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I recently discovered a $1000 contest where the entries are a 1-3 minute video telling the viewer “why choose cloth diapers?”  Too bad I discovered it the day after the contest ended (June 1, 2010).  The contest was held by

Char of Cloth Now sent me her entry via the All About Cloth Diapers Facebook fan page.  It is really cute!  I’m not a fan of the word cr*p but it was funny in context.

According to the video submission site the winner was chosen yesterday but I couldn’t find who the winner was. I watched most of the entries, wonder if my favorite will win?

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15 Responses to “Funny Cloth Diaper Video”

  1. Laura Says:

    That was awesome! If I hadn’t already been sold on cloth, I would be after this commercial. Too funny!


  2. Carol Says:

    The diaper sprayer??? oh yeah, the savings just keep coming. The diaper sprayer can also be used as a bidet! Think about how much money you will save by not buying toilet paper? lol


  3. sara Says:

    I loved it.She did a great job!!!!


  4. mrs spock Says:

    This is so going on my facebook page. Awesome!


  5. Rachel Says:

    Great video. What a good add. I’m sold.


  6. Rasa Says:

    Super, thanks for the good mood.


  7. Heather Says:

    That was great! Well thought out and informative! I hope she wins!


  8. Cloth Diaper Malaysia Says:

    What a really cool video! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Charlene Says:

    Thanks Autumn for posting this! We had lots of fun making it! (Sorry about the language – we did consider leaving that out!) LOL!


  10. Christina Says:

    LOL! That was great! I’m gonna go share that with my facebook cd mamas. ;D


  11. LesLee Says:

    ha ha, wrap it, strap it, and cr*p it! That is funny! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Tamara @ Says:

    Charlene won our contest for her fabulous ClothNow video submission! This was such a fun contest – thanks for writing about it. We will definitely do this again. ;)


  13. Sarah Says:

    I love it! it’s hilarious how she worked it like an info-mercial. : D


  14. Agnes Says:

    I think Char won :)


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