Eco Sprout Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

August 24, 2011

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Anytime a reader posts a question about ammonia someone recommends Eco Sprout detergent.  After jumping on the bandwagon of other highly raved about items and being disappointed I decided to sit this one out.

But, money does in fact burn a hole in your pocket (you knew that right?).  I had some affiliate money with Diaper Junction so I splurged.

I have now been using Eco Sprout detergent for 3 weeks…here are my thoughts.

Initial Impression:

  • Not very fragrant at all. My previous experiences with natural, handmade detergents have always been ultra aromatic.  I remember wanting to stick my head in Clean B and never leave!
  • The formula is clumpy.  I realize this is a learning curve issue.  When Rockin Green was in it’s early stages Kim stated this was a problem that they would soon correct (which they did).  I don’t think it affects the washing ability–I’m assuming it breaks up well in the machine–but I like a nice fluffy powder.
    When I used a small amount to treat a stain on the carpet I was bummed that the tiny granules didn’t fully dissolve. This could be the case with most powder detergents but worth mentioning.


  • I followed suggestions and soaked all my diapers a lot of my diapers in the bath tub.  It is recommended to soak your diapers in order to break down any buildup that is present.
  • Recommended portion size is 2T.  My diapers came out smelling like pee when I followed this.  I have upped it to at least 4T and the diapers smell neutral now.



  • For normal cloth diaper maintenance I wouldn’t recommend Eco Sprout as my top choice.  I realize that many users have tremendous success using Eco Sprout to rid their diapers of ammonia.  I get the normally occurring ammonia from long standing urine soaked diapers, however I am not currently experiencing an “ammonia problem”.
  • My disappointment in the fragrance coupled with the non-exceptional savings means I most likely won’t be a return customer.

Side note about Country Save detergent:

When I began using Country Save I received a couple of warnings from readers that it can cause greying of my cloth diapers.  I am so disappointed that this has happened!  The worst are my Rumparooz.

After soaking the diapers in Eco Sprout I drained the tub and soaked them again in Crunchy Clean’s Pure Oxygen.  I noticed a marked improvement.

I don’t know what causes the greying.  Yes, I do have hard water but I also have a water softener.

When it comes to detergents it’s really about finding what works best for your circumstances (water type, diaper styles, budget).  These are simply my thoughts and they may or may not match up with your experience.

Lately, I’ve been really craving that heavily perfumed super clean smell of Tide…


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31 Responses to “Eco Sprout Cloth Diaper Detergent Review”

  1. Sherylann Says:

    I use Eco Sprout and I LOVE it! I had previously tried several different detergents and just had issues. I read all the rave reviews about Eco Sprout and decided to give it a try before quitting cloth diapering. (Yes, I was that close to giving up!) Anyway, I have been using it now for about 4-5 months with NO problems at all! No more rashes and no more stink! The bag smelled WONDERFUL (I had read that they increased their scent) also there have never been any clumps in any of my bags…so maybe you just got a bad bag or an old formula. My diapers are super clean and I will never use any other detergent again.


  2. Navine Says:

    I have being using Eco Sprout and it has worked for us so far. If you have hard water you may need to increase the soap amount to get the diapers clean.


  3. Erica Says:

    When I started CDing I had a mix of natural fibers and micro. I was extremely religious about only using “CD safe detergent” so I only used Charlie’s Soap because it’s what I could find locally, soon I ended up with diapers that leaked horribly. After talking with our local Natural Baby store I discovered that my area has extremely hard water. So, my fix was to switch to only natural fiber (cotton, hemp, bamboo), Tide free and clear, and plenty of Calgon. It worked wonders. I’ve been using Tide for over a year now with my diapers and haven’t had a problem. I think it’s honestly a choice of what works for you and your situation. :)


  4. Crystal Says:

    I read somewhere while researching homemade laundry soap that greying was natural because of stuff in the water but that you don’t notice it because laundry degergent contains optical brightners/whiteners. I don’t know if you can use it on diapers but one site recomended blueing to remove the grey color. I found a bottle of it for less than $3 at my local Hyvee in the laundry aisle.


  5. David P Says:

    I do all of the laundry in our home and we use Eco Sprout. We have been using it since it came out and have had no problems. We wash 20 diapers at a time and use 3 1/2 tbls of detergent. We also have harder water. The scents are great for us. I would contact Eco Sprout if you had any problems. We have tried about 5 different detergents and Eco Sprout is the only one that has worked for us. But it is true, just because it doesn’t work for one doesn’t mean it won’t work for another.


  6. Momtomulitples Says:

    I would have contacted Eco Sprout. He is very nice and very helpful. I have been using Eco Sprout for months and have purchased several bags but have never hand any clumps. Also, I personally like the less fragrant detergent (but maybe that’s just me). My diapers are super clean and super soft and I finally have no ammonia problems at all.


  7. Sara C Says:

    I’ve been using RnG hard for nearly a year and a half and I love it :) I ran out a while back and bought a bag of Eco Sprout instead because my local CD shop had it in stock. The lady swore to me I’d never have to strip my diapers again and I’d never have ammonia or stink ever with it. Well I never had stink or ammonia before nor had I ever had to strip. So anyway I followed the soak and wash instructions and after peeing in 3 diapers my daughter had blisters and burns all over her bum! It took over a week to clear it up! I contacted ES and was told that I need to use 1/4 cup of ES and a 1/4 cup of Calgon per load because we have hard water! No thanks. I’ll stick to my RnG, that’s NEVER burned my babes butt! And ES basically told me I was only person to ever have issues with their detergent (which is BS, at LEAST 6 other moms in my area have experienced the sane thing and complained) and they were very dismissive to me about it. One lady even tried to tell me it was yeast, not the ES, which is also bull-hockey because I didn’t treat her for yeast I just rewashed my diapers in RnG and the rash never came back! I’ll never recommend ES :(


    • Elliana Says:

      You must have misunderstood, as I have actually seen your previous posts about this detergent. It seems like you are going out of your way to bash the company. I personally use this detergent and love it. I had HORRIBLE burns from Rockin Green, but I typically do not go around posting that everywhere. I understand that some things work for others just fine. I also have hard water and have no problems with Eco Sprout. 1/4 cup is only 4 tablespoons – but it sounds like you are trying to make that sound horrible. If you have hard water it is common knowledge that you need more detergent or Calgon. With Calgon I have read that people use (1/4 cup )4TBSP of the powder, but I use the liquid which was recommended by ES and was only recommended 1 cap full. My baby has never experienced any problems, burning or rashes from ES and my diapers smell awesome.

      My advise is, if you find something that works, just stick with it.


      • Autumn Beck Says:

        It’s very likely her baby did have a reaction to ES :) It’s not an attack on the company just as I’m sure you aren’t attacking RnG because of your experience.


  8. tarin Says:

    In south africa we don’t have cloth diaper detergents, but we do have some natural detergents that will do. I have been CDing my son for 2 years and have never had a build up or ammonia problem. I use earthsap lavender detergent 2 full scoops with 2 teaspoons of the age old steri nappy soak in the wash. No stains, no smells, no problems. Has anyone ever tried the old diaper soak powders that were on the market in the states way back when. That’s what steri nappy is here, and it works


  9. Lakyn Says:

    I use Charlies Soap also and so far I haven’t had any problems at all. It just smells clean. No perfumes. I use it on all of our clothes.


  10. Megan S. Says:

    Myself and a few other CD moms in my area have had problems with chemical burns on our babies after using ES. Just a warning…


  11. Olivia Says:

    I use Country Save. When I started using it, I was not feeling like the diapers were getting clean, although our clothes seemed to be, so I contacted them and was told that I was not using enough. I was using only 1/2 a scoop b/c the bumgenuis diapers stated to use 1/2 the amount and everything i had read cautioned against using too much deterget, so upped the diaper loads to 1 level scoop like CS suggested and all has been fine since then. I do use Rocking green sometimes, I love it too. Every now and then I rock a soak. :) I use Country Save on all our clothes, but it does not do well on stains, so I’m still searching for the perfect stain remover. On the diapers, liquid allen’s naturally rubbed into the stained diaper and an extra rinse work wonders and of course the wonderful sunshine. I also use BacOut in the rinse cycle I do first prior to washing the diapers thank you for that tip! All in all, my diapers smell fresh and are clean, the bulk of my stash is BG AIOs, so if they were to grey a bit or have some stains, who cares – I’m just going to put them back on her to poo in again the next day…


  12. Kristie Says:

    I am only a week away from having my second baby to which I will be cloth diapering. This is going to be my first experience in CD but alot of people I have talked to in my area that CD say that they use Tide free and clear. Can you use this detergent on CD or will I have problems?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      After continued use Tide can cause buildup problems. I have many long time cloth diaper using friends that have always used Tide with no problems.


  13. Dixie Says:

    I was wondering, is there a difference between CC Oxygen and Oxyclean (or Sun Oxy Cleaner)? Or do you know?
    I am also on the search for the perfect diaper detergent. I spent a lot of time yesterday at two different grocery stores scanning labels on detergent boxes and jugs, because I would like to have an option that I don’t have to pay shipping on!


    • Erin@thehumbledhomemaker Says:

      CC oxygen doesn’t have any addictives or fillers. I don’t think oxiclean free (or I guess sun oxiclean free for that matter) has additives but it does have fillers. I think you have to use more of the product with fillers than with pure oxygen. The only reason I know this is because I was wOndering the same thing & asked cc directly. I occasional use oxiclean free if I am in a pinch.


  14. Julia Says:

    Thanks for the review. I am always looking for a miracle detergent and starting to believe that it doesn’t exist. I was so disappointed with country save because the diapers smelled like they hadn’t been washed afterward. Apart from that, nothing seems to get the poo and pee smell out like the powder tide, but even though they smell good they seem to leak more. Have you had a problem with the leaks and tide? If so, did you just strip more? Thanks!


  15. Laura S Says:

    We use Country Save – I don’t want fragrance. Strong fragrances give me headaches. I haven’t noticed any greying but I’ll be on the look out. But at $0.11/oz… I can’t beat that. We use is for ALL our clothes now.


  16. Trisha W. Says:

    I did a quick Google search about the greying and learned the following:
    1. Incomplete removal of soil can cause greying.
    2. Hard water can cause greying.
    3. From Bummis “Soaps are naturally derived (this is what sets them apart from detergents) and can react with the minerals in water to create a film on whatever you wash. This film can leave a residue and turn clothes grey. Castile soap is an example of a natural soap that can cause a residue problem.”

    Interesting link talking about greying:


  17. Britt Says:

    I have hard water (no water softener) and I have been using Country Save on my diapers for nearly 3 years. I haven’t noticed any greying … don’t have any Rumparooz though. I have BG 3.0s, BG organic AIOs (or Elementals as I guess they are now called), Sposo-easy AIOs and prefolds & Bummis covers.
    I have always been curious to try new detergents, especially the scented ones, but I guess since “it aint broke, why fix it?!” So far, no problems with the Country Save … knock on wood.


  18. Trisha W. Says:

    I have just started testing Eco Sprout on my diapers so I haven’t formulated an opinion for how well it works with my FL HE washer, but I can tell you my bag (which I won months ago) is not clumpy at all. I think your bag must have been exposed to some moisture, you might want to check with Eco Sprout about that issue. =)


  19. Rebecca2 Says:

    We have been happy with Ecos (fragrance is lavender essencial oil). However, my g-diapers don’t go through the same “abuse” as they would with an infant or toddler, because my son is 10 (severely disabled) and although he still has to wear diapers, he does let me know when he needs the potty (most of the time) other than at night, so with a dozen gpants they each go through the wash about 1-2 times a week. My thoughts might change when we get our baby home (we are adopting a special needs child) and the diapers get used heavier.


  20. Ronda Combs Says:

    I use Charlie’s Soap for my cloth diapers and love it!


  21. Anon Says:

    I ran out of my scented RnG and bought a huge bag of Eco Sprout. Very disappointed in it! Not that I like RnG…
    But, that’s what we get for trusting a man to mix ingredients for our laundry soap!

    Never trust a man in your laundry room!


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