Finley is Dashing in These WAHM (work at home mom) Clothes!

November 22, 2013


I often find myself explaining my purchases to my husband with the phrase, “But, I’m supporting other moms.”  It’s true!

How can I possibly turn a blind eye to the extreme talent wahms are cranking out and selling on Etsy and Hyena Cart??

Are they Wal-mart cheap? No. It can be a bit more of a financial investment to buy direct from a wahm.  (wahm stands for work at home mom)

The shirt above was made by Hazelbee Baby.  I bought two of them off the Little Fancy Pants Hyena Cart store.  The seams are impeccable which is something I always check when I buy any product online.

Hazelbee Baby makes shirts for Little Fancy Pants that coordinate with the diapers as well as stocks on her own store.  Next week (November 29th and I really should keep that to myself!) she’s stocking some shirts Finley NEEDS!

Finley is 10m old in the pic above and wearing a size 18m.  He wears 18m in all his shirts.  I would recommend buying up a size to get the most use out of your Hazelbee Baby shirt.

The pants Finley is wearing go by many different names: Monkey Pants (The Rabbitt Hutch), Maxaloones (a pattern sold and created by MaxandMeena and resold by other wahms with their own creative product names), Somersaults (Pink Seamstress) and many more.

I hear they are easy to make.

Hazelbee Baby is killing me again with her version of Maxaloones called Hazelbutt Big (or Skinny) Bootie Pants.  These stock with the shirts I mentioned above on the 29th.

If you’re fast you may want to check out Max&Meena tonight.  She stocks her Maxaloones @ 9:30 but they will sell out quick.

And for your shopping pleasure here are some links to stores with instock pants:

Last but not least are the shoes!  I love soft shoes.

In the photo he is wearing Bumble Britches.  I bought them as a package deal with a diaper.  They are yummy soft and gentle.  Finley also has a couple of pairs of Woollybottoms slippers (click on the size you need). The availability of Woollybottoms is much greater than other soft shoes brands.

We won’t go into just how many pairs of shoes I have acquired for my 10 month old that isn’t even walking.  I simply don’t know how he amassed a collection…

I am passionate about supporting WAHMs.  The gifts they are passing on to their children are admirable.  Many of the WAHMs I have purchased from created their business to save their families from financial troubles.  Others simply found themselves spending money on something they could easily make and became entrepreneurs.

Remember this holiday season when you are shopping to check out small businesses first.  All of my advertisers would love to serve you this season!  (and most have great toys!!!)

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