Don’t Forget The Smores… or the Cloth Diapers!

We just got back from our family camping trip to Garner State Park (TX), our first camping trip in our new camper.  Despite the many “speed bumps” (forgetting many necessary items, dog being sprayed by skunk, weenies rolling off into fire, evil gnats, winds that rocked camper, sleepless nights, rain) we all keep asking…

Can I please go back?! Please :)

When packing our clothes for the trip I didn’t think twice about grabbing the cloth diapers.  Of course, I should have thought twice about how many I needed.  I think I took enough to cloth diaper 4 children!

Along with cloth diapers, you’ll also need a rockin’ wet bag to hold in ALL odors and moisture and it must look good.  I received my Leslie’s Boutique wet bag just in time for the trip.  If you didn’t win one from the recent giveaway, I highly recommend you get one before you’re next trip!

You’ll see in the video the two cloth diaper brands I use almost exclusively: Sustainablebabysish bamboo fitted and Bum Genius AIO Organics.

Using cloth diapers on this trip was extremely easy.  The key is having a system that works  before you go.  If you’re having leak issues or stink problems already, they will only be multiplied when you travel.  Sleeping in a small space tends to show all our weak areas ;)

Oh and sadly we did not have S’mores.  I just couldn’t bring myself to buy marshmallows and graham crackers!  But, we did eat chocolate :)

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10 Responses to “Don’t Forget The Smores… or the Cloth Diapers!”

  1. Kristy Schafer Says:

    I will be traveling to NYC in July with my 3 yr old and my 1 yr old. I was concerned about traveling on a plane with diapers, mostly dirty diapers. I had considered some of the flips or econobunz but if I could stick with the cloth I’d much rather do that. It’s probably only for 3 days but should I just pack an extra suitcase to put the wet bag in for the return trip?? Only the baby is in diapers still.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Flips and Econobums are full cloth. I would recommend Flip for the space issue. In 3 days with no washing you’d need probably need at least 20 inserts. I double up at night. The covers wash up easily in a sink so you could get by with 2.


  2. Jenn Says:

    It’s funny you just posted this–we just got home today from a 5-day camping trip in our RV. I normally only take cloth, but did sposies for this trip since I: 1) only have enough for both kiddos for about 2.5 days and this trip was definitely longer; and 2) my oldest has been dealing with the nastiest poops in the history of nasty poops for the last three weeks. Not enough diapers and no diaper sprayer = sposies this weekend. Oh well. Over the course of a normal camping weekend, I fill up my Goodmama hanging wet bags…and usually a Leslie’s Boutique medium bag or two. It can be done!


  3. Stacy Says:

    I LOVE cloth diapers. We have been using them with my 8 week old and I’m ready to purchase a few more for my rotation. After trying many types, styles and brands, BG also appears to be one of my favs. I have the one size version just before the 3.0. You mention the AIO’s. I was sticking to the one size to keep cost down but my hubby hates the inserts (I don’t mind). Besides having to buy larger sizes as kiddos grow with the AIO, is the AIO vs. insert the largest difference? I read their website, but I wanted to ask a user.


  4. LesLee Parish Says:

    How fun! We traveled with cloth as well, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I haven’t ventured into wool yet but I noticed that you put a onesie over the wool, I didn’t know you could do that! I thought the wool had to be the outside layer. Now I’m really going to have to try some! Thanks for sharing.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Hi, LesLee! Yes, wool can definitely be worn under clothes. A well lanolized, well made soaker won’t allow the clothes to become wet. With wool you will be able to tell when the diaper underneath is fully soaked b/c you’ll feel the heat and dampness (although the wool isn’t really wet. is that clear as mud?)


  5. Clara Says:

    We went camping with the family this summer and I just used an unstuffed pocket diaper as a swim diaper. When my cousin’s son peed through his ‘sposie swimmy diaper (and subsequently onto her lap), I had to stifle a laugh. Now that we’re potty-training, I still use an unstuffed pocket diaper, that way, I have cloth against her delicate skin, and water-proof built in! I can’t imagine NOT using cloth, traveling, camping, or at home!


  6. Yara Says:

    I love it.
    I’m not going camping but we’re going away this weekend & I plan on taking my cloth diapers. I have a new big wetbag (I can’t find the other wetbag I had that was big enough for a weekend) & plan on taking flushable liners to use in the cloth diapers. I already have our sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds & woolies ready to go! (along with diapers I’ve made him)


  7. Amanda Schaefer Says:

    We have been cloth diapering for well over a year now and I would not even have a clue what size to get in “non-cloth” diapers! We have been on planes, trains, and traveled by car. It is entirely do-able. Also LOVE my Leslie’s Boutique Wetbags! I have the LARGE one for travel to my in-laws… No matter how you travel from OK to upstate NY you go through diapers and need somewhere to put them – no one traveling around us is even away the “used” diapers are in there. LOL


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