Ever Have One of THOSE Days?

September 4, 2013

Real Mom Stories

Ever have one of those days?  You know the days..

baby is teething

break a glass

lose your keys

stub your toe

burn a meal- or worse dessert

paper cut your finger

stopped by a cop

kids are outta control

You know.  One of those days?

It’s days like these cause me to reflect on the things that are blessings in my life.

Even the simple things like that our cloth diapers don’t cause rashes on Finley when we are here in California make me breathe easier.

Really, even if the entire list above happened on the same day (Praise God that is not my day today!) we’d still be better off than many families.

I stepped away from Facebook a couple of weeks ago and in that time a blogger that I had followed in the past lost her newborn son.  This after losing twin boys (~halfway through pregnancy) not that long ago.  That’s a day I don’t want to have.

My day, however, has been simply frustrating.  Maybe it’s because I went grocery shopping with my posse (1 was being especially outlaw-ish) or that our family van is in the shop for a month because a teenage girl t-boned me or perhaps–and I’m thinking this is the real kicker in my day– it was the cop knocking on my window at a stop light telling me to pull over.

I’m pretty sure that 99.5% of people know why they are being pulled over.  I was in the .5% that didn’t today.

Apparently, you aren’t allowed to use a cell phone on any road while driving in California.  I had been told that only on the interstate was it prohibited.

The good news…I didn’t cry!  At least not while he was there.

I did learn a lesson, well two.  One, don’t talk on the phone while driving in California.  Two, California police are not as nice as Texas police.  No tomatoes please!!  That’s just my experience.  But, in their defense they have a lot more on their plate her in LA county than they do in my rural county in Texas.

After eating lunch and typing this all out I’m realizing that maybe I’m not having one of those days.  All my kids are healthy, I got dressed today so I feel pretty and I just bought a bunch of groceries!  That’s a lot to be grateful for!

If you are having a rough day I’d be happy to pray for you.  Leave a comment, no details needed.

If you are having a cloth diaper (or any topic) problem that needs a solution, just ask and I’ll see if I have any advice.

This post has been so helpful for me!  Thanks for listening.


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*** EEEK! After hitting publish guess what came to me?  My friend brought me an iced Mocha!  How divine is that?! ****

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25 Responses to “Ever Have One of THOSE Days?”

  1. Nicolette Says:

    Despite rough days, there is almost always something to be thankful for. Getting in trouble always leaves me shaky, so getting pulled over would really set a negative spin to my day!

    I remind myself to be thankful on the harder days, esp lately. This unplanned pregnancy had been rough emotionally, but I remind myself that I’m beyond grateful that we don’t have fertility/conception issues, and that children really are a blessing from God. I know of several couples who would do anything to be in my shoes.


  2. Liz Says:

    Way to have amazing perspective! I just need to remember this next time I have one of “those” days.
    And don’t worry about the phone drama. Honest mistake. In El Paso they nail you for making a 15 second text/call while fully stopped at a light. I get frustrated at those laws too! Way to minister to your readers!


  3. Beth Says:

    I just watched a video a few weeks ago about a man who was texting his wife wile driving. He hit an Amish family in a buggy and killed most of them including a little toddler who was around the same age as my son. Needles to say, the cell phone stays in my purse while driving. Nothing is that important. Whenever my husband starts to mess with his phone while driving I remind him of that family.


  4. AJ Says:

    Thanks,Autumn! I needed the reminder to be thankful for all that I have and thankful for all of those things I don’t have.
    I must say, I have one of “THOSE” days at least once a week,if not more. I am a mother of 4 lovely children-the youngest 6 months and all an average of 22 months apart. The stress of keeping up with life in general and the toddler throwing flour all over the garage, along with children making a sandy mud swamp in the backyard, someone drawing on the newly painted wall, and the fact that I had no time to make something tasty for a picnic I was supposed to attend that morning, did me in. I arrived at the picnic almost an hour late just to park, put on my makeup, and realize that I had no desire to go through the struggle of nursing my baby, serving the children food, watching to make sure they eat it, overseeing them while on the playground or keeping them from being bit by a friend’s dog, and all without my husband’s help; as he was working. I just wanted to cry. I backed out of the parking space and took off. My day got better after I ended up catching my husband on his break and enjoying a nice cheeseburger lunch as a family instead. I am blessed to be surrounding with such energetic loving children and I pray daily for the grace and strength to be a loving joyful mother.


  5. Lisa Says:

    Wow… Great post with great perspective. I needed this today… I had trouble believing today that God is good. Circumstances are such that I do need prayer because I need an attitude change and I need to remember (cling to) each day that God is in control and that He loves me. I work in my family’s business and DH is unemployed right now… This happened right when our first child arrived. So he became a SAHD to avoid daycare, which was our desire anyway- that our young children would be raised at home. The Lord has blessed us through the perks of working in the family business, but I just often don’t understand why our roles are reversed. I would prefer to be home and my husband would prefer to be working. With my father ailing, we feel this is at a time that I can minister to him and my extended family. However, we are bible-believing Christians and our choice isn’t understood in our church. We now have two boys- a 20 month old and a 2 month old. I feel so lucky that compared to most moms who work outside of the home, I have it “easy”- I have brought both of my sons back to work with me (the 1st until he was almost 5 months old, the 2nd is still with me every day), a low stress work atmosphere with family that is friendly to nursing (and later pumping), flexible hours, my “commute” is 5 minutes. I could go on and on. But more recently I am still often discontent at the end of the day, even though a few months ago my husband and I both felt peace with where things were- like we couldn’t explain it but we felt we needed to pray and wait… Not rush out to force a change in our situation. But lately I have been having trouble feeling like partners with my husband. Today I came home and as soon as the kids were asleep, fell apart crying with DH. To further complicate issues, we are ready to buy our first home finally but we are not agreeing about what we can afford/spend- DH is more conservative, which squashes my dreams for a bigger home for our growing family.

    It feels helpful to just get this out and as others have written, I realize my problems are insignificant compared to those dealing with life-threatening sicknesses in their children, or who are facing severe financial hardship or foreclosure on a home they love. Please pray that I would see all of this as God does and that I would draw close to Him for comfort instead of my tendency to become a control freak. I need to turn to the Lord in all this but I am pushing Him away because deep down I am angry. And please pray for my husband and I. I need to respect him but when I become a control freak, I don’t allow him to lead us like he should. Thank you Autumn!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Lisa, I will be praying! I have a book recommendation for you. Last year I read Thomas Watson’s The Art of Divine Contentment It helped me tremendously!


    • Michelle Barber Says:

      Thank you Autumn for this post. I am in tears reading it and reading Lisa’s comment.

      Lisa, thank you for sharing. I have similiar prayers these days. Almost 3 months ago I fell and broke my elbow, had to have surgery and screws and a metal plate put in my arm and I questioned God with a why did this happen to me. With 2 boys, and a 3 month old little girl, at the time I was so hurt emotionally that I couldn’t hold her and take care of her as a mom should. I had to rely on others which was so difficult for me. Almost 9 years ago I lost a little girl at 20 months of my 1st pregnancy and I believe my Eden (my now 5 month old) is a gift from God blessing me where there was a void. After all those years of waiting for her I was angry that my quality bonding time was taken away for a time. I still don’t know why things happen, I do know that we should count it all joy when we encounter trials as it says in James. God is working something good in us. He is making us more like Him.

      Now, I am still working on getting my range of motion back but I can hold my baby and hug my boys and play with them a lot more.

      This is my current little sob story and I too tell myself everyday that I should be thankful that my kids are healthy and here for me to love. I pray for those going through life threatening situations and loss.

      I am learning to be content and greatful and it is difficult but in our trials we will find a reward if we hold on and trust God. There is peace in contentment and joy and so many other good things that make our life what it is meant to be.

      Anyway, thanks so much for sharing and I am praying for all of us…that we find and remain in God’s will and encounter Him and His love more and more!


  6. Jess Says:

    I won, I won, I WON!! Yay me!!! This equals a VERY good day for me haha:)


  7. Jessica Says:

    I could use some prayers. My hubby was separated from the Army almost a year ago and we still are not working. He has been jerked around by one company and will hopefully start next week and I am a creative trying to catch my break.


  8. Emilie Says:

    My diapers smell like ammonia, even after soaking all night in oxy clean?!? I don’t want to use bleach b/c T-Man has super sensitive skin and lots of allergies. Please help??


  9. Laura Says:

    Just prayed tonight for a little girl who is my baby’s age who is going through chemo right now. My baby’s struggles with picky eating, teething, pulling her hairbow out, etc – how thankful would that other mom be to just be dealing with those things! It breaks my heart but also gives me a renewed vision to be thankful for every day with my healthy girl and love all the little things, even the “hard” things. Thanks for this post!


  10. Nicole Says:

    what a day! Mine seemed like it was starting that way so I scrapped all plans and took a nap with the little one.

    I have a cloth diaper question for you! I am in DIRE search of a sloomb UGA collegiate print fitted in an XL and can’t find one. Do you know who I might contact to find out who, if anyone, has them in stock? :)


  11. Jessica Says:

    Sorry to hear bout a bad day… I’d argue you shouldn’t be talking on a cell and driving in ANY state. Especially with kids in the car.


  12. abigail morris Says:

    Oh Autumn, I have had many days like that. Gods blessings out number those nasty moments though. Today my dryer stopped working and the house is thrashed, I have company coming for the weekend, and my youngest is teething or sick. But the Lord has kept me calm, He is so merciful.
    You are right about California cops, they are not nice. I can say that, I am from here, most California’s are not nice !!! hahahaaha :P
    I will pray for you.


  13. Mary Says:

    Oh man I feel you. Monday was my “THOSE” days. I sprayed myself while rinsing diapers and no it wasn’t with just water.. D: I tripped over a tippy cup, I slid on a coloring page, homework was actually eaten, not by the dog, but by the baby; everything that could go wrong did. I had a cry, I had a nap, the next day everything was better.
    To tell you how MUCH better the world is, I didn’t even break down when I found the baby playing in the paint tray we were using to paint DD#1’s bedroom. She was coated in pink paint, I ended up coated in pink paint, DD’s sheet was pink (it was originally red). I just tossed the baby in the tub and tossed everything that was fabric and NOT supposed to be pink in the washer and had DH wipe up anything else pink. :D I’m very proud of myself today!


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