Does Your Target Carry BumGenius One Size 3.0?

August 12, 2008

Cloth Diapers

If there was one cloth diaper loved by more parents it has to bumGenius diapers. Everywhere I go it seems bumGenius has made its presence known.

Jenn, the creator of bumGenius, has done a phenomenal job of marketing her product to the public. Besides bricks and mortar cloth diaper stores, bumGenius can be found in many health foods stores like Whole Foods and the newest merchant Target. This is huge for cloth diapers. With Costco making them available online I was excited, but to actually be able to pick up cloth diapers in a regular store is outstanding!

bumGenius cloth diapers are often raved about as being “sposie trim” and daycare/daddy friendly. Because of the suedecloth inner we have not used bumGenius but the new Organic bumGenius offers me a chance to try out the bumGenius brand.

Besides packing up the kids and driving to the nearest Target to discover if they carry bumGenius you can call the Target corporate customer service number 1-800-440-0680 and ask for stores in your area carrying these specific DPI (item #s):

wetbag (found by searching for “wet bag”): 030 00 2235

reuseable diapers: 030 00 2126

They are showing up under Parent Inventor’s so asking customer service for local stores carrying cloth diapers will bring up nothing.

If your local Target does not carry them give it some time. Right now they are in the test market phase. There are a number of test stores that immediately sold out, some even before actually stocking the diapers. This is certainly the right message to send to Target!

You can purchase discounted packs of bumGenius online from Leslies Boutique!


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6 Responses to “Does Your Target Carry BumGenius One Size 3.0?”

  1. Nellie Says:

    While I love using cloth diapers, I really don’t want to see them mainstream in huge stores like that. So sad for all the local mom-run cloth diapers stores. That is where cloth diapers started and that is where they should stay.


  2. Kate Awad Says:

    It is a shame that Target is no longer carrying the diapers. When I was pregnant I had thought A LOT about cloth diapering the new baby (used disposables with my 2 year old), but wasn’t so sure I could handle the laundry and held off because of the cost for the investment. When I stumbled across the diapers at Target I made an impulse buy so I could “try out” three. I can now say that I am happily cloth diapering my 2 month old son in various types (mostly pockets). I’m not sure I would be cloth diapering today if I didn’t make that purchase at Target.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I agree, Kate. I am a big impulse buyer so I see the added benefit of having them there. It’s funny they discontinued them because of lack of sales but almost every Target that carried them was always sold out.


  3. Sarah Says:

    Just checked with Target HQ – they aren’t carrying them anymore. Here’s the email:

    Dear Sarah,

    Thanks for your additional e-mail. I just checked on the wetbag and the reusable diapers you’re looking for at Target. I’m sorry to tell you that they’ve been discontinued and are no longer available at any of our stores.

    We change our merchandise frequently to make sure we have the latest variety of merchandise for you to choose from. Hearing your feedback about these items is very important to us and I’ve shared your comments with our Merchandise and Buying teams.

    Thanks for writing. We’ll keep working to find more merchandise that fits your lifestyle.


    Target Guest Relations


  4. Christina Says:

    Thank you for the info. I called the 800 # and found out that a target about 30 mins away had it in stock! I am going tomorrow to pick it up since they only had one of each!


  5. kira Says:

    i just called the 800 #. they said that the items are out of stock for all target stores. she could not tell me when / if they would be in again or if my stores even carried them. good sign though!!!!


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