Where to Find Useful Statistical Cloth Diaper Reviews

January 15, 2015


When I buy something new I like to see what kind of reviews it has first. Not just cloth diapers either. I do this for pretty much anything before I part with my hard earned money. I know…I know…sometimes you have to take a review with a grain of salt. Was it really honest? Did that person even try it? All questions I’ve asked myself sometimes. If something doesn’t have a ton of good reviews I just don’t even bother. Why would I?

When I want to try something new in the cloth diaper world, one of the first places I go is to Padded Tush Stats (or PTS). It was one of my favorite resources when I first started researching cloth diapers and is still helpful to me even today!

photo courtesy of paddedtushstats.com

photo courtesy of paddedtushstats.com

Padded Tush Stats was started in 2012. I’m paraphrasing their description here, but what makes them unique is that they “compile statistics based on surveys filled out by parents of babies with different body types, and then sort the reviews by those body types” (paddedtushstats.com).

What that means is that there are thousands of opinions there on what works and what doesn’t all sorted and graded so you can easily find what will work for you! For example, you can easily search for a great all in one for skinny babies. Or a good night time cover for a toddler. I’ve also consulted their statistics for cloth diaper detergents. It’s super helpful because they include what works best in hard and soft water as well as for a top loader versus a front loader.

Anyway! I remember when I first started cloth diapering that I was so excited to watch their big annual Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards. I wanted to see if all my favorites would be the winners! I see someone I know who was a winner the year before I started cloth diapering. ;)

I’m going to ask you to do three things:

1… If you’ve found All About Cloth Diapers helpful during the past year, please consider writing us in for the Padded Tush Stats’ Resource of the Year. No matter what, I want you to know that I love what I do and seeing you cloth diaper successfully motivates and inspires me! Be sure to write in all your favorite cloth diapers, retailer and accessories so they know how much you appreciate them!

2… Check out the stats! Then fill out a few surveys so PTS can continue to provide this amazing information to all cloth diaper users!

3… Head to Padded Tush Stats for the live Diaper Awards Ceremony: Thursday, January 29 from 6-7 pm PST. There are awesome prizes for you to enter for including a $100 gift certificate to Abby’s Lane and Project Pomona Jeans.


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7 Responses to “Where to Find Useful Statistical Cloth Diaper Reviews”

  1. Dandi D Says:

    I sure wish I had known about these when I was picking out cloth diapers for the first time.


  2. Amber Ludwig Says:

    Love this!! Im a big fan of hard facts by real people!! This is just so awesome because there are SO many options out there now!!


  3. Sandy Weinstein Says:

    i have a friend who is getting ready to have a baby in a few wks, i will have to tell her abt this. she wants to use all natural products. very cute pts


  4. Linda Manns Linneman Says:

    Thank you for sharing this information with us. I will be passing this unto my niece


  5. Ashley F Says:

    PTS is such a great resource. I, too, am very into reading reviews before buying things, as well.


  6. Kathleen Kelly Says:

    I used cloth diapers for all four of my kids, they are all grown now and they rarely had diaper rash…thanks for the article. Very interesting.


  7. Trisha W. Says:

    I too am a PTS fan. I’m hoping they can see some exponential growth and that more people will fill out the surveys. The stats are so much more helpful than a he says/she says evaluation of a diaper. =)


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