Does your baby have wet sheets every morning? Ever heard of the Heavy Wetter Challenge?

Cloth diapers at night…{insert scary Halloween music here}…Does that describe how you feel? Yes? Then PLEASE let me help you. Your baby CAN go to sleep in a cloth diaper and wake up in the morning with dry PJ’s and sheets. REALLY!

I’m a huge fan of hemp .

  • It is a truly natural fiber.
  • It is antimicrobial.¹
  • Because of that ^^ hemp does not hold on to smell. It also means that it is easier to wash.
  • Hemp is among the MOST absorbent of materials that can be used in cloth diapers.
  • Hemp is the TRIMMEST of the materials used in cloth diapers.

I also love wool!

  • It is a truly natural fiber.
  • It is antimicrobial when lanolized. ²
  • Because of that ^^ lanolized wool does not hold onto smell. It is EASY to care for. You only wash it when it starts to smell when dry or is not waterproof anymore.
  • Wool is among the most absorbent of fibers used in cloth diapers. A wool cover can hold 30% of its weight in liquid before it even starts to feel wet!

Now that I’ve shared with you why I think hemp and wool are so amazing, allow me to introduce you to the…

…Truly Charis Heavy Wetter Challenge!

I did receive a Heavy Wetter Challenge for purposes of review. This post is my honest and true opinion. I honestly and truly think they are amazing!

Before I get into what is included, I want to talk about why the challenge is so unique! This is the only brand that I’ve ever heard of that offers a wash and wear 30 (THIRTY!) day guarantee on the fitted and the wool cover.  If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the diaper, then return everything for a full refund (minus shipping). You can’t lose. If your kid ends up with wet sheets in the morning you send all of it back and are only out the shipping.

The Truly Charis Heavy Wetter Challenge includes a one size hemp fitted and a sized merino wool interlock soaker (cover). The fitted is made from the softest hemp I’ve ever felt. It stays that way wash after wash. Not all hemp can do that.

The merino wool cover is so smooshy soft that you’ll wish you had a blanket made out of it. Truly Charis even mailed out a bunch of free wool samples to members of their chat. They wanted everyone to know that wool does not equal scratchy. What better way to prove it but to actually feel it!

Snapped to the smallest settings.

Snapped to the smallest settings.

The Truly Charis fitted was also at the top of my absorbency tests. You can see the results here. The Heavy Wetter Challenge hemp fleece fitted is sized to fit 3 months to 3 years. Sophia is still in hers at night and she is around 35 pounds now. I can’t say how this would fit on a younger baby, but the trimness does lend itself to easy sizing and fit. Included are three additional hemp fleece snap in inserts so it is easy to customize the absorbency and fit for any child.

The Heavy Wetter Challenge package is on the spendy side. It won’t be in everyone’s budget. But if you can ever grab one, do it! Once you see the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship involved you understand why it costs more. It’s also made in the USA and come on…that 30 day guarantee!!

If you have EVER struggled with cloth diapers at night…stop the nightmare!

Give the Truly Charis Heavy Wetter Challenge a try! I’m so glad I did. I know that, God willing, when I have more babies this will be something I stock up on from the start. I wish I had known about Truly Charis sooner!

Have you ever tried Truly Charis? What do you think, is the Heavy Wetter Challenge as amazing as it sounds?

Here’s the link to the directions on easy wool care and how to lanolize.



¹”BioResources.” Antibacterial Properties of Hemp and Other Natural Fibre Plants: A Review. N.p., 2014. Web. 14 Oct. 2015 <>.

²”Website.” PBS. PBS, 2005. Web. 14 Oct. 2015. <>.

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12 Responses to “Does your baby have wet sheets every morning? Ever heard of the Heavy Wetter Challenge?”

  1. katie Says:

    I bet I would only need two with how often I do the wash and it would be great to not have to wash the sheets so often!


  2. Alissa Says:

    Love the idea, would love to try this for my girl, but at that price… Not happening. My husband, and my budget would croak. Anything you can recommend at a more reasonable price?


  3. Mandy rose Says:

    I have issues all the time with my dipaers because my daughter is a heavy wetter..I cloth dipaer bc of budget..but also my daughter was born with fluid on her kenedys..and she gets uti very easy and disposable dipaers was giving her uti..I would like to figure out how to test different dipaers..


  4. Jennifer Rayna Says:

    I also love Truly Charis!! Without these amazingly made wool covers I would be elbow deep in soaking wet sheets and baby and pillows and blankets EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING!! Truly Charis saved my sanity and is the reason I continue to use cloth over night! If you have any questions at all ask the owner Destani! She is so super knowledgeable and will help you with ANYTHING you may need or are worried about! AND they are made in the USA in her own home by her and her husband!! Can’t get any better than that! Thanks Destani for everything if you read this! I will continue to always shout your name from the rooftops! Lol you are THAT awesome!!


  5. Maria Adams Says:

    So I literally spent over $100 on overnight sustainablybabyish fitteds, and several different brands of wool soakers (some from etsy, some from companies). These things are NOT cheap. And my little boy, who is a heavy wetter, woke up wet EVERY DANG NIGHT I used them. No matter how much I stuffed the silly things, he would soak through within -6 hours. Now I haven’t tried Truly Charis, but the diapers don’t look that different. Can you compare the two for me? I am tired of still having to spend money on disposables after spending all this money on cloth diapers! Thanks!


  6. Lindsey Says:

    We LOVE ourTC fitted sand wool!!! I had never had much overnight success with cloth before these. They are amazing and Destani is super sweet and helpful! ??


  7. Hillary Says:

    I love our Truly Charis fitted and wool covers! I have never had wet sheets in the morning, I do not change over night. I don’t even use all 3 included inserts yet! In fact I just recently started using 2 of the 3. Definitely top notch quality. The wool is so soft, squishy and stretchy. I only have 2 wool covers but they are without a doubt the most important piece of our cloth diaper experience. The best thing about Truly Charis is the work at home mom behind it, Destani is such a warm and generous person. It’s also nice to know that you are supporting another mom, a small (local to me) business, and a family.


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