I was having stink issues with my pail and some lingering stink after washing. I found that if I rinse the dipe out before I throw it in the pail, then there is less stink and they come out cleaner. And I second Tessa, leave your pail uncovered.


      • Katie Says:

        Do you guys use wet bags/dry pail/wet pail system? I use a wet pail and don’t have hardly any issues with a stink until I start putting them in the washer. Being up close and personal with the nasty is gross no matter how you slice it! I was just wondering because I have heard that dry systems are much worse for the stench!


        • Rachael Says:

          How would one do a wet pail? I have a “dry pail” in that I put the diapers in a bag/pail that isn’t full of water.

          Jennifer — do you rinse all the diapers? Even ones that are just pee?


          • Brooke Says:

            I have a 2 y and a 7m old in cloth and the pee about knocks me over when I wash them. Because I have a small stash and a breast fed baby in cloth I have to wash ever two/three days. I also rarely rinse them out after use. I don’t keep the used ones in a closed container either. Does soaking them in (?) help with the smell? I’ve heard a lot of people who soak.


            • Autumn Beck Says:

              soaking in vinegar is great if you have normal or soft water. for hard water you can soak in RLR or Hard Rock. what detergent are you using?


  13. Katie Says:

    Your stash is so pretty!!!


  14. tara Says:

    I do love my stash and seek always to improve upon it. I’m running out of places to store it though.


  15. Julie Says:

    I love your answer to the desert island question! Your stash looks a lot like mine – boy colors – only my unused diaper stash contains a whole lot of pink and purple I’ve found in great deals….saving up for that elusive little girl I haven’t been able to have since I started CDing! :)


  16. Tracey Says:

    I use Microfiber in RaR or Kawaii for overnight, we use RaR almost exclusively during the day, how do you keep them from getting the “stinkies”? I have been CDing for one year, sometimes smell is really bad.


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