Do You Snappi Like This?


First of all …

I pray your Christmas was as full of blessings as mine was.  Of course it wouldn’t be life with children if there weren’t a few hiccups but those are easily overlooked on this wonderful day.   I’m praying that tomorrow on my BIRTHDAY :D I won’t have this sore throat and Paisley’s ankle won’t really be sprained :(

For today’s post a friend of mine put this video together after I had commented on how trim her daughters prefold looked.  Seeing the video has inspired me to get some prefolds, especially after the diaper changing fights I’ve been having lately.

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18 Responses to “Do You Snappi Like This?”

  1. Julie Holland Says:

    This would also make the Snappi safer for cover-free days. We were clearing a food allergy diaper rash this week with coverless prefolds. Nine month old is at the stage where up and down on Grandma’s bed is a lot of fun. I took a load of packages to the post office and while I was gone she was playing up on bed, down off bed, up on bed…. Apparently she slid down and started screaming and fell over. My mother was leaning over the edge of the bed trying to figure out what was wrong as E threw a fit. Finally, Grandma discovered that the Snappi had caught the box spring fabric and was holding E so her feet did not quite touch the carpet (thus the tipping over!). No harm done, but a useful reminder that Snappis can get caught on things or break so they require constant vigilence if you use them without a cover.


  2. Tiffany Says:

    I started cloth diapering back in OCT. My 3rd was thrilled to wear cloth and has since potty trained…I had my 4th in MAR…I am THRILLED to see the backwards Snappi…I forsee needing this lovely piece of info during the time my other goobers decided to strip off their disposables…Duck Tape, anyone? I was thinking about that stage the other day and wasn’t sure how it was going to work out…NOW I KNOW!!!! Thanks!!!


  3. Ang Says:

    I know this is an older post, but I just have to say that I just did this with my 21 mth old son. I love how trim it looks!! I don’t have any snappis so I just used my pins. lol Thank You so much for having all this info on your blog.


  4. Melissa Says:

    thanks for posting this. i enjoy prefolds and have been snappi-ing in the front with no real problems or frustrations, but this is a wonderful way to do it. i like how this results in there being no restrictions around my son’s hips, and i don’t have to worry about wandering fingers trying to undo it. i love this method. thanks!


  5. Melody Says:

    Interesting. I’m going to have to try this – it looks much trimmer than my system.


  6. Evelyn Omeria's mom Says:

    Cute idea. I am going to buy some snappi for the summer so I will not use a cover all the time. Good idea to have it in the back.. out of sight out of mind for the little ones 8;}


  7. Evelyn Omeria's mom Says:

    Cute idea. I am going to buy some snappi for the summer so I will not use a cover all the time. Good idea to have it in the back.. out of sight out of mind for the little ones 8;}


  8. Diane Says:

    Hi …
    I will certainly try it with my 3 years old daugther. I use prefold diapers and flat diapers with her. Excellent trick. Look more tight
    Thanks a lot


  9. Corinne Says:

    I will definately try this as I have a whole collection of prefolds. I hated them so much that I started using a service but now that my service has ended I will put my prefolds to use.


  10. Lacey Says:

    Yup, love using a snappi or even pins with the backwards fold. It’s the easiest one far as I’m concerned :).


  11. Jenni Says:

    I do it like this but on the snappi is on the tummy since he’s not moving yet (3 months old). I fan out the front wings completely and with pull up dappi covers you can’t tell its cloth. He’s just as trim as a sposie


  12. Jennifer Says:

    I do this with my son. This is the best fold that has ever worked for us.


  13. Mommy2gav Says:

    That was amazing! I bought some prefolds but have never used them…I am going to have to try this!


  14. Heather Says:

    I’m so trying this next diaper change….although my little man likes to get up and try to crawl away when I put him on his belly so we’ll see if it creates a struggle! :)


  15. Kate Says:

    That is just awesome. I have been converting to tie diapers (I love them), because my prefolds were so miserable to put on, but this may just solve my problems!


  16. karen bergfeld Says:

    That was awesome! I can not wait to try it.Thanks so much!


  17. Mary Says:

    Love it! Never thought of doing it that way but I’m sure going to try. I like prefolds but just coulldn’t get them tight enough and I always worry that the snappi is going to be too tight on her tummy. The bottom is a little less of a worry.


  18. wendy Says:

    Awesome! I was just in the middle of converting all my prefolds to fitteds because we just couldn’t seem to make them work, but now I’ll try this! Thanks so much :)


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