Emotionally Attached to Cloth Diapers?

August 2, 2010

Newborn Cloth Diapers


Who in the world would get attached to a cloth diaper?!  Not me.


Okay, so maybe one time I had a teeny little obsession but I matured past that.

And now I may have reverted just a little bit. But, it’s not my fault! It’s completely the fault of Goodmama diapers.  I was doing just fine with my very plain stash for Sterling.  Then, I began buying cloth diapers for the new baby.

They’re all cute, don’t get me wrong.  How could a minuscule diaper not be?  But, Goodmama Newborns are beyond delicious.  I’m not exaggerating.  Ask my kids (they won’t stop stealing them!) or my friend Grateful for Grace.

She came over one day to let our dogs out and her eyes beheld the beauties tossed like rags in the lounge chair.  I wouldn’t normally toss them around like rags but they came in the day we left for a weekend conference.  I barely had time to ogle them.

All squishiness and cuteness aside, it doesn’t really matter if they don’t work well, right?  I’ll have to wait 4-5 months to test that out.

Before this episode though there was one other time that I just could not part with a diaper.  It was one of Paisley’s.  It was a terribly UNabsorbent diaper but the print is the most precious I’ve seen. It’s the softest cotton knit with tiny little bunnies on it.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever use the diaper again but I kept it for sentimental reasons.

Do you have a diaper that you’ve held on to?  I’m sure not. Only I would suffer from this terrible disease ;)


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43 Responses to “Emotionally Attached to Cloth Diapers?”

  1. Amanda Huskins Says:

    Oh yeah….I have a tiny little newborn muttaquin in a sushi print I would never sell for ANY amount of money. We only used it for a month and it’s in brand new condition, but one day I hope her babies get to use it as their first ever cloth. :)


  2. Sarah Says:

    When I bought my nb’s terry-towelling, faux-Babar the elephant diaper covers (all that was available in India where she was born), I thought I’d have them just in case the Bummis didn’t arrive in time… I didn’t use those Indian diapers much (no elastic in the legs) but they have certainly gone aside with the coming-home-from-the-birthing-centre outfit…oh, how her little nb legs stuck out of those ‘giant’ diapers :)


  3. Lisa Versaci Says:

    I’ve definitely become emotionally attached to a few diapers… they’re like pieces of clothing from a layette! I’ll never part with a tiny robots cotton print organic cotton fitted, a fish print sherpa fitted , and my hand-knit longies knit “in-the-round” by best friend and made to look like a little pair of jeans!


  4. Nicole Says:

    I guess I just don’t understand the whole fitteds thing. They come in such cute fluffy patterns and colors yet you have to cover them up?! Do you have to use a cover for a newborn or when you’re just at home? I want to get some goodmamas and kissaluvs but might go with lil joeys instead so that way the cuteness doesn’t get covered up. Convince me why I should use fitteds lol ;-)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Nicole, I understand. I felt that way once. If I buy fitteds for Sterling they’re just plain colored (Pooters, Sbish). But for the baby I can’t resist.


  5. Gloria Says:

    Are Goodmama diapers lined with PUL? They look fuzzy on the outside, so do you need to put a cover over it or is this essentially an AIO?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Goodmama newborns are fitted cloth diapers requiring a cover. The only Goodmamas that don’t need a cover are the Ones.


  6. Lollyflower Says:

    awe… i remember when my little one was that small. I can relate…i love cloth diapers too….I know, i need my head examined.


  7. Rachel Davis Says:

    Those are darling!!! I only just started using fitteds for night right before potty training with my second child. Now #3 is due in 2 months and I’ve got a handful of them to try out. Those goodmamas are expensive!!! Autumn – do you think they’d make good night time diapers? If so, it’s worth the price tag. If not, I’d rather invest in sbish nb that I know will make it through the night…but I’m tempted to order a couple anyway.

    On a side note, what would you choose for nb wool? I like interlock. Not a big fan of knits.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’ll use these in the day and Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds at night. For a cover, I like Luxe Baby interlock soakers.


  8. Tanya Says:

    So reading about fitted diapers here has led me to a question for you. I currently have very chunky thighed babies and I use thristies covers, and knitted covers made from a friend. But I would really like a variety of wool wrap covers that a) won’t break the bank and b) work…that are good during the day for a haevy wetter. Yea I know the fitted diaper makes all the difference and I have some great hemp ones. I have an order in for lovey bum organic wool covers so I will see how those work for me. I would like to try their crep wool too but I am concerned they will not be heavy enough. What do you reccomend and what do you think of clover wool covers and little beetle (although little beetle is in the high price end for me)?


  9. Suzanne Atwood Says:

    Autumn, thank you for posting your goodmama love! We squee over each diaper we make, and the newborn ones are especially cute. I love sending them out into the world — it’s my way of not letting go of cloth diapering even though my youngest just started kindergarten! I can’t let go of any of her old diapers. In fact, the other day I was going through things and found one of her cute knitted ruffled soakers and she wanted to try it on. It fit her and she wore it under her dress all day!

    Rose, I am sorry for your bad experience. I tried to look you up in the store and I don’t see any customer service emails in any of the records from anyone named Rose. We really do try to help everyone the best we can. You are always welcome to email us at customerservice@thegoodmama.com and we can pull up your orders and help you. I really would like to try to figure out what went wrong with your email to us, and goodmama does stand behind its product. I’m glad I got a chance to address your concerns.

    Autumn, this is a stellar blog. I know how much work it must be — congratulations!


  10. Mumma Tutu Says:

    OMG I can’t seem to get rid of ANY of my diapers… I don’t use most of them but I made them so they have some sentimental value to me! I really only use a few that I know work well and love the 4 or 5 covers I have… The ones I made work well too but, they are too small for my DD now… So, I am a diaper horder and completely emotionally attached to them! LOL


  11. Rose Says:

    The problem with Goodmamas is that they are of such poor quality, and the customer service is nonexistent. I got some of them when my son was younger, and they seemed very nice at first…until I saw that some of them had shipped with broken snaps. Others quickly had snaps fall out, and still others had the serging come off in places so that you can see inside the soaker. I was very disappointed. I had read all the hype about how cute and wonderful these diapers were, and what I received was nothing like what I was expecting. This was not a washing issue, as I washed them just as was recommended by the company, and have never had these problems with any other diapers.

    I tried to contact customer service, and got no response from them whatsoever. It wasn’t a spam filter issue, as I check my spam regularly, and there were never any e-mails from them in there.

    I was very upset to have the diapers be defective, especially after what they cost. Had they made some kind of replacement or refund, I would have been satisfied, but as it is, I strongly encourage people not to purchase from this company, appealing though their items may seem.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      So sorry for your poor experience, Rose. Unfortunately, this does occasionally happen in every company, albeit it shouldn’t.


    • Lollyflower Says:

      Try etsy…actually everyone should try etsy at least once… then you are not dealing with large companies, you are mostly dealing with WAHMs who go the extra mile and stand by their work… not to mention how cute some of the stuff their is!


  12. Jenny Says:

    Are you kidding me? I am attached to ALL my dipes…my stash is pretty simple, so they are all the same, and oh-so-dear to me. ;) It’s a sickness for sure. :)


  13. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Those diapers really are stinkin’ cute. You keep torturing me by having them out every time I stop by. ;-) They feel even better than they look. Now, with the two toned ones, my baby fever is off the chart.


  14. Manda Says:

    @LesLee: How sad that she threw it away! Did she think the poo ruined it?

    Like Heidi, I’m emotionally attached to the diapers I have sewn. I haven’t even made enough of the next size yet, or any cute newborn size ones. My neighbor held onto hers (prefolds plus fitteds she had made), I’m sure for sentimental reasons, for about 10 years and finally gave them to me. This was a few weeks after we met.Until me, she hadn’t know anyone “in real life” who used cloth diapers.


  15. Tina Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one….I got one nb goodmama on sale when I was ordering some other OS diapers to try out on my toddler (in anticipation of the new baby due nov.)…now all I can think about is how to afford a nb stash of only goodmamas!! I won’t be able to do it, but you can bet I’ll be getting a handful more!! They are sooooo soft and squishy!!


  16. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    Oh yes. I am emotionally attached to my diapers. I’m not having any more children for health reasons, (medically advised to stop), but I had a lovely little newborn stash of some Thirsty fitteds and covers. i hated to part with them, so i passed them to one of my cd friends that is planning on having a few more kiddos. I told her to use them with love. As Samuel outgrows his diapers, I will give them away, probably to Mother of Eden for the little orphanage babies or to one of the diapering charities that you mentioned in a previous post. But it IS hard giving them up. I’ll probably save my Blueberries. i love them.

    By the way, your newborn stash is gorgeous. I love it. do you know if you are having a little guy or gal? Or are you keeping it a surprise?

    Also, still washing with Tide? I’ve been using it lately and it’s working great, but i have a top loader and the regular liquid tide and it’s a beast to wash out. We are about to get an HE top loader that you can override the automatic water setting. I’m anxious to see how the HE tide does in the new top loader with my dipes. :)


    • Sarah Says:

      After I read about the Tide I tried it. I could still smell the soap on the diapers but they did seem to wash up better. I decided to try the Tide free and gentle and I am hooked! The diapers come out nice and clean and my son is not getting irritated skin anymore and the best part is they only smell like pee when he pees!! We have softened water so just a teaspoon of Tide with a squirt or two of Bac-Out and an extra rinse seems to be the trick at our house!


  17. Crystal Says:

    I haven’t developed an emotional attachment to any one diaper yet, although my hubby does describe me as obsessed by cd’s in general. When I want to get a new cd or accessory, our conversations usually go something like this: Me: “But, honey, can’t I use some of the money we’re saving by not having to buy disposables all the time?” Him: “We’re not saving any money because you spend it all on new diapers!” LOL. Some men just don’t understand!

    On a separate note, what newborn covers are you planning on using with these? I’m not pregnant again (yet), but I plan on having another little one in the near future that will be cd’d from the start. Also, what do you do with the meconium? Does that wash out, or do you have to try to get that off in the toilet? Thanks!


  18. Julie Says:

    Oh my goodness those are soooooooooooooo adorable! I am absolutely dying to cloth diaper my next newborn but I’m torn: my youngest was the first baby I have cloth diapered, and I didn’t start him in cloth until he was fully two weeks old – the circ. was healed and the umbilical stump had fallen off and quit being gooey. And that’s where I’m torn! I didn’t want those perfect little none-too-cheap diapers I had purchased to have blood, goo, or vaseline stains on them! I wanted them perfect and stain-free! Well, that type of perfection may have gone out the door long ago, but here’s my question: How do you CD a little one from day one and avoid those blood/goo/vaseline issues?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      We don’t circumcise to no vaseline issues. Goo from the cord does get on the top of the diaper sometimes but it washes out. I like that GM has colored doublers which will hide some of the yellow stains.


      • Beth Says:

        We circ’ed both boys and CD’d from day 1 too. I bought microfleece liners and tucked them up over the top of the dipes to protect from the stump. That way our stash stayed perfect thoughout the gooey stage :o)


  19. Amanda Says:

    Um yeah, I totally get it. Haha DS has about 50ish diapers and we only really use 9 or 10 of them (I do wash every other day), but I can’t seem to part with a single one!


  20. Elizabeth Says:

    What covers do you use with these diapers? They are soooo cute and look so comfertable! Are the covers just as adorable or do you end up covering all the cuteness?
    I’ve only been using cloth diapers for about a year and have to switch on and off with store diapers because my daughter gets such terrible rashes. We have very hard water and still in the procces of figuring out what to wash them with so she doesn’t have bleeding open sores all the time :-(
    Thanks for sharing all you have learned over the years. Love your blog!


  21. Summer Says:

    I bought a Happy Heinys Silly Monkeys print (hook and loop) b/c my husband loves monkeys and I thought it was so fun. But it’s my least favorite diaper. The rise snaps won’t stay and the velcro wouldn’t stick to the laundry tabs so it always stuck to other things and snagged them. But I love the print!


    • Aubrey Says:

      I have the same diaper! It doesn’t work well and like you said the rise snaps don’t stay, so we end up with a sagging and gaping, but it is just SO cute! I’m a sucker for prints! It is usually one of the last diapers in the basket to be used, but I love looking in there and seeing it!


  22. Lindy Says:

    That’s a gorgeous newborn stash! I was thinking of doing one of those Kissaluv newborn diaper rentals, but those goodmamas are so cuuuttteeee. I even saw some on Spots Corner! If I were pregnant again, I would totally buy them.


  23. Kristin Says:

    I have to admit you are not the only one in the world. I bought some WAHM AIO diapers and they were my first diapers I used with my preicous Amelia. They didn’t work that great but I hold on to them because they were what got me started in the cloth diaper obsession I have now, so yeah I held in to them and probably wont ever let go :)


  24. Hanz Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Though chances of me adding another chance would be zero, but I think I’m going to keep some of my lil tot’s cloth diapers for sentimental reason. Not easy to say goodbye to some of them. :)


  25. Heather P Says:

    Don’t feel bad Autumn! Goodmama newborns got me too and I’m not even preggers yet!! Can’t wait to read your review=)


  26. LesLee Says:

    Love the goodmamas! DH and I are ttc #3, I may have to get a few of those for some good luck charms!
    I did have a diaper that was my very favorite. It was a custom and I had “Jesus Wore Cloth” embroidered on it…so cute! My son was wearing it when my MIL watched him one afternoon at her home…she THREW IT AWAY when he poo’d in it!!! Of course I didn’t notice that I didn’t have it until wash day and by then it was GONE forever. She said she’d replace it but alas I’m still waiting (going on two years now…) If she knew it had cost me $40 I bet she would have thought twice about tossing it. Oh that makes my heart hurt…I loved that diaper!


  27. Heather Lent Says:

    OH YES!! I am emotionally attached to far too many of my diapers. I absolutely loved the GM newborns! I can’t wait to see your little one show them off!!!


  28. Heidi Maxwell Says:

    I officially only have 6 diapers left from my original stash. We are moving away from PUL (exposed anyway), so it all had to go. It was tough parting with many of them. Goodbye rumparooz. So sad to see you go. Off with you Happy Heiney Snap OS with the cutie monkeys. We loved you so much! It was really tough putting that goodmama one in the envelope and shipping it off (although it was very cool to find woolie shorties on my porch when I arrived home). I have another goodmama one that I am trying to FSOT and while I can’t use it because the PUL is exposed on this one, it’s so hard to see it go!! It’s so pretty! And it works!

    I may be more attached, however, to the diapers I am making in order to restash. There is something to say about putting a bit of yourself into your stash!

    My goodmama tip: Prep. Prep. Then Prep again. Mine did not become favorites overnight. I bet they were washed about 15 times before they stopped weeping/leaking. Now they are the first ones I grab.


    • Grateful for Grace Says:

      Just FYI, Rumparooz do not (maybe they did before?) have PUL.
      From their Facebook page:
      “Have you heard? We finally received our biodegradability reports! Rumparooz that date back to 2008 have been made with biodegradable polyester and TPU (not PUL which is toxic). This means that when composted, these components with biodegrade in as little as 4-5 years!”
      Good news!


      • kimberly ross Says:

        I have been following RaRs and they USE to use PUL. They are selling them under the name Seconds in their outlet store. The new is the TPU. I love my RaRs as a newbie with them. I am glad to hear they changed it.


  29. Cindi Says:

    awh…there so inky dinky! I love the brown one…it’s like a little furry monkey butt :)


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