Grasshopper AIOs Are Now More Absorbent!

One of my favorites, one of your favorites has now been improved!

That’s the best kind of change: when something you love gets even better.

Lisa of Grasshopper Diapers has undoubtedly read the hundreds of glowing reviews of her diapers and knows she has a great product.  But, she also heard the requests of her customers to make it more absorbent for naps and possibly for nights.

The new “super” soaker is 50% more absorbent and, here’s the cool part for us non-crafty peeps, it’s  still made up of 70% viscose from bamboo 30% cotton but is simply knit a different way.  Seriously, who knew??

I’ve been testing out the new soaker for months and I love it.  It’s got some meat to it and Camden never reaches that point of flooding it (during the day).

Occasionally, with the original soaker if I went more than a couple of hours I would start to feel the wetness around the legs.  This isn’t an issue anymore.

Lisa is one of the hardest working WAHMs I know. A true gem.  Everyone I have spoken to in the cloth diaper blogging world loves Grasshopper Diapers, that’s no easy feat!

She voiced to me a concern that a thicker soaker might make Grasshopper Diapers less trim, a characteristic that customers love most.

I emphasized to her that this was not the case! Grasshopper Diapers are still uber trim. Trim as a flat/cover combo–or at least for us it is.

You will find that the new soaker is a little less supple and silky than the original but is in no way scratchy and rough. The new snap-ins will add $1 to your diaper.

In celebration of the new SUPER soaker, Grasshopper Diapers has offered All About Cloth Diapers readers $5 off a total of $50 or more (spend $50 get $5 off ;) ).

Use the code AUTUMN to redeem your discount. The coupon code is valid through next Friday (October 7th).

I am so excited for this upgrade option! Aren’t you?

Have a great weekend enjoying this Autumn weather!



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6 Responses to “Grasshopper AIOs Are Now More Absorbent!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Why did Grasshopper Diapers close? I’m super bummed to see the message on their website. My little girl is outgrowing her smalls, and I love love love their AIOs and soakers. They were the best AIOs I found. I’mhoping


  2. Kim Says:

    Oh, I guess I should have asked first if the super soaker version will be the only version offered from now on?


  3. Kim Says:

    Great news! Would you recommend only purchasing the super soaker version?
    Is that what your stash would be made mostly of if you were purchasing grasshoppers for the first time?


  4. Courtney Says:

    I am having issues with my bumgenius AIO’s. I can’t get the stink out of them. I think I do after many many many rinses, washes, strippings and then the next time they stink again. I even turn the diapers inside out thinking that the PUL next to the pad is the reason they don’t get clean. None of my prefolds, pocket diapers, or inserts stink. PLEASE HELP ME!


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