A Giveaway With Wool, Fitteds and more!

December 12, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012


my favorite things day 5

We are at the halfway point of the My Favorite Things event of 2012!

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique is the retailer of Clover Diapers (more retailers coming soon!).  Several years ago I use Clover fitteds (then with a previous owner) on Paisley.  I loved the fit so much that it overcame the lack of absorbency needed for her.

Now Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique carries Clover diapers in newborn size for your precious little gift.  Clover diapers are made from U.S. milled organic cotton fleece.  Cotton is all natural and easy to clean.  The great thing about an all-natural fiber diaper is the option to use fabric softener when needed and not having to worry about PUL breaking down over time.

Clover Diapers are a fitted that can be used for several babies over the years.  But, what if you didn’t want to purchase your newborn diapers?  Sweetbottoms Baby has you covered.  With the Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental program you have the option of renting a stash of 24 Clover diapers for 3 months.  At the end of your program you simply return the diapers for a $100 store credit or $90 refund.

Those Clovers will need to be covered either with a PUL cover or perhaps adorable wool!

Sweet Pea Diaper covers is providing a PUL cover that you will love.  Use it on a newborn or use it on a toddler.  The stretch and suppleness of Sweet Pea Diaper covers impresses me every time I use it.  Apparently, I’m easy to entertain.

Maybe you want something more breathable?

Wool is the perfect diaper cover.  Naturally anti-microbial, completely gorgeous when dyed up, unique (I get comments every time Camden wears his longies), cool in summer, warm in winter and breathable.

What does breathable mean?  It means the heat produced from the urine and body temperature in the diaper area are transferred away from baby’s skin.

Wool is not to be feared.  It really isn’t hard to care for!  I’ve written many times on wool over the years and am here to help with any questions you have. (I’ve got to give a shout out to Scarlet’s Naturals new wool wash and spray lanolin!  Makes caring for wool a breeze.)

Molly’s Bottoms is my go-to store for knitting needs!  Denise is an amazing knitter and I have several longies to prove it!

She has generously donated one semi-custom slot for a knitting project of your choice.  If you have no idea what kind of wool to buy, DON’T WORRY!  Denise walked me through it and she’ll do the same for you.  Plus, she has an awesome selection of wool you can look at with her.

Customs can seem intimidating but you won’t regret the time invested in a piece that fits your little one perfectly.

And of course you need to put your diapers and (non-wool) covers somewhere when they are dirty!!  Kissed by the Moon, one of my fabulous sponsors, has donated a Rumparooz wet bag.  Rumparooz wet bags are one of my top 3 favorite wet bags.  I love the semi-circle form and pail top lid.  I have one in the new Preppy print and I love it!

Kissed by the Moon has a crazy big inventory beyond just cloth diapers.  I love (or is it hate) being able to find a wide variety of items in one place. Check out the adorable Rumparooz doll diapers!  Every child needs cloth diapers for their dolls!

There will be one winner of Day 5 chosen on December 28th.  Have fun visiting all the new stores!

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246 Responses to “A Giveaway With Wool, Fitteds and more!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I’m not asking for anything. Hopefully just some good quality together time with my hubby! :)


  2. Rachael Says:

    :::shhhhhhh:::: I’m hoping for a positive preg test!


  3. Betsy Says:

    I am asking for a new Kindle Paperwhite, it’ll be my third Kindle…but it has a light on it so I’d call it a necessity :)


  4. Amanda Logan Says:

    I just started cloth diapering, and have learned so much from the information on this site. Thank you for all the information!


  5. Keara B. Says:

    I’m asking for a glass water bottle and lots of quality family time. :)


  6. April B Says:

    I want my baby for Christmas :) but I am also asking DH to get an iPad mini for ourselves for Christmas


  7. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    I really don’t have anything on my list! I am blessed just to have such an awesome family!


  8. Kristi Cartwright Says:

    All I want for Christmas is for the rest of my pregnancy to be smooth, happy & healthy! Thanks Santa! ;) xoxo


  9. Lisa Says:

    I’m asking for low profile box springs so I can get in and out of bed more easily and nurse in bed more comfortably when our baby comes in April.


  10. Kelli Darter Says:

    Boots or a handbag….I don’t think hubby feels confident enough to pick these out.


  11. Andrea K. Says:

    Sleep would be awesome. So would having my car detailed.


  12. Shayla Rogers Says:

    I didn’t ask for anything this year, would rather things go to my kids.


  13. christine k Says:

    i’m asking for a massage


  14. Kerrigan Says:

    I got a baby for Christmas this year – I don’t need anything else! (Except maybe a good night’s sleep.:)


  15. Michelle Fuller Says:

    I want a pair of boots!!! and maybe a coffee grinder for spices…


  16. Beth R Says:

    I am asking for a day to sleep in :)


  17. Amy Says:

    Stuff for our baby girl due in March!


  18. Patricia U. Says:

    Nothing. It’s all about baby and our new home this year. Money’s tight….


  19. Kristina Says:

    I got a baby for Christmas last year… I’m still good from that one! She’s a very precious gift.


  20. LeighAnn Says:

    A ull night of sleep! We have 5 month old twins :)


  21. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    A high chair that isn’t a nightmare to clean!


  22. Stephanie Says:

    Tickets to a broadway show!


  23. Renae Says:

    Honestly we are very tight this year and are expecting a new baby and we need to pay our midwife so I have opted out of giving gifts to adults in my family and I have not asked for anything! However last night I told my husband that I will want to buy new clothes at a later time :) when I don’t have to wear the same prego. clothes over and over. LOL


  24. Kandi Says:

    For our family to skype with my hubby.


  25. Melissa Says:

    I didn’t ask, just went ahead and bought myself an ergo.


  26. May Says:

    A new fridge


  27. regina p Says:

    A keurig coffee maker!


  28. Beth VB Says:

    Drywall.. we are finishing our basement so our little guy can move into a room of his own


  29. Kristin Fish Says:

    A sewing machine.


  30. Mandi H Says:

    New Jeans!


  31. Sabreena E. Says:

    Size appropriate covers for LO who is a month old. All we have is one-size which is too big for her. Currently in a rouch spot financialy and just working off of donated disposables until she grows into her cloth.:)


  32. Mandy Foster Says:

    A Beco or a Boba!


  33. Sheena Says:

    Cookie sheets


  34. Vanessa Says:

    An immersion blender :-)


  35. Candace Says:

    I asked for a Serger for Christmas!


  36. Adrienne Says:

    I’m asking for a safe and wonderful trip to see family and friends. I’m also asking that my 5 month old handles the long trip well!


  37. Lindsey K Says:

    I’m asking for a safe flight and a new hoodie.


  38. Laura Says:

    A carpet cleaner.


  39. Whitney Kocher Says:

    A Charlie Diaper bag by So Young. Can’t wait to get it!


  40. Bonita Says:

    I am asking for something for my little one. He won’t be here until February but he does need more fluff!


  41. Ashley H Says:

    Downton Abbey seasons one and two!


  42. janie vezina Says:

    i would just like to make family memories and hear my children laughing


  43. Charity Brooks Says:

    I’m hoping my baby stays put until after the new year!


  44. Brianna Says:

    Nothing ;) For Hanukkah though- a night out :)


  45. Amber Miller Says:

    Just that my kids feel the magic and love of christmas.


  46. Katie Says:

    A magnetic chalkboard made by my husband and cloth diapers :)


  47. Jodie A Says:

    Safe travels to visit family and a quiet peaceful day.


  48. Chris Mattatall Says:

    i asked for a warm pair of boots to wear outside with the lil guy playing in the snow and a brand new goodmama fitted diaper <3


  49. Joanna Says:

    I’m not. Trying to make a nice day for our 7 kids, but keeping it simple for our budget’s sake.


  50. Sara McClure Says:

    I am asking to finally have my house unpacked so I we can have a stress free holiday (we just moved).


  51. Rebecca R. Says:

    a flat iron


  52. Corinna Stevenson Says:

    A nice day surrounded by my loved ones and their loved ones.


  53. Erica M. Says:

    I’m asking for a 1 hour massage ;)


  54. Alessandra Peterson Says:

    I didn’t ask for much this year. Everything I “need” and “want” is for my first baby coming in the spring. But I did ask for a labor and delivery gown.


  55. Ashley Says:

    Hooray for give aways!


  56. Lois C Says:

    For Christmas I am asking for a serger!


  57. beth c Says:

    a nice, clean house to ring in the new year with, & a fun-filled day with the family! :) peace on earth would be nice, too.. and some cloth diapers :)


  58. tanis Says:

    I’m asking for a wrap to wear my baby.


  59. Beth Says:

    A new and stylish purse. Maybe something from Anthropologie or Etsy. Oh, and a full nights sleep!


  60. Jane Baker Birkelbach Says:

    A coffer grinder and a soda stream!


  61. Angie Says:

    Just want to have my nursery finished and set up by the last week in Dec. on time for my due date in Jan.!


  62. Rachel N Says:

    Nothing, I am getting my baby girl sometime right before Christmas. A newborn baby is enough gift for me:)


  63. Lavanya Says:

    A safe delivery and a healthy baby..:)


  64. Erica Says:

    Hoping for a study Bible from my hubby. and a big mom-bag so I can not carry a purse AND a diaper bag everywhere I go!


  65. Laura Says:

    More cloth diapers and a peaceful morning!


  66. Kasie Says:

    I’m asking for Barnes and Noble gift cards so I can buy more books for my Nook!


  67. Kasie Says:

    I’m asking for Barnes and Noble gift cards so that I can buy more books!


  68. Nicole N. Says:

    I’m asking for a new camera!


  69. Sarah V. Says:

    Some chocolate covered cherries and some time together.


  70. Whitney Says:

    A new camera :)


  71. Julie Cates Says:

    Maternity clothes.


  72. Penelope Says:

    A new job! But from my family – an espresso maker (to save money on caffeine!)!


  73. Jennifer Laux Says:

    a hand mixer- I don’t own one and I think I need to :)


  74. Dinika Says:

    We are not doing presents this year. But my birthday is dec 24 and I hope to have my piano fixed :)


  75. Ashleigh Says:

    A healthy baby in May and a big stash of cloth diapers!


  76. Rose Says:

    A happy, healthy family…..and some See’s candy! ;)


  77. Laura E. Says:

    for a Mothers Day Out- it would be nice to have just one hands free, go anywhere, sit in a coffee shop and read free day!


  78. Brittany Says:

    An iPad to use with our homeschool classes.


  79. Rachel Says:

    I asked for husband to give the kitchen a good cleaning – especially the microwave. yuck!


  80. Kristy Beaman Says:

    SNOW!! “)


  81. Amy Says:

    A stress-free holiday (we have FOUR days of get-togethers… makes me wish I lived in Alaska!!!)


  82. Melissa Says:

    Safe travel for all my family


  83. Kyna Says:

    To have a peaceful stress free holiday. :)


  84. Anna P Says:

    I need a new, smaller bag that fits just a diaper and my wallet for when I just need to run out to the store.


  85. Jen B Says:

    I’m asking for a Fitbit


  86. Aimee Says:

    A day at the spa


  87. sherri baker Says:

    Anything for my new baby girl thats due in April


  88. Christina Coyle Says:

    For my family to enjoy themselves and not have to deal with the pressures of the crabby/hateful side of my parents.


  89. Athena Says:

    I want no fights between my mom and hubby!


  90. Lori Says:

    I’m asking for some new running/workout gear


  91. Gwen Says:

    A stress-free day!


  92. Shaunie Says:

    A maternity body pillow!


  93. Megan K Says:

    Enjoying my kids enjoying Christmas…


  94. Lauren Simms Says:

    I want no stressful arguments about when to leave his parents to go to my parents and I want the kids to take a nap!!!!!


  95. Shannon Says:

    cloth diapers for my sweet baby girl:)


  96. Amy Swindall Says:

    A bicycle to have a great time with my little one learning to ride hers.


  97. Tosia Drew Says:

    For a peaceful family get together> My family tends to go a little overboard and my hubby still isn’t used to it. This year with a first grandaughter/niece to spoil I’m a little worried.


  98. Shannon Morak Says:

    I am so excited. I just went to my cloth 101 class. I am due in April and look forward to using cloth diapers. Thanks for all the information on your site.


  99. Allison Tracy Says:

    a peaceful day spend with my husband two boys and week old baby girl!



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