Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers and Wipes Review


Geffen Baby is quickly gaining points in my book as a fantastic company to support.

A lot may have to do with the fact that their marketing guru is Maria from  She is one of the sweetest people and I love her honesty.

Geffen Baby is a relatively new company based out of L.A. The majority of their products are Made in the USA.  Only the Pakistani prefolds are made overseas.

Dearest Diapers gave me the opportunity to try out the Newborn Quick Absorbers and Cotton Wipes.

A unique quality of Geffen Baby prefolds and absorbers (doublers/inserts) is the 60% hemp, 40% organic cotton jersey content.

Hemp is an amazing absorber and has anti-mildew and anti-microbial properties.  100% hemp becomes crunchy over time but with the added cotton jersey you get softness without compromising the benefits of hemp.

The Newborn Quick Absorbers are 9″ long and can be used as a doubler in any sized diaper.


I was surprised at just how thirsty these doublers are.  I added one to Finley’s nighttime diaper (one we had previously had leaks with) and he woke with dry pants.

The trimness of the Absorbers allows for you to add one or two to a diaper without significantly increasing the bulk.

Doublers are, in my opinion, one of those products you need to have in your stash.  Everyone has those times when you need to add more absorbency but can’t pad your baby’s bum too much more.  Long car trips are a time when I use doublers every time.  There isn’t a guarantee that I will be able to change a diaper every 2 hours.

I was able to try out the Newborn Quick Absorbers but there are 6 other Absorbers for you to choose from.

Rana, owner of Dearest Diapers, has this wonderful chart to help you in your decision:


When making your cloth diaper purchases most parents don’t even think about cloth wipes.  I didn’t.  But, cloth wipes are a natural choice one would make when they are already using cloth diapers.

There are many different kinds of fabrics, sizes and variations that can be used for cloth wipes.  The Geffen Baby Wipes I am reviewing are made from 100% Organic Cotton, are a single layer and are sized at 9″x9″.


Many cloth wipes on the market are a bit smaller and I like the extra length.  Geffen Baby Wipes are very thin, allowing you to fold several in a container.  I was concerned that if they were super thin wouldn’t I get something on my hand??

I am happy to say that even when wiping a very nasty 27 month old bottom I didn’t get my hand soiled.  It does look like the solid is going to “pass through” the single layer but it doesn’t.

Dearest Diapers sells a 10-pack of wipes for $8.99.  90 cents a wipe is fantastic!  I still purchase disposable wipes for occasional use and that is such a waste.

I recommend having a couple dozen cloth wipes at least.  I find that we use them for everything and most end up in the bathrooms for bath time.

Many wonder what to put on the wipes for cleaning.  Water works just fine.  If you want to spice it up add some good smelling 100% essential oils and a drop or 2 or olive oil.  Or you can buy a concentrate wipes solution that smells awesome and is done for you.

I have tons of Scarlet’s Natural Hiney Honey Bites (my favorite! you would NOT be disappointed if you bought this brand!) and I usually end up just using water because I lose my spray bottle!

*Dearest Diapers sent me a pack of Newborn Quick Absorbers and Cotton Wipes for review.  My opinions are fully mine and were not swayed by the free gift :)

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149 Responses to “Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers and Wipes Review”

  1. Ashley B. Says:

    We use cloth wipes and wet them with water for each diaper change :)


  2. Rachel Says:

    No baby yet, but I’m thinking about using cloth wipes and I have no idea if I’ll use water or a solution!


  3. coley r Says:

    we just use water on ours :)


  4. Julie Ghrist Says:

    I use them with a solution i put in a foaming soap pump


  5. kim johnson Says:

    We use cloth wipes with solution


  6. Lori Says:

    I use cloth wipes. I didn’t plan to but my husband was the one who said if we are doing clothe diapers we might as well use the wipes as well. I use homemade wipe solution now although I have done just plan water in the past.


  7. Lacey J Says:

    We use cloth wipes occasionally, but not every time since we only have about a dozen. We use them with home made wipe bits


  8. kelly Says:

    I plan on using them with a wipe solution.


  9. Bonnie R Says:



  10. christine k. Says:

    I use baby bum drops wipe solution


  11. Aimee P. Says:

    I do not use loth wipes yet. Still trying to add to them


  12. Julia M. Says:

    We use cloth wipes with a spray bottle and we use baby bum drops dissolved in water. Works great nd economical!


  13. Heather Cansler Says:

    For younger babies I dissolve a wipes cube in warm water then use a warmer for my wipes. For older babies/toddler who don’t need wipes as often I tend to just use water and wet them as I go.


  14. Tiffany Scott Says:

    I’m in the process of swapping over for my next baby and I think i’ll be using a solution!


  15. Charity Says:

    I plan to use cloth wipes with a homemade solution, but I am still working on my formula.


  16. Tina B Says:

    I have a 3 month old and I’ve just purchased a few used cloth diapers to start our journey in cloth diapering. I’m excited to see what works best for her and then stash up! I plan to use cloth wipes as well, but haven’t purchased any yet.


  17. Jen H Says:

    I’m half and half. I havent found the best storage for easy access for my cloth. I make my own solution tho w dr bronners baby oil and chamomile tea


  18. Vicki H Says:

    I use wipe cubes to make my solution


  19. nikki c Says:

    I use cloth wipes I simply run them under water whenever I need to do a diaper change.


  20. Laura D Says:

    We use mostly cloth wipes. I make my own spray, but sometimes we just use water.


  21. Melissa Says:

    I use grovia cloth wipes, usually just with water


  22. Jessica O Says:

    I use cloth wipes about 50% of the time and I usually just wet them with water.


  23. Micki Says:

    I made some wipes, but ended up only using them for hands and faces


  24. Michelle L Says:

    I use cloth wipes with plain water!


  25. Amy Says:

    I mix up a little bit of baby wash with warm water in a disposable wipes tub then soak it all up with the cloth wipes and store them right in the container.


  26. ashley c. Says:

    I use cloth wipes & add a few drops of lavender to a spray bottle of water- works like a charm!


  27. Tara Says:

    I just use water only, nothing else for my cloth wipes :)


  28. Laurie P Says:

    sometimes we use wipes cubes solutions or just plain water.


  29. sharon Says:

    i just started using them. i just use water. i have wipe solution but just haven’t gotten around to using it.


  30. Jenn McClearn Says:

    Yes most of the time, I use a little baby soap and water in a squirt bottle on washcloths


  31. Nicole N. Says:

    We made about 100 cloth wipes when we had our first daughter. Cut up old flannel sheet and zig-zagged the edges. Viola! We squirt them with a spray bottle filled with water and a bit of baby shampoo.


  32. Carrie C Says:

    I use cloth wipes! I use water right now but I’m wanting to try some solutions.


  33. Jennifer Says:

    This was a very helpful review! Looking forward to trying them out.


  34. Brandi Powell Says:

    I use cloth wipes most of the time, with just plain water and they work wonderful!


  35. Melanie Says:

    Cloth wipes just make good sense, and I love using them on my granddaughter. I usually just use water, but like the idea of adding some essential oil.


  36. Liesal Hoffman Says:

    I do for pee diapers. I used to just use water, but now I use a homemade solution that has tea tree oil in it.


  37. Jen Says:

    I use cloth wipes in a wipe warmer. I have an old juice bottle I keep the solution in which is a squirt each of baby lotion, oil, wash, and a couple drops of tea tree oil and fill w/ water.


  38. Amelia Says:

    I do use cloth wipes and love them. For us, they just work so much better than the conventional, disposable wipe, which tend to leave me with messy hands (yeah, yuck!). I did use a solution that I had to dilute when I first started using cloth wipes, but once I figured out that water worked just as well, I haven’t gone back. Water is so easy!


  39. Valerie S Says:

    I’m planning to just use water.


  40. Juawana Says:

    we use cloth wipes and i usually use water or homemade solution


  41. Robin Jones Says:

    I use cheapie baby wash cloths from Target as wipes. I dampen them with a water/coconut oil mix and keep them in a wipes warmer.


  42. Rachael Says:

    I recently purchased some doublers and LOVE them. Would love more!


  43. Evette Tavbert Says:

    MY daughter and I both use cloth wipes on her babies and we love them.


  44. Shalonda Welford Says:

    I use cloth wipes and much prefer them to disposable wipes. My baby is very sensitive and seems to do better with the cloth wipes. It’s really not any extra work when you’re already using cloth diapers.


  45. Suzanne Scripture Says:

    We use cloth wipes for our 4 month old and love it! We use a store bought oil solution that we mix with water. To make it easier we premade a gallon of it and refill our wipe warmer as needed.


  46. Trisha W. Says:

    I use minky/flannel wipes from JHoltonQuilts I use water plus some sort of little wipebit.


  47. jessica long Says:

    I am going to use cloth wipes, I cant see having a trash can or making an extra step in taking the poop wipes to the trash. I am not sure what I am going to use maybe some ecoSprout or make it your self wipe wash???


  48. Shannon Morak Says:

    I have the but have not started to use them yet. Baby arrives in 2 weeks.


  49. Sara Rohrbach Says:

    I use wipes, all types with a water/wipe bits solution. I just spray the butt directly and wipe.


  50. Claire Smith Says:

    A cut up flannel receiving blanket and a bottle of tap water. We keep it simple!


  51. teresa Says:

    I started using cloth wipes with my last child. I couldn’t believe how much money we saved! Amazing


  52. Tiffany Walsh Says:

    We are just starting to use cloth diapers. Our son was a bit small for them in the beginning, so we had to start with disposable – ugh. I hate that we contributed SO MANY diapers to the landfill in the past weeks. Since we’re going to cloth diapers, cloth wipes make total sense. We’re excited to start this and save the earth from gross diapers, save a TON of money over the years for our Son – and second child IF we have another. We plan to pass on our stash once we are done to keep the love going, as other friends have done for us. We’d love to include Geffen in that stash!


  53. Delacey Says:

    I use sporadically cloth wipes with Happy Heinys bum spray. For those really big messes and when I’m out and about I tend to use disposable wipes. I do regularly use cloth wipes or baby face cloths to pat dry bottoms.


  54. Geri Fink Says:

    I love Geffen absorbers! I have one at the base of all my diapers. I have three Geffen wipes. I like them for travel. Like you said they are super thin, but they do the BIG jobs well.


  55. Nicole Says:

    I have been cloth diapering for over two years and still do not have the courage to give them a try! These do look great though..


  56. Marianne Adler Says:

    Haven’t had the courage to try cloth wipes yet. Debating. These look nice.


  57. Melissa Says:

    Just water


  58. Annie Says:

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I plan to use cloth wipes with either water or a homemade solution I found a recipe for online using Castile soap, water, and oil.


  59. Beth Says:

    I’ve used warm water and spray Thirsties Booty Luster or California Baby. Both are fine but the California Baby sprays better.

    I started making my own solution with Dr. Bronner’s Lavender soap, coconut oil, a few drops of Tea Tree oil, and sometimes some chamomile tea. I swoosh this together with some water in a mason jar and pour it over my wipes in an old plastic disposable wipe container. I like this so much better! The oil helps it glide on my baby’s skin. I wash this with my dipes and have had no issues with extra build up.

    I use cheap terry baby washcloths, osocosy flannel wipes, and the Thirsties wipes. Thirsties are too thick. The thinner ones are better. I like the flannel ones the best. They are the softest. They just keep getting softer with age.


  60. Elizabeth Says:

    DIY flannel wipes; dry or with homemade solution (water, baby oil, baby wash, essential oils)


  61. Amber Says:

    I use Ragababe cloth wipes and I just run them under the faucet before a diaper change :) But I am contemplating getting some good smelling bits from Scarlets Naturals to try on the wipes for the new baby coming in June :)


  62. Virginia @thatbaldchick Says:

    I will start using them when our baby is born. I am looking for a solution recipe for them.


  63. Beth VB Says:

    I use baby face cloths for wipes, and just plain water… not organized enough to use anything extra!


  64. Georgia B Says:

    I will more than likely use cloth wipes for our little one coming in a few weeks.


  65. Angie Says:

    Homemade flannel wipes, water with a little castile soap, few drops of tea tree oil


  66. Myong Says:

    We just use warm water with our cloth wipes.


  67. melissa Says:

    I dont have kids yet but I want to get some supplies so I can show DH how easy it can be.


  68. Patty Comparan Says:

    I use cloth at home and wipes when we are out. I love LuLu’s blend for wipes solution.


  69. Megan G Says:

    I just use water. I would love to get a warmer to keep them all in!


  70. Kristen Says:

    We use water with a few drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oil.


  71. Ashley Says:

    We use cloth wipes, we put them in a wipes warmer with a bit of Dr. Bronner’s soap, water and coconut oil.


  72. Judith Martinez Says:

    My changing table is in the bathroom so I just wet the wipes in the sink as I need them. I use a mix of cheap Walmart adult washcloths, wipes I made from a baby bath towel that had developed a few holes (I just cut around the holes and zig-zagged the edges) and a couple different types of wipes I won online. My favorite wipes are actually the washcloths. They just work the best.


  73. Jessica Einspahr Says:

    I use cloth wipes for everything. I also make my own solution from water, baby soap and melted CJ’s BuTTer.


  74. Anna R Says:

    We have always used cloth wipes! I actually planned to use cloth wipes from the beginning of my pregnancy even though I didn’t even consider cloth diapers until my son was 4 months old! We have always just used warm water from the sink. I don’t like the idea of there being any residue (even natural) on his sensitive skin.


  75. Mandy Foster Says:

    Yes, have used just water, essential oils, and the Punkin Butt wipe solution.


  76. Laura Says:

    We are moving the weekend but once we are settled I really want to switch to cloth wipes!


  77. Lindsey Says:

    We don’t use cloth wipes, my hands get too cold in the toilet water (here in AK!).


  78. Hannah Ezinga Says:

    I use cloth wipes with a solution of Burt’s Bees and water.


  79. Joanna H. Says:

    I’m planning to use cloth wipes with our little one due in June.


  80. LCT Says:

    Cloth + soap bits!


  81. Jenny S. Says:

    No, I don’t use cloth wipes yet…but have been thinking about switching to them. I really like the idea of cloth wipes…just got to convince my hubby :)


  82. katie Says:

    I try to use cloth wipes most of the time- just moistened with warm ater. My husband prefers the disposable ones!


  83. Claire Says:

    I use cloth wipes and I use water and tea tree oil.


  84. Ashley Says:

    I use cloth wipes with regular baby wash, water, and tea tree oil.


  85. Sandy F Says:

    I have 40 Ragababe wipes, and I love em. I mostly wet them with Scarlets Hiney Honey (pearberry!) and put them in a wipes warmer, about 8 at a time. I sometimes use Scarlets Wash instead. Would like to try these new doublers!


  86. Abby Says:

    I use cloth wipes, I put them in a wipes warmer with a solution of baby wash and coconut oil, and occasionally a drop or two of tea tree oil


  87. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    I use 1 tablespoon of baby wash, 1 tablespoon of oil (usually Burt’s Beesbaby oil) and 2-3 drops of tea tree about 8 oz of water.


  88. Katie S Says:

    I have maybe 15 cloth wipes. I have some of the cheap dollar store “baby washcloths” and 10 Bummas wipes. Unfortunately, I find the Bummas wipes to be pretty rough and scratchy. Most of the time I use just water on my wipes, but I do have some Blissful Booty concentrate that I use in a spray bottle. I’d love to try out the Geffen baby wipes! And, I’d love some hemp boosters because my son is a VERY heavy wetter and I’m constantly fighting leaks!


  89. Breanna Says:

    I just started using cloth wipes with my 8 week old. I’m still using disposable for my 23 month old. When we use up our stash of disposables, I may or may not venture to use cloth for both, I am undecided.


  90. Julie L. Says:

    I don’t use cloth wipes, but darn it, I should!!


  91. Terri Reid Says:

    I didn’t realize water alone was ok for cloth wipes! That makes things easier! I’ve been using water and a bit of baby wash. I would love to win :)


  92. Talia Says:

    I don’t use cloth wipes. =/ We started out with them, but they were so rough on our baby’s newborn skin that we stopped.


  93. Sasha O. Says:

    I use cloth wipes at home and disposable when out (husband always uses disposable). I have thirsties booty luster that I use but when it finishes I will use water with a bit of essential oils and maybe olive oil


  94. Whitney Fillinger Says:

    Would love to try these! Sounds like something I need!


  95. Jill Says:

    yes water or I spray a bit of booty luster


  96. Hayley Says:

    I plan to use cloth wipes! I’m gonna try a few different solutions, sometimes with just water, other times with a solution :)


  97. Mikala Says:

    I use cloth wipes and just get a bowl of warm water when needed.


  98. Ellie Seligmann Says:

    I use cloth wipes. Downstairs, I spray baby’s bottom with California Baby Diaper Spray. Upstairs, I spray the wipe with filtered water with lavender oil in it. Still deciding which I like best.


  99. Ashley Says:

    We just use water on our cloth wipes. Love them!


  100. Lois Says:

    I use cloth wipes. I put them in a wipe warmer with a solution.



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