Ecobubs Cloth Diapers Are Now In the US

Ecobubs Wool-Blend Diapers from New Zealand are now available here in the US!

Camden has one on right now (Monday evening) double stuffed.  I will sleep soundly tonight with no worries about leaks.

Ecobubs inserts are 4 layers of microfiber x 2 = 8 thirsty layers.

I LOVE stripes.  Stripes make me giddy. Not only are Ecobubs cute and absorbent but they fit my tall chunky thighed 9 month old really well.

No worries about red marks with the gentle leg casings and side snap.

Gwen sent me a navy/cream striped wool-blend Ecobubs to review and I give it 2 very big thumbs up.

I asked Gwen if she would mind filling us in how she got involved with Ecobubs and the creation of her company Grin Unlimited.  Join me in learning more about the story…

Tell us about your family.

Our company is run by Grandma/Mama team, Kelly and Gwen.

Kelly, Finance Director, is a recently retired network engineer from Intel and adoring grandma to 2 beautiful little girls. She comes from the “Old School” of diapering, using cotton pre-folds and plastic covers. She marvels over the ease, comfort, functionality and stylishness of the Ecobubs wool pockets.

Gwen, WAHM and Managing Director,  is Mama to 2 gorgeous girls, Odessa and Aerowyn. She thrives on creativity and development. With Ecobubs she has finally found a product she can stand behind and is thrilled at the opportunity of bringing Ecobubs to the US.   Check out her blog, The Grin Spin, by clicking the link above or by visiting the Our Favorite Things page.

When did you first start using cloth diapers?

As a 2nd time mother to a newborn, I wanted to make the switch to cloth diapers.  I tried several brands and came across a little gem in New Zealand called Ecobubs.  They quickly became my favorite and the other brands I purchased began to collect dust on the changing table.  I was so excited about this amazing little striped “nappy” I found myself wanting to tell the world about it, whoever would listen!

That’s how Grin Unlimited was conceived and the motto of our store was born.

“We love it so much we share it.” –Gwen

Our company, Grin Unlimited, are the exclusive US distributors of the Ecobubs Wool Pockets from New Zealand.

What makes Ecobubs unique? Why choose it over other cloth diapers?

Ecobubs are wool-blend pocket diapers.  Because we use a wool-blend, Ecobubs can be machine washed like other cloth diapers.

They are incredibly durable, (will hold their shape wash after wash,) and require no extra care.

In addition, we use a special PUL layer in the middle of the diaper. Our PUL is more breathable and also more durable than the the standard brand here.

Combining the temperature regulating wool with the breathable PUL creates a wonderful diaper that will contain leaks, keep baby comfortable, and free up your time. (No lanolin or special care required.)  They are a must for nighttime and irrisistably cute during the day.

What is your go-to advice for parents new to cloth diapering?

Having a system in place with the right equipment is essential in making the switch to cloth diapers. Once you start, it’s easy!

We consult on the phone or through email on how to get started.  Our store is a one-stop cloth diapering shop.  We carry almost everything you will need for your home diapering system.

Where can we find you on the web?!/EcobubsTweets       (Gwen’s Blog)

WIN ONE —>“Like” us on FB and enter to win a nautical navy wool-pocket on November 1st.

In addition,  Grin Unlimited is offering *free shipping* for 2 weeks. Use the coupon code:  Cloth

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13 Responses to “Ecobubs Cloth Diapers Are Now In the US”

  1. Alison Holmes Says:

    Hi, Where do the ecobubs fall in the trimness factor? I have used many brands over the past few years – bum ware extreme, itti bitti (all styles), ragababe, grasshopper, rumparoos… what might they be comparable to in terms of trimness.


    • gwen Says:

      Hello and sorry for the late reply. I’m hoping that Autumn can pipe in on your trimness question since she has first hand experience with so MANY diaper brands. Our diapers come with a microfiber insert that can be a little fluffy in the beginning, but after several washes will come down in fluff. Being a pocket diaper that has side snaps, an Ecobubs is quite trim in the sides. I would say an Ecobubs is right down the middle in terms of trimness. Hope that helps.


  2. Danielle Says:

    Oooh, this might just win me over to pockets after all. We are usually prefolds/covers and fitteds/wool . . . but a washable wool pocket? Genius!!


  3. tarin Says:

    These look great, but I could never bring myself to buy a sized diaper that can only be used once for that price. $33 is a bit steep. I can understand that the manufacturing cost and import duties contribute to the price, but whoa. I would consider it as a cover that can be used multiple times though.


  4. judi Says:

    I love this idea! We’re expecting a surprise in May (I thought we were done with diapers, lol) and I’m determined to have a stash of nice pocket diapers instead of the diapers I made that are so-so. So far I’ve tried one brand that I know I’m not going to buy for the next one. This looks like a real contender as I love the idea of wool! I’ve made several wool covers out of thrift store sweaters and I love the feel of them. I have yet to get any of them successfully lanolized but I keep trying!


    • tarin Says:

      Try the eucalan no rinse wool wash. I got mine from I also found an amazingly easy and cute pattern for wool soakers from the daisyheadcreations blog (google it). Its called the adaptation. I knitted up a few soakers from that pattern and they came out great.


  5. gwen Says:

    Thank you for your questions. There are different types of PUL out there. Ours is breathable and durable. I am not a chemist, but do know that materials can be microporous, allowing moisture vapor out without liquid in. Wool is known for being breathable and also temperature regulating. Combining the 2 creates a wonderful diaper that will contain leaks and keep baby comfortable. Ever seen a nighttime diaper that causes prune skin? That won’t happen with an Ecobubs. Because we use a wool-blend, Ecobubs can be machine washed like other cloth diapers. (Our wool-blend is similar to a wool-blend sweater or socks, that are available in stores and also machine washable.)


    • gwen Says:

      Autumn is correct. We use a 1mil PUL which is more flexible to work with, not “crackly/crunchy” and less likely to crack or split over time as thicker PULs can be. It also provides a high level of breathability. The thicker the polyurethane layer, the less the breathability. (This info came from our supplier.)


  6. Jessica Says:

    I don’t get it. How is PUL breathable? And what exactly is the wool-blend? I mainly use fitteds and wool at home, and I don’t let my wool anywhere near the washing machine (unless it’s interlock, but even then it goes in the hand wash cold cycle, not my super hot wash cycle for diapers). How is it that the wool can be washed like regular diapers? What does the wool do for the diaper if it isn’t to make it waterproof?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Hopefully, Gwen or someone else will pipe in but here’s my 2cents… I believe “breathable” is due to the fact that it’s a thin layer of PUL, not the normal thickness of other diapers. The wool is a New Zealand wool mix…not sure exactly what that means but it is a washable wool. I’ve washed mine many times and I’ve used it over night with no leaks.


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