Green Mountain Diapers: Prefolds

I would not really call myself a prefold user, yet I seem to be constantly mesmerized by the prefold comparison picture on Green Mountain Diapers.

I stare at it and ponder over which size I should buy…again I’m not a prefold user! I love the choices and colors and quilty fluffiness.

But this Labor Day weekend I changed all that. I began buying cloth diapers for the new baby and I was determined to get atleast a dozen Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) prefolds.

From what I have read the Orange edged only last a couple of weeks on most babies, unless of course your babies are small to begin with. So I skipped Orange.

I thought of buying the Yellow edged but the width looked to be too much for my typically skinny, long newborns.

As I was stalking the For Sale Or Trade forum on diaperswappers I saw a dozen Green edged prefolds for sale. Brand new, unprepped for less than GMD. I bought them up quickly!

I am not 100% certain that these are the best choice but honestly if I stared at the picture any longer I’d go crazy. If all else fails I’ll use them in pockets or burp cloths or sell them.

There also is a brand NEW size prefold that GMD just released. It is the Periwinkle edged. This is a choice for mamas who birth very large babies (9, 10, 11lb). The Orange edged would be too small and the Yellow a tad big. The Periwinkle are designed to be a short term prefold for larger babies. By short term I mean they may only fit for 2-4 weeks.

For the older child the most popular sizes are the Red and Brown edged.

As far as fastening the prefolds, I’ll be using a Snappi. I really want to use pins but can’t seem to get over the fear. Someone needs to convince me that buying real diaper pins will actually “slide” through a prefold. When I have attempted pinning with a large regular pin it is a huge struggle to get it through the material.

I’m open to persuasion though!

For covers, I have purchased a variety of interlock wool covers and a Woolybottoms soaker from Leslies Boutique. I can’t wait for the itty bitty cloth diapers and covers to start arriving this week!!


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16 Responses to “Green Mountain Diapers: Prefolds”

  1. Victoria Says:

    What size prefold would you recommend for use with a small gdiaper?


  2. Sharon Says:

    I am cloth diapering my third child. My grandson lives with me and I had 2 girls over 20 years ago. I have used prefolds and pins each time. I love the new covers now instead of “rubber pants”. I use Kushies. I just got snappies and it takes alot of time to learn but I am trying.
    My problem is all the abbreviations used on this site and others. What is a WHAM, PUL, DD and others I’ve seen? Older women need a decoder.


  3. Rachel Schreiber Says:

    I really like the thickness of GMD! I’ve used yellow and now brown edge. The browns have fit for a long time and have washed up real nice!


  4. Autumn Beck Says:

    I love Thirties covers. Have you tried a wool wrap or interlock wool soaker? They offer breathability that PUL doesn’t. When you use prefolds you can often get away with using a soaker in a smaller size creating a trim fit.


  5. simple_mama Says:

    Ooops. Forget to ask….

    We use Thirsties diaper covers over our pinned brown-edge pf’s but was wondering if anyone could recommend another kind?


  6. simple_mama Says:

    I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who has read and re-read GMD’s prefold page a gazillion times! I settled on the brown edge for my boy and they were perfect up until he hit a year and started to thin out. Now they are a tad to big and fit much too bulky underneath pants/jeans. We will be ordering the red-edge soon since you said they are more trim-fitting.



  7. Elizabeth Says:

    I, too, was mesmerized by that picture in my quest for prefolds. I am new to CDing, but have found that prefolds work nicely for my son when we are at home. I threw caution to the wind and emailed GMD. I told them about my gargantuan 2-month-old and asked for a recommendation. Karen from GMD was kind enough to tell me with confidence which I should get (reds). They are in the mail on the way to me as I type. I can’t wait to give them a shot!


  8. Stacey Says:

    I have yellow edge and brown edge GMD’s. The yellow edge were nice, but they would be way too wide for a newborn. They fit my daughter til she was about 9 months old.

    My problem then was that the brown edge were still way too big! They are just starting to fit OK at 13 months. I will probably still get some use out of them though.

    As far as pins go, I don’t think I have the ‘best’ pins ever, but they do work. The secret is to run it through my hair every time. This is all it needs to go from frustrating to gliding through the fabric. My GMD’s definitely work better with pins though.


  9. Tabitha Says:

    One more comment about pins. I keep a wrapped bar of soap at the changing table and put the pins in the soap while changing baby–that lubricates them and they slide right through the prefold. If I’m out and about I run the pin along my hairline (being careful not to poke myself!) and the natural scalp oil lubes the pin.

    I’ve poked myself plenty of times, but never my baby!


  10. Mary Says:

    I have tried the aio’s and pockets and really prefer prefolds. Just seem easier in regards to rinsing out after a dirty one and don’t get blow outs with the thirstie covers. Always looking for a cheaper but quality cover though. Would like to know what you rec. for flece liners and/or flushable liners.


  11. Natalie Says:

    YEA!!! I just got my first gmd’s a couple weeks ago–UB brown. THEY ARE AMAZING!! they are the most perfect fit my for my DS. I had to order another dozen b/c I loved them so much. They’ve made me switch to only pf’s—so watch out–you may lose stuff to talk about in your blog b/c you’ll be so in love with these diapers you won’t want to try anything else! :)
    and as far as pins–I had other pf’s previous to these and could not for the life of me get the pins to work. I hated them and just thought it was me and I’d never figure them out. Then when I got the GMD’s in I figured I’d give the pins a shot just to see, and VOILA!!! PERFECT! the went in smoothly and made it a much better fit than the snappi. However, my DS likes snappi’s better b/c of the time it takes to do the pins–5 seconds vs. 60 sec (he wouldn’t let me practice more to get them in faster!) :)


  12. Rochelle Says:

    Oh, and I can’t use pins, either. I always use snappies. I’m diaper-pin disabled. (-;


  13. Rochelle Says:

    I did not get my first prefolds until my DD was 2 1/2 months old, and at that time the yellow edge worked perfectly. If you tend to have larger babies, the yellow edge should be fine.

    But really, I highly recommend buying the unbleached instead. I’ve used both bleached and unbleached, and the unbleached really are softer. I had bought the unbleached from a WHAM who offers to pre-prep them (because we don’t have a clothes dryer and I needed them faster than my mom could forward them). They weren’t completely prepped when I got them, but at least were shrunken and quilty. I then heated up some water in a bucket so that it was VERY hot, added lots of oxygen bleach (more than for usual washing), and soaked the prefolds overnight. In the morning, I wrung them out and did a usual hot wash/rinse with them, and they were fully prepped and ready to go!

    You can probably get away with washing/drying them 3 or 4 times maximum if you soak them overnight like I did. And believe me, you’ll love the softness of the unbleached better.


  14. Tabitha Says:

    Autumn, I’m really enjoying your blog.

    I’ve been cloth diping for almost 10 years now and it’s only been in the past 2 months that I’ve used anything but a prefold! I have used the green edge for about 2-4 months with my newborns. I have big newborns that chunk up fast. Then I’ve always switched to the blue edge. I just fold down the back a bit (if I had boys, I’d fold in the front, but I have 5 girls) and that has worked fine. That way I can get the job done with the least investment and just 2 sizes of prefold.

    Just a thought for someone that is doing cloth on the barest of budgets.

    Keep up the great info on the blog!


  15. Cyndy Says:

    The real diaper pins, do go through. I have an issue with wiggly babies, so my fold + the time to pin = loose fitting diaper. So I don’t use them often, but have as a back up. I would probably do better if I used more often. I have one snappi, I think it is the wrong size for my toddler, but the one time I tried it, I did not like it. I would love to find something that fastens faster than a Pin…however, they do slide through the prefolds and with an infant shouldn’t be a problem at all.


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