Every Dad’s Diaper Nightmare

June 25, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Last Thursday I flew to Orlando for a women’s conference.  I had mixed emotions about leaving my precious 5 children but I knew that my husband was more than competent to care for them.

Aside from the periodic emotional breakdowns from missing mommy, I hear the kids did just fine.  Not sure if that makes me feel glad or sad.

Throughout the four day conference Michael would send me pictures of the kids.  Most of them made me bawl immediately but one had me rolling with laughter.

On Saturday morning a picture of Camden greets me.  He looks barely awake, he’s naked and he’s in the bathtub.

Then the quote, “Mommy, I slept through the whole night! And then I woke up and took off my diaper, then pooped and played with it!”

Oh dear.

My poor husband.  He’s awesome but he isn’t Mommy.  All I could think (after I stopped crying from laughing so hard) was he is going to have to wash all the bedding and clean the crib.  Does he know how to do that?

We texted throughout the first session of the day on how to do diaper laundry and he was completely confused by prewash, wash, bacout, no detergent, then detergent, then rinse.  Don’t forget a second rinse, I said.  He forgot but I’ll add an extra next time.

Thoughts of the scene cracked me up all day.  Had I been here there would have been no laughing.  I also kept thinking, “What diaper did Camden have on?? All the nighttime diapers are snaps?” Completely insignificant question, of course, but a mom wonders about these things.

It seems that no matter when I go somewhere or how short a time, a diaper crisis involving poop occurs.  Which means this incident wasn’t a first for Michael.

Back in 2007, one a lot worse occurred.

At the time Michael was in private practice.  It was lunch break and I needed to run to Target.  Haven was 3 at the time and the poor kid was not feeling well.  Potty training him was a nightmare, mostly due to my inadequacy and trying to fit him into the same mold as his older sister.

On this particular day he was in underwear and shorts.  As he stood at the door waiting for mommy’s return, at the door where patients would soon be entering, he was suddenly hit with diarrhea.

My heart breaks just thinking of this whole scene.  The smell was beyond horrid and he was obviously embarrassed by the accident.  Since I was not back yet and patients would soon be arriving, Michael was left to clean the mess and Haven up.

It’s easy for us moms to rattle off 20 or 30 nasty jobs we’ve had to handle.  And after being the main caregiver for a year or two dirty jobs seem second nature.  But, when daddy has to wear the mommy hat I melt.  I love watching Michael perform tasks he’s not proficient at.

There’s a sexiness to it.

As soon as I arrived home last night, I knew he was pooped…and so very tired of poop!  After 4 days of changing diapers and wiping bottoms I’d say he’s off the hook for quite awhile.

Do dirty jobs happen when your child’s daddy is on duty? Or is it just mine?

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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17 Responses to “Every Dad’s Diaper Nightmare”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Kudos to your dh! mine would have been calling me saying, “Um, you have to come home right now!” lol


  2. Michelle Barber Says:

    My hubby had a similar poop experience a few weeks ago. I was getting the boys ready for a bath, stripped my 1 year old and gave him to daddy and said. Can you watch him for a minute. Mind you, I had just put EZ on the potty to see if he would poop. I knew he had to. But a second turned into a minute and there you had it. Poop on the floor. My husband saw him playing with something, he picked him up and realize EZ was playing with his poop and then I heard my name loud and clear. My husband practically tossed EZ to me, panic stricken because he had baby poop all over his clothes and hands. You know often times Daddy’s baby poop tolerance isn’t as high as Mommy’s, or maybe it’s just our house?


  3. Erika Says:

    My 9 month old seems to save most of them for me. Having said that, last weekend my dad was visiting, and when baby woke up at 5:30am, my very kind, generous father came to get her and told me to go back to sleep, which I gladly did. I woke up at 7:00, and found them sitting on the front porch. He handed her to me, and she was stark naked…. I asked what happened, and he simply said, “I’d rather not talk about it.” Later when I went to go shower, I noticed a perfect bum print painted in poo on the shower wall. I still don’t know the details, but I’m having fun imagining the scenarios in my head :)


  4. Jen Says:

    I don’t think my hubby has had a poop mess like that before. I had 3 nights in a row once when my little one had diarhea. Squirted all out the sides and he rolled around in it all night and didn’t wake up! Now I only use wool at night b/c it has yet to fail me, even with runny poo. But when my hubby has our son all day, he poops more often and they are messier than with me. He usually only poops once in the morning for me, but 3 times or more with daddy! I tell him his son just takes after him! LOL!


  5. Jesse Says:

    I’m a dad and a cloth diaper changing son of a gun! I was worried about lots of these issues when my wife talked me into (i.e. made the decision whether I went along with it or not) to cloth diaper our son. We now have 3 sons and we’ve used cloth on them all! Once you get the hang of it, there’s really nothing to it. A few big issues I’ve had over the years is the diaper FITTING on our kids! Maybe I’m just a guy and aren’t supposed to be perfect at changing diapers, but when we went to both Daipercrombie And Stitch one size diapers and Mandie’s Menagerie diapers from Hyena Cart (and they’re cheap!), they actually fit perfectly. Maybe it’s the way the elastic makes the fabric sort of ribbon out around the baby’s thighs? Either way, what a mess many of the ill-fitting diapers made! I’m talking about mainstream, name brand diapers! You’re right about it becoming a routine though. Funny to think if you had told me years ago I’d be a cloth diapering Daddy I would have called you crazy! They definitely grow on you though!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I am so honored, Jesse, that you commented. I have an enormous amount of respect for dads committed to the healthy choices for their family.


    • DubSilk Says:

      Jesse — I am in the process of trying to get my wife to give cloth diapers a try. I went into a store today and shocked the clerk with how easily I put on a prefold and cover. What can I say? I am a natural….when there are no “deposits”. We will see what happens in real life situations.

      Which of Mandie’s products are you using. The O/S have generally scared me because I don’t want to deal with too may blowouts.




  6. Tegan Says:

    My hubby is no stranger to dirty jobs – he is an awesome help with the kids and always has been. I so appreciate what he does for our family. :)

    I’m glad your hubby was willing to help you with the kiddos so you could go to a conference – that was really sweet of him. :)


  7. Kaitlin Says:

    Actually, for us the opposite seems true. Yes, I am the primary care giver, but our daughter seems to be an absolute angel for hubby and saves the worst for me. She only really has dirty diapers when I’m home with her and has the worst meltdowns with me, too. It makes me wonder sometimes if I’m doing something wrong all the time or if she just feels super secure with me =)

    Although, yesterday we had a sort-of incident. I just started a new job and I come home right as baby is going down for the night. I remembered that we only had one pocket left for the night, which was fine since I was going to do diapers when I got home from work. So as I’m rushing out the door trying to remember everything, I tell hubby not to forget to use the pocket diaper. I meant for overnight. He just thought I wanted to use it up. So I come home and am nursing baby and ask where the pocket diaper is. Hubby looks at me and says, “I already used it like you told me to.” And I say, “I meant for overnight.” So we kinda laughed, especially me because we really only use pockets for overnights unless we’re running super low on prefolds. And I had to improvise a night-time diaper =)


  8. Derfmommy Says:

    We were out to eat with friends and our daughter became very fussy. We were trying everything to get her to stop; food, drink, play. We finally decided to check her diaper. So my husband proceeds to sniff and he doesn’t think her diaper is dirty so he hands her off to me thinking she just wants mommy. About 30 seconds later I get a whiff of poo and I look down and see poop on my shirt. I look at my husband to tell him I need to go to the restroom to change her. As I look at him I notice something on his face. I look more closely and I realize it is poop. He wipes it off and I grab the diaper bag. As I stand up to go to the restroom, I glance at our friends. They are staring back with looks of horror. They have no children and thanks to us they may never. :)


  9. Lisa Says:

    OH!!!! Thanks so much for the good laugh this morning. I just got to work, leaving my almost 6 month old home with daddy, my awesome husband, a stay at home dad for now. These stories are awesome. My husband hasn’t had any stories like this that I know of. He is highly proficient with our son, and Autumn, you are right… that is very sexy! I still feel like the things I have mommy intuition and just know how to do right away, he is still learning by trial and error, but I have to let him learn them his way. Oh, what our husbands do for their children is priceless!


  10. tarin Says:

    Once my hubs was drying my one month old after his bath when he saw him making that poop face so he scooped his hands under the little guys bottom and caught it all…exclusively breast fed poop that is! Sadly little man decided he needed to tinkle at the same time and as both of hubby’s hands were occupied, he got a face full!


  11. Ashley Says:


    Oh my, that’s quite a story! My husband started potty training while I was away this weekend….funny stories there as well. But I must know, were you at The Gospel Coalition too?!


  12. Jessy Says:

    This had me in tears! We had an escape from a snapped diaper at nap time the other day! My poor husband usually gets hit with all 3 kiddos having to poop if I leave for 20 min to go to the store. The best was when he forgot to put the diaper somewhere the dog couldn’t get to it while he was putting a new diaper on. You can imagine where this is going. It never occurred to me to tell him to make sure the dog couldn’t get to the diaper. I guess it’s just one of those things that become routine for us but can fluster wonderful daddies. I so appreciate my husbands efforts and willingness to jump right back in every time.


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