A Giveaway With Wool, Fitteds and more!

December 12, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012


my favorite things day 5

We are at the halfway point of the My Favorite Things event of 2012!

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique is the retailer of Clover Diapers (more retailers coming soon!).  Several years ago I use Clover fitteds (then with a previous owner) on Paisley.  I loved the fit so much that it overcame the lack of absorbency needed for her.

Now Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique carries Clover diapers in newborn size for your precious little gift.  Clover diapers are made from U.S. milled organic cotton fleece.  Cotton is all natural and easy to clean.  The great thing about an all-natural fiber diaper is the option to use fabric softener when needed and not having to worry about PUL breaking down over time.

Clover Diapers are a fitted that can be used for several babies over the years.  But, what if you didn’t want to purchase your newborn diapers?  Sweetbottoms Baby has you covered.  With the Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental program you have the option of renting a stash of 24 Clover diapers for 3 months.  At the end of your program you simply return the diapers for a $100 store credit or $90 refund.

Those Clovers will need to be covered either with a PUL cover or perhaps adorable wool!

Sweet Pea Diaper covers is providing a PUL cover that you will love.  Use it on a newborn or use it on a toddler.  The stretch and suppleness of Sweet Pea Diaper covers impresses me every time I use it.  Apparently, I’m easy to entertain.

Maybe you want something more breathable?

Wool is the perfect diaper cover.  Naturally anti-microbial, completely gorgeous when dyed up, unique (I get comments every time Camden wears his longies), cool in summer, warm in winter and breathable.

What does breathable mean?  It means the heat produced from the urine and body temperature in the diaper area are transferred away from baby’s skin.

Wool is not to be feared.  It really isn’t hard to care for!  I’ve written many times on wool over the years and am here to help with any questions you have. (I’ve got to give a shout out to Scarlet’s Naturals new wool wash and spray lanolin!  Makes caring for wool a breeze.)

Molly’s Bottoms is my go-to store for knitting needs!  Denise is an amazing knitter and I have several longies to prove it!

She has generously donated one semi-custom slot for a knitting project of your choice.  If you have no idea what kind of wool to buy, DON’T WORRY!  Denise walked me through it and she’ll do the same for you.  Plus, she has an awesome selection of wool you can look at with her.

Customs can seem intimidating but you won’t regret the time invested in a piece that fits your little one perfectly.

And of course you need to put your diapers and (non-wool) covers somewhere when they are dirty!!  Kissed by the Moon, one of my fabulous sponsors, has donated a Rumparooz wet bag.  Rumparooz wet bags are one of my top 3 favorite wet bags.  I love the semi-circle form and pail top lid.  I have one in the new Preppy print and I love it!

Kissed by the Moon has a crazy big inventory beyond just cloth diapers.  I love (or is it hate) being able to find a wide variety of items in one place. Check out the adorable Rumparooz doll diapers!  Every child needs cloth diapers for their dolls!

There will be one winner of Day 5 chosen on December 28th.  Have fun visiting all the new stores!

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246 Responses to “A Giveaway With Wool, Fitteds and more!”

  1. Kimberlee Fedorko Says:

    A baby bullet


  2. Tiffany Cardenas Says:

    An Obimama


  3. Haily Says:

    Since it’s after christmas, I asked for a gym membership and got it :)


  4. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Well, considering it’s AFTER Christmas, I’ll tell you what I got. A brand new camera! It’s been on my wishlist for a few years now.


  5. Megan Borkowski Says:

    I asked for a Rowenta Iron for my sewing room!


  6. Amelia Says:

    A steam mop!


  7. Carrie C Says:

    We have been very blessed this year. A few secret santas brought much joy to our children. Hope to pass the kindness forward!


  8. Sara Rodriguez Says:

    Nothing, we spend our money on the kids, we don’t get each other presents :)


  9. Lydia Says:

    Well, I’m a little late on this one, but I asked for diapers covers and I did receive one :)


  10. Desirea Says:

    I asked for a positive pregnancy test.


  11. Natalie Zohner Says:

    An awesome camera bag!


  12. Kari Says:

    I’d love to try out wool.


  13. Laura Says:

    I asked for and got new running shoes!


  14. Vasudha Prabhala Says:

    Deliver baby safely.!


  15. Anne W. Says:

    A birdfeeder :)


  16. Ashley LIndberg Says:

    sewing machine!


  17. Angela Norman Says:

    I asked my husband for some essential oils


  18. Guinevere Sande Says:

    Cloth diapers for the baby, and a dressform for sewing!


  19. Nancy T Says:

    I haven’t asked for anything this Christmas. I am just so grateful for a healthy baby girl.


  20. emily r Says:

    a tablet


  21. Vanessa Yvonne Says:

    All I can think about are diapers!


  22. Joanne Gregory Says:

    I am hoping for a new living room floor.


  23. Annie Barber Says:

    A kindle fire


  24. Kayla Says:

    more diapers and my husband to be home for the birth


  25. Heather B Says:

    I’m asking for Cloth diapers! No kidding.


  26. Catherine W Says:



  27. Pamela Says:

    Zumba for the wii


  28. Julia Says:

    I already got a tablet for my birthday/Christmas ;)


  29. Lily Ivey Says:

    I really haven’t asked for anything, but would love a new winter coat.


  30. Sara Says:

    Truly asking for nothing this Christmas. My 3 month old baby girl is gift enough this year.


  31. Lanae Trevino Says:



  32. Mel gil Says:

    Cloth diaper accessories, wet bags, different diapers to try. Add to my stash.


  33. Candace Says:

    A drill! haha!


  34. Erin K Says:

    A silent night (doubt I’ll be getting it)


  35. Candace T Says:

    I’m asking for baby gear and I’m praying for one more month of avoiding full bed rest.


  36. Rebecca M. Says:

    A keyboard protector for my new computer. Apparently computers do not like Chai tea as much as I do!


  37. Samantha Says:

    A new camera with wifi capabilities!


  38. Michelle Tompkins Says:

    Books on canning, self-sustainability and zombies. haha


  39. Janet Says:

    I want a minivan for troop transport! Seeing as how that’s not going to happen, I’ll be happy with a Wrapsody Bali Breeze. Now, that I’m getting!


  40. Kate Says:

    A new baby, hopefully santa delivers…get it? Delivers? Nevermind :P


  41. M Holly Says:

    I had a pampered chef party for Christmas!


  42. Hannah Says:

    baby #2


  43. sara russell Says:

    I really want a baby carrier



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