Fuzzi Bunz One Size A Cloth Diaper For a Newborn and Toddler

guest post by Jessica Carver

When we became pregnant with our third daughter one of the first things we did was start shopping for what brand of cloth diaper to use.

We already were in the world of cloth with my two year old who was wearing gDiapers but with baby number three we wanted something that would last. It took a lot of research and time (five months to be exact) before we discovered Fuzzi Bunz One Size


A local store sold them so we were able to go in and look at them instead of just ordering blindly online. We bought several to test with my two year old.

From the first use until now I have been in love with Fuzzi Bunz. The elastic in the legs and waist were easy to adjust, though a bit tedious, and it was easy to ensure I had the right fit for my daughter. The elastic was stretchy enough with plenty of padding against her skin she didn’t get red marks or feel confined by her diaper.

Finally, my third daughter was born and right away we put her in her first Fuzzi Bunz. The great thing we found about these diapers was how well they contain those infamous ‘blow out’ messes. There is not one of her outfits with faint orange stains and the diapers themselves wash marvelously.

The micro-fleece which touches babies skin and catches the mess is still as white as the day we bought them. We did not have a problem with leaks in either my toddler or newborn.

Fuzzi Bunz come with two different sized inserts and as baby grows out of the newborn adjustments the newborn inserts are used as over night soaker pads.

Another great thing about Fuzzi Bunz is the color selection. Like most moms I love cute baby clothes. I was a bit scared by the bulk of the one size, and it is a bit bulky on a newborn until baby grows in length and starts putting on weight. I was also unsure about the bright colors hindering certain clothing I had already purchased for her.

It did not and in fact it made clothes just that much more fun. She was able to wear matching diapers for any of the outfits including dresses, onesies, pants, button ups, and sleepers. Not to mention how adorable just a diaper was!

The bulk went away in just three months and if you hadn’t known she was wearing a cloth diaper you wouldn’t have known they were so smooth under clothing.

I have nothing but good things to say about Fuzzi Bunz One Size

. The diapers are easy to use, clean, and don’t take up a lot of room in a drawer.

I love that if I needed to I could just make a few adjustments and go from my toddlers diaper to my newborns or vice versa. We have had our originally purchased diapers for over a year and they are still in wonderful useable condition with no stains, odors, pulls, or tears.

Check out the sneak peak of the brand new Fuzzi Bunz One Size prints!!

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18 Responses to “Fuzzi Bunz One Size A Cloth Diaper For a Newborn and Toddler”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I like the Fuzzibunz One-Size but prefer the Charlie Banana One-Size over using the Fuzzibunz. The new slide adjustment on the Charlie Bananas is my favourite in comparison to the button/elastic method on Fuzzibunz. It makes it quicker with the sizing written on the elastic. I have used permanent marker on the Fuzzibunz elastic to easily find the setting for my infant and toddler who share the diapers. I have had fairly good lucky with the Fuzzibunz we have but they are the older style not the ones currently being sold. It seems that the inserts over the use of a year have flattened out and aren’t as absorbent anymore but with 2 (soon to be 3) in diapers I guess they have held up well.


  2. Krista Says:

    How do you keep the pocket diapers from stinking? I have some second-hand fuzzybunz, so they’re getting old, but they still work fine. The problem is the stink! I’ve been battling it for a month or two now.


    • Lisa Says:


      Try washing with Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent. All of the cloth diapering mama’s I know swear by it. You can do a soak with Funk Rock to get out all the “gunk” that’s making your diapers smell “funky”. :)


  3. Liz Houser Says:

    I liked my fuzzibunz fairly well – not near as much as my BumGenius. I’m a bit lazy and I don’t prefer the adjustment style! But after a little over a year of use, they ALL de-laminated! I know I wasn’t perfect to them (washed two full cycles of hot every time + dryer on low and a mild bleaching twice over the year for yeast issues) but they got the same care as my other 5 brands and they just didn’t make it. You gotta be tough to survive in my household!


    • Carly Says:

      There was a delaminating issue with batches of the Fuzzi Bunz — I sent 13 diapers back and they were all replaced, no questions asked after I gave them the product numbers!


  4. Tiffany Moeder Says:

    I like charlie banana better than fuzzibunz. They make the waist of the fuzzibunz too small. I had them let all the way out by the time she was 3 months old. At nine months, I’ve switched the elastic out in the waist for the larger leg elastics. I don’t know how much longer she will be able to wear them. And for stuffing… they are slim. But so slim, you can’t double stuff them for added absorbancy.


    • Mikael Says:

      I have to agree with Tiffany. Especially the waist can be a problem if the child is a little chubby on the sides (like our daughter). :)



  5. Megan Meredith Says:

    I am not a fan of their one size at all, but love Fuzzibunz perfect sizes! The one size is not a true one size and although my kiddos can wear the mediums and/or larges with no problems, they have both outgrown the one size.


  6. Christine Says:

    I am with the other commenter.. I thought fuzzibuns would be my favorite but my baby keeps leaking in them no matter what size I adjust it too., also he seems to be getting a rash? Any ideas?


  7. Leah Says:

    i’m with the author….LOVE fuzzi bunz! i needed something super-easy that our daycare could use. although i have had to trouble-shoot a couple areas with stink/leaking, i find that the learning is part of the adventure for me! we’ve used fuzzi bunz for 2 babies now and i’m excited to keep it rollin!


  8. Carissa Says:

    I really want to love my fuzzibunz. I did a lot of research before purchasing them, and I purchased them before my son was born.

    We first started him in them at a week old and he developed bid red blister rashes. After a couple weeks we tried them again and concluded he must have just had sensitive skin. But then they were leaking every time he wore them. We have a few other pockets of different brands and he’s never leaked in those. We change him every 2-3 hours so it’s not that he’s not changed enough. I’m not sure what the problem is and I worry that my $300 investment is going down the drain.

    Anyone know what to do about the OS fuzzibunz leaking? My son is 9.5 weeks old now and 12 lbs.


    • Jenny Says:

      My son had a problem with the fuzzibunz leaking and what i learned is that you CANNOT use ANY diaper rash cream without using some sort of liner. the creams clog up the fleece in fuzzibunz really easily. also, you have to makes sure that they are sized so that they are fairly tight. it is the presure of his private area against the fleece that forces the pee through and if it’s too loose it will just run out of the diaper. hope that helps :)


    • Carly Says:

      Some kids are fast pee-ers. A friend of mine put a dry cloth wipe in the diaper and leaks are gone — maybe you could try that? Also, I have had much less leaking problems as my DD has gotten older — she was thin as an infant and I had more leaking problems with Bum Genius b/c I couldn’t get the legs as tight.


    • Paula Says:

      Hi Carissa,
      We are using BumGenius and also had leaking problems. My daughter is now 3.5 months old, about 13-14 pounds I’d guess. In a moment of frustration with the leaking a week ago, I put a motherease insert of the pocket, so that was in contact with her skin. It’s a cotton based insert and it absorbs immediately and gives the rest of the diaper time to absorb at its pace, which is not normally fast enough. We have 2 dozen bumgenius diapers (bought used on Craigslist, a great deal) and so this inserting an insert or liner outside the pocket is a solution that seems like it will work and allow us to make good on our investment. Microfiber, as you probably know, should not be in direct contact with the baby’s skin. We thus have both a microfiber insert in the pocket and the cotton-based insert outside the diaper. We also did a strip of the diapers recently and that helped. I called bumgenius and they said to use 1 tbsp of Blue Original Dawn with the load of diapers on a hot cycle. Then do two more wash/rinse cycles of the diapers on hot (with no laundry detergent, no Dawn – nothing but water). That did help, too. When using a cotton based insert, then perhaps it’s not so bad to use some bum creams in the event of rash. We’ve really not had rashes, but when there’s any hint of red we put on Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, really good stuff.
      Good luck!


  9. Katie Says:

    I LOVE my Funzibunz. with our daughter that is all we have used. Yes the resizing is a pain, but if I plan it right they get sized as I stuff, usually over a whole wearing cycle they are done. I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Plus the 2 stains I did get, I put the diaper in the window and let the sun shine on them and the stain was gone by the time I get home form work.


  10. tarin Says:

    So true Deanne. Its amazing how one system works amazingly for one family and another can find it absolutely horrible. I use all pockets with my son and came to detest them for the reasons you mention above, and the stuffing and adjusting just started to irritate me. I love my imagine organic prefolds for our new boy with sized or duo sized covers. There’s no bulk, no adjusting no stink, just a perfect clean and never a need to strip.


  11. Deanne Sanchez Says:

    Funny how everyone finds different diapers they love. I waisted so much money on Fuzzibunz. The elastic went flat (perfect size) and the fleeze developed build up and of course the microfiber stank stank stank! My favorites now are organic cotton prefolds.


  12. Sharon Says:

    I LOVE the new fuzzibunz prints. I can’t wait to be able to go and get a few of them.

    We clothed our son from birth. I can not believe how much the diapers grow with him. I was skeptical of them being one size, but i love that they really are a great one size diaper


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