Eco Posh Organic Cloth Diapers Review and Giveaway


Kanga Care, the parent company of Rumparooz, has done it again!  They’ve managed to design and release another diaper to add to my ultimate recommendations list.

Eco*Posh is Kanga Care’s line of fitteds (one size and newborn), training pants and wool soakers that releases today, August 1, 2011!

I feel so blessed to try out the new Eco*Posh Recycled Organic One-size fitted, wool soaker and training pants.

Today I am going to give you my thoughts on the fitted, show you some pics that will make your ovaries hurt and then give you a chance to win one for yourself!

In a nutshell my review looks like this:



Great Fit

All Natural


But, you probably want details.  Kelly’s Closet sums up the description well:

Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are the ORIGINAL and ONLY cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patent pending leak protection technology of dual inner gussets (double inner gussets). The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle inner gussets, a double barrier, that channels each leg. There is no chance of escape for even the messiest of messes! Keep that cute outfit cleanand mommy’s too!

Made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton! This diaper is 4 sizes in one diaper and fits from birth potty training. Comes with the famous 6r Soaker, this time made out of bamboo and organic cotton! The entire diaper is 10 layers thick and is not waterproof, cover required. This diaper is available in One Size (6-35 lbs) and is available in 5 colors: Ginger, Love, Biscuit, Bamboo and Peace.

All Kanga Care products have been lovingly invented by a mother in Colorado and distributed world wide out of Golden, Colorado.

The Eco*Posh Recycled Organic fitted is a pocket fitted. LOVE pocket fitteds. You get to customize the absorbency and still keep it all natural.

For review purposes, I strapped one on Camden without a cover.  I wanted to see how long I could keep it on him before I felt wetness on the outside.

The clock started at 12:04. Tick, tick, tick.  5 hours went by and still no wetness on the outside.  Soon it was time for me to get him in a nighttime diaper, which is in the 7 o’clock hour usually.

When I changed Camden there was wetness around the legs but still none on the outside.  This is good information. Now I can confidently use the Eco*Posh fitted at night with a couple of Hemp Babies and a wool cover.  (which is what he’s in right now–Sunday night)

Before using the Eco*Posh fitteds and training pants I fully prepped them according to the SUPER helpful instructions on the tag.  As recommended, I washed 5 times prior to use. Only the first cycle did I add detergent.  When the first cycle finished I simply turned the machine back on and pressed start.

Regardless of price, I would recommend Eco*Posh Recycled Organic One Size Fitteds.  I love the fit, colors, natural-ness, double gussets, uniqueness, absorbency…

Is it the perfect diaper for everyone? No. Are there going to be comments about how they’re not made in the USA or how you’d never spend more than $15 on a diaper?  Yes.

Will those same people enter this contest to win one?? Of course!  You might just change your mind once you’ve used it ;)

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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248 Responses to “Eco Posh Organic Cloth Diapers Review and Giveaway”

  1. Kayla Says:

    I paid 30$ for a pair of gDiapers.


  2. Morgan Nelson Says:

    We are on a super tight budget so the most i have spent is like $10 i think. I buy most everything used, seconds or discontinued clearance.


  3. Aileen W Says:

    I’ve only bought one so far, but it was $16.


  4. Katherine McKerall Says:

    I’m about 2 weeks away from being a first time mom. I’ve already got my newborn CD stash but I know my little one will outgrow these pretty quickly (both the daddy and I were big babies – 8.6 and 9.3 lbs, respectively). I would love to to start my one size stash with the Eco Posh Organic. I love that it is recycled and organic. Plus, I know you get what you pay for but it’s nice to test what you’re gonna get before you have to pay for it. :)


  5. Lisa Says:

    The most I have paid for a cloth diaper (well trainer) is $30 for a superundies overnight.


  6. Lisa Says:

    How do you think these compare to sbish OBF for nighttime? I like that I would only have to buy one of these instead of several different sizes.


  7. Vanessa Says:

    I love fitteds for night time, but I have yet to try one that could go that long without a cover…worth trying!


  8. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I have paid $17.?? for BG.


  9. Jessica Sullivan Bricka Says:

    I spent 30 on a Goodmama, it’s not my favorite. My children really react to non natural fabrics so I am always looking for nature cottons, bamboo, hemp, real leather ect, even though this often comes at a price.


  10. Tracey Carlson Says:

    I have not yet used cloth diapers. I am pregnant with baby #2 and am looking for ways to save money. I am excited about using cloth diapers! I have not purchased any yet so I don’t have a price to list. I am so excited I found this blog to help me make informed decisions on cloth diapering!!


  11. Abbie Says:

    Would love to try this- I’m thinking about branching out from AIO’s. As far as cost-paid about $25 for each BG Elemental, and that’s most of my stash. It was worth it for me; they’re working famously and they’re daddy-and-day-care friendly. Now that we’ve got something that works well, I feel like I can try other things!


  12. Katie Says:

    We got lucky and received most of our cloth diapers as gifts. We did pay $100 for a set of 13 used BG one-sizes. I know people give BG all kinds of flack, but I love mine! Would love to try anything else out too, though!


  13. Sarah Tenney Says:

    I have only bought econobums brand new the rest of my stash is used.


  14. Jessica Says:

    $28 including shipping for a Goodmama… wasn’t worth it. I’ve spent $50 on Sbish wool longies, though. Was worth it :)


  15. JLJMommy Says:

    $23.50 for a Rumparooz.


  16. tarin Says:

    I live in south africa, so my choices are very limited. What I’ve gotten as imports have been the cheapest of the cheap that I could find on ebay because of extravagant shipping costs. As much as I’d really like to try so many new diapers, i have to settle for what I have. My nubunz one size are on their last legs, and with baby number 2 on the way, and the fact that we’ve bought a new house, I can’t justify spending another cent on diapers. But, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, and I can confidently say that I’ve never put a sposie on my son and this baba will never have one on her bum!


  17. Amy J Says:

    I’m super cheap, but just recently bought my first brand-new Thirsties Duo Diaper for $17.95 ;).


  18. Laure Says:

    I am a fan of Lil Joeys and the regular G2 pocket Rumparoos, so I would be interested to try these out… Although I am a bit curious about how think it will all feel on a baby after you add in the fitted, the inserts, plus a cover. Is there still leg wiggle room?


  19. Melissa K Says:

    I’ve paid $70 for sbish wool longies.


  20. Jamie Marsh Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper is $25 for my Bum Genius Elementals! I don’t think I could do more than that, especially for a fitted. I justify the $25 because my husband LOVES the Bum Genius – he won’t use anything else (he claims they are “easier” to get on right, even with the snaps (though he still prefers the aplix)) – I’ve actually threatened to hide the Elementals and 4.0s just to force him to use something else every once in a while. :) Our daughter is 3 1/2 months old, and our first – we’ve been cloth diapering for about 2 1/2 of those, and I actually had a hard time with fitteds. We tried the Sandy’s MotherEase with a cover overnight and she wound up with rashes everytime. I just assumed she couldn’t handle the moisture next to her skin? Poor baby has her momma’s extremely sensitive skin! Would natural fibers make a difference? The Elementals don’t seem to bother her, and they don’t wick moisture away…


  21. Lindsey Nelson Says:

    These look great! I think its awesome that they are made from recycled water bottles. I would love love love one of these!


  22. Theola O Says:

    I have one in diapers and another due in 3 weeks, and yet another still in training pants… I NEED this diaper!!!


  23. Jessica R Says:

    I’d love to have a go to diaper for night time (we’re still trying to figure something out for LO)


  24. Eanista Bailey Says:

    The most I have paid is $12. I have taken advantage of Cotton Babies Growing up in Cloth program.


  25. Theresa McVie Says:

    Most I’ve paid for a cloth diaper is $25!


  26. Adrian Post Says:

    I don’t actually need a diaper right now but it’s always good to get a stash saved up for the next kiddo.. whenever that will be :) Thanks for a giveaway!


  27. Bernadette Says:

    I have spent right at 20 bucks for a diaper. That is about the most I will spend. And it was a one size pocket with inserts. LOL


  28. Carrie Says:

    $20 not including shipping.


  29. Jennifer Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a diaper is $13. I would LOVE to be able to splurge, but money has been tight. I would love to win a awesome fitted for nighttime’s.


  30. Sara Myrick Says:

    We are a military family on a tight budget so I can’t go crazy on cloth diapers, some are just way out of our price range! I try to find sales and deals whenever I can. I think the most I have spent on a single diaper was $20…


  31. Rachel Sciorra Says:

    I just can’t seem to justify spending that much on a fitted…….


  32. Lisa Says:

    I have paid around $25 for a diaper.


  33. Manuela Says:

    I’m new to cloth diapers, I’ve actually never used them, I just bought the first lot of OS. The more expensive was the rumparooz kangarooz for 25.50. They didn’t arrive yet. My baby is 11 months old today and 27 pounds. I was going to buy only rumparooz but then I’ve heard that the rumparooz are a little small. Anyway, I’d love to have one of these new rumparooz!!!


  34. Heather M Says:

    I want to say the most I ever personally paid for a diaper was right around$15. Honestly.
    I’ve paid $15 for my RaR lil joeys (each), a grovia NB and $14 for a used Goodmama. Those were my most expensive diapers.


  35. Caroline Says:

    btw, I absolutely LOVE your new giveaway entry system!! Haven’t been on here for a while and that is awesome! Thanks!


  36. Jill Says:

    yeah it is a hefty price tag. since we’ve already got about 80 diapers, I dont think my hubby would be thrilled if i spent 30 more on ONE!


  37. R Says:

    Yeah, it may be pricey, but sounds to me like it would be worth it. So stinkin’ cute, too! Thanks for the giveaway. :)


  38. Holly Says:

    I’m pretty sure, I’ve paid about $20 on a diaper.


  39. Nicole Phillips Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper was 35.00 + shipping for a goodmama ( I’ve bought more than one lol). Love them though :-)


  40. Amanda Says:

    I am so excited to try one of these out! I regularly pay more than $35 for a cloth diaper (I am a goodmama addict), and I fully believe that, with fitteds, the higher price is worth the quality fabrics and construction!


  41. Danav Says:

    Wow, these look so cool!! I love the fact that they are made with recycled materials! I want one! And the most I’ve spent on a cloth diaper is 13.60. :) I use gdiapers.


  42. Ambar Campos Says:

    I usually wait for diapers to go on sale before I buy them… I’m very frugal : ) I think the most I ever paid was $16 for my flip.


  43. Nikki Says:

    I think the most I’ve paid is $15 for a GroVia! LOVE them. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to paying more if it was something I LOVED!


  44. Samantha Brennan Says:

    I spent $18 on a weehuggers cover, the owl print was too cute to pass up! Using prefolds and covers exclusively but would be delighted to try something new.


  45. Hannah Says:

    I think the most I’ve paid has been around $25, though goodness knows I can’t remember what it was for :)


  46. Mary Richards Says:

    I paid $16.20 for each of my Best Bottoms AI2 shells, and then $3.75 per insert.


  47. mbra518 Says:

    $25 for BG organic, but I did buy some SBish longies too (on sale $52.00) – DD still wears those and she’s out of diapers.


  48. Heather Says:

    I’ve been wondering when these come out! I would love to try one! I’m a huge fan of bububebe fitteds and just ordered some custom newborn ones, but I think I may have to add one of these to the newborn stash!


  49. Rachel Says:

    The most I have paid is $30.


  50. Crystal Shannon Says:

    The most I ever paid for a cloth diaper was $20 (I think) because I always wait for them to go on sale, and I have been lucky enough to work out trades for some of my favorite diapers.


  51. Megan Ogren Says:

    I have spent around $25 for RaR and SBish fitteds. I definitely think you get what you pay for as these are the best quality diapers I own.


  52. Crystal Says:

    Rumparooz were one diaper that I always wanted to try but never felt confident enough to order because I never could get much information about them (their website was under maintainance every time I tried to look!) I’d LOVE to win this so I can pass it to my sister since my little guy is potty trained now. :)


  53. Yesenia Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid was $30.


  54. sasha Says:

    Most I’ve spent is $25 on bububebe fitteds. Not disappointed, but everything else I’ve bought used or on sale via Would LOVE to try something that will hold my 4 month over during the night without making her bottom look HUGE!! ;-) Actually have 2 in diapers, so I’m always looking for something that will work for both of them.


  55. Chana Putnam Says:

    The most I’ve paid for a diaper is $31 for a Ragababe 2 Step Diaper.


  56. Tammie Erler Says:

    I am new to cloth diapers and am just starting up my stash… Right now Im actually making covers. I havent bought any yet… but there are quite a few that I would love to get!


  57. kelly Says:

    Rumparooz run small on my kids so I don’t think I can justify paying that much for a fitted diaper but they sure are cute!


  58. Lynn Wilson Says:

    What is the most you’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper?
    I haven’t paid more than $7 for a pocket (Rumparooz pockets purchased used and love!) for a fitted I haven’t paid more than $12.


  59. PJ Palmer Says:

    I don’t mind spending money on a diaper as long as it is REALLY great. I have not found that I like fitteds though, so if I win it will be interesting to see if this is the diaper that could get me using fitteds


  60. Cherie Davenport Says:

    The most I have paid for a diaper is $25.


  61. Ali Peterson Says:

    I’m just looking into cloth diapers for future children (my husband and I have not started our family yet). I’ve never bought a cloth diaper but of the many I have looked at the most expensive one I’m considering is $17.


  62. Nicole Says:

    the most I’ve ever paid for a diaper was $30. Amusingly, they were limited edition Rumparooz prints from Julie herself at her recent garage sale. Only later did I find out that she’s the same Julie behind KangaCare! LOL


  63. Laura Says:

    $25 for a Bumgenius AIO and $25 for a Kissaluvs Marvel (couldn’t resist trying that attached soaker)


  64. Katherine Claytor Says:

    One time, I spent $9.95 on a clearance bumGenius AIO. Other than that I’ve only bought used and spent $2-$5 per diaper. Would love to try out a fitted!


  65. Keri B. Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper is probably between $25 and $30. I just can’t bring myself to pay more than that for a single diaper. I’m addicted to swapping though and love to try different ones.


  66. Amy Hunt Says:

    I’d love to try one of these but I’m just one of those people who won’t buy a $30 fitted to save my life. They sound great though!


  67. Julie Says:

    I agree with one of the previous comments – it is a bit pricey, but you ultimately get what you pay for. I’ve certainly paid less for diapers, but needed to repress snaps, had Velcro poop out and seams unravel. I have paid a little more and have been completely delighted! I think this is a great addition… And looking forward to adding them to our personal and brick and mortar store collection!


  68. Elyse butcher Says:

    I am new to CDing and have no personal experience with it but at this point I have been stocking up on every brand to see which one I personally like the best for when my daughter is due in October. I will defiantly try these!


  69. Keri B. Says:

    I’m always looking for a great night-time diaper! Sounds like I should give this one a try for sure.


  70. Erin Says:

    The most I have ever paid for one diaper would be $9 I buy used most of the time but I am starting to sew my own using recycled materials.


  71. Kristina Says:

    I believe the most I’ve paid for a diaper is around $17 for a Grovia. I’m still waiting for my son to come home from the hospital and see which diapers work best before I splurge ;)


  72. Marguerite Says:

    I have been thinking about trying out some Rumprooz as I think I need a new nighttime solution. So maybe this could be it!!


  73. Robyn Arndt Says:

    Wanting to try all-natural diapers for my super-allergic baby. These look awesome!


  74. Alisha Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper is $15.


  75. Melanie Smith Says:

    The most was $18. A Swaddlebees and I love it. :)


  76. Mandy Sergent Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid was $22.


  77. beth Says:

    these look & sound amazing!! let’s see- the most i’ve paid for a cloth diaper is about $17. most of my stuff is used/hand-me-down.


  78. Laurie Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid for a cloth diaper is around $20 — BumGenius and Fuzzibunz and GroVia are all in that range, right? The least I’ve paid is $10 — Kawaii — but the velcro on those gave out way too soon, though the ones with snaps are still going strong. You get what you pay for!


  79. Jessica Says:

    I am new to cloth diapers!!! Just starting my stash, would love to add one of these to it!!!!


  80. Christine dedominicis Says:

    The most I ever paid for a diaper was 12$. But these look awesome!


  81. Leah Says:

    Sbish fitted…$30.


  82. Megan Lunt Says:

    The most I have spent on a diaper is $25 on rumparooz! That is probably the most I would ever spend on one diaper.


  83. Hayley Rovetto Says:

    The most I have ever spent is $25 for a diaper. I just can’t justify more with so many great diapers available for less.


  84. LesLee Says:

    The most I’ve paid for a diaper was :blush: $40…but it was a custom. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! It was a cream color and had “Jesus Wore Cloth” embroidered on the bum. So stinkin’ cute! Unfortunately, my MIL isn’t as fond of cloth and changed my little guy from that diaper to a sposie and put this diaper in a plastic bag (it was dirty) and she put it in the garage. FIL didn’t know what it was but figured it was trash, yeah, it got thrown out. I cried. I was so sad! But, that was the most I’ve spent. After that I guess my BGEs and RARs and the single Grovia AIO I have are the most expensive…and then there’s the wool!


  85. Rebecca Says:

    I’m expecting a new baby and I would love to try a new diaper. My only experience is with prefolds/covers and gdiapers. Thanks!


  86. Cara D Says:

    I’m due in dec and accumulating different brands of diapers to try. Would love to add this to my stash.


  87. Tobborah Says:

    The most I have ever paid for a diaper is around $12, because I am always looking for a sale or a co-op!


  88. Tamara Sz Says:

    The most I’ve ever paid was around $17.


  89. Qiana Says:

    The most I’ve paid for CD was like $22. I’m definitely a bargain shopper.


  90. Alyson Says:

    The most I’ve paid for cloth diapers…well, all of the ones I’m playing with now are hand me downs. But the most I would pay for a cloth diaper would probably be about $20 or so :)


  91. Niki Says:

    These look so amazing. I really want to try one. Now how to convince the hubs that it is worth the $?


  92. Kate Kearney Says:

    As a working to middle class soon-to-be mom (9/29 EDD), cloth diapering is going to be my goal! My partner thinks it is going to be too complicated, too gross, too expensive, etc, etc. I’m hoping I can change his mind by example!


  93. Erika Says:

    Well…I don’t like Rumparooz very much because of the fit…but I love fitteds and I am willing to give them another try if I win! :)


  94. Jennifer Zoretic Says:

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Your site. You always have sooo much useful info. Can’t wait to try they new diapers you always rave about. I’m new to cloth diapering (on my 2 yr old!) But I LOVE IT. Wish I had started sooner. I will definately be cloth diapering our next baby. Thanks for being such a great help!!


  95. Becca Says:

    $25- Bum Genius AIO


  96. Heidi Meier Says:

    Thanks for all the reviews! Would love this squishy goodness for my newborn due any day now :)


  97. Kendra V. Says:

    The most I’ve paid for a cloth diaper is $30! I don’t think I could ever go any higher than that!


  98. Megan Lane Says:

    I like your new way to enter giveaways and this diaper ;-)


  99. SAB Says:

    I have only paid $16 for a flip once. Everything else i’ve bought used. But i really want to splurge on a wool cover someday.



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